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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hi everyone i'm zoe pancakes bringing
2s you the newest old school runescape
4s weekly recap
6s look i know it's been a bit of a crazy
8s week reddit came out with pitchforks
11s entry mode raiders have been dry on
12s purples expert moat raiders have been
14s dying left and right but i think this
17s week brings updates that are sure to
18s satisfy everyone i'll be sharing with
20s you some changes to the tombs of amasket
22s and the brand new activity advisor and
24s i'm super excited right enough chatting
27s let's jump on in last week some
29s balancing changes were introduced to the
31s tombs of a masket since the post and the
33s subsequent changes players made it
35s pretty clear that a few things needed
36s further changing to keep the raid
38s balanced and enjoyable
40s if you're interested in more information
41s about the hotfixes that were made last
43s week and why they were made check out
45s the news post link is in the description
47s this week's update brings a few further
49s fixes
51s as for your mid-raid loot ambrosia and
53s adrenaline will now come as two-dose
55s potions again however the quantity
57s offered has been decreased
59s the life and chaos options have been
60s rebalanced so you might have to give
62s your options a bit more thought also
64s ambrosia now has a rare chance to appear
66s in chaos again
67s in the warden fight the in-raid timer
69s will now end when the warden's hp
71s reaches zero rather than after the death
73s animation
74s monster examine now works on the obelisk
76s players will no longer get stuck in
78s purgatory and the warden will no longer
80s attack during the transition to phase
81s three there's also been a change to
83s tumic and shadow making it even better
86s than it already was
87s tumic and shadow should feel like a
89s massive upgrade both inside of the raid
91s and out to give it a little more oomph
94s tomic and shadow has been given some
95s juicy stat boosts when the player is
97s wielding it within the tombs of a masket
99s both the accuracy modifier and the magic
101s strength modifier have been increased
103s from three times to four times while
105s inside
108s and now for my favorite update some new
110s cosmetics are being introduced to the
112s tombs of a masket they won't be easy to
114s get though so you better start adding
115s some invocations if you want to be
117s raiding in style
118s there are three new ornament kits being
120s added which you'll be able to obtain
122s after completing a deathless raid at
124s various levels
125s the first is the ava's assembler
127s ornament kit this will be guaranteed as
129s an unlock when you complete the raid at
131s level 350 or higher the kit will work on
134s both the assembler and the max cape
136s variant finally a new max cape
140s next is the word of eledinos ornament
142s kit which will be a guaranteed unlock at
143s level 425 or higher surely the spicy red
147s look will complement your go-to fashion
149s scape
150s and if those weren't sick enough the
152s osmotins fang ornament kit will be
154s guaranteed at level 500 or higher this
157s large stabby boy will show everyone
159s you're not messing around at raids three
162s but that's not all
163s brand new items have been added to the
165s tombs of a masket
166s you can now unlock various transmogs for
168s the tomican's guardian there are six
171s transmogs available in total one for
173s each boss plus both of the wardens
176s if you want to adopt one of these very
177s good boys you'll have to meet some
179s pretty intense conditions so let me walk
181s you through it first pick the transmog
183s you want and turn on every invocation
185s for that boss
186s then pick a path invocation that gets
188s you to completing the boss at level 4 or
190s higher aside from the wardens of course
193s then just complete the raid death list
195s at level 450 or higher
196s capisce capisce
199s this week also brings some minor changes
201s to invocations to balance them out in
202s accordance with their difficulty since
204s the reward space for the tombs of
206s amassket has been increased with this
207s week's update it's more important than
209s ever that the invocations reflect their
211s true difficulty the following changes
213s have been made after looking carefully
215s at player feedback combined with data
217s and are as follows pathfinder has been
219s increased by 15 levels path master has
222s been increased by 10 levels walk the
224s path more overlords arterial spray and
227s upset stomach have been increased by
228s five levels and on a diet likely larvae
232s acceleration overclocked overclock 2 and
234s blood thinners have been decreased by 5
236s levels it's important to note that these
239s changes are by no means meant to make
240s the tombs of a mask it unreasonably
242s difficult for players toombs of a masket
245s has been extremely accessible and the
246s team intends to keep it that way
248s balancing is a crucial part to any game
250s to ensure longevity of content and the
253s team is open to constructive feedback
255s leave a comment if you think there are
256s any other invocations that need some
257s tweaking
259s and lastly for tombs of a mask it here
261s are a few other changes
263s some pathing issues caused by the rocks
264s in zbac's lair have been fixed you can
267s now fire away while standing behind him
270s the time between waterfall refills on
272s the path of krondus has been slightly
273s reduced in all scales
276s right-click quick pass options have been
278s added to entrances within the raid but
279s note that the party leader still has to
281s enter first players are no longer able
284s to farm honey locusts in expert mode you
286s hungry dogs
288s the issue where kefri and baba's defense
290s could not be reduced has been fixed i'm
292s excited to see the bgs vs warhammer
294s argument flourish again the small blood
297s clouds that appear with the blood
298s thinners invocation now have higher
300s health
301s if players have not yet received their
303s lamp from ieza they'll be reminded to do
305s so upon entry
306s the hp orbs height has been changed
308s during the wardens fight for better
309s viewability
311s the amount of stats added from path
313s leveling has been reduced these
315s modifiers apply only to hit points and
317s damage not defense
319s the speed at which the boulders come out
321s when boulder dash is activated has been
323s increased stay vigilant now affects
325s akka's phantom during p3 warden just
327s like how aerial assault affects kefri's
329s phantom
330s path leveling now affects mechanics at
332s level 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 2.
335s and that wraps up the tombs of amassket
337s changes for this week i hope you all
339s been enjoying the new raid as much as i
341s have alright we love how accessible
344s tombs of a mask it is for tons of
345s players but what about those new players
347s that just aren't quite there yet
349s if that sounds like you you should check
351s out the activity advisor
353s the activity advisor is an in-game tool
355s for new and returning players to receive
357s recommendations for what type of
359s activities they should do it tracks your
361s progress and shows you some good ideas
363s of what content to do next it
365s automatically tallies up your skill
366s levels quest status recent activity and
369s other essential stats to figure out what
370s adventures you might be interested in
373s at the moment the activity advisor only
375s suggests quests but skills mini-games
377s and other categories should be included
378s later
379s it launched in phase one a few weeks ago
381s but is now available for everyone if
384s you're newer to the game or have one of
385s your new friends bothering you about
386s what they should do next you should
388s definitely give it a look
390s note that dmm or future quest
391s speedrunning worlds will not have access
393s to the activity advisor and if it's not
395s for you you can easily turn it off in
396s the settings menu
398s you can leave your feedback about the
399s activity advisor via the survey linked
401s in the description
402s the pvp rota has been moved to period a
406s the pvp arena is using zerk loadouts and
409s ranked duels and tournaments this week
412s and that's about all i got for you all
413s this week again i'm zoe pancakes if
416s you'd like to watch me live you can do
417s so by clicking on the link in the
418s description
419s good luck out there on your raids and
421s your questing and all of your other
422s wonderful journeys see you next time