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0s Is there a chance we could see hippos in Aeternum in 2023?
8s No.
17s Hi everybody.
17s Welcome to Forged in Aeternum where we talk about all-things New World.
21s Today is our first Q&A in 2023.
25s I'm pretty excited.
26s Dave and Katie are joining us so -oh, and of course, Mr.
30s Lovan is going to be asking the questions from behind the camera.
34s Be gentle and let's go.
36s I would love to know why the most hot topics (problems) of the game are either left behind or worked so late that the wave of angry and unsatisfied players is already washed away.
47s Yeah, this is a - it's tough because it doesn't that's certainly not the goal.
52s As a team, we're always all over the forums.
56s We're trying to be as transparent as we can.
58s We're in Reddit, we're in all of the different social media places getting feedback.
62s So we try to get to the problems that we think are the most important and bubbling up.
66s And I think it's important for people to realize that what might be really important for someone is not as important for someone else, but then someone else has something else that's different.
74s So our job is to try to get through those and figure out what is the most important.
78s And then the other reality is, some things just take longer than others.
81s And so while it may feel like we're not paying attention to something, you know, in a lot of cases we are, but we just - we don't want to talk about it and say,
92s "Hey, we're working on this thing that's going to take, you know, three months."
96s And it sounds almost disingenuous, disingenuine when we do that,
98s so what we try to do is give you as much detail about what we're working on now as we can without making promises that we don't believe we can hit.
104s Yeah, we're definitely trying to be super communicative and we have weekly meetings multiple times a week where we are bringing together our customer support folks,
118s our Community folks, our devs, our really highly-invested-in-the-game devs who are the 1% of completionist wild animals,
124s and we bring together all of these people multiple times a week to make sure that what we're focusing on for fixes are the right things to focus on.
132s And as Scot said, some things just take a little bit longer than other things or take a lot longer than other things because their design changes and they're not just bug fixes.
140s So that's something that we also have to take into consideration, but we'll definitely try to be more communicative or as communicative as we can be.
147s Can you please provide some insight on how the team deals with botting in the game?
153s Yeah.
153s So bots - our nemesis!
157s Neishatun and bots.
159s So bots are a very complex issue.
162s And there's something that we do again talk about multiple times a week.
168s We have a review with our tech folks.
172s We have a review with the people are putting in, like, more telemetry and are able to detect bots.
178s We take player reports.
179s But we have to walk this fine line of who we're actually putting strikes against and bans against because there are - and this is a lesson if you go back to many, many videos ago - we have...
191s we thought that some people were bots and they were actually people.
195s They were just so good at what they were doing that they mimicked bots.
199s So we have to try to walk this fine line of the player reports that are coming in, how many of those reports are coming in at different times, not just all at the same time, right?
211s So we need multiple points of contact.
213s We also need to actually have telemetry, which - I'm not going to give anything away because I don't want people who create bot scripts to learn what we're doing, that's also part of this.
223s So another reason why we don't talk too much online about or in writing or in these videos about what we're doing with bots:
229s because we don't want them learning what what we're up to next to try to combat them.
234s It's hard though.
235s Our security team is constantly working toward this and chasing it and tracking it, and I'm really proud of the work they've done
242s because I feel like we're in a much better spot bot-wise than we were a year ago, and it's continuously getting better.
249s And I personally run into - I don't see them nearly as much as I used to in the game, and I know I play on one or two servers, versus the overall, you know, stuff we have.
258s But there's a lot of there's a lot of effort that goes toward this and I think we're making pretty good progress.
263s We totally are.
265s And we're still going to keep doing it right.
266s Bots: bots be bot'n and we be combat'n.
270s The security work never ends, just constantly changes.
273s Evolves and changes. Yeah.
274s Will the dev team make further rollback changes to armor type (light, medium, heavy)?
279s Are they looking at the feedback from previous changes?
282s Yeah. So I think equip load in our game and the balance between equip load is something that has evolved over time.
289s And if you remember, heavy meta was the thing, you know, at the start of the game.
293s Obviously now we're in a totally light meta era.
296s We are definitely aware of it.
297s We are going to be making some changes and, in fact, they're coming very soon to a PTR near you.
302s We're going to be making some changes.
303s And the main gist of it is - right now the idea is that light armor needs to be strong, like, do a lot of damage.
311s But the thing is, you can be in light armor, do all that damage, and still feel relatively safe, due to certain perks and things like that.
317s So that's really what we're going to tackle.
318s We're going to try to try to make you have to take that risk.
321s If you want the extra damage from light, you're going to have to be able to take some risks.
325s So, some of those perks are now going to be based on the armor of the character.
329s So things like Resilient or Shirking Fort will be less strong if you're wearing light armor.
334s Will you address why we cannot have blue healing / oblivion / ice storms during PvP and Wars?
340s Sure.
342s On that very same PTR Dave's referring to, we will and you'll be able to play it and we're so excited for this!
348s It's one of the features we've been wanting to do for a while, and I think it's going to make - it's going to change the way war goes for a lot of people.
354s It's going to change a lot of - OPR.
357s Yeah, it's going to be great.
358s It's huge and very excited for this change.
361s I mean, we've already been playing it internally and it feels really good.
365s It's also a good plug for the PTR, which is the Public Test Realm for anybody who's hearing that word for the first time, that when that does come up and we do announce those changes,
374s which we do publicly ahead of the download, that you should hop on and we'll try to get our Community team to run some Wars so that you can try it out.
383s They're usually happy to do that.
385s It's just us that need to get it together and so we will get it together so we can get that tested.
390s But for sure, join the PTR.
391s And we'd love feedback on it, right?
392s It's takes a lot of people to test War on OPR and so as you're playing it, if you see problems, let us know.
399s Yeah.
400s Roadmap seems to be extremely PVP-centric.
403s Is this the direction that the game plans to take continuing forward?
406s Out of the nine planned content in the Roadmap, only one is PVP-focused (Cross-Server OPR) and that happens to be a quality of life feature.
415s Yeah. So when we say nine planned, it's nine announced.
418s There's a lot of work going on in the game.
419s So to answer the question really directly, no, the direction is not "we're just a PVE game."
424s We have a lot of conviction around supporting our PVP players and there is significant work in 2023 going toward that.
431s I'm not going to get super specific right now.
433s We will in about a month, though, where we'll have a lot more to share on it and, like I said, we just mentioned a PVP feature that's going to show up on the PTR.
440s I wouldn't be surprised to see more over the next several months.
443s Yeah, and the combat balance changes we talked about - that was the equip load is one, but there's a number of them and it's going to dramatically affect PVP.
451s You know, things like the musket will likely be in our sights, also.
454s Musket.
455s Oh musket.
457s It'll be in our sights, so to speak.
458s Wow, that's good, Dave.
461s How long you been working on that one?
463s Well, speaking of that, does AGS see 80% of forum posts about musket and great swords?
469s Any plans for some balance?
470s Thanks.
472s You're welcome.
472s Yeah.
473s Yeah, we do see it.
474s And I think, you know, the musket we did try to take action in December with our changes to the damage falloff.
480s It obviously did not achieve the result we wanted.
482s We're aware of that.
484s We are going to be taking some more drastic measures in the upcoming PTR again.
489s The two main things we're going to be doing is, one, we're going to be looking at the accuracy of it and how that works and sort of the gameplay around that.
496s I think that will require players to become a little more in-aim to hit their shots.
502s A little more stationary. A little more stationary, so that'll be big.
505s The other thing is I think - Mortal Empowerment, if you're not familiar with it, is another big cascading factor.
510s Hot button item right there.
512s Would not surprise me to see some nerfs to that perk in combination with the changes to the musket.
518s Yeah, and I think it hurt the musket.
519s You know, we made a few mistakes and an exploit got stuck in that only really affected the musket.
524s So it exaggerated a situation that already wasn't great, which is, you know, apologies for that.
529s And we're going to be more careful going forward.
530s Can you discuss how customer support works for New World?
533s And the best way to achieve results or actually contact at AGS that can help with in-game issues?
540s Yeah.
540s So in-game issues, I mean that's kind of broad, but essentially anything where you maybe -
547s you didn't receive something that you purchased or you're having an issue with a server transfer or anything like that,
556s that's kind of a technical thing, you'll want to contact customer support.
563s Anything that's feedback or anything where you have some time to wait for maybe a dev to respond or community manager to respond, go to the forums.
571s That's where, you know, if you reach some point where you think that there's a better option for a quest, right?
579s Or you think that something maybe is boring or you think something's really funny, you want us to double down on that?
584s Like that's where you go.
585s You go to the forums.
586s If it's something where you're in a specific spot in the world and there's a problem right there, do the in-game reports.
594s Those tell us exactly where you're located.
596s They give us system information.
598s It gives us a lot of really detailed information that's unfortunately no longer available to players like your XYZ coordinates.
604s We'll still get those.
606s That was part of our anti-bot initiative.
610s but those are the three different paths that you're going to want to take.
613s And they do work.
615s If there's if there's some issue with that, again, like, go to the forums, leave feedback there for our Community Managers - and they are really quick about getting that feedback to us.
626s So if there's something that needs to be done quickly, that's the way to do it.
629s Can we get more info on the future revamps of zones?
632s We know Brightwood and I think Weaver's Fen are next, but other than that we don't know anything about it.
638s Yes.
639s So by the end of the year our plan is to have the entire 1 - 60 Tempest storyline completed.
647s That may not hit all of the zones, but the storyline in that questline is going to be all there.
651s And I think it's a -I can say that with high confidence.
654s Awesome.
656s Are there any plans to revamp the portals to provide rewards outside of Shards and Gypsum?
661s Could it possibly reward us with Umbrals?
664s I don't want to talk exactly about what the exact rewards are, but I think we we still really like, you know, the Breaches.
672s And I think what we're planning to do is make them feel like a little more of an event.
675s Right, so what we'll probably do is reduce the frequency of them, reduce the amount of them.
680s But when they happen, I think they'll be very rewarding.
683s And I think that's sort of the general direction we're going with them.
685s And have you considered separating weapon stats for PVP and PVE?
690s Right now it's not working, trying to balance for both when a lot of PVP changes make weapons bad for PVE like what's happened with the Fire Staff?
699s Separating stats could mean weapons being actually good for PVE and more frequent PVP balance changes to prevent a stagnant meta without affecting PVE.
710s Very pointed question, but a good one.
713s Yes, it's super difficult to balance obviously PVE and PVP together.
718s It's something we're working on and we actually do have some tools already in our tool belt, right?
721s Like things like Resilient are PVP-only.
724s We have the Banes, which are PVP only and I think we're going to be digging into those even more as a first attempt at this.
730s I think the perfect example is, I think, a lot of people say, "Hey, ranged weapons aren't viable in high level content, PVE content like mutators or things like that."
736s And there's some truth to that, and I think one of the things we're going to be trying out - again in the PTR - please come try it out -
742s is making the Banes for ranged weapons even more powerful as a way to sort of amp up the viability of those weapons.
755s That, and we'll also be removing those elemental resistances from the mutations, which really hurt the Ice and Fire Staff users.
761s So I think that's step one.
763s And I think this is a hard problem.
764s It's something we're looking at.
765s We're going to continue to investigate.
766s I think we are going to start - we're moving more and more to a world where we separate them.
770s But I think doing that in a holistic manner is going to take a while.
774s But these are steps in the right direction.
776s I think.
777s I think a statement for the Community is, we agree with you that something needs to be done here for sure.
781s Yeah.
782s And if you wonder why I keep looking down: a dog keeps running into my legs down here.
786s Yes. This dog.
788s Can you zoom out to the dog?
789s Is that possible?
790s Give some context here.
793s Needs some context.
795s Chuck is on it.
796s Amazon has a dogs-at-work policy where you get to bring your dog, your well-behaved dog, into work.
804s And it's one of the most amazing things.
808s I'm so glad we do it.
809s And Finn is - her dog, Finn, is a very well behaved, very cool dog.
814s Is there a chance we could see hippos in Aeternum in 2023?
822s No.
825s No.
826s Hippos.
827s I think the - I've seen all the people talking about hippos, and I think that - it makes a lot.
830s There's something really fun about seeing it, but I think that it needs the right environment.
835s I would be more inclined for something of the simian family or something like that to enter first.
841s But at some point I think we will have hippos in the game.
844s I just don't know when.
845s And I'm not going to give a year.
846s I'm going to cut the video just to - "we'll have hippos in the game," like you just said.
851s You got it.
852s I'm on it.
855s Okay, that's it.
856s Well, that does it for today's episode.
858s We're going to do another one of these in - shortly after the next dev update video comes out.
863s And I think Katy had a farewell message.
866s Make sure to like and subscribe to the Forged in Aeternum series.
870s We love seeing you guys.
871s And we hope you love seeing us.
874s What was your *pew pew pew* you did last time?
878s Sniper.
878s Musket.
879s I'm cool when I do this.
881s Yeah, no, that's not a musket.
884s I'm just going to keep it all in there.

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