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Havn't played OSRS since my acc got banned approximately 1 year ago. I got banned for macro major.

Yes i botted, I downloaded some plugins that I shouldn't. I did not gold farm or sell gold, I only botted skilling for achievement diary. I Regret my choice, and have tried appealing several times without success.

I have heard that some players manage to get their accs back for Macro major even if it has been denied before, but others do not succed. Is this random, or how come some players get accs back and others don't for the same offence.

A friend of mine got his acc back for macro major, he was banned 4 months ago and left an appeal and got his acc back. I tried the same with no success.

I would really love to get back now that Raids 3 is about to launch.

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Originally posted by Dexxie93

Yeah just keep posting to jmods, never give up on your dreams.

Sometimes we reply y'know, even if it's to say no. He should appeal and make a new account if all else fails.