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This has now been fixed with the cold-fix. Simply put, the issue here was that the shop had both the Magic stones and the Condensed gold accidentally set as the "4th item" on the shop. So rather than the stone being the 4th and the gold being the 5th, only the gold was being displayed.

14 days ago - /u/JagexBruno - Direct link

Originally posted by mazrrim

if someone had bought it would they get both a magic stone and condensed gold

Nope, it basically just overwrote it so the magic stone was discontinued for about 2 hours.

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Originally posted by AcademicRisk9992

Now can we coldfix irons being able to use our coffer money to buy bankspaces so we can do something useful with our dupes besides dropping for bond money?

This is working as intended, the purpose of it was to be a gold sink, not an item sink. If we were to allow this it wouldn't only be for iron players, and since you can offer items for 105% of their value to the coffer, it might not make for a great gold sink if it's be more expensive to pay with gold.

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Originally posted by TisMeDA

Is it that important to have this as a gold sink measure for Iron men accounts? I don't think their GP is impacting the economy that much that it would be this huge integrity issue that they can choose to sink their items instead of GP...

You can very easily make an argument that using dupes towards bank space would be significantly better for the economy than dropping them to transfer a bond

Equally though, is it important that ironmen get to benefit with every duplicate item drop they receive? It's not like there are many uses for gold at the endgame for ironmen, and no one needs or is forced to buy more bank slots. Not to mention that the first few sets of bank slots are pretty cheap so it won't put a huge dent in their pockets.

14 days ago - /u/JagexBruno - Direct link

Originally posted by Mcarrazz

Thank you for the explanation. I totally see why this was impossible to find in QA lmao

It's not that it was impossible, it was just unlikely to be spotted if the person testing that they can see and buy the new item in the shop didn't already know every item in that remote shop to begin with.