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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hi everyone my name is jellyfish and
2s i'll be delivering your weekly update
4s for old school runescape if you've been
6s enjoying these creator-driven updates
8s make sure to like the video and add your
10s thoughts in the comments down below this
12s week brings some minor updates and
14s improvements along with a recap of the
16s april gazette which quite possibly might
18s be the longest gazette yet first let's
21s start with our favorite runecrafting
22s method guardians of the raft with this
25s week's update you can now use the
27s abyssal red abyssal green and abyssal
29s blue dyes to recolor the amulet of the
32s eye and lost bag the amulet of the eye
34s can now teleport you to the guardians of
36s the rift lobby the tarnish locket and
38s lost bag have been added to the
40s collection log and you can now see the
42s number of riffs searches and riffs
44s closed within the collection log we're
46s also going to see some updates to
47s beneath cursed sans based on some
49s feedback the dialogue when charging a
51s scepter has been improved to make it
53s clear how many items are being taken and
55s how many charges are being given the
57s charis partisan slash bonus has been
59s removed and animations on the shadow box
62s have been fixed we also have a few other
64s changes that you may have noticed the
66s easter bunny's issues in the desert have
68s been resolved and he's left to start
70s planning for easter
72s any issue with the finding the weak spot
74s combat achievement has been resolved an
77s issue unlocking the alchemical hydra
78s veteran combat achievement has now been
80s fixed and pickaxes no longer randomly
83s accelerate your mining rules by one tick
85s on free to play worlds also a typo has
88s been fixed on the settings menu now that
90s those updates are out of the way let's
92s cover this month's gazette april's
93s gazette is one for the books in fact
96s it's nearly a book itself we've got more
98s info on raids 3 class speed running a
101s new game mod and loads of game jam ideas
104s to talk about let's start with the
105s update that we're all excited about
107s raids 3 are tombs of a mascot although
110s we don't yet have a concrete release
112s date the j mods are hard at work to
114s deliver around the month of august
116s they're polishing up their room to room
118s encounters and are almost ready to start
120s on the new invocation system the brand
122s new invocation system will allow for
124s customizable difficulty within the raid
126s there will be a mini pull soon to
127s address feedback regarding raid rewards
130s even though these rewards have already
131s passed the team felt like there was room
133s for improvement and would like to
135s deliver even better so be on the lookout
137s for it alongside this news we've been
139s giving concept art within the raid the
142s first image looks to be a final room
144s since there's no exit maybe a boss
147s encounter with balls of clutter that
149s roll down this next image is definitely
152s a boss encounter you can see the
154s entrance and exit maybe the statue in
156s the center comes to life we also have
159s some gorgeous concept art of this baboon
161s and i just hope that he drops bones so
163s that i can make a grigri and become him
165s and in the pixel tease you can clearly
168s see the four characters a baboon human
171s crocodile and scarab i just finished
173s beneath christians and those characters
175s are sounding pretty familiar now next up
178s here we have mention of the pvp arena
180s the j mods have put out a post going
182s into detail about the rewards poll and
184s it made the pvp feedback discord public
186s they'll be assigning contributor roles
188s to roughly 100 people to start with and
190s they're trying to work better with the
191s community to deliver rewards that are
193s more appealing and less divisive we also
196s got a q a regarding the giant's boundary
198s and you can catch up on that by watching
200s the april 26 live stream with mod light
202s and mod oasis i definitely recommend
205s checking that out they even show off a
206s potential new smithing stealing outfit
208s we also want to remind you about the
210s dead man re-rental open beta that took
212s place if you participated in the
214s original finale for last year's deadman
216s mode you may want to keep an eye on your
218s inbox for invitation details to the
220s second closed beta also know that
222s changes from pull 76 are in progress
226s thank you for your patience on those in
228s other news quest speedrunning is coming
230s we envision that quest speedrunning will
232s take place on special speed running
234s worlds similar to leagues you'll have a
236s save profile that allows you to speed
238s run eligible quests as many times as
240s you'd like specific time milestones will
242s unlock trophies and give you points that
244s you can transfer to your main profile
246s and spend on exciting new items these
249s items are likely cosmetic assuming they
251s pass the polls and won't impact the main
254s game in any way beyond giving runners a
256s chance to flex the april gazette also
259s introduced us to a new j mod mud goblin
261s is pretty cool and like many of us has
264s been playing old school runescape since
265s back in the day we're excited to have
267s that on board up next we have some
269s updates from the very first game jam you
272s may have seen some of these posts on
274s twitter the game jam allowed members of
277s the old school team to pitch new content
279s although these ideas are just concepts
281s or now and none of them are being
283s introduced to the game at this point
284s they're all still pretty cool and
286s exciting in one project we were greeted
288s by man's best friend with the
290s introduction of pet dogs to the game
292s another project spiced up last me on
294s standing with new modes that allow
296s players to select popular cal setups
298s like zerkers and one defense piers the
302s tacical trials were conceptualized as a
304s wave-based challenge similar to the
306s fight caves and the inferno with a new
307s best and slot reward the trials would
309s include three main bosses and would
312s allow you to leave with the loot you've
314s accumulated after clearing waves or
316s increase the difficulty of the next wave
318s through various modifiers for additional
320s rewards up next we have player owned
324s much like a play-around house a playroom
326s farm would be a location in gilenore
328s where you raise animals and then sell
330s them for beans there would be locations
333s for ponds and beehives that are dotted
335s throughout the game similar to
337s traditional farming patches we also have
339s seasonal high scores that could allow
341s players to compete for temporary or
343s seasonal ranks and a port pisco villius
347s rework the mod team heard how much he
349s loved hozidius and shazia in reworks so
352s they drew up some new plans for karen's
354s shipyard now that a kingdom divided his
357s life mods also conceptualized the return
360s of twisted tales there were four main
363s ideas personally i'm a sucker for
366s puzzles the garden of death really
368s catches my eye but the other three are
370s really interesting and exciting ideas
372s too gnome ball manager is another
374s concept that explores the idea of a
377s fantasy-based sports management game and
379s way of the forester ideates a social
382s expansion for woodcutting that makes the
384s skill more dynamic with events new key
386s features and mighty tree variants and
389s one of the biggest and most talked about
392s concepts is the wilderness expansion it
394s includes the first world boss spawn a
397s pking quest
399s two other new bosses
401s a safe zone wilderness city special
404s resource gathering areas requiring keys
407s a new escort activity that has you
409s running around the wilderness or special
410s rewards and so much more last but not
414s least we have a concept for a fast-paced
417s trading card game that's playable in the
419s card arena the games room and throughout
422s the pubs of gilanor collect trade and
425s master the cards it's time to duel and
428s that wraps up ideas from the game jam
430s within april's kizzat i'm a little
432s disappointed that we didn't see the
433s stamina pot bridge but that's okay
436s overall it was great to see various
437s concepts from j mods in old school
439s runescape's first ever game jam towards
442s the end of the post we have poll results
444s from a proposal to bring some 07 to 2011
448s quests back to old school runescape and
450s it turns out that most of you are
452s interested in seeing all of those quests
455s the mod team especially wanted to point
457s out that these quests are not a
458s replacement of already scheduled quests
461s of the future
462s but should help to pad quests throughout
464s this proposal is in the very early
466s stages and we shouldn't expect any
468s changes yet to wrap up the gazette we
470s have our player showcase gallery
473s featuring your creative work
477s [Music]
481s you can submit yours through the player
483s showcase gallery form for a shot at
485s three months of free membership
500s and that's all for this week's recap you
502s can check me out at the info below shout
504s out to my editor max for helping too and
506s be on the lookout for my friend poison
508s potion who's gonna be back on the
509s channel next week and that's it for now
512s thanks so much be kind and don't get
515s possessed by the devourer