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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hello this is poison potion RPP for
2s short and it's finally time for some
4s wieldy content the beta worlds have been
6s open this week to test out the new
7s rewards coming from the wilty bosses
9s rework this means you'll be able to see
11s the true potential of every new weapon
13s in pvm and PVP scenarios each of these
15s new wieldy weapon upgrades has a unique
17s special attack that can Aid you in your
19s Wilderness Adventures the accuracceptor
21s specialist condemn raising your max hit
23s by 50 and reducing the target's defense
25s and Magic level by 15 the web weaver
28s special is called swarm unleashing a
30s flurry of four attacks in Rapid
32s succession with increased accuracy each
34s of these attacks is capped at 40 damage
36s the erscene chain mace special is bare
38s down giving the mace a huge accuracy
40s buff in dealing 15 damage over 6 seconds
42s on top of draining 50 run energy with
45s the damage being doubled if the target
46s has zero run finally there's the void
49s Waker special disrupt dealing guaranteed
51s magic damage between 50 to 150 percent
54s of your melee Max hit but this isn't all
56s that's coming to the beta the poison
57s Dynamite from pole 76 is finally ready
59s to release but it needs a bit of testing
61s first this dynamite will allow for 10 HP
63s accounts to do varying types of content
65s that they otherwise couldn't do it can
67s be created at 50 firemaking with one
69s dynamite and three Nightshade and is lit
71s just as you would light logs after five
73s Cycles the poison Dynamite will explode
75s rolling off your highest accuracy stat
77s against the target's appropriate
78s defensive stat hopefully you're better
80s at this than I was beyond this we also
82s have the quest speed running beta test
84s your clicking and knowledge of the game
85s by competing for World Record Times the
88s quests that are available to speedrun in
89s the beta are Cook's assistant Ernest the
91s chicken Demon Slayer Vampire Slayer and
93s dragon slayer 1. I also don't mean to
95s brag but I did get a gold time on Cook's
98s assistant moving on from the betas we
99s have some more changes coming to tombs
101s of a mascot invocation presets are a
103s convenient way to cycle through your
105s favorite preferences for Rage 3 a total
107s of five presets can be stored Beyond
109s this you will no longer get duplicate
110s drops of Keras partisan Jewels until you
112s have received all three at least once
114s silent prayers has been replaced with
116s deadly prayers a new invocation that
118s drains your prayer by 20 of damage taken
120s rounding down this is worth 20 grade
122s level upset stomach has gone from 10 to
124s 15 raid level stay vigilant has gone
127s from 10 to 15 raid level feeling special
129s has gone from 15 to 20 raid level and no
131s help needed has been changed from a 100
133s loot reduction to 90 loot reduction the
136s supplies offered cannot be reduced below
138s one other changes include a fixed issue
140s causing akka's Phantom to change Styles
142s way too often when using the stay
143s vigilant invocation Baba's slam move has
146s been made consistently reactable and you
148s can now select the various levels of
150s tombs of a basket as a possible activity
152s for a clan event now if you'll excuse me
153s I'm going to do some more beta testing
155s for those new wieldy weapons as I've got
157s my own video to make on my channel you
158s can check that out in the description
159s we'll see ya