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This is something we started talking about towards the end of last year. For me personally I'd love to set up a second channel for the full Q&A VODs and long-form things, and be able to focus on more bespoke, short-form content on the main channel (including just offering more cool behind-the-scenes looks on YouTube generally). The Q&A VODs are still valuable for people looking to catch-up (since a lot of US people can't tune in live) where Twitch VODs aren't quite as user friendly as YT uploads (in my experience at least!)

Nothing specifically in the works yet because there's a lot to get in place content-wise for 2023, but if anybody happens across this thread and might have any loose thoughts about our YouTube channel in general then I'd be keen to see some of them!

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You might already know this but the Warframe Developers from Digital Extremes had a great format in the late 2010s with using streams to announce stuff and have community interaction. They don't do it well anymore, but it used to be really well done. Might give you guys some inspiration/ideas on sprucing up your own set up at least

Warframe's YT channel was something I took some inspo from when drafting up initial thoughts. Similarly I think Riot, Blizzard, GGG do a pretty good job, and Coffee Stain do a phenomenal job with their YT content. Lots to learn and hopefully improvements to make!