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Hey all, another somewhat quiet one as so many of us are working away on things like the new skill, Bounty Hunter, Desert Treasure II and more (no spoilers).

In any case, hopefully anybody who still needs their Prospector kit for Falador Hard, or wants that juicy 85 Mining before stepping back into TOA will have a nicer time of it from today (assuming Motherlode Mine is your chosen method).

In case you missed it, we've put out a handful of other things recently that I'll link below:

Jagex Accounts Closed Beta Expansion - Blog
Bounty Hunter Initial Rewards - Blog --- Survey

So if you've not checked those out already, take a look (I'm heavily biased but if you could fill out the BH Rewards survey it'd be massively appreciated!)

Hope you're all having a good week an taking care of yourselves!

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Originally posted by merlijn2504

Ectofuntus or Ectofunctus?

It's Ectofuntus and idc what anybody says

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Originally posted by ThisIsWorldOfHurt

Kinda wish it was explained what "adjusted the respawn rate of veins on the upper and lower levels of MLM" means exactly.

Have updated the blog to reflect, but for your benefit the respawn rates should be about 33% quicker than pre-update!

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Originally posted by DivineInsanityReveng

Really keen to see the Poll 79 questions, its definitely going to invogorate my interest in CA's, even if i'll still likely never finish Grandmasters it'll be cool to have Masters more available without things I don't enjoy as much having to be done, by instead knocking out GM tasks i'm capable of.

Think I'll be making a start on the Poll 79 blog later today, Points-based CAs are for sure the most exciting bit but there's a little something for everybody in there!

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Originally posted by Veinoo

Any news on adding Artio, Spindel and Calvarion to the hiscores? I though they were getting added this week.

Think there was a mix-up with getting the HiScores ready for this change in QA, we're hoping to be able to deploy it soon and can only apologise for its omission this week.

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Originally posted by Accomplished-Help-44

Nothing on the servers or prayer filtering? I’m a little disappointed, I can’t lie.

I'm hoping we'll be able to provide an update on the server issues soon, and will likely get the Game Status page updated alongside other socials out when we have more that we're able to share.

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Originally posted by leese8

No more hours spent right clicking and identifying!

You can't be serious. You can't be joking too.🙄

I didn't actually write this blog but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's definitely a joke!

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Originally posted by Ardanaz

The Ironman Tutor will now pay attention if you previously indicated you never wanted to downgrade while informing you about Iron mode. He’s also got more information to share about Unranked Group Ironmen!

So it's no longer possible for people to deiron by becoming a GIM first? My buddy wanted to do that and today became GIM. Is he now screwed?

The only thing that's changed as far as I'm aware is that the Tutor's messaging has been clarified, none of the functionality has been changed - purely the wording, so that things are a little clearer for players.

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Originally posted by Shop_Public

Will we get a blog out this week?

I doubt it! Writing a blog from scratch, having the team read over it and sign off, then having Editorial read over it and adjust, HTMLing the blog for upload, imagery etc. is an extremely tight turnaround for two days.

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Originally posted by wtfiswrongwithit

this may have been answered before, but I'm assuming GM will still require full completion right?

Of course!

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Originally posted by Engineered_Muffin

Can you add in some information on when the clue stash expansion to prims, tent whip, etc would be polled to UIM?

We don't deserve mod Goblin, thanks for the time.

Hoping we'll perhaps be able to slip some UIM-only questions in for those with Poll 79

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Originally posted by iligal_odin

Im curious, I know you have a cdn for images and the likes, isn't there anything like cms or a wysiwyg editor for the news/blog posts? What does a usual(no issues/rev) flow look like, from editorial to release?

We're able to use WYSIWYG for the most part but don't really have particular editor internally that we've smoothed out properly. Stuff like Dreamweaver works more or less okay since it's still pretty rapid to throw the HTML together (it's not exactly complex HTML on these, after all).

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Originally posted by ZT3V3N

Ignored prayer filtering like a politician!

Ah that's my bad, singular focused sometimes with a game update call ongoing at the same time. We're having more chats about Prayer filtering, nothing I'm able to share at the moment (and I was out on Monday so missed the initial round) but when we do have something to share we'll talk about it.

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Originally posted by huntedmine

why not Ectofungus to avoid confusion

Fountain -> Font -> Funt -> Funtus

Fountain of Ecto(plasm) -> Ectofuntus

Other sites