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Monkfish, sharks, manta rays, anglers etc etc. f*ck this seafood diet

This game needs an integrity change to include some good high healing meat. I want some f*cking pork, some veal or venison.

Introduce huntable deer requiring 92 hunter to catch and 94 cooking to make for some lip smacking meals that also heal us by 22.

Thank you.

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21 days ago - /u/JagexZuko - Direct link

Can somebody please validate my opinion that gnome cooking is actually really fun and I wish we could have more of a multi-step cooking system in the rest of the game for HP and various status effects? I want to spend a few minutes in game cooking a filet mignon with garlic butter asparagus and scalloped potatoes. I wanna bust that bad boy out at Vorkath to heal and he's just like "Yo, that actually looks amazing" and then he just gives me the loot in exchange for a few bites.