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7 days ago - /u/JagexSween - Direct link

I've been putting this off for a little while, because it makes me sadder than Nieve, Bob, and the caged Unicorn combined.

22nd October will mark 2272 days at Jagex, but it will also be my last day. Five days short of Max, I should have planned that better!

Jagex has been nothing short of fantastic for me, offering me incredible opportunities and giving me the freedom to level up and grow into an industry professional - a far cry from the baby-faced grad who stumbled into a role back in 2015!

I don't have any profound parting words but I'd just like to say this. Thank you so much, everybody, it's been wonderful, even when it hasn't been. Passions can run high when you're so emotionally invested in something, and that's so true for our community and Old School. I challenge you to channel that passion in a positive way! Celebrate your fellow community members - you might disagree but it's a shared love for the game that unites you. Support your J-Mods - I've said it before, but beneath the gold crown is a dedicated player, just like you.

I'll be beginning a new adventure in games on 1st November, but I'll still be a part of the community. I expect to be playing even more Old School! I'll keep and re-name my Twitter account and I'll be active on Reddit with a new non-Jagex account too (/u/AlecSween).

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