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Hey guys, got this on my email, from this email here [noreply@m.runescape.com](mailto:noreply@m.runescape.com) . Can someone confirm it is legit? I searched for it on the web, but found nothing about it. Thank you!

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I know it's a little late but just to confirm that this is a legitimate survey aiming to get feedback for Jagex as a studio (less-so for us as the OSRS team).

Reminder to never enter any additional details that you're not comfortable with, though I think the survey will ask for your RSN and any email you'd prefer to receive a gift card on if you're eligible, but the survey itself is a legitimate survey! (Sorry for the lack of certainty on what the survey asks for, I'm not sure if any of us on the OSRS team have been involved in its creation, so trying to relay as best as possible from the pieces of info I've got)

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