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0s obviously the range weapons are still
2s the primary used weapon in terms of win
5s rates that both the bill and the fire
7s staff are you know in the bottom half of
9s the win rates of weapons
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15s welcome to forged in eternum where we
17s talk about all things new world today
19s I'm excited to do an episode 3 of
22s balance of power we're going to talk
24s briefly about our monthly balance
27s changes coming up and then jump into
28s season two and what it holds for combat
31s we're going to have Michael ask the
33s questions again today so take it away
34s Michael are you happy with the latest
36s monthly balance changes uh overall yes
39s we're pretty happy I think the thing I
41s really liked about it is the speed at
43s which they came out we like doing this
45s sort of monthly so two times between
47s each of the major seasonal events I also
50s sort of like the
51s the intensity of the changes we want to
54s be a little bit more moderate on these
55s changes uh and sort of do incremental
58s changes twice rather than go too far in
61s terms of the results we think they're
63s pretty good I I think for instance the
65s armor changes on heavy and and medium
67s armor uh the increasing the
69s fortification that has really given
71s melee melee a chance to bring in other
74s builds other than just sort of the light
76s assassin built and also the Nerfs to
79s fire staff and Bo I think have sort of
83s brought down that overpowered weapon
84s without going too far like we have in
87s the past with the muskets so overall
88s pretty happy with the changes all right
90s uh then what do you think of the current
92s state of PVP balance uh overall I think
94s the state is in pretty good shape when I
96s look at the data I think Arena's data
99s looks really good we have really diverse
101s builds all the builds have good
103s performance in terms of damage or
104s healing they have good win rates I'm
107s pretty happy there Wars look really good
109s too in terms of opr we did see an
113s increase in usage win rates and
116s performance for the melee weapons which
118s which we wanted obviously the range
120s weapon are still the primarily used
123s weapon I think you know they're they're
125s very solo friendly and they pump out
127s good damage so they show up well on the
129s scoreboards but it's important to note
131s in terms of win rates that both the bill
133s and the fire staff are you know in the
135s bottom half of the win rates of weapons
137s so we don't necessarily consider them op
138s just sort of very solo friendly and easy
141s to use
143s um all right so what are you planning
144s for the second monthly balance changes
146s uh so for the second changes we when we
149s had to make these changes we didn't have
151s enough data that we really felt it
153s warranted changes uh to any of the
155s weapons we thought balance was close
156s enough that we wanted to let it ride
158s another month so we did make some some
161s small changes to some of the heart runes
163s which we wanted to sort of take a look
165s at one is dark Ascent which is we saw
168s was just very infrequently used so we
171s added some iframes to the startup of
173s that which I think should give players
175s an opportunity to use it in sort of new
177s and cool ways I'm excited to see what
179s they will do there also as as I think
182s most people know especially the PVE
183s years Brew brutal detonate is you know
186s sort of the King of the Hill in terms of
188s of our heart runes so we took a look at
191s that and uh you know we made some
192s changes I think we increased the rent
194s from 15 to 30 percent to sort of give a
197s little more risk for all the damage it's
198s it's pumping out so very small changes
201s here uh and we'll continue looking at
203s the bounce okay uh cool well I'd like to
206s jump to season two
207s um I understand there are four major
209s changes let's run through those all
212s right the big one is obviously the
214s underpowered under used pass this is
216s where we're going through all the
218s abilities sorry all the weapons in the
219s game and taking a look at hey which
221s abilities of the six are people not
224s using uh because they're just sort of
225s underperforming and we're trying to
227s bring those up basically to you know
230s shake up the meta a little bit in just
232s combat we want to see new and fresh
233s builds emerge as a part of this
236s uh so to give you an example for
238s instance a whirling blade on the sword
240s and shield I think this is an ability
242s that we see very low usage of and it's
246s for good reason right like I've wrote it
248s before it's actually a DPS loss when you
251s when you use this ability so this is an
253s example of one we're tackling and and
255s some of these ones like whirling blade
257s we're tackling pretty aggressively right
258s like in this one we're increasing the
260s damage uh we're increasing the rate of
263s the attack uh we're also increasing the
266s range the the area the volume of the
268s attack and lastly we're increasing the
270s usability by allowing players to sort of
272s angle themselves a little more during
274s the startup so I think you know we're
276s really trying to bring this weapon into
277s contention
278s uh we're trying to do this for one or
281s two abilities for every single weapon so
283s I'm not going to go through the whole
284s list now it's in PTR we'd love uh for
288s players to really dive in check out the
290s changes and let us know what they think
292s all right
293s um so I I hear you're making some
295s changes to blocking
298s um can you expand on that yeah uh I
301s think you know we've heard and we agree
303s with this sort of feedback that right
304s now blocking is inferior to dodging uh
306s you know they both cost stamina and with
309s blocking you just don't get out of the
311s trouble so we're making some changes
312s here this may not be the end of them but
315s it's the start of them and there's three
317s big elements to it first we're slightly
319s increasing the speed uh which players
321s can walk and move while they have a
324s block activated so I think that'll help
326s the mobility a little bit second we're
328s separating separating out the exhausted
330s States between being block broken and
334s running out of stamina from dodging and
336s if you get Block broken we're
338s eliminating that 15 move penalty during
341s that so that should you know make it a
343s little less punishing to sort of run out
345s of stamina while blocking uh and the
348s last one is actually the biggest one uh
350s we are allowing uh blocking for any
352s weapon now to block range damage uh so
355s this will be a pretty big change uh the
357s amount of damage the percentage of
359s damage that you block will differ
361s depending on the weapon for instance
363s obviously Shields block 100 uh but
366s different weapons like a heavy weapon
368s like the Warhammer will block a lot more
369s than something like the Rapier so this
371s is definitely a pretty controversial
373s change we've tested it internally and
375s like it and we're putting it in the PTR
377s and and based on feedback and how it
379s plays with a larger group we'll decide
381s whether to move forward or not all right
383s and I understand we are removing a
387s lifestyle buff is that right yes uh Hale
390s and Hardy is a very strong lifestyle
393s buff it gives you a 10 increase in HP
396s and we like that increase but the
398s problem is it can really just play Havoc
401s with sort of the Level Playing Field in
403s combat right like if if your house is in
405s a wrong territory or if that buff Runs
407s Out you all of a sudden become you know
409s drastically weaker in combat so we are
412s removing that lifestyle buff and instead
414s what we're going to do is we're going to
415s give everyone the 10 increase at all
417s time we're basically increasing the XP
420s pool we also think that's a good move we
422s think you know time to kill with a lot
424s of our changes has you know has become
426s quicker and quicker and I think this is
428s guaranteed 10 at all times will help
430s that a little bit also all right and uh
432s for the season to build uh will there be
435s any balance changes yeah with the
437s additional time we've had to look at the
439s data we do think that there are two sort
441s of thematic changes we wanted to make
442s one is on the bow uh I think you know
445s the bow has a really strong combination
447s of Mobility range and damage uh so we
450s want to take a look at that and I think
451s Dodge and weave is is one of the primary
453s culprits it gives you additional haste
455s every time you dodge so I think what we
457s want to do here is add a condition where
459s you have to be at full stamina and I
461s think that will help reduce the mobility
463s of it we're also making a slight change
465s to evasive tactics we're making that an
467s ultimate so if people want that
470s additional damage from dodging which I
471s think a lot of people do they'll have to
473s invest a little more and make a decision
474s there
475s on the fire staff uh it is pumping out a
479s lot of damage we've taken a look at the
481s data and Pillar of Fire is actually the
483s primary culprit here we think the damage
486s is a little bit high for how
487s instantaneous this ability is and how
489s quick uh the cooldown is so we're
492s probably going to reduce the damage of
493s that a little bit well that's all the
495s questions we have for today do you have
497s a community question absolutely as we
499s mentioned there's a big underpower to
501s underused pass for all the abilities and
503s weapons going in in the season 2 PTR we
507s would really love if people played the
509s PTR and gave us feedback on it like did
511s we go too far with any of the abilities
512s did we push it too far did we not go far
514s enough or did we miss any that you think
517s we should have hit please let us know
519s and like And subscribe and we'll
521s continue to do this see you in a
523s tournament
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