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Hello guys… today I tried logging in and, seemingly out of no where, I was permanently banned. To my knowledge, I have done nothing wrong. I was caught botting one time over a period of less than 2 days, received a 1 or 2 day ban, and told myself never again as I didn’t want to risk losing 80 days of gameplay. Well, now I am at 100+ days of gameplay, and perm banned overnight. All I want is closure as to why this happened, or obviously a reversal of the sentencing as this is such a huge time sink of 100 days of my real life gone! Please, somebody ready out to me to address this problem. Thank you.

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20 days ago - /u/JagexTwisted - Direct link

You'd need to provide an in-game name for us to take a look. Failing that, the other option is to appeal it through support.

20 days ago - /u/JagexTwisted - Direct link

Originally posted by Icy_Broccoli6713

Dogss is my rsn. Lol how am I a coward? I blatantly said I botted months ago, wouldn’t do it again. Got banned last night after 100% not botting or doing anything wrong to my knowledge. I’ve been very careful.


Banned for using an auto-clicker or something else to automate clicks whilst training thieving.