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3s [Music]
8s hello everyone and welcome to this
11s week's uh well it's not really a q a
14s it's a round table type discussion so we
16s have no player questions this week but
17s we have a bunch of topics that we know
19s you guys are interested in so stay tuned
21s for that we also have some really
23s special toa uh sneak peeks if you want
26s to see them
27s um i'm your host modlight and today i'm
29s joined by monts kieran
32s hello
34s uh elena
36s hello
37s max
39s hello
41s rock
43s howdy and bruno
46s yo
48s whoa that was so cringe but i love it
51s welcome everyone
53s how's it going um i will start with you
55s rock how are you doing
57s yeah i'm good thank you just uh trying
60s to get in some uh extra ammo fixed xp
62s while we uh do the live stream so all
64s good here
66s awesome love it no xp ways how are you
68s doing max how's it going
72s yeah i'm doing real good
73s um i have nothing really interesting to
75s report but
77s i'm sorry i don't believe you on that
79s one mac i i'm pretty sure you've been
82s working on a very cool project recently
84s but i know that like your lips must be
86s sealed because it's
88s secret for now um bruno how are you
90s doing
92s yeah i'm doing really good uh also
94s nothing huge to share but yeah it's been
96s a good week
98s oh yeah we saw the release of uh
100s mobile fully so i know that you've been
103s on that um recently and super busy
107s elena how are you doing
109s yeah fred again thank you um
111s been playtesting some tombstone basket
113s today um so that's exciting really i
117s can't wait to show you guys more of that
120s awesome so exciting
122s here and what about you how are you
124s doing
125s i'm doing fantastic also super excited
128s about terms of mascara you know for a
130s lot of balancing conversations this week
132s it's all there and the sort of the
134s ladder stages so to speak in that regard
136s a lot of number crunching
138s everyone's favorite bit
140s awesome nice there's some balancing and
143s tweaks and testing and things like that
145s sounds really interesting um so like i
147s said for this week we're just gonna kind
149s of have a discussion amongst ourselves
152s with some community topics
154s um trying something different this week
157s so let us know your feedback on it um
159s i'll go through some announcements and
161s then we'll get to some content
163s um so exclamation mark game update um
166s this week's update was changes to
168s unranked gim mode as well as updates and
171s improvements for our newest skilling
173s activity giant's foundry find that with
175s exclamation mark game updates we also
177s have the transcript of last week's
178s stream where we talked about a bunch of
180s player suggestions
182s and things like that so x nationwide
184s transcript for that
185s and just as we went live we published
188s the gyllenhaal gazette which has a bunch
189s of
190s updates uh for you guys exclamation mark
193s gazette will take you to that
195s um
196s right so we just talked about tombs of a
198s mascot which is our third raid coming in
201s mid-august that's um the date that we've
204s given you in the gazette
206s um and we thought it's time that we show
208s you some sneak peeks
210s of the raid and the build up to the
212s release
213s um first of all we couldn't miss uh
216s volkerband's where's wise old man
219s piece of content that they've just
221s released
222s we saw it on twitter and it sparked a
224s huge discussion amongst the team
227s just because of the amount of references
229s so we thought we'd put it in this uh
230s stream today
232s i just want to ask you guys like what
234s are your impressions of it what did you
235s think when you first saw it
238s i spent like most of my lunch looking at
240s this just like really examining each
242s little thing it's so cool
245s it's so insanely detailed
247s i went into this at first going okay i'm
250s just gonna find the wise old man and i
252s ended up probably spending 20 30 minutes
255s just like looking at all the fine
256s details of this and i still haven't
258s found the flower so i don't know where
260s that is but
262s oh my gosh yeah
266s yeah i honestly felt kind of nostalgic
268s because they used to have like a what uh
270s not a wild
271s book a where's wally book um so yeah it
274s honestly just felt exactly like that
276s i found him really quickly because i
277s just happened to start in the top left
280s but yeah it's ten out of ten
282s oh let's spoil it
286s for everyone then
287s [Laughter]
289s i just know that we were sending out
290s like screenshots of the little things
292s that we could see in in our various
294s slack channels and it was just really
296s awesome so yeah very very cool piece of
299s content this week um
302s yeah
302s um outside of that though we have some
304s toa sneak peeks which you can i think
307s find in the gazette but we'll show them
308s here on stream for you guys um the first
311s one is um the concept for the keffree
315s room
316s i believe this is like a bug room as we
319s described it on slack
321s um so here you can see i'll just give
324s some of the texts that i've been given
326s from our wonderful team
328s the scholars say that the great scarab
330s heffery can be found in her lecture
332s theater sat atop her lovely wall of dung
336s once a great once a place of great
338s knowledge has since been sullied by a
340s corruption that knows no bounds many of
343s kefri's hatchlings rush to satiate her
345s thirst for knowledge but her mind has
347s been twisted and she understands them no
350s longer
354s and then the next one is an in-game
355s screenshot of that same room which just
358s looks amazing
361s pretty awesome
363s um
365s just let you guys take that all in
368s um so no details yet on like the
370s mechanics of the raid or things like
371s that we just want to kind of show off
373s some artwork for you guys and that
374s really in the build up to the release
377s um the next room we have to share with
379s you is zeb x room sorry i'm pronouncing
382s the names wrong
383s this is our our crocky boy
386s um
387s this is the concept um i believe the
390s concept was done by mod jav uh all of
392s her work is brilliant um so i'll read
395s out what we have for that um legend has
398s it the lair of the great crocodile zebac
401s lays in ruin after many years of housing
403s the ferocious reptilian nightmare
406s the room was initially much smaller but
408s as xevex hunger grew so did he
411s eventually the room could no longer hold
413s him and the walls and floor gave way to
415s make a vast open cavern
418s zebek is waiting patiently for a worthy
420s group of adventurers to devour
424s wow
426s big
427s again no mechanics yet we're not going
429s to spoil anything but the artwork just
432s to me looks
433s brilliant amazing i don't know if mac or
436s kieran or anyone else wants to share any
438s more on that
439s i
440s don't know necessarily how much we can
442s say about it but i thought it was
444s important to share
446s some of the artwork to give you guys a
447s sneak peek at what you can expect in
449s mid-august
451s yes it's awesome there's nothing too
453s much to add at the minute i can't wait
454s to say more well i would just like to
457s commend the team and everybody involved
460s like this is a step up from
463s what we've seen before like artistically
465s design wise
467s it really does look phenomenal and it's
469s like oh gosh we could do this in old
471s school like it's it's genuinely
473s impressive and it's nice to see
475s something that's quite a different style
476s you know from our previous raids
479s a bit more dark a bit more gruesome
481s there's a lot more color in this and
482s it's really enabled us to do
484s some really interesting things and i i
486s really love obviously the whole pyramid
488s theme and everything going on related to
490s that in this raid as well so i'll wait
492s for y'all to see more
495s and you guys are here really
497s sorry
498s it's really been pushing the boundaries
500s here with what they can do it's um
502s really impressive
504s you've had the chance to try out
506s yourself i believe in in play tests and
508s stuff right so you've actually
510s experienced it um and
512s yeah i'm sure that it's even better in
514s game
515s as well
519s awesome all right uh one last thing that
521s we have to share with you is a concept
523s and in-game render i believe of the
525s shadow of tomokin
527s which is the staff that you get from the
528s raid
529s um so
531s for the shadow of timaken uh mojave
533s wanted to communicate the iconography
536s of tumerican being sun and falcon
539s syndrology sorry i can't read today um
542s the shadow element of it would then make
544s sense to hint at eclipses and a little
547s bird to hold up with so i just think it
550s looks beautiful
551s i can't wait to see what players think
553s about it
554s what do you guys think
557s looks like we need a red and black
558s ancestral out kit doesn't it
561s [Music]
573s i'm not sure who it is it could be me um
575s but yeah
577s it looks really amazing i can't wait to
579s see what kind of animation it does
582s um yeah really excited to see that i i
585s was like in my head the first time i saw
587s it i was imagining like somewhat of an
589s eclipse almost when it animates i think
591s that would be really cool
594s the art team has certainly just
596s like pulled it out
598s like pulled out all the stops for this
600s like it's incredible and
602s yeah it's just i can't wait to see
604s players enjoying it and loving it
606s in-game
608s i can't wait to see how expensive it's
610s gonna be
611s um or how like
613s basically how long it's gonna take for
615s someone to get one of these
617s all right awesome um so i'm on matt
620s you're working on toa um i just thought
623s i'd ask how are you finding it um any
625s interesting bugs or issues that you come
627s across and
629s do you feel like it's kicking in yet are
632s you nervous
633s um extremely nervous yeah uh but hyped
636s at the same time um
638s doa has been like the biggest project
640s i've been a part of since i've been at
641s jagex and it's been a big part of my
643s life for like the last year
645s so i think seeing seeing people get
647s their hands on it and and finally
649s um to experience that it's going to be
651s really rewarding
652s um i'm just looking forward to seeing
654s everyone slowly work out the each
656s mechanic and die over and over
659s again it'll be great oh my gosh yes
662s what's it like on release days of raids
665s because i've never experienced one but
667s i'm sure that like there's gonna be no
670s guides yet so what is it like for you
672s guys as developers
674s they're my favorite days in the office i
677s mean
678s it's gonna be weird now obviously we're
680s at home since the last time we released
682s a big raid we were all in the office
685s and you'd see
687s i think we've got some pictures of it
688s somewhere it might went on twitter at
690s the time but like of all of us just like
692s gathered around one monitor like
694s watching somebody trying to beat the
696s final boss or whatever there's release
698s days where you're just seeing everybody
700s just trying to get that first proper
702s completion is
704s is really entertaining it's
707s it's kind of like also just that you
708s euphoric feeling of
710s knowing it's finally out the door
712s players are loving it there's tons of
714s twitch streamers trying to get it get it
717s at the same time is
719s is really exciting
724s awesome um all right well i guess we
727s will just go into the rest of the
728s discussion topics um try and just
731s pretend like it's a call between us but
733s we know obviously players are watching
736s um
737s right so i put out a bit of a feeler
738s post on twitter to ask you guys what
741s topics are you interested in what do you
743s want jmon's thoughts on
744s um and i've also been looking at reddit
747s and things like that in terms of game
748s updates
749s um so i have a good idea of what you
751s guys want to know from us um there's
754s things about third-party clients dmm
757s pvp polling um
760s various events that we run
762s a release schedule and new skill and
764s things like that what are our thoughts
766s on it so we'll try and get through as
767s many topics as possible
769s um
770s but we'd start with a big elephant in
772s the room which is what the community was
774s talking about the whole week
776s um the third-party client uh post that
779s we put out
781s we put out a post on the 17th of june
783s reiterating that the only permitted
785s clients outside of official ones are
787s roonlight hus and os body
790s um we gave you guys like a week-long
793s grace period just to transition off of
794s any uh bad clients
797s and recently we took action against
801s players who were still using unapproved
803s clients
804s so
805s um generally players are curious
808s roughly how many bands did we issue we
811s talked about this in the gazette
814s and the answer to this is we've banned
816s players in the thousands um we're not
819s specifying the exact amount of bands at
821s this stage
822s i noticed a bunch of players asking
825s about whether we are going to be
827s removing combat achievements or infernal
829s case from those players who were using
831s those unapproved clients
833s at this stage we might be looking to
835s reset speed records but that is
838s undecided at this stage
840s um and are we looking to do more of
842s these bands moving forwards um yes this
845s is not a one-off approach this will be
847s something that we do again moving
848s forwards
850s um so i just thought we'd get that out
852s of the way um
855s what's on this guys do you have any kind
857s of like thoughts on the third-party
859s clients and are you excited about
861s hearing it
863s specifically knowing that obviously
864s raise three is coming up and
866s hopefully that will mean less people
868s using dodgy clients with raid 3.
871s is it finally the case that tomorrow
873s hard mode is now top hard mode
878s top entry mode is now just tub
882s oh god
884s i mean hopefully it gets more people um
887s into the kind of like competitive aspect
889s of toa that's my take on it like if
892s people know that we're serious about
894s this and that we will take action
896s against people using
898s the legitimate
899s means of getting raid kills
902s um so yeah
904s it's certainly a relief as a designer
906s not to have to to worry about
908s third-party clients as much when
909s designing content i know we thought
911s about that a lot with toa
914s there were a couple of the rooms when we
915s were in the design stages that we just
917s instantly looked at and went
919s well
920s a client will solve that in two seconds
922s for you like
923s it doesn't really matter what you put in
925s um but the fact that some
928s that's no longer the case makes it a bit
931s easier to design and you can actually
934s make something that's challenging to
936s players and fun to play without it just
938s solving it automatically for you
941s as someone who has never used like one
944s of these clients what kinds of things
946s could they do for you because i'm not
948s aware about it
950s personally
952s so um like about when we reference
956s theater of blood um the things that were
958s particularly on clients it was kind of
959s like
960s essentially making it to the point where
962s you don't really have to pay as much
964s attention as to what's going on so it'll
965s tell you tell you when things are going
967s to happen tell you the best places to
969s stand tell you when to move or in the
971s case of the
973s um
974s zeg it would tell you what path was
977s there
978s available even if you wasn't the one
979s that was given the path and things like
981s that where it just completely negated
983s the point of gameplay to the point where
985s it was overpowered
986s and then yeah it was when something like
989s that and you kind of have to
992s if you're having to consider to
994s redesigning content as a based off
996s something that you have no control over
998s like that you then have to immediately
999s try and take control of it as much as
1001s you can and that is where the stance has
1004s come in where we are looking at um
1007s all those different clients and custom
1009s clients and everything else as well so
1012s yeah
1014s i'm just curious when designing
1016s something like a raid like toa did you
1019s guys
1020s have that in the back of your mind like
1022s could players like cheese this with some
1025s kind of third-party client or whatever
1027s and was that something like you
1030s legitimately thought about and
1033s did it affect anything for you 100
1036s there are some rooms in in terms of
1038s massacre which have kind of contained
1040s their own puzzle so
1042s having something that would solve that
1043s for you would kind of just completely
1044s ruin the room and it was something that
1046s came up quite a lot um and now that it's
1048s getting phased out so it's a good
1050s feeling
1052s oh
1053s all right um well hopefully that answers
1055s some questions about third party client
1057s stuff um i always get a bit jittery when
1059s talking about it because this type of
1061s stuff is
1062s definitely not taken lightly by the
1064s community but i'm really pleased to see
1066s such a positive response from them from
1067s the majority of people
1069s um i've seen a lot of creators basically
1071s praising us for
1073s taking action and actually you know
1075s putting our money where our mouth is
1077s kind of deal with regards to this so i'm
1079s very happy to see that
1081s um next up the
1083s players wanted us to talk about dmm
1086s and we put a little bit of a statement
1087s in the gazette so make sure to check
1089s that out for the actual full statement
1093s um but it's fair to say that the finale
1096s um didn't go as smoothly as we would
1099s have liked
1100s and i thought it was important to share
1102s some insight from the team
1104s about why
1106s the reasons why this happens and just
1109s going into a little bit more of
1111s our experiences on that end so
1114s the event wasn't streamed live
1116s um
1117s players were wondering why um it wasn't
1120s streamed live and maybe why we didn't
1122s hype it up as much as other events
1125s um so curious to know uh what you guys
1128s think um first of all why
1130s didn't we hype it up as much
1133s as
1133s players think we could have
1137s and the key thing is we wanted to put
1139s the focus on
1140s executing the rerun
1143s doing it properly and not having to
1145s worry about putting on a live show at
1146s the same time
1148s we don't want the rerun to also be seen
1150s as like a marketing stunt that's really
1152s not what we were trying to achieve with
1153s it we were trying to achieve putting it
1156s right
1157s for what happened last time
1159s although not everything went perfectly
1161s as mentioned it was obviously a darn
1164s sight improved from what we did
1166s you know last year when we ran the
1168s original
1169s original finale
1171s um we wanted to put the focus on solving
1174s as many of the ddos risks that we had
1177s um and then run the finale smoothly as
1180s possible
1181s and that meant not worrying about
1184s getting in a cast gang in casters
1186s getting in getting a host sorted running
1188s a live stream every delay having to mean
1191s that
1192s like aiza has to awkwardly try and
1195s hold up the stream for the next 40
1197s minutes whilst we try behind the scenes
1199s to fix up fix fix any issues like
1203s stuff like that gives us something else
1205s to think about it gives us an additional
1207s pressure and at the same time we we all
1211s also knew that
1212s players playing it would um of course
1214s stream it as well and so
1216s there was plenty of stuff online um to
1219s watch and indeed we were all watching
1220s the streams at the same time as well
1223s and that entertainment still got out
1225s there i thought actually when it was
1227s running smoothly it was it was a
1228s thoroughly entertaining watch to
1230s actually watch the
1231s players involved and seeing like
1233s seeing like foe cast it as well from
1236s from the from the stream he was watching
1238s too so
1239s like i think that hopefully gives you
1241s some insight into why we chose to go
1243s this way
1244s i think
1246s it wasn't the most important aspect of
1248s this of this dead man finale
1252s absolutely
1253s um
1254s so
1256s what actually happened from our point of
1259s view that was the re-run to not go as
1263s smoothly obviously i think it was an
1265s improvement on the previous one
1267s but there was a little blip um
1270s and obviously that affected
1273s many players participating so could you
1275s go into a bit more detail about what
1277s that was and
1279s what happened really for those who maybe
1281s weren't watching
1285s the the big thing is we've got we got to
1286s be slightly careful with what we say
1288s when it comes to this sort of stuff
1290s because
1291s as many of you probably well know
1293s detosing is a is a major issue not just
1296s not just for runescape not just old
1298s school but gaming in general
1300s anything on the internet is always at
1302s that kind of risk and
1305s it is a cat and mouse game it's very
1308s hard to protect against
1310s now obviously since we ran the finale
1313s last year we spent time analyzing
1316s what sort of attack vectors the bad
1319s actors used
1320s we assessed how could we better protect
1322s against them what are our other weak
1324s points
1325s what ways can we and we try and
1327s safeguard it to the best of our ability
1329s and obviously you know it took a while
1332s you know we weren't sat down twiddling
1334s our thumbs in between the uh the last
1336s finale and this one we did do a lot of
1338s we did a lot of work to
1341s try and give ourselves the best chance
1343s but unfortunately you know players still
1345s managed to find
1347s um a method of ddosing that
1350s that used that that was obviously
1351s awesome lag issues for
1353s some of the players on on the server
1356s didn't affect everybody
1357s and
1358s that meant a handful of people
1361s essentially unfairly lost some of their
1364s fights
1366s then we ensued into quite a long delay
1369s as we tried to really understand what
1370s happened
1371s and try and put new protections in place
1374s so
1375s obviously that caused disruption on the
1377s evening it was quite a lengthy delay
1379s i'm sure people remember oda having to
1381s juggle his shark for like half an hour
1383s straight
1385s um
1386s that's a learning point as well right we
1388s it shouldn't be necessary for a player
1389s to have to do that
1391s um
1392s but
1393s what we wanted to do was make sure we
1395s did everything we could in that time
1396s frame to
1398s try and solve those issues and obviously
1400s the rest of it went smoothly after that
1402s point
1405s yeah is this something that's the
1406s question
1407s yeah
1408s definitely um
1410s is this something that
1412s will always happen
1414s do you think
1415s with dead men is it something that has
1417s always happened with dead men
1422s it
1424s i mean ddossing isn't the only issue
1426s that's affected deadline in the past
1427s it's there's been a combination of bugs
1429s that come from ourselves as well
1431s it's not all just ddosing and
1433s and such but
1435s any online tournament i guess
1437s particularly when there's money involved
1440s as surprises as well the incentive will
1443s be there that risk will be there
1445s and it's just about how we handle the
1446s risk it's about what do we do if it goes
1449s wrong and
1451s i can't say anything other than like
1453s it's it sucks right it really does suck
1456s because we really do want to do
1458s these dead man finales they're brilliant
1461s they're super entertaining but we're at
1463s what we are obviously beholden to this
1465s risk every time we do it
1468s so
1469s that's what we need to look at we need
1470s to assess how do what can we do
1473s in the case that a day just happens and
1476s the current format of dead man
1479s is
1480s pretty difficult to handle that with
1482s there's no there's no easy way to say
1484s let's replay this one match
1487s because it's very programmatic right
1489s it's like everything progresses and
1491s players get logged out once they've lost
1493s it's very hard to undo it and take you
1495s back to the same setup you work the
1497s start of that fight etc etc
1500s so
1501s what we want to look at is other ways to
1503s run
1504s you know
1505s evp events in general obviously lan
1509s doing doing things in person when but
1512s it's not going to be liable to do this
1514s at all
1514s is one great way to do it but
1516s essentially having the ability to just
1518s replay a match and such will be a vast
1521s help anyway
1523s but the key thing is we don't want to
1525s deliver a tournament that's just going
1526s to be subject to problems because it's
1529s not good for anybody not good for us
1531s it's not good for the players who are
1533s getting a sub our experience as members
1535s inside of it as well
1538s the the other issue with a dead man
1540s finale is that it's 2 000 people
1543s so alan isn't really a viable solution
1546s for dead man in that format either so
1549s there's a lot of conversations for us to
1550s have but
1552s you know there's more words said in the
1553s gazette as well where we talk about this
1555s so you can give that a read too
1557s but essentially you know we want to put
1559s this sort of money like prize money
1561s towards doing
1563s evp events and tournaments but ideally
1565s let's try and do them in a way that
1567s isn't
1568s you know beholden to these kind of risks
1572s well said and thanks for summarizing
1574s that please go ahead um if i could add a
1577s little bit to that it's uh as i'm sure
1579s everyone in the chat is um fully
1581s qualified um network admins as they all
1584s claim to be
1585s um it it really is kind of one of those
1588s things that you can throw
1590s a lot of money at it here and there
1592s and do everything you can to try and
1595s mitigate it and spend thousands of man
1599s hours to try and do a lot of these
1600s things and ultimately when it comes to
1603s the
1605s um the ways around ddosing is that
1608s you're forever going to be chasing
1610s anything it's
1612s it it's unfortunate and i'm i'm not
1614s saying it's an excuse for what has
1615s happened and the issues that we've had
1617s in the past as a result of it
1619s but i do think that
1621s it's not just as simple as throw money
1624s at it by new servers and everything else
1627s as people seem it is to me there's it's
1628s a lot more complex than that
1631s um
1633s but yeah like i said it's not it's not
1634s an excuse and the issues have happened
1636s but
1638s i do think there is a little bit of
1640s player learning on the other side as
1641s well in order to kind of understand how
1643s these things work and it's not
1645s as straightforward or as or as a kind of
1649s pace as it should be
1652s i think it just sucks to know that
1655s it's pvp feels like it's an underserved
1660s part of the community but it's like how
1662s do we best serve that
1664s part of the community when it feels like
1667s certain parts within the pvp community
1670s want to
1672s like go at it and potentially ruin it
1674s for other members of the pvp community
1677s and
1678s obviously we want to make sure that the
1680s pvp community is served and just
1683s figuring out the best way to do that
1684s would be
1685s my
1686s input on it
1688s um
1689s a lot of people have asked like why
1691s don't we just implement bounty hunter
1695s and i kind of want to get your takes on
1697s it like this is this is like a
1699s discussion so it's not a q a um and i'm
1702s just kind of curious about the devs and
1705s bruno as qa your input on it like why
1708s don't we
1710s focus on other things in pvp like bounty
1713s hunter which is what they've been kind
1715s of asking us for
1718s um
1719s okay if you want to go bruno
1721s okay i'll i'll try to take this one uh
1724s for bounty hunter specifically
1726s i think part of the problem was when
1728s there wasn't many rewards people
1730s complained that it was dead and not
1731s worth doing
1732s when we added rewards it became way too
1734s overpowered and players rigged it too
1736s much to remove it so it uh kind of
1739s sounds like a broken record but when it
1741s comes to this sort of stuff it is a lot
1742s about balancing and
1744s we can't have nice things because people
1746s ruined them unfortunately so we try to
1748s have good things
1751s whilst they are still balanced and still
1752s fun to play and stuff like that um
1755s i think something like last man standing
1757s is kind of in a good place right now
1758s where
1759s it can be fun and it's fairly rewarding
1761s if you're doing it right
1763s but it's nowhere near the scale of what
1765s bounty hunter 2 used to be
1769s i think there is also some appetite for
1771s doing a version of it
1773s at least like investigating what we can
1775s do and what we can come up with given
1777s the time to design something properly um
1781s but yeah so far i know the pvp arena has
1784s taken precedence over that mainly
1787s because the dual arena was removed and
1789s so there was kind of a one to fill that
1792s gap
1794s but
1796s yeah obviously that team will still have
1799s projects once that's out just fairly
1801s soon
1802s that's super exciting
1804s um and yeah i'm hopeful that we can see
1807s something more in the wilderness
1809s fairly soon
1812s so
1812s yeah to expand on it a little bit um
1814s further i i work with the pvp the core
1818s group of the
1819s team working on the pvp
1821s stuff at the moment and the idea is kind
1823s of the the first things i want to do is
1826s deliver the projects that we have
1829s promised and agreed that we were already
1831s going to do which is a case of
1833s delivering the pvp arena which as elena
1835s said comes out very very soon
1838s um
1839s and then after that we have the
1840s wilderness boss rework
1842s which we have um
1845s promised for at least two years
1847s and that we that we want to deliver um
1850s which is the reworks of
1852s venonatus callisto and vettian
1855s um so i'm hoping we can share some of
1858s that stuff that we've got
1859s uh brewing
1861s soon once the uh once the arenas kind of
1864s live and
1865s everything's run smooth with that
1869s and yeah we've done we've done some base
1871s design work already we've got an idea of
1873s kind of things like we want on rewards
1875s etc that will then start
1876s um
1878s speaking to players about um including
1881s the fact that we now have the discord
1882s where we've got a group of people from
1884s various
1885s parts of the community
1887s um involved as well that we're
1888s discussing
1890s um and then kind of once those two are
1892s done that's when we get to turn around
1894s and go okay
1895s what is it that this community is
1896s wanting what is it we need to do in
1898s general i'm kind of then taking the
1900s basis of
1902s how we move forward coming from
1904s the core group of players that it's more
1906s than likely to affect the most whether
1908s that's adding bounty hunter whether
1910s that's doing batches of coal against the
1912s wilderness whether that's taking some of
1914s the stuff that was proposed in the
1916s latest game jam
1918s and then applying that into existing
1920s areas of the wilderness um given that
1922s the project itself would have taken
1924s about six months to do completely but
1925s there may be some smaller things that we
1927s can add in and kind of extend so
1930s it's it's now
1932s putting the onus on us to work with
1934s those that are most
1937s involved in it to direct the way that
1939s that team is going to be working
1941s so if ultimately that means bounty
1943s hunter is what people want the most then
1946s chances are that is going to be the
1947s thing that happens after the wilderness
1949s boss rework
1952s i think like the way that you explain it
1954s made me realize how many different types
1957s of pvp there really is in the game you
1959s have lms you have obviously this area
1963s which is going to be the pvp arena
1965s which will appeal to some people then
1967s you have the wilderness and all of those
1969s different types of like areas within the
1971s wilderness that appeals to different
1973s types of players people who like to
1975s pvp and clans and people who like to do
1978s single decking
1980s and then obviously people who want
1982s bounty hunter and i think the one thing
1986s that i don't i still don't understand
1988s yet
1989s so maybe you guys maybe chat can give
1991s insight on it
1992s um but as like a
1994s a bit of a noob when it comes to pvp
1997s i see players asking for pvp updates a
2000s lot
2001s but in terms of the amount of um
2005s like pvp updates that we have done
2008s um obviously we could always do more but
2010s we do have the pvp arena coming we had
2013s some various tweaks to the wilderness
2014s and things like that so there may be
2016s some pvp updates that just
2019s that we do that don't appeal to
2021s like other pvpers but we still get the
2024s flack for not doing pvp updates if that
2026s makes sense but it's
2028s it's the case that sometimes we are
2030s doing pvp updates they're just not
2031s appealing to those
2033s specific
2034s types of pvpers that's how it comes
2036s across to me i don't know if chat gonna
2040s understand
2041s that like mentality but like there are
2044s pvp updates coming it's just not the pvp
2046s updates that people necessarily want
2049s maybe
2050s and maybe it's a case of just finding
2051s out what pvp updates
2053s pvp is once and
2056s delivering those if that makes sense
2058s that's exactly kind of what we're
2060s wanting to do after delivering the first
2061s couple of projects that we have and that
2063s we already promised they're not going to
2065s please everyone
2066s um and that's a really tough thing to do
2069s when it comes to the pvp community
2071s itself because as you expect to blame
2073s there is multiple different like types
2075s of pvp or pking depending on how you
2078s look at it
2079s um
2080s so as soon as we can integrate more of
2082s those in then that's that's exactly what
2084s we're going to do
2086s and i think some of it is well whilst i
2089s believe i i genuinely believe that they
2091s are rightly aggravated
2093s um about the amount of time that they
2095s have received in comparison to other
2097s sections of the community
2099s we also have to
2101s remember that the majority of people
2103s that consider themselves to be content
2106s or happy with how things are going
2108s generally won't say anything people tend
2110s to say more
2112s when they have an issue with something
2115s so you're always going to see a fair
2117s amount of negativity from
2120s a community that is underserved and it
2122s may look like it is more
2124s than what it actually is but that
2125s doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong or
2127s we shouldn't listen to it it's about
2130s being able to quantify it and working
2134s with them
2136s and ourselves together
2138s um in order to
2141s work out what is the best way forward to
2143s please the most amount in that community
2147s with the dev resource and time that we
2148s have
2150s agree i think you're definitely
2153s yeah i agree with everything there
2155s i'd just like to say that
2157s i i agree with
2159s pvp
2160s being an undeserved or underserved not
2163s undeserved
2164s underserved community historically um
2167s but i also agreed that
2170s at least this year and from what i've
2173s seen the plan is to continue doing that
2175s putting more resource into pvp
2178s um like justin said sorry mudrock
2182s completely talks to you then
2183s um
2185s there is a dedicated team for this now
2189s and we have several things on the
2191s roadmap to work on
2193s the only problem is you can't please
2195s everyone at once
2197s that's not to say that you can't affect
2199s every area in pvp you just can't do it
2202s in one update you need to space it out
2204s so we'll get there eventually
2207s i strongly believe it
2209s and that's the uh that's the idea we
2212s gen like there has been more positivity
2214s within the team as a whole for how we're
2216s starting to look at pvp and that's not
2218s just on our development level as well
2221s and that's on the senior level with our
2223s executive producer who listens to a lot
2225s of what we've got to say
2227s and discusses with things like that and
2228s knows that we want to actively put more
2230s into it
2231s um so that's that's what we're trying to
2234s do and it is going to take some time i
2235s wish we could snap our fingers and kind
2238s of
2238s a lot of the stuff that we want to do
2240s will be done tomorrow but um
2242s i said we've we've got a lot more
2244s involvement in the team in wanting to
2246s push for this
2247s um
2248s a lot more involvement in cm as well um
2251s mod goblin is absolute king
2254s at the moment of all the stuff that he's
2256s having to do that he's dealing with and
2258s helping out with in order to get the
2260s the pvp team
2262s um
2263s like the right kind of information and
2265s uh
2266s dealing with everything so we can
2268s essentially be the best development team
2271s that we can in order to deliver content
2272s for that community
2275s absolutely and like the only thing i
2277s would add just because this is a
2279s discussion this isn't a q a
2281s just a discussion
2283s um but it it does suck from a cm point
2286s of view when i'm reading socials and i'm
2288s behind the scenes i can see the devs
2290s working to try and
2291s please the community and we genuinely
2294s want good feedback but it really sucks
2297s that
2298s in some cases like a perceived lack of
2300s knowledge or maybe we say the wrong
2302s thing in terms of pvp can
2304s by even the butt um even today like my
2308s kind of wishy-washy statement about how
2310s i felt about pvp as someone that doesn't
2313s really engage in pvp
2314s you could see like the knives coming out
2316s the pitchforks and i just kind of
2320s want to
2321s let people know that you know we we have
2323s varying levels of skill within the team
2325s obviously it's no secret like someone
2327s like me
2328s i'm not a pvp
2330s um but i'm really keen to see that side
2332s of the community i'm happy like we just
2335s want to see pvp as happy if that's
2338s achievable
2340s and just do our best to act on the
2342s feedback and in the best way so please
2344s cut us some slack um we've seen you know
2347s some
2348s obviously sometimes we we make a bit of
2350s a slip-up in terms of what we say and we
2352s really apologize about that but it's
2354s like
2355s that that can be a deterrent and i don't
2358s want anything to deter pvp from getting
2361s what it needs um so just be mindful
2364s about that if possible
2367s and just i just want to talk a little
2369s bit about pvp
2371s what i would really like
2374s like us to do
2375s is come forward and present to the
2377s players sort of like
2380s how we see
2381s the entire landscape
2383s of pvp so as in much like you were both
2387s saying light and rock
2389s there's a ton of different bbp content
2391s from arena to wilderness to deep
2393s wilderness to bounty hunter to pvp
2395s worlds as well
2398s to even the mini games like lms and even
2400s the softer mini games like castle wars
2402s right
2403s how does this landscape say what what
2406s role
2407s does lms serve what role does pvp worlds
2410s serve what role does bounty hunter serve
2413s i would like to present this as almost
2415s like that cohesive strategy just explain
2418s to
2419s the player base what we think all these
2421s different components are for how they
2423s work together and and and so on
2426s such that we've got a really good solid
2428s understanding
2429s of how these things work together such
2431s that they're not all so conflicting
2434s there's a lot of different places you
2435s can go to do 1v1 fights
2438s so that's hard for them all to be alive
2439s right like you also spread them out and
2442s that's also on the back of our minds
2443s like
2444s if
2445s you spread everybody else if you spread
2447s everybody out
2449s everything's gonna appear less populated
2451s as well so
2454s does bounty hunter clash with pvp worlds
2457s that's the i think that's a valid
2458s question i'm interested in what this
2460s everybody in this call thinks
2462s um does bounty hunter crash with evp
2465s worlds is there a need for it to be one
2467s or the other
2468s or
2470s do they both serve different needs
2473s i feel like they're both so different
2475s needs um as someone who hasn't really
2477s done that much of either of them
2479s i still feel like people enjoy kind of
2481s like the higher risk of peaking ma in
2484s pvp was than bounty hunter i guess
2487s um especially because you can just not
2490s get targets but it'd be a bit annoying
2491s if you went in there with the intention
2493s of like doing those sort of like
2494s high-risk fights and then you walk in
2496s and you get tagged and they might like
2498s kind of just get in the way of the fight
2499s and stuff like that so i think they both
2501s serve a purpose
2502s um so if we were to add 100 back i
2505s wouldn't expect us to get rid of pvp
2507s worlds
2512s that's interesting right um
2514s and then yeah
2515s on the topic of bounty hunter because
2517s that was you know somewhat where we
2518s started
2519s sorry like just just to carry on this
2522s conversation because like
2523s i'm interested also in
2526s what thoughts
2527s like you have rock or anybody else like
2531s what do you even envisage what do you
2533s actually envisage about me
2534s what would you like to do
2539s was it too early do you not want to talk
2541s about it
2543s it's hard because it's not designed yet
2545s right
2546s it's not designed yet so it's more like
2548s a vision like how could you see it
2550s panning out potentially
2552s um
2553s i find it very hard to say because i
2556s never played bounty hunter as i used to
2558s be
2559s i didn't play you know the the bounty
2561s hunter creature i believe it's called
2562s back in the day so for me i would need
2565s to take some time and actually research
2567s what that was like and potentially talk
2570s to people who played it as well and see
2572s what they really want from it
2575s i i think
2577s a lot of what we've already done and
2579s what i've experimented with the first
2580s iteration of bounty hunter seemed to
2582s have been the best in terms of what
2584s players actually liked and enjoyed about
2586s it at the same time whilst they're also
2588s reminiscing about the things that
2589s happened in the bounty hunter crater so
2591s as linda said it's not really fully
2593s developed yet so it's hard to say but
2595s one thing that will probably serve as
2596s well is having a look at all the things
2598s various things we've done what worked
2600s what didn't what did players like what
2602s did players not like what can we handle
2605s and deal with as well at the same time
2607s and then kind of starting from the base
2609s that we've already got and then it being
2612s fully embedded within the community to
2615s build up the system
2616s as to how they want it but at the same
2619s time like how we can also manage it
2621s feasibly as well
2624s one thing i think you could do well with
2626s as well is
2628s try to think about or give some thought
2630s as to how you could kind of
2632s get people interested in doing it right
2634s like maybe
2636s try to get more people into pvp through
2638s that system maybe it has different tiers
2641s so you have like an outer ring perhaps
2643s where
2644s odds aren't that great you know like
2647s maybe you don't lose all your items you
2649s lose a few and then the further in you
2651s go the riskier it gets but maybe the
2654s more rewarded yet
2655s so the new beer people i would say would
2658s maybe stick to the outskirts and then
2659s the further in you go more difficult
2661s people you hopefully meet
2665s yeah there's there's definitely a lot we
2666s can do and a lot we need to think about
2668s when it comes into it i know uh
2671s modlight is keen to jump on to the next
2673s topic given how many we have to go
2675s through
2677s um but like
2679s i said we do have a
2682s discord that has been set up um i'm
2684s trying to organize see if it gets my
2686s socials to kind of repost the invite
2687s links out and that we are letting people
2690s view
2691s there is only a small number of
2693s contributors that were picked from the
2694s original survey that we did
2696s so as it stands we're not currently
2698s adding more people into the hack to have
2699s the ability to chat about it and despite
2703s the dozens of dms i get every week up
2705s for people asking to do that and when we
2708s will
2708s when we are going to grab some more
2710s that's what we will do
2712s um
2713s but yeah that's kind of where we're
2715s starting with our discussions on the
2717s topic
2718s that in order to kind of involve the
2720s community and that's where a lot of it
2722s will build that but generally anything
2724s that gets shared in there would be fit
2726s for public consumption given that
2727s everyone could see it so whilst doing
2730s anything posted in there generally will
2731s get posted around socials and
2734s um
2735s other areas as well
2739s great chat guys
2741s we have like three big topics to get
2743s through so i'll probably split them into
2745s future streams not sure which one um is
2748s best to go through uh first
2751s um
2752s we'll talk about game modes just because
2754s i feel like it's a hot topic um
2757s so i have an image to share of some of
2760s the game modes that we
2762s uh pitched in a survey
2764s not sure if we can show that now
2767s um but it's
2771s should be
2772s questions.png
2774s for the livestream producer sorry about
2777s this technical stuff
2779s um but i'll just talk about it uh
2781s briefly so we ran a survey to get more
2784s insight um into what you guys thought
2786s about game modes should they be
2788s temporary should they be permanent um
2791s how long should they run for what types
2793s of game modes did you like
2794s out of leagues dead men things like that
2797s um we just basically wanted a
2799s temperature reading on how you felt
2801s about these things so this is not
2804s promising that it will come into the
2806s game this is um in no means suggesting
2809s that it will happen or it won't
2812s um but essentially we wanted to know
2814s what you thought about it
2816s so you can see things like freshdot
2818s servers vanilla osrs merchantmen mode
2821s seasonal madness
2824s combined easy or hard mode uh old school
2826s servers
2828s and
2829s leagues and dead man which you're
2830s probably already familiar with um so we
2832s ran a survey and um here and obviously
2836s you were involved a bit with that um
2839s what game modes count came out on top
2842s from the survey like what did you learn
2844s from it basically
2846s so the results overall were like super
2848s interesting and how like polarizing they
2850s were
2852s a lot of people fought and a lot of
2853s people against basically across all of
2855s them
2857s there's certainly some context as well
2858s like
2859s dead man has less people for it than the
2861s others but that's we know that that's
2864s not a surprise so you've got to look at
2865s these results sort of in context and
2868s understand well yeah dead man is not
2869s trying to target everybody while
2871s something like
2872s easy and hard mode well obviously it has
2875s sort of a much broader casual audience
2877s and interest
2878s so
2879s it's really interesting um so it's not
2882s as simple as just like ranking them that
2883s this one did better than that one and
2885s that one because you have to kind of
2886s look at them in terms of who they're for
2888s what they're trying to do and so on
2890s but
2891s we also looked at
2893s how people
2894s how active people were so like oh we we
2897s posted the surveys of people who are
2899s playing the game people who weren't
2900s playing the game people who played it
2902s recently that sort of thing and
2905s some of the i think that generally one
2908s of the more popular ideas was as i say
2910s easy and hard mode
2912s people seem to really look on to that
2914s idea sorry before i go oh he said ok the
2918s geordie accent um
2920s but easy and hard like a load of
2922s interesting ideas that kind of spawned
2924s off that like how interesting the game
2926s could be almost with like a difficulty
2928s setting is kind of how i imagined it in
2930s my head
2931s um so that one came out pretty popular
2934s um
2934s even
2935s things like
2937s um
2938s merchant mode which
2939s that was a big community suggestion like
2941s multiple years ago it's maybe
2943s every now and then
2944s didn't seem that popular um it did it
2947s did didn't do as well in the survey that
2949s i thought it might well do
2951s um
2952s well something like
2953s fresh start servers was pretty popular
2956s amongst players who weren't currently
2959s playing
2960s but not very popular for play people who
2963s are currently playing old school and so
2966s i wonder why they have a different
2967s flavor
2968s each of them have a different flavor
2969s right like to how they're received
2972s permanent leaks had some interest but
2974s while again quite polarizing some people
2976s think it shouldn't be a permanent mode
2978s at all
2979s so yeah it was it was fascinating and
2981s obviously these are just a selection of
2983s different ideas right it's not
2986s every idea that we've got for game modes
2988s there's plenty of other ideas we've
2990s discussed as well but yeah we just
2992s wanted to sort of throw some out they
2994s asked them questions see what people
2995s thought and try and just get a reading
2997s on so for like how people are looking at
2999s different kinds of ideas
3002s the one piece of like community
3005s sentiment that i've seen a lot of and
3007s i'm not sure if you can talk about it
3008s today but it's like do these do
3011s temporary game modes
3014s i come at the cost of dev time on the
3017s main game
3020s well they shouldn't that's not to say
3023s they don't affect it because
3025s this stuff does obviously
3028s have knock-on effects and like the code
3030s base gets a little bit more complicated
3032s all these aspects
3034s what we want to do is try and serve a
3035s good balance between
3037s making sure that we're delivering great
3039s content new raids bounty hunter updates
3043s new quest lines
3045s additions to quest lines for these
3046s skilling features etc that is
3050s absolutely core to what old school is
3052s so we got to keep doing that that's
3054s absolutely gonna be the core of what we
3056s do that's like so i see that as sort of
3058s the minimum
3060s that is our bread and butter that's what
3062s you know for the most part what people
3064s are subscribing for you subscribe so
3066s that you can get good game content
3068s coming out and updates coming out
3070s so we got to do that and i realized like
3073s the last couple of years like we haven't
3074s been as consistent and as predictable as
3077s maybe a lot of the players would like us
3078s to be that's something we want to get
3080s better at
3081s um but in addition to that i want to be
3084s ambitious and look at like how else we
3085s can serve
3087s awesome old school experiences
3089s leagues was
3091s quite experimental when we first did it
3093s and it's now turned into this thing that
3095s we do once every year year and a half
3097s sort of thing
3098s and gives you a different spin on old
3100s school same as iron man modes were very
3102s experimental driven by the community
3104s originally
3106s and even things like dead man back when
3107s we first did that completely out of the
3110s out there idea that we wanted to bring
3113s and give you a different way to play the
3114s game and
3116s look to add to that
3119s players of a lot of a lot of players in
3121s this chat i mean type in the chat when
3123s you first started playing runescape
3126s and
3128s i'll wait a second to see what you all
3130s say right but
3132s i'm expecting a lot of like 2005 2007's
3136s you've all been playing a long time so
3138s many of you played for a long long time
3141s and so
3142s you've all played the game a ton
3144s and it's i think it's really interesting
3146s to be able to give you a way to play
3148s that game you love and have played for
3150s the last decade and a half in some cases
3155s you know a fresh lick of pain almost i
3157s think a game mode gives you a really
3158s good way to do that playing the game as
3160s an iron man instantly feels
3163s so much different to how you play as a
3165s main versus how you play when you're
3167s playing dead man or a league even
3169s changes it up even more radically so i
3172s think it's a good thing to do but what
3174s we got to do is get the balance right
3176s and make sure that that minimum offering
3178s as i say like of getting your quest
3181s you're getting your bread and butter
3182s getting your new skilling features
3184s you're getting your new pvp updates
3187s that's called what old school is
3189s the game mode stuff should be in
3190s addition to that which means also that
3192s internally you know
3194s it's not as simple as we have one dev
3195s team for x and one dev team for why
3197s essentially we just have a
3199s bunch of different
3200s developers and the teams
3202s flex all the time based on the projects
3205s but we gotta also have the right amount
3207s of staff to be able to handle all these
3208s different things such that one isn't at
3211s the detriment of another
3215s i really like the way that game modes
3218s allow you to experiment as devs and flex
3220s your creativity and try out different
3223s things i love the idea that like
3225s potentially you could do something in
3226s the league that players might get to
3228s try out and then love it and then get it
3231s into the main game potentially if they
3233s really like it so
3235s yeah um curious about the panel what do
3238s you all think about the leagues that
3241s have happened which is your favorite one
3242s which would you
3244s personally rerun if you could
3248s i'd love to rerun trailblazer that was
3250s like the peak for me um as much as i
3252s loved shot and relics
3253s um i think
3254s trailblazer was was just the king
3257s um
3258s and from what i understand it would be
3260s really easy to do as well it's kind of
3261s ready to go
3262s and we could just take what we learned
3264s from the first run um maybe there was
3266s some balance issues there like the uh
3268s last recall rune
3269s um but we can make some changes and i
3271s think that'll be really good to read
3275s yeah agree with that definitely
3277s sorry
3279s yeah i think twitter league was great
3281s but if we were to replay i think it
3282s would have lost a lot of what made it
3284s great because i think part of what made
3286s it great was not everyone had been in
3289s zaya or karen that much so it was kind
3292s of a new experience for a lot of people
3294s um
3295s but as a rerun i think trailblazer would
3296s definitely be the one because even if
3298s you rerun it there's still
3301s so many things you can do to change the
3302s way that you play it because
3304s whilst you might have taken one path the
3305s first time round you could just take a
3307s different path this time so i didn't go
3309s to private in this last time so maybe
3310s this time i could go to privileges and
3312s check out the content there
3314s so that would be good
3316s i think trailblazer definitely had the
3318s most replayability in that sense it
3321s would probably be the best one to rerun
3324s i think
3325s twistedly has this like special spot in
3327s my heart just because it was the first
3329s one and i just felt so unique and
3332s special jumping into it for the first
3334s time
3334s never having seen anything like this in
3336s old school
3338s so
3339s it's hard to say which one's the best
3341s obviously
3343s shattered relics
3344s kind of had all those learnings from the
3346s previous leads as well and it was just
3348s really interesting concept
3351s to explore so
3353s i really love them all and i can't wait
3354s to see what the next one's going to be
3356s honestly
3359s what about you what what a leak
3363s um so out of the three leagues i
3366s i only played
3368s um the most recent one um shattered so i
3372s don't have overly much experience i'm
3374s not someone who is necessarily
3378s enamored by temporary game modes um for
3380s me i'd rather spend the time to playing
3383s on my main because at least like
3385s basically a permanent upgrade where i'm
3387s getting the xp in as opposed to
3389s something over six months um i i do get
3391s completely get the whole idea behind it
3393s and the fact that they are
3396s that are awesome and people enjoy them
3397s but there's people that don't as well
3399s and for me
3402s i i do question whether we've done too
3404s many game modes recently
3407s but i do think one a year is probably
3409s about right whether that is one league
3411s or one dead man or something like that
3413s to at least give us variety
3415s but yeah
3416s leagues aren't for my type of playing
3419s i'm afraid
3423s all right um we only have about 10 to 50
3425s minutes i don't want to keep the guests
3426s too long
3428s so we're going to speed through two
3429s topics there's a bunch of other topics
3431s that you guys want us to discuss so let
3433s us know if these types of streams are
3435s something that you like and we'll do
3436s another one potentially
3438s um but wanted to touch on pride because
3441s this happened recently
3443s um from my point of view personally i
3445s can't speak on behalf of others but this
3448s was long overview overdue and it's one
3450s of my favorite community highlights so
3452s far something i'm
3454s proudest of uh since i've been at jagex
3457s and so just discussing like why did we
3460s decide to do it um what do you guys
3462s think
3465s um
3466s i think that i think in previous years
3469s between 2017 and 2022 we were always
3473s perhaps a little bit
3475s i don't want to say scared because i
3476s don't think scared is the right word but
3478s a little cautious about approaching this
3481s topic because
3482s um for those for those of us that were
3484s in the team at the time
3486s um and shout outs to mod wolf as well
3489s because he got the brunt of it um
3491s and didn't deserve what happened
3493s um
3494s but
3495s it
3496s it did scar quite a few people that are
3499s around at the time just the amount of
3501s vitriol and hate
3503s and um
3506s undeserved bigotry that occurred as a
3507s result um
3510s but now it was kind of a case of where
3512s we've turned around and gone no okay
3515s there is going to be some backlash about
3517s it because there are people that think
3519s that way
3520s um however this is something that we
3522s believe is a team that we believe as a
3524s company and we feel is invested in and
3527s out and our players do too and it really
3530s is a case of the people that are making
3532s the most noise
3533s are the smallest group of people
3536s um that are surrounding
3539s surrounding it so
3542s it was time where we we
3545s grit our teeth and when we're doing this
3546s this is something we feel adamant about
3549s and
3550s that's what we did and
3553s the the pride event uh was a small
3555s holiday event almost the same as
3557s anything others um with references and
3560s with thrown in from um
3563s the developers and all the people that
3565s worked on it
3566s and the pride march as well we'd we'd
3569s not done something like that before and
3571s um even in the case of organizing it
3573s amongst like yourself mud light and um
3576s mod sony as well who did a lot of the
3578s work in preparing and kind of getting
3580s stuff involved
3581s we we were also a bit um
3585s a bit unnerved about trying to do this
3587s because we hadn't done it before and it
3589s came out and was completely fantastic
3591s everyone
3592s turned out to show their support yes
3594s there was people on the other side as
3595s well
3596s um
3598s um but the less said about those the
3600s better
3601s and i think it is completely
3603s reinvigorated the way that the team
3605s thinks about this kind of content and
3607s how this behaves and the community and
3610s we
3612s i would definitely like us to sign up
3614s and be able to do
3616s an event every year
3618s um along with a pride march every single
3621s year
3622s um where people can get involved
3624s hopefully done across more worlds
3625s because we filled up more wells than we
3627s expected due to the amount of people
3629s that wanted to
3631s um participate and take part in the
3633s pride march in a good manner where we
3635s filled up three worlds pretty quickly
3638s um and just all round show our support
3641s for
3643s these people that
3645s deserve it and
3647s it is kind of like the
3650s the hindu group of our current
3651s generation like there has been in the
3654s past
3655s um that eventually somewhat became
3657s normalized and that's what we want to do
3659s by creating these events by having these
3661s marches
3663s and
3664s doing these things
3666s this is something that should be
3667s considered normal and part of society
3670s and we are wanting to do our part
3673s in order to continue with that
3677s well sad
3679s really well son
3680s i saw
3681s i saw some people thinking that this was
3684s some sort of pr stunt or something and
3686s that's just so far from the truth of it
3689s the truth is that this was something
3691s that the team really really wanted to do
3693s it was absolutely driven by the team and
3696s taken to production
3698s basically asking begging for us to be
3700s able to find the little spot and the
3701s road map for us to be able to do this
3703s this year
3704s and
3705s i'm so happy that we actually were able
3708s to do that
3710s and to me all those people protesting
3714s protesting against it they just show
3717s how much we really need these things you
3719s know that they are exactly the reason
3722s why these people feel like they need to
3724s show off who they are
3727s so absolutely i i want to keep doing
3730s pride
3732s yeah
3732s 100 you guys both speaking
3735s amazingly on this and
3738s i just want to add as well like we have
3740s a large lgbt community in old school
3742s runescape
3744s i want that community
3746s to feel that this is a place
3748s they are welcomed in
3750s and i would rather
3752s make the haters
3754s it was bigot so whatever you want to
3756s call them
3757s less welcome
3759s i would rather welcome the love
3762s and
3763s say goodbye to the hate
3765s and
3766s things like this can make sure that that
3768s is clear to the lgbt the lgbt community
3773s that we do welcome them
3775s we want them to be a part of the the
3777s entire old school community they're just
3779s as welcome as anybody else
3781s and
3784s you know simply put
3786s lgbt the lgbt community has been
3788s oppressed
3789s it's still oppressed across the whole
3791s world
3792s and this is why this needs saying this
3794s is why this needs including in our game
3797s and my god did the positivity and love
3799s the community showed outweigh any of the
3802s negative crap that we also saw so
3806s absolutely worth it and this
3808s expect us to be doing ride events in the
3811s future certainly provide marches in the
3813s future because it was an absolutely
3815s wonderful thing to witness wonderful
3817s thing to
3818s see everybody get involved as well
3820s because man we filled multiple worlds of
3823s multiple worlds had marches going on and
3825s that that to me is pretty pretty pretty
3828s incredible
3829s because
3830s normally old school players don't do
3831s anything unless there's a reward for it
3833s this was the reward here
3836s was the love the show to the lgbt
3838s community and that was enough
3841s i i think just to add sorry
3844s no you go ahead what i was gonna say
3846s just just to add a little bit more on to
3848s that there are
3850s uh there have been some discussions
3852s internally about um
3854s like how the pride event went and that
3856s we're all happy about it and one thing
3858s we did discuss that we do what actively
3860s want to do in the future uh whilst we
3862s didn't unfortunately get time to do it
3864s because we still wanted to launch it in
3866s in pride month this year
3868s is that in the future we will be looking
3871s at the existing rewards that have been
3873s given and future awards that we look to
3875s give as well
3877s and also look to include
3880s subsections within the lgbt community
3883s and also not only display the pride
3886s colors
3887s but also look to display the
3889s trans colors the non-binary colors and
3892s all the other sections that we that we
3895s can deal with as well
3897s and make them feel included
3900s in
3902s dealing with um
3903s in putting them into our community
3909s that's awesome um and yeah i was just
3911s gonna add like a little story time from
3914s my end um
3915s i am a noob i've never been to like huge
3918s events in game before i had no idea that
3922s at a certain point
3924s the game will stop rendering players if
3926s you reach a certain amount
3928s um and so when we were doing the pride
3931s march and you know we had a group of
3933s players i was like great this is our
3934s group of players awesome let's go
3936s marching
3937s i had no idea how many people there were
3940s like it was incredible like they just
3942s wouldn't render which was just crazy it
3944s just it was it blew me away about how
3947s many people there were when when i was
3950s told that the worlds were full and that
3952s people were trying to get into a third
3954s world i just couldn't believe it it was
3956s a really lovely
3958s event it's probably the highlight
3960s of my year so far just seeing how much
3963s support there was how much love there
3964s was
3965s and i'm so glad that we did it and i'm
3967s so glad that you guys came to support us
3970s we love you so much
3972s um
3973s right we were going to talk about a new
3975s skill
3977s as well and polling and a bunch of other
3979s topics but unfortunately
3981s we have gone over time so
3984s um
3985s probably we'll have to save that for
3986s another stream
3988s if you guys did enjoy this kind of
3990s format of streams where it's more of a
3992s discussion rather than a q a
3994s do let us know because we can do more of
3996s them if you didn't like it and you would
3998s prefer q a's let us know constructively
4002s and we'll take that on board
4004s um
4005s so if i can just clarify as well that
4008s that's just on the topic in general no
4010s no like announcements or anything oh
4012s yeah
4013s sorry wanting to hear about the skill
4015s it's just general conversation nothing
4018s sorry i should have clarified that no
4020s new skilled news from us but in terms of
4023s questions about what devs think about a
4026s new skill sorry about that that's
4028s completely my mistake
4030s um so yeah we were gonna talk about it
4032s we were gonna ask about dev opinions on
4034s it we're gonna ask about why it's failed
4037s or why it hasn't happened and then just
4039s discuss it as a kind of like round table
4041s discussion
4043s um so
4044s if that interests you let us know and we
4046s can do another stream like this but we
4048s won't be able to cover it in this stream
4050s um it probably warrants its own stream
4053s um so we'll probably do that if that's
4055s something you guys want um
4058s so yeah um right so wrapping up then
4062s we'll go through the announcements
4063s exclamation mark game update um some
4065s highly anticipated changes to unranked
4068s gim mode and improvements to giant's
4070s boundary you can find that with xmas
4071s mark game updates exclamation mark
4074s transcript for last week's stream we
4076s talked about player suggestions it was a
4078s general q a so make sure you catch up on
4080s that has a rare um
4082s appearance from mod ash who i love it
4085s when he's on streams he talks about like
4087s the most technical stuff ever
4090s and then exclamation mark gazette
4092s we recently published the gazette which
4094s has more information about um like
4097s upcoming content and things like that
4100s and statements around dmm so
4103s make sure that you check that out
4105s all right um that's it for this stream
4108s does anybody have any final words or any
4111s conclusions
4114s [Music]
4116s this format's been fun i've liked it
4119s well i'm glad to hear it
4123s yeah i'm hoping we can do more like
4125s podcasty style streams because i just
4128s feel like you guys get a chance to talk
4130s a bit more broadly about stuff rather
4132s than like directed focused questions
4134s which sometimes
4136s you may want to talk about something
4137s else um so i think it's really important
4139s to make sure that players feel connected
4141s with you and get more about like behind
4144s the scenes kind of insight so hopefully
4146s this was a w
4148s um all right i think we're good to wrap
4151s up guys we'll see you next time let us
4153s know what you think
4154s bye
4156s bye
4157s bye
4159s [Music]
4174s foreign
4175s [Music]