about 2 months ago - NARAKA: BLADEPOINT - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

8s Matron: There is no point to this, Viper
13s You've spent too long fighting mortals
16s and have forgotten much
17s But I am no mortal
23s Your antics were amusing for a moment…
32s …but it is time to accept your fate, sweet daughter.
37s Viper: You're not my mother!
38s You're a monster!
40s Matron: How ungrateful
43s To be my child is an honor,
45s for I allow you to serve me in death, as in life
49s Now kneel!
54s Justina: Viper?
56s Matron: And who is this pest?
57s Justina: Justina Gu, Winter's Grace
82s Viper: Not bad for a princess
84s Justina: Let's finish this!