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Friends and I all logged in on day 1 trying to create a GIM team. We complete tutorial island and get to the node. Upon trying to create a group we get this message saying "failed to create group" and it force logs everyone out except the group leader. We try this a few more times without success and eventually decide to give up for now.

Several days later we log in to try it again. However, now when we try to invite each other, at least one of us gets the error saying "xxx player is not a new account, he cannot be invited". All of us have never left the node. Not sure wtf is going on.

We could create new accounts and try again but we've already purchased members on these accounts, so are we now out our hard earned 🦀$11🦀?

Anyone know a fix or something? This is kinda lame Jamflex.

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7 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Hey there; I’ve passed this on to the team to look at. If you can let me know your RSN and the RSN of your group, I will ask for this to be investigated further. It may be something we need to fix on a case by case basis.