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0s will raid groups be enabled in opr I
3s would like to actively participate in
5s the can you guys ever do all for
7s PVP content
9s I get this question all the damn time
11s I'm out of here
14s [Applause]
18s hey everybody Welcome to the May q a
21s super excited to be here with Davey in
23s an empty chair because someone thought
24s her personal affairs were more important
26s than work and we decided to just jump in
28s and start shooting before we get too far
30s though
30s a lot of questions came in on the
32s expansion and right now like we're so
34s pumped up about season two we want to
35s focus our questions on that so we're not
37s going to be taking any expansion
38s questions
39s without further Ado Mr Lovin let's go
42s can we ever expect more things to use
44s our faction tokens on uh yes we can in
47s fact uh with season three we're going to
50s be expanding the faction stop adding
52s another level and adding new things to
55s purchase
56s pretty cool
58s is there a collection log for transmog
60s yes the transmog screen will show all
63s visual appearances that you can collect
65s so as you check them off you can sort of
67s use it as a completionist uh checklist
70s are there plans to earn transmog tokens
72s outside of the battle pass absolutely
75s you'll be able to earn them on the free
77s pass as well uh you'll have a rare
79s chance of finding them in game on in a
81s probably an elite chest we're not 100
83s Locked In on that uh and then uh through
86s Prime if you're a prime uh owner you'll
88s also be able to get some tokens okay
91s okay resilience and Ward why is this
93s even possible
95s good question I know Scott actually
96s personally uh runs into this all the
99s time and it's just not a good design uh
101s it is being fixed in season two you'll
103s start to see it in the PTR coming up and
105s then we will make those exclusive perks
107s so you never get uh both of them on the
109s same
111s and what will happen to the first slide
112s storage while first light is closed
115s all right so I know I said no expansion
117s questions and this could be construed as
119s an expansion question but since we're
121s closing it now
123s what we're going to do is we're going to
124s refund the price of the house we're
126s going to give you all of the stuff you
127s had in storage back
129s and who knows maybe in the future you'll
131s have a different place that is new that
133s you can put your storage in
135s are there plans for adding more opr maps
137s or incentives for open world PVP taking
140s or holding forts or 3v3
142s uh so two good bits of news one is three
145s V3 Arenas we're going to be adding some
147s more direct rewards right now it's you
149s know mostly the salt and the PVP
150s experience there will be actual a chess
153s reward coming to that which will be nice
155s and we've talked about this a couple of
157s times in season three influence V2 is
160s going to shake up uh open world PVP we
162s hope in a major way so excited about
164s that
165s please let us just put up as many
167s crafting trophies as we like teleporting
169s around the map to change trophies is
171s such a colossal waste of time
176s oh yes I'll take this one
179s um
180s we're looking into it I understand I
182s hear the frustration I'm aware of it as
185s is the team and it's it's it's on our
187s list of things to do but I'm not going
188s to lock into a timeline on it yet yeah
190s and we have we know the real solution
192s people want is to be able to just sort
194s of swap these out that's a more
195s expensive solution there are some
197s shorter term solutions that we're
198s looking at trophies that combine a lot
201s of functionality which will make it you
203s know make you required to switch way
205s less often or removing the trophy limit
207s yep so you can just have them all as
209s another option we're looking at
210s will you be adding more difficult music
214s you you could go ahead okay uh yeah uh
218s we're gonna start small we got a really
220s fun like super hard music piece coming
223s with the summer event that I think you
224s know that that event is very themed
226s around music and it's a fun one and
228s we'll see who can all complete it
230s like I couldn't complete it yeah no he
233s said it was too hard so that's when we
234s knew it was just right yeah
236s will a damaged tally be added to
238s Expeditions
242s we're thinking about a damaged tally we
244s don't want anything happening on the Fly
245s because it creates
248s not the best behavior for someone who's
249s not doing great in damage uh again we're
252s not locking into a time frame we see it
253s it'd be kind of cool but I don't think
255s it's a super like at the top of the
257s priority list for us why is the 10
259s player Arena coming with season two
260s temporary it sounds like fun group
263s content that we could play for years to
264s come will the raid at least be permanent
267s uh that's a great question I think right
270s now those seasonal trousers we're
271s calling them are very thematic to the
273s season right like so they fit in the
275s story and all that so we plan on sort of
277s replacing them with a seasonally
279s appropriate uh trial each season with
282s that said I you know I think I agree
284s they're fun and I could see us in the
285s future uh finding ways to utilize them
288s in other ways yeah I think if you know
290s enough players want it we I think we
292s have a track record of saying we're
293s going to listen so if that's if that's
295s what we see when it's after the first
297s season we'll obviously look into it
300s are there any plans to improve 3v3 Arena
302s Awards Arena only gets PVP track rewards
306s while in comparison opr gets gear crates
308s and feels more rewarding uh so we talked
311s about this a little bit earlier we agree
313s it is a very fast way to progress your
316s PVP track which we like but we agree the
318s lack of sort of direct reward a cash
320s open uh does it's just less fun so we're
323s going to be looking into that
325s do any of the devs actively participate
328s in the community on live servers
332s we participate uh we I read it
335s constantly I don't quite have the guts
338s to throw my name out there but Michael
339s Levin does all the time for us on
342s a serious note that our team we read it
344s a lot I don't think we engage
346s because
349s it's tough when you're a Dev to engage
351s because everything there's there's
353s people who want it and people who don't
355s want almost every comment so for us I
357s think it's more about
360s looking at the data understanding it
362s interpreting it and then trying to
363s figure out what to do with it as opposed
365s to to try to drive that conversation
367s and if by chance that question actually
370s meant do we play on the live servers
371s like play the game
373s is that what that meant
375s it does then the answer is most
377s definitely yes I think you're up to 260s
380s I've got a character that is very end
382s game like we we play the the hell out of
384s the game I've got multiple characters
387s with 625 gear now so absolutely I I
391s completely misunderstood the question
394s yeah uh will raid groups be enabled in
397s opr I would like to see where my team is
399s so unfortunately we won't be allowing
402s you to sort of set up a raid group and
403s enter opr And the main reason for that
405s is just balance right I think already
407s the pre-made groups are having a big
408s impact on balance and I think coming in
411s with a full stack would would definitely
413s be very difficult for the other team so
415s until we get better matchmaking around
417s that which is is going to be far in the
419s future we will not be enabling that I
421s don't want to get stopped constantly
424s will we get more storage elsewhere to
426s make up for the first light loss I know
428s we weren't doing more of these questions
429s but hmm uh well I touched on this
432s earlier uh absolutely
435s I'm not going to say where or how or why
437s or what or any more than absolutely with
439s the new Arena map being multi-leveled
441s will both teams spawn on the same level
444s uh yes they will and by the way this
446s will be in PTR very soon so you'll get a
448s chance to play it but yes you start on
449s the same level uh which is sort of like
451s the the higher level leading up into a
454s middle point Crescendo which is super
455s fun to fight over and my favorite thing
457s to do is knock Scott off of that top
459s level down below which has never
461s happened so I don't know how it's your
462s favorite but uh it's it's a really fun
463s map with multiple levels and speaking of
465s Music kidding I think the music is
468s really cool for for the arena stuff so
469s enjoy that and coming to us from our
472s creator program will the PVP track be
474s reset upon season two's release uh no it
477s won't be reset but as we've discussed
479s the rewards are being completely
480s revamped tons more bis high level gear
484s early more umbral more gypsum I think
487s people are really going to enjoy this
489s and and I think just and I don't think
491s that means we're close we're never going
492s to reset it yeah no no but just not with
494s season two
496s all right that question came to us from
498s Black Swan this question comes to us
501s from duke sloth could the lockdown in
503s first light somehow relate to certain
505s members of the Simeon family that were
507s mentioned in a previous Dev talk
510s could it
512s yes it could
514s does it and will it I'm not going to
516s talk about right now because I'm not
517s talking about the expansion
519s and finally will you guys ever do
523s all for PVP content
525s I get this question all the damn time
527s you know what I'm gonna create a video
529s about it
530s I'm out of here
533s yeah award-winning actor Dave verified
536s exit stage left
539s um thanks for the questions keep them
541s coming if you like what we're doing
542s subscribe follow
544s and do all that cool stuff otherwise
546s thanks a bunch have a great day
548s seeing it turn them what see you in a
551s tournament
552s see you in the tournament
556s all right
559s where are these losers
563s obviously the range weapons are still
565s the primary used weapon in terms of win
568s rates that both the bill and the fire
570s staff are you know in the bottom half of
572s the win rates of weapons
574s [Applause]
576s foreign
580s [Music]
583s [Applause]

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