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Seriously. No word at all on it. And I'm sure it affected the economy even worse. I guess the invo bug abusers were just easier to catch? Guess the purple rerollers all get to get away with it and everyone's forgotten since they banned a couple of people for something else yesterday lol.

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2 months ago - /u/Mod_Kieren - Direct link

Hey all,

Alright, let's talk about this re-roll bug, where we are at with it and what we've concluded.

Firstly, we should have communicated sooner and been more clear. Apologies for that.

It's a far harder bug to investigate but investigate we have.

  • We were able to get a list of accounts we expect could have triggered this bug.
  • All but one of these did it once (and there weren't many). By the nature of how the bug was performed, this is more than plausible to have been accidental - especially when we take potential disconnects into account, etc etc.
  • One account did it twice - and was an account we had reasonable suspicion on before hand. This suggests to me perhaps a mere confirmation of the bug rather than abuse.
  • That said, this is not conclusive and cannot prove beyond doubt that no further abuse took place. It is making a reasonable assumption about how the players could have abused it.
  • On a global level, we see no different in influx of the uniques, so have no reason to believe any serious level of abuse that would impact the economy in any way took place.
  • That said, it is possible something took place on a small scale without us knowing, so if you do have any further evidence, please reach out either to one of the community staff or via [email protected]

If we do gain any evidence that abuse took place - we would take action similar to what was taken regarding the multiple invocations bug. As of right now, we believe to a reasonable extent that no abuse took place.

We also thank the player who did inform us about the bug, which allowed us to take quick action in hotfixing it the same day.

I've made a dedicated post to make this more visible here.

2 months ago - /u/Mod_Kieren - Direct link

Originally posted by whynoenhseedgame

make a post rather than a comment

I've just made a dedicated post too, thanks!