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They're banned daily. People use them so they come back. As someone in the comments mentioned, as long as they continue to make a profit they will always attempt to evade bans and carry on what they're doing.

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I'm sorry, but this is a super disingenuous bordering on intentionally misleading reply. I believe you ban a handful, but the vast vast majority are just ignored despite being regularly reported.

Since November 2022, a group of us spend 10-15 minutes a day reporting Frost gambling bots and bots spamming cape services and GP selling. We report them in game when we encounter them, we send off chunks of 5-10 RSNs at a time to the tipoffs email, and we track them on our side in a spreadsheet to see what happens.

Of 240+ bots currently reported over the last 4 months (most of them multiple times by different people), only 14 of the accounts have been banned. It was so egregious we assumed that our method of ban detection was flawed or outdated, so we sent a batch of 50 over to the bot detection plugin team and they confirmed that none of the accounts sent over had been banned as well.

Please stop giving us this form letter reply. Ignoring the problem is what it allowed it to grow into the problem it is today. Give us a solution that isn't a waste of time because the community obviously wants to help with this problem and every time it comes up you guys go "Problem? What problem! They just keep coming back!" but that is very obviously not the full story.

I have 7,623 banned gambling hosts attributed to me in the last 30 days.

Please do not put faith into the bot detection plugin.

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No, don’t you understand the random guy on Reddit definitely knows more about the inner workings of a company than the guy who is literally employed to deal with it

God damn. I should have known I'd have my credentials questioned one day. I was not adequately prepared.

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Originally posted by Thinkmovement

To summarize a few of the comments in this thread and add my own thoughts:

  • I understand and appreciate the efforts put in by you and other Jagex Mods to tackle the issue. I saw you mentioned banning thousands of accounts in just the past month. That being said, it's clear these attempts have, unfortunately, clearly been largely ineffective in reducing the number of bots.
  • The community is interested in helping. What can be implemented to empower users to help? Can accounts created in the past 2 weeks that are reported for player-run games of chance 3x/5x be automatically muted for 24hrs? Simple actions like this could reduce the weight from Jmods and would likely not be easily abused by bad-actors.
  • Can players under a certain total level/QP be restricted from entering the same text more than X times in an hour? (reducing the ease of suicide bots) There are certain behaviors and restrictions that are distinctly non-human and can be put into place that would not impact a human/good actor player. How many normal users are in the GE entering the same 3-5 messages over the course of multiple hours? I would suspect almost none and even fewer are level 3.
  • Gambling bots make the game incredibly unappealing to new players and detract from the experience of veteran players alike. The bots result in scams, RWT and poor game perception. This is a clear issue that needs a solution and the community is not satisfied with simple acceptance of the issue.

There is infinitely more done to combat botting in-game than players believe, but an anti-cheating team (in any company) will not provide clarity on the matter as it opens up the door to navigating around being banned.

One example of this is that for the most part, the game of chance hosts are indeed automatically muted. The ones that aren't are banned fairly quickly as they are generally player-run and not actually bots. I believe this was also brought to light a video by Sir Pugger.

Whilst I won't provide more of an insight than that, I can give you some numbers that should at least somewhat reinforce that we are indeed effective in reducing the numbers of bots.

Strictly limiting the numbers to the two newest members of the anti-cheating team.

I have 4'034'126 bans attributed to me, 2'320'396'787'257 gold removed and in my case 115,534 bans labelled as games of chance (as it's one of my primary focuses)

Mod Trident has 5'381'706 bans attributed to them, 21,935,208,147,606 gold removed.

Whilst in an ideal world there would be absolutely no bots or cheating on any game, it's unfortunately not the case and we strive to encapsulate as many as possible in a way that avoids banning genuine players. Hopefully this provides some insight (a little, but not too much).