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What kind of mental patient wants to do 2000 laps of an agility course, a task that is in no way sped up by relics, in a temporary game mode? Something so mind-numbing and totally uninteresting shouldn't be a task. Yes, I know I can just not do it, but I feel like that those two master task spots should have been taken up by something a little more leagues appropriate. For example, why not have an "equip every penance item" task? Still would probably take you a while, but you get to use your combat relic and have boosted minigame points in the meantime. On the other hand, grinding out monkey backpacks is exactly the same experience in leagues as it is in the main game.

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I cannot speak for the people who worked directly on this league but for me the presence of bad tasks contributes to you feeling good about coming up with strategies to target tasks that are better.

The fun from balancing often comes from things not being perfectly balanced and through players exploiting those imperfections!

This can work here since the list of tasks is not intended to be 100% completed even with your given regions, though maybe someone crazy enough will pull it off!

That said, this one is definitely a bit extreme haha