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0s do you think Grace or the siren Queen
3s would win in a battle oh the siren Queen
6s great grace is probably a good fighter
8s but I don't know if she's that good
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16s welcome to Fortuna tournament where we
18s talk about All Things New World my name
21s is Rachel Barnum I'm a game designer on
23s the social experience team and today we
26s are talking about some of our awesome
27s woman characters in eternum with me
30s today I have a couple of our amazing
32s concept artists who are going to talk
34s about our couple of our really cool
36s characters so we'll get started with
38s introductions I'm going to start with
39s yukiyada I'm Kiana Hamm and I am a
43s concept artist on New World
45s hi my name is Sujin Wang and I'm on a
48s social art director but I I started my
51s career as a concept artist
53s so like I said I'm I'm not an artist or
57s definitely not a concept artist what
60s does a concept artist do concept art to
62s me is a problem solving and telling
66s stories through your art and concept
69s what is visualize ideas for design team
72s and come up with solutions for modeling
75s and animation and VFX art what kind of
79s problem solving are you doing as part of
81s concept art
83s um like I when I said problem solving it
86s can be
89s um so simple as how how to build this
92s model or how to navigate
96s um issues we have the challenges in
100s designing certain creatures uh yeah so
102s like sojin was saying there's a lot of
104s problem solving involved
106s um and usually we'll run into like a
109s technical constraint or a narrative
111s constraint and we have to find kind of a
115s creative work around for it which I
118s think can even improve a design
121s sometimes because we have roadblocks so
124s we have to find like Creative Solutions
127s and it kind of helps generate more
129s interesting ideas if that makes sense
131s yeah kind of like the creativity with
133s like within restraints yeah exactly yeah
135s yeah and I think that's why it's really
138s important to have
142s have a lot of involvement in early
144s stages of development because we have a
148s lot of
149s kickoff meetings and starting
151s communicating starting I started to
154s communicate with the different
155s departments and you can ask questions
157s and based on that questions we will
160s throw a lot of iteration process yeah
163s yeah that's where being in a
165s collaborative environment really comes
166s in handy because we can just ask
168s questions and people on the team are
170s always excited to work together and
172s collaborate so we can just kind of
175s message someone and ask them like oh can
178s we come up with this interesting
180s solution right and brainstorm and stuff
183s like that yeah so then as part of that
186s like talking about that process like
189s tell me the start of a new character
191s like how do you start yeah so usually
195s we'll start with a design brief from the
199s design team or from narrative which will
202s come with some you know context about
205s the character so what role are they
208s going to have in the story and in the
211s gameplay are they going to be a boss an
216s enemy boss that the character has to go
217s up against like the siren queen or is it
220s going to be a friendly NPC like Grace
222s which can have a big impact on how we
225s actually design the character
228s um and then additional things like what
231s is their backstory
233s um where are they from in the world
235s because we have characters from all over
237s the world in eternum what time period
239s are they from because again we have
241s characters from different time periods
243s so that can have a big impact so that'll
246s give us some kind of historical basis
247s yeah to pull from
250s um you know different Fashions and
252s different accessories right and then
256s kind of the personality will come into
258s play
259s um you know a villain is going to be a
261s lot different than like a hero character
263s so right speaking of one of our villains
266s this iron Queen
268s um tell me a little bit about the
269s development process of uh I believe
272s siren Queen is one of our first female
275s boss in game in our game um
278s I remember when
281s back then design team had slight
284s different direction for that creature
287s they wanted a more powerful strong
291s really strong on on that pirate but I
294s thought maybe we could make it more
297s interesting and unique by adding some
299s sort of twist right to it so I started
302s thinking about siren from Greek
305s mythology
306s who lures anyone at Sea with their
310s beautiful singing
312s so I thought what if I apply that to
316s this creature so I brought that idea to
319s design team and they were more than
321s happy to have that integrated to their
324s initial design
326s so if and they even introduced the
329s singing to her view so
332s now when you see her in game
336s uh it's really cool when you walk into
338s an arena you start hearing her singing
342s [Music]
346s and you don't know what's waiting for
349s you but you are basically getting into a
352s battle with her while she's she's
355s singing entire time it's a really
356s exciting boss fight it's very haunting
358s yeah cool
360s and then like on the other hand we have
363s our hero you know that you meet at the
365s beginning of the game now Grace
367s um how did you find her personality
369s through concept art yeah so um Grace was
372s really fun character to design
375s um I was excited when I got the brief
377s because she's kind of this pirate
379s Captain kind of swashbuckling anti-hero
382s kind of character which is a lot of fun
385s and uh kind of in the early stages of
389s Designing her
391s um we'll start with
393s different sketches that
396s kind of exude different personalities
398s so we can kind of find the character
402s through the design itself
406s um so it would she be more of a Regal
408s like Navy Captain type like a little
412s more proper or it should be more of a
414s kind of gorilla fighter that gets down
416s the dirt and fights yeah
418s um or would she be more of like a
420s gunslinger
421s so that was a really fun part of the
424s process
425s um where I could kind of discover who
427s she was through the process of Designing
429s her and yeah we landed uh where we did
432s she's kind of a swashbuckler a fun
435s character do you think Grace or the
438s siren Queen would win in a battle oh the
440s siren Queen great grace is probably a
443s good fighter but I don't know if she's
444s that good the siren Queen's like 10 feet
447s tall
449s oh that's great
452s um then what's your favorite part of the
454s process
455s yeah
457s um I really like kind of like I said
459s with Grace kind of finding the
461s character's personality through
464s um different things like the accessories
466s that they wear the way they style their
468s clothes and their hair
470s um but I also like collaborating with
473s other teams a lot and I think we find a
476s lot of those details through speaking
477s with other teams um I'm like bugging the
481s narrative team for all these like very
484s obscure details about the character
486s right
487s um working with like rigging and
488s animation
490s VFX to see what kind of like where we
493s can push the limits with the characters
496s um and kind of find unique attributes
500s and stuff to give them
502s um and yeah that's really fun people are
505s always excited to collaborate on the
507s team and everyone on the team is so
508s talented so it's a blast nice yeah for
512s me collaboration is of course really fun
516s but I love the initial part of it um
520s when I do research sometimes I do
523s research and go into this rabbit hole
526s but it's okay because sometimes I get
529s happy accident I get inspired something
532s totally different right that's the fun
534s part right yeah I love that part
537s I love that maybe maybe I'll submit some
540s sketches to y'all
543s and you can you'll be like thank you
545s Rachel
545s [Laughter]
548s um well I think that brings us to our
551s community question thank you both so
552s much for joining me on this this is a
555s very fun firm like I don't learning
557s about other teams and yeah you know a
560s tournament comes to life concept art is
561s such a big part of that so our community
564s question of the week is who is your
567s favorite character in the game
569s um and of course please like subscribe
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574s I will see you in a tournament
580s sometimes we Face challenges and
582s sometimes we make mistakes you know end
584s game MMOs it's fashion this is all about
587s fashion right Cosmetics yeah
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