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0s [Music]
1s foreign
4s good evening and welcome to this week's
7s q a live stream I'm your host modiza and
10s I'm joined Sonic's apparently very funny
12s for Kirby uh I'm joined by mod Kirby hey
15s mod Kirby how are you doing ah I'm doing
17s okay thank you
19s brilliant as well as mod Goblin hey mod
21s Goblin how are you doing today good
23s evening yeah I was laughing because I
24s couldn't find the frame I wanted to I
26s was just miles off I'm not used to it's
28s so close up and my camera's really wide
29s but yeah I'm good stressful two days but
31s I might
34s yeah I'm okay thank you likewise it's
36s been it's been a long week it's been a
38s long few days but we're getting there a
40s bit of advice by the way if you ever
41s want to know like where you are in frame
43s typically
44s your head's going to be in shots so as
46s long as you put something in front of
47s your face then you'll be able to see it
48s on camera
51s all right you're welcome
53s you said that you didn't you you were
55s struggling
56s broadcasting advice
59s you're on the stream so they're gonna
61s see your face right anyway
63s um before we get into it let's go
64s through some announcements and just uh
66s break the ice a little bit exclamation
68s mark a game update this week obviously
70s saw the release of the Wilderness boss
71s rework Callisto vesian and then artists
74s have all received a glow up and the
76s coveted
78s the d-pick is now available from the cow
80s fight queen as well as the volcanic mine
82s and we also buffed the rate that it
84s comes out from California not cow fight
85s Queen thing about Dragon there we go got
87s there in the end you can read all about
88s the rework and more in this week's game
90s update it's exclamation mark game update
92s we're also going to be talking about the
94s Wilderness fostery work for the entirety
96s of this Stream So if you want to hear
97s more make sure you stay tuned in
99s um after that we've got exclamation mark
101s account so the closed beta for jagex
103s accounts is now underway if you want to
105s read up our latest update on jagex
107s accounts you can do so with exclamation
109s mark account but for a quick reminder
111s this is very much the closed beta for a
113s few select individuals to make sure that
115s everything's working the way that it
116s needs to work and then we are opening
117s that up to the rest of the player base
119s later on this year but all the info is
122s in exclamation mark account
124s uh if you haven't already make sure that
126s you go and cast your vote on the recent
128s poll that we have our exclamation mark
129s Poll for more information that is
131s regarding the new skill Community
133s consultation as well as pulse 78 so a
136s whole bunch in there really important
137s that you check it if you haven't
139s um already
140s seen the survey it's linked to within
143s the whole in-game or you can get to the
145s blog exclamation mark Poll for that and
147s uh you can then go fill out the survey
149s as well we've had a bunch of responses
151s over 20 000 of you so far amazing to see
153s uh mud light is going through all of
155s that data with the dev team at the
156s moment and we are gonna soon start
159s working on putting together pitches but
160s we'll save that for another time because
162s that's an exciting thing in its own
163s right
164s um talking of the survey exclamation
166s mark survey alongside that as we
168s mentioned you can find a fully fleshed
170s out version of the survey to leave all
171s of your thoughts and feelings on what a
172s new skill should look like exclamation
174s mark survey in the chat and then last
176s but not least following on from the
178s whole new skill conversation exclamation
179s mark new skill Discord we have a new
181s Discord server that's dedicated to all
183s things new skill you can come and join
184s us to keep on top of everything during
186s Community console stage Community
188s consultation stage
191s or if you just want to check out the
192s most recent blog it has the links for
194s everything in there
196s um so yes all right
198s now we can get on to talking about
200s Wilderness boss rework and there is one
202s thing that I think we may as well just
203s get out of the way straight away and
206s that is let's just talk about drop
209s tables because I think it is probably
210s the biggest point of feedback that we've
212s seen so far other than the fact that
214s actually everyone seems to be pretty
216s happy with the rework as a whole we've
217s got some questions that touch on that
219s but generally speaking the mechanics are
221s awesome the new environments are awesome
223s they're split between multi and single
225s plus is pretty awesome but
227s the drops aren't so awesome so the
230s question that we've got here which came
231s in from a player was I'd like to know
234s more about how the balance of wilderness
236s boss rewards were decided and the high
239s risk High reward concept oh and how the
242s high risk High reward concept was
243s approached for example mid-tier Phantom
246s musper this is player saying mid-tier
248s phantomus but not us so don't don't do
251s that to me it gives around about 225k GP
255s per kill whereas the Wilderness fossils
257s give 25k is this because the new uniques
260s of the boarding bosses are more valuable
263s question mark
265s so I think there's quite a few things
269s and I think sorry Goblin I was gonna
271s well I didn't so I'm going to let you
274s carry on because I don't want to speak
275s all the time so go ahead yeah one I
278s forgot about the delay on the uh on
280s these because we're doing them remotely
281s I was gonna say just Kirby want to go
282s first and maybe talk about um
285s I guess what's going on at the moment
288s and then I'm happy to jump in and talk a
290s little bit about what we're going to be
291s doing after the moment
294s in the future tomorrow yeah
296s it's been a minute I'm so Rusty
299s okay yeah you'll get there
303s I'm having a melt now yeah
306s um So currently
308s what it seems like right now is that the
310s issue is especially in larger groups as
312s well like
313s the normal drops which is probably the
315s bulk of where players are going to see a
317s lot of the value is just
319s not there shall we say where you're
321s getting
322s very low quantities of items and value
326s is there in smaller groups I imagine
328s most players aren't playing in smaller
329s groups right now and it just doesn't
331s work out right now so
333s um probably speak more to it but the
335s plan is in the short term uh we're gonna
337s try to look at increasing some of those
340s uh regular drop table values now
344s um tomorrow at some point leave it for
347s weekend see where we say reassess
348s readjust and hopefully get it into a
350s better place overall um
353s I can imagine we're gonna make
355s reasonably substantial changes
357s especially in masses but
360s um yeah exact numbers TBA and TBC so I
363s can't leak anything right now I'm sorry
368s yeah and more or less the same just like
371s our current planning is effectively
374s we're hoping to be able to buff the base
376s quantities of the regular loot like the
378s consistently obviously the uniques right
380s now are really valuable and they'll kind
382s of hold up the profitability of them for
384s a little while
385s but um in terms of the kind of interest
388s in keeping the content healthy long term
389s because we'd like it to be healthy long
391s term it was sick to see so many people
392s out there yesterday
394s um and today as well
396s um we want to kind of
399s initially just buff the base quantities
400s a little bit further uh the regular Loop
403s so there's like more consistency
405s um obviously consistency is a bit of a
407s misnomer at times because there's a risk
409s of dying so it's not guaranteed
411s consistently but it is consistently
414s um and then what that gives us the
415s opportunity to do is to look at data
417s over the course of Friday when we're all
419s in office and then collect data over the
421s weekend as well and then continue to
423s make further incremental changes we
425s don't want any joke too hard in like the
427s absolutely opposite direction then have
428s a weekend where we're
430s not able to you know really make any
433s other changes and we just come back on
434s Monday
435s yeah and like renault's a 4G peach or
438s something so um
440s I don't know incremental but um We're
442s not gonna leave it in the state that
443s it's in we fully agree and like get
446s where people are coming from with the
447s regular drop table
448s and uh we'll we'll make it better it
450s will get better and we appreciate your
452s feedback especially when it's delivered
453s uh you know constructively usefully
455s we'll sort it out also I need to fix the
457s rounding error that's causing people to
459s get a single coin if that's not good
463s just one coin for your efforts it's fair
466s it's because it's rounding twice right
467s like it's rounding like your
469s contribution and then it's rounding once
472s it's just rounding your damage in the
474s fight as zero and then instead of you
476s giving you nothing it's giving you the
479s smallest possible quantity of something
481s which is one coin
483s yeah okay I feel that I'd rather get
485s nothing than a single coin yeah yeah
488s [Music]
490s brilliant okay well hopefully that
492s explains it so quick summary we know
494s that it's not in a great place uh we are
497s looking to increase the amount of bass
499s loot that's most likely going to be hot
500s fixed at some point tomorrow we're then
502s going to spend tomorrow and the weekend
504s Gathering data to then make further
506s incremental changes until we get to a
508s point where we're really happy with it
510s you're really happy with it as well
511s something that I just want to touch on
513s uh in terms of why it was released the
516s way that it was
517s um I don't want there to be a huge
518s misconception that it was um
521s it was like unintentional I think the
523s only thing that was unintentional which
524s we hot fixed pretty soon after release
526s if I'm not mistaken Kirby was the fact
528s that loot wasn't being given out the
529s right amount of of participants it was
531s capped at five instead of 15 I think yes
534s yeah so we we fixed that really quickly
536s and early on
537s but the thing that we like let's look at
539s the Muska because it is the most recent
541s boss that's came out as an example now
543s we have tons of historic data when it
545s comes to instanced bosses that are only
548s able to be killed by one person with a
551s particular set of stats that we can use
553s to help kind of like figure out ballpark
555s where drops need to be at for a certain
558s kill time
559s so that on release it feels pretty good
561s and even with all that historic data we
562s didn't get it perfect you've seen now
564s two different iterations of drop table
566s revisions to the muscle one pretty soon
568s after the release and one that went out
569s with this week's game update so that's
571s you know over the course of two weeks
572s two changes pretty reasonable well
574s that's with a huge amount of historic
575s data that we've got now I don't want to
577s make up excuses but the reality is we
579s don't have that same level of data when
581s it comes to Wilderness content it's the
583s first time that we've looked at
584s reworking these bosses in
587s years since their release and we can't
589s really use the data that came from the
591s previous bosses because the new ones are
593s completely reworked versions so the old
595s data wasn't relevant data from previous
598s losses that we've got out in the game
599s also aren't exactly relevant because
601s they're instanced or they're capped at a
603s certain amount of people that will kill
605s them or they've been around for so long
607s we have a lot of information so
609s for us really it was about going into it
611s on pretty heavy-handedly in the reserve
614s to kind of like
616s State you know we didn't want to put it
618s out and it'd suddenly be so broken that
620s it required a knee direct reaction to
622s fix because it's much easier for us and
624s much healthier for the game to have
626s those incremental increases than it is
628s to have something broken out for a bunch
630s of hours that then has to be nerfed and
633s then suddenly one portion of the economy
634s has suffered as a result so I know that
636s it's not ideal but it is still a
638s learning process for us and I think as
641s the team have rightly pointed out today
642s we're aware of it we want to fix it we
644s will do the best that we can to make the
646s drop tables good
648s um but we are going to take a much um
650s safer approach to doing that than just
653s kind of try and figure it out or use as
654s much data as we can so
656s cool does anyone else want to add
658s anything onto the whole drop table
659s discussion before we move on to the rest
661s of the streaming questions
664s do I add one coin is a legendary draw
668s sure why not
672s your muted Goblin
676s Good Start yeah that might be yeah yeah
679s like the kraken's nothing drop or um
681s what is it that drops of Tinderbox is it
683s nightmare
685s can't remember I'd have to check
687s I love stupid jokes like that every now
689s and then though if they're like stupid
690s rare you know like pet Rarity of just
692s the one coin
694s but fireworks uh Fermi for The Tinderbox
697s thanks Jack do you want in a minute
700s sweet all right well one coin being
703s added to the loot table as a permanent
704s addition you heard it here all right
706s let's have a look at what actually
708s changed we've got some visual changes to
710s go over some images so this is what's
712s known as the Wilderness boss rework a
714s glow up comparisons thank you for that
716s one mud light really appreciate you
717s putting that into the script
720s yeah it wasn't just about the awesome
723s new rewards because some familiar photos
725s also got a bit of a glow up we've got a
727s before and after to see just how
729s fantastic they look and I'll read out
731s what was given to me to say in these
733s word for word but just know that this
735s isn't my words first one's not so bad
738s we're vetian here showing off his
740s ambidextrous skills and swapping his
742s sword and shield around but also looks
745s so much cooler than they did before
748s is it but I didn't even notice he
750s swapped pants no I mean like until today
752s and I've tested both I've done very on
755s in game a bunch and I've tested anyone
757s so much I didn't notice until reading
760s that on there
761s script for today I think he looks so
763s cool though
765s I the left one is uh
767s I don't know it's one of my favorite
768s really old bits of RuneScape trivia that
771s we just took like a one by one NPC from
773s the Legends quest made him three by
775s three
777s engagement strangely he's a haunted
780s figure isn't he
781s uh he looks very haunted yeah
785s also behind the scenes bit of nonsense
787s uh very very initially uh the concept
791s for void Waker was actually going to be
792s put on Veterans copesh which you could
794s have got as a drop so uh will this boss
797s rework rework you might get that pack
799s but not in the short term
803s I mean one rework is enough for now it
805s took us enough years to get here that's
806s uh let's not talk about the second one
808s just yet
810s by that time in 2017. yeah
815s my kids will just be graduating from
816s from high school
820s okay so quickly moving on to the next
822s image is it bad that I just want to pet
825s Callisto now he looks so fluffy dot dot
827s dot
829s you in the face yeah and much more of a
834s subtle uh change here but I think that's
837s just because it's a you know I mean the
839s Bears are bears right they look like
840s bears but it even with the subtle
843s changes this one looks so much better
845s like the it's it's it looks like there's
848s not been a much done but at the same
849s time it has you know I mean it looks so
851s much more detailed I think it's awesome
853s big fan yeah it's got less of a pinhead
855s now as well if you know what I mean
858s yeah yeah I do see it's like yeah that's
860s just a point I just saw a screenshot
862s mocking me in chat there's a bears they
865s look like Bears we're all on foot we're
868s all feeling it today yeah
871s this is what happens to the drop tables
873s for three hours oh yeah
876s like the main reason we got uh remodels
878s for especially Callisto was the fact
880s that we needed a better rig for
882s animation I say we like how I was
883s involved in this art needed a better rig
885s for animations
887s animations are kind of sick with it
889s right now
890s like just like the level of like art and
892s animation I got for this project is
896s it I'm I'm carried by the art team right
898s now is What's Happening Here
901s no that's not true you did a great job
903s of putting them all together but the art
904s team did also do a fantastic job of
906s making the bosses animations and
908s environments look incredible so I've
910s been smashed up with everything lately
912s they have let's have a look at the next
914s one then uh if you're an arachnophobe
915s maybe you want to turn your eyes off
917s temporarily by that I mean close your
919s eyes
922s um why do I find that an artist cuter
924s now is the text that's been given to me
926s so yeah I don't know I mean it's a
928s little bit cuter if cute means hairy and
931s egg sacked but it's an awesome upgrade
935s for sure
937s yeah I think between
939s The Wave in an artist looks now and
941s especially the environment as well like
943s I think like silkasm and all like webcam
945s especially like for me personally my two
947s favorite of the new lures
949s um I don't know it's just like the vibe
952s is so much different compared to
954s the iconic that goofy dude from uh
957s it's his old spider bit I guess yeah I
961s mean when you look at the comparison
963s between the two like versions as well
965s like it's a shame we we don't have a
967s picture of the old environment because
968s it's just in the middle of the gray
970s Wilderness with a huge web just in the
972s floor and spider wandering around and
974s now it actually feels intimidating like
976s you're in a lair it's yeah
979s wild in the wild hey
983s also all behind the scenes nonsense
985s um so when an artist runs initially she
989s was running between every attack
992s so what you just had was this this giant
995s colossal web that you are a a tiny
997s speccon and this giant spider skitting
1000s around at full speed because obviously
1001s you should attack it constantly so she
1003s has to run at Double Double speed to get
1005s ketchup to where she actually is
1006s compared to where the client thinks she
1007s is
1008s so you're just stood there watching this
1010s giant spider run circles around you it
1012s was terrifying and it was hilarious
1018s for like a day or something I might try
1021s and get a video of it
1023s um revert it somehow and get a video
1025s because it was just hilarious for April
1027s fools we put the insanity invocation on
1029s the entire game
1033s you are evil God be fun be good
1037s I just I will say though I love that
1039s we've I love that like more NPCs have
1040s been running recently I am even though
1043s like um there's an NPC that runs in
1045s secrets for the north for example it was
1047s really funny that's like not super scary
1048s but unreleased it was really funny
1049s watching people just that because like
1051s suddenly an NPC is just giving it
1053s absolute beans like charging towards you
1055s I love that
1057s oh you know it's new year new year new
1059s me everyone's doing their Journeys going
1062s for that's a really bad joke I'm sorry
1063s all right questions you can move away
1066s halfway through yeah I had to just jump
1070s ship yeah no no stop while I'm ahead
1073s okay uh let's get some questions and
1077s answers first question is hi guys
1080s congrats on the reworked bosses thank
1082s you the Arenas and models look fantastic
1085s now that we have added in group loot
1087s mechanics to these bosses are there any
1089s plans to go back and retroactively do
1091s the same for other bosses that could
1093s benefit from it called Beast comes to
1095s mind
1097s not immediately uh
1100s yeah I think it's one of these things
1101s where it's easy to plug in new content
1103s because we go oh we need a drop table
1104s hey let's do a group drop table that
1107s sounds like a good idea it's
1109s a lot because we'd have to go out of our
1110s way to decide okay we want to rework
1113s Court playable to be a drop table and we
1114s probably are going to freeze it to do
1116s that I don't think Corp tibble is bad
1118s enough to want to rewrite at this point
1120s but
1122s retroactive probably not future if the
1124s content feels appropriate we'll do it
1126s maybe like somewhere down the line right
1129s um especially with like Divine kind of
1131s being a near-miss like and I know people
1134s ask about the Divine spiritual sorry
1136s boss I didn't mean to God
1140s um but like I don't know if we were ever
1142s gonna like talk about that again I think
1144s it would be in the context of maybe like
1145s doing something to cope I think corpse a
1148s bit different because Corp is like
1151s content from like pre-old School whereas
1153s the worldly boss reworks and like the
1155s Wilderness buses are old school
1156s exclusive content it feels a little bit
1159s less
1160s what's the weather like sankrosanct or
1162s something like that I guess
1164s um for the worthy bosses like it feels a
1166s little bit less
1167s spicy to change them because they're an
1169s old school exclusive as opposed to
1171s something that existed beforehand a
1172s little bit so I don't know
1175s I don't think that's a word maybe you're
1177s right
1178s it's fine it is now I mean I can't even
1180s read half the things I have to speak out
1182s so it's it could be made way worse I am
1185s sacrificed my bad sorry it's all right I
1189s I think I'm kind of with you on the same
1191s um
1192s like mindset and Goblin I can't imagine
1194s at some point we would look at Corp but
1196s just not in the immediate future so I
1198s think Jacoby was right in that sense but
1200s if there were changes to come to it then
1201s perhaps I think one thing that would
1203s benefit from this change sooner rather
1205s than later though is the Revenant
1206s Revenant maledictus
1208s um that can spawn
1210s we originally had added that in uh and
1213s left it so that you couldn't get loot
1215s from it as like for example an Iron Man
1216s because of fears that it would be just
1219s sold you know just sold to irons people
1221s would lock it down and then and then
1223s sell it across but I think the reality
1224s is very different now and it was a bit
1226s um over cautious from our side so I
1229s think that's an area that probably could
1230s change
1231s um and even if not making it so that
1234s ions can get loot from MVP sorry if it
1237s wasn't group Loop mechanics on Revenant
1239s now that it just at least making it so
1240s that irons have a chance of getting loot
1242s if they were the MVP as like a minimum I
1245s think would be a good chance a good
1246s change
1248s um yeah not uh not to not to speak to
1251s say I think we do have some stuff
1253s kicking about in the backlog for the
1256s maledict is in general from like some
1258s behaviors that get raised pretty often
1260s um cool I have to double check
1263s well the backlog yeah
1266s hey you know what though poll 78 we did
1268s actually get a few things that were in
1270s the backlog added into there with near
1271s misses as well as some things that had
1273s been asked years ago I think I saw a
1274s ticket that I put in back in 2018 and
1277s I've left jagex and rejoined since then
1279s so we do go to it and I think there is a
1281s bit more of a focus this year especially
1283s to try and get through what's in the
1285s backlog and I know that us as a CM team
1287s are adding things into there as much as
1289s we can when we see player stuff come up
1291s so all right next question do the new
1294s lower level bosses count towards the
1295s achievement diary and do both versions
1297s of the bosses count towards the elite
1299s diary
1301s I they should
1304s um yeah if they don't and somebody's got
1305s horribly wrong like part of it leaving
1308s it in there is that there was a valid
1310s mechanic where you could pull then an
1312s artist off to a corner where you were in
1314s singles and then it just magically
1315s worked that you were safe ish
1318s um and like that's sort of like set up
1320s you wanted to preserve well we're not
1322s we're probably changing the difficulty
1324s of getting those achievements but we're
1326s not substantially changing it that's
1328s part of the reason why we went to the
1329s singles variants in the first place
1332s is that yeah there were mechanics where
1334s you could as a lower level player get
1336s access to things that if you were
1338s fighting the boss head on you probably
1339s wouldn't be able to that's the sort of
1341s like mechanic you want to preserve and
1342s that's why we're letting you get your D
1343s Pick and the arena the Gods uh in
1346s singles
1349s cool just um quick because I know this
1352s combat achievement related and some
1353s people mentioned it we haven't forgotten
1354s about the combat achievement point
1355s system
1357s um it's not you know we'll talk about it
1359s when we're ready to talk about it
1360s properly uh we haven't forgotten
1363s you know we spoke about that was it
1365s earlier this week I think actually
1366s potentially maybe the week before no it
1368s was this week it was yesterday I
1370s remember it got brought up again so yeah
1371s I always worry that I'm going to say too
1373s much and we're going to end the stream
1374s and you're gonna absolutely shame at me
1376s in the DMS but it's fine because if I
1378s say it then it doesn't matter does it
1379s because like I'm gonna tell myself off
1380s but no
1381s instead
1383s but it's fair
1385s um okay next question is there any
1388s reason why vetian reborn sword changes
1391s color can we make it so we sword stays
1394s Blue the orange slash blue contrast
1396s looks really nice the old version sword
1398s never changed
1400s Counterpoint I like the orange orange
1401s energy what now
1404s um
1407s I mean yeah maybe we can do a poll in in
1409s chat it's literally just Aesthetics
1411s thing I don't know how deep it is but I
1412s saw it mentioned a few times
1414s um do we do we like the sword changing
1417s color with the style or should the sword
1419s stay the same color
1421s and uh
1424s I guess in terms of any reason I imagine
1426s it's because the art team felt like it
1427s was appropriate that the sword changed
1429s color along with the rest of the
1431s yeah that's that's the real reason it
1433s changed is that our team said haven't
1435s this should probably be orange and then
1436s they made it so
1438s yeah lots of lots of who cares LOL
1440s someone cares someone asked the question
1442s you know
1446s Goblin did you want to say something
1447s before I cut you off we'll kind of move
1448s on no I was just gonna yeah spin up a
1450s pool and move on so all right thank you
1454s all right
1456s so number four I saw in a video that RTO
1458s can switch aggro if there are several
1460s people in the cave interrupting the flow
1462s of this single fight I assume that
1464s spindle and calvation or Cal
1467s calvertis is a typo Al calvarian thank
1470s you behave similarly similar is this
1474s intended or an oversight
1476s uh Berry intended
1478s um if another player comes and tries to
1481s kill you during the single encounter if
1485s you're doing the boss would you rather
1486s have to fight the boss and the peak here
1489s at the same time but would you rather
1490s the boss try and help you kill a PKR as
1492s well
1494s that that's that's the reason if you're
1496s if you're in the area you should be
1497s being attacked by the boss
1499s and I add to that though because I know
1503s that this is a problem that's been
1504s brought up a few times and I know a
1505s particular person that complained about
1507s it at about three occasions yesterday if
1509s he's watching this stream knows exactly
1511s who I'm talking about I think about ions
1512s yeah
1515s things like that and like grief in their
1517s kills can we do anything to still allow
1518s the same behavior but for not to allow
1520s that to interrupt their kills that is
1522s something I would like to fix but I
1524s imagine it's going to be a little more
1525s involved so it would probably have to
1527s wait for a cold fix unfortunately
1529s cool but that is that is an issue I'm
1531s aware of and yeah I'm not happy with it
1533s either
1533s um but yeah we'll look to get it fixed
1535s at some point I um
1539s yeah I know the chat seems a little bit
1541s divided on it um I'd begin to see like
1543s maybe more focused feedback specifically
1544s on what people think about it I
1546s personally like when I was running
1548s around yesterday on a mid-level a baby
1550s pure and getting some Casey on like um
1553s a group Iron Man
1555s felt that it kind of led to sound like
1556s pretty interesting PVP interactions
1558s where whether you're PK like especially
1560s if you're like anti-pking or even just
1562s um
1563s bking I don't know it changes the way
1565s that you have to approach fights I
1566s thought it was kind of fun to like play
1567s fights a little bit differently than you
1569s would if you go on somebody at like revs
1570s but I know that you know I'm not gonna
1573s feel the same as everybody else so if
1575s you guys have like specific feedback on
1576s whether or not you think that should be
1578s happening then um
1580s I guess let us know that would be
1583s yeah
1585s I would like to see more on that from
1586s other people
1588s it would be interesting because I think
1590s for to be completely honest the most
1592s feedback that I've seen in regards to
1593s the fights being interrupted is irons
1595s losing loot not the fact that it
1597s actually attacks other players so if
1599s people are finding that a problem then
1601s um as Goblin mentioned let us know a
1603s little bit more of the specifics and
1604s maybe we can look into it
1606s um but
1607s very much is intended and as Kirby said
1610s it's there to to make it so that if a
1612s PVP does attack you they've also got a
1614s fight up against the boss and not just
1616s sit there mindlessly attacking you
1617s whilst you're trying to defend against
1619s the boss and the pka so it's probably a
1621s benefit that it happens if nothing else
1623s but if you don't like it if you want it
1625s to be even harder then I'm sure we can
1626s make that possible
1628s um all right so next question is it
1632s intentional that the boss cave entry fee
1634s is lost on death even if you die
1636s elsewhere within the wilderness
1638s so
1640s this is a weird one where like
1644s if you are in the cave and you get
1647s chased out of the cave you're no longer
1648s in the cave but you were in the cave and
1650s you kind of started to fight in the cave
1651s should you still lose the the your um
1656s yeah
1657s interview then or like if you're on your
1659s way to the cave and you've already paid
1660s the fee you're going to the cave should
1662s you have to pay it lose it then
1665s it is
1668s I think just having it lost anyway was a
1672s it's an easy solution and probably
1676s one that could do with some more precise
1679s tuning but as just a general rule like
1681s having it lose everywhere was just easy
1683s so that's how I programmed it
1686s I don't know how it should be consistent
1688s with the rest of the game
1690s I think maybe maybe there's an Avenue
1692s where we change it to be more consistent
1694s with reps I think it's something to deal
1695s with
1697s obviously you're the dev I'm not but my
1699s understanding is it's something to do
1700s with the way that the game like stores
1701s who you've been in combat with and
1703s damaged oh yeah oh yeah
1705s yeah it is like the game tries to
1708s aggressively assign PVP debts if it can
1710s currently
1712s so yeah
1714s um I don't I'm not sure that it was
1716s intentional there wasn't um
1718s but I I've been planning to update the
1722s news post I've just had a lot of
1723s meetings today and I've written this
1724s down to something that we're looking
1725s into to maybe address so that it has
1727s parity with um
1728s rebs I know I've seen like suggestions
1730s from people about maybe
1732s I always used to combat ragging like in
1734s the Wilderness At Large
1735s um I know some of those same people will
1737s be talking about Wilderness fees now um
1741s I think those are like much bigger
1742s conversations and stuff that I'd love to
1744s have at some point but just not right
1745s now uh
1747s soon but like not directly related to
1749s the worldly boss rework I think we
1750s should sort this fee out first
1752s specifically for the cave system and
1753s then we'll uh yeah
1755s move on bigger and better there's a lot
1757s of stuff to do in the wilderness I think
1760s cool makes sense I think
1763s um like I didn't even think about the
1765s scenario that you described Kirby until
1768s you actually described it but it makes a
1769s lot of sense why is the way that it is
1771s after you just mentioning that
1773s um but as Goblin said it's definitely
1775s something wherever we want to look into
1776s I think it's a little bit different from
1778s webcase because the Rev caves are
1780s obviously much bigger so you typically
1782s will die within them as opposed to
1784s having the Escape cave system and then
1786s suddenly being in the overground but
1788s um yeah we'll we'll look into it and
1791s then not over world sorry rather than
1792s overground same thing really you know
1793s what I mean
1794s um we are looking into it so cool
1797s is there a reason why the reworked
1799s bosses aren't similar gpn hour to
1801s walkath and Hydra this isn't the case
1803s unless you get lucky on unique so I
1805s think we kind of covered this one
1806s already
1807s um so I'll just quickly read this one
1808s and yeah I'll move on to the next
1810s question but for those of you who missed
1812s the start of the Q a we're aware that
1814s the drop tables aren't the most
1816s lucrative at the moment we're going to
1818s be most likely making a hotfix tomorrow
1820s to increase the Baseline quantity of
1822s loot that you get across the board
1824s and then we're going to be looking at
1826s data over the next following days to
1828s just fine-tune that until we're at a
1829s place where we are happy and you as
1831s players are happy it was intentional
1833s that we put the drop table to be a
1835s little bit more on the safe side
1838s um so too far that way
1840s a little bit but hey it happens and I'd
1842s much honestly I know that players would
1843s would quite like to be able to sit there
1845s for the next four hours and farm things
1847s with
1848s extremely high gold per hour rates but
1850s I'd rather be in a position where it's
1852s like cool we've not messed up the
1854s economy we've not ruined a particular
1855s thing no one's feeling like they've had
1857s massive fomo because they didn't get the
1858s chance for four hours to get 20 mil an
1860s hour and instead were incrementally
1862s increasing it we'll let you know when
1863s it's in a good place players will
1865s probably let you know when it's a good
1866s place too and then everyone's all cool
1868s and it's safe and healthy and you know
1870s what we can just go back to having fun
1873s I need to move on to the next question
1874s I'm talking too much do the lower risk
1877s versions of the Wilderness bosses drop
1879s the upgrade to the weapons also
1881s yes next question
1884s nice is the void Waker karasi
1889s uh
1891s no so
1893s no one yet also yes no it's like same
1896s same but different the problem is
1899s who who is karasi
1902s because obviously in RuneScape 3 there's
1905s a karasi it is karasi's sword
1907s in in me in Old School
1910s crossy doesn't exist would feel weird to
1913s have a sort of someone who may or may
1915s not even exist in the first place
1918s yeah so it is and it isn't right it's
1921s kind of similar to the weapon it was
1922s heavily inspired by the karasi sword but
1924s it's not the currency
1926s sword
1927s I am I think also statwise it is a bit
1929s different and I think there might be
1931s another question about it later on
1933s um
1934s it definitely
1936s different to the caressing and I think
1938s also like the average player these days
1940s is way better than they were back in the
1941s day when
1943s you know I don't know I couldn't even
1944s spell combo eat when I was getting beat
1946s over the head with karasis back in the
1947s day and now here we are
1949s Tripoli is on speed though so I don't
1952s know free tick manipulating Granite
1955s let's go uh three tick gems granites did
1957s no okay fair enough right well let's
1959s move on because we've got a bunch of
1960s other questions about void Waker and
1962s this one is the least significant of
1963s them will there be any change the void
1965s Waker special attack animation the other
1967s weapons got some really unique and cool
1969s special attack animations but the void
1971s wakers is a bit underwhelming
1974s maybe your players want it I'm sure we
1976s can get something together
1980s cool I've seen quite a bit of feedback
1983s regarding the animation itself and uh I
1987s don't know some people have said that
1988s actually it's it's it's really good Kobe
1990s do you mind me talking about the special
1991s attack animation a little bit uh go for
1994s it
1995s I don't think it I don't think it's a
1996s bad thing but originally the the void
1999s Waker was um it was just something that
2002s as a as a project it was a bit of an
2004s oversight where all these other weapons
2006s were obviously focused on because we
2007s were reworking the bosses and
2009s we all just kind of forgot about the
2011s void Waker existing so it was originally
2014s just gonna have the dragons
2015s symmetology
2017s we didn't forget no in terms of it in
2021s terms of its animations right we knew it
2023s was there the weapon was developed but
2025s then everything else was was focused on
2027s right and it wasn't until a few weeks
2029s before it was like hold on a second how
2031s does it look and then it was like oh
2032s yeah
2033s we forgot about that the reason it has
2036s the dragon Scimitar special attack is if
2038s you go back to the beta I needed an item
2041s to plug in to represent the void Waker
2043s in the beta so I chose the dragon
2045s Scimitar and I painted it green
2047s and I copied across the special attack
2049s animation at the same time
2051s I never changed it
2053s yeah so it was going to be the green
2055s dragon Scimitar special attack and then
2057s after a quick chat with Cody you managed
2059s to absolutely pull it out of the what's
2062s the word I don't know like pull out the
2064s water I know sure something you did you
2067s did something great pull it out of the
2069s bag yeah thanks what what
2071s it's just I got 25 minutes left to go
2073s I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna do it
2076s um yeah I I really like the void maker
2078s special attack now is what I'm saying
2079s and it was completely like not even
2081s intended
2082s um so some people really love it which
2083s is cool but
2085s we can also add something new If people
2086s really want maybe we put it to like an
2088s advisory poll and see what people say
2090s and then we can ask out if they can
2092s spare any time when they're not working
2094s on all the other cool stuff coming and I
2097s almost saw I would have been fine I'm
2099s not working all the other cool stuff
2100s coming in like the first half of this
2101s year
2103s [Music]
2104s sweet okay so will the void maker have
2107s useful applications in pvm
2110s probably yeah
2112s [Music]
2113s isn't the road you put in the blog
2116s Goblin I I linked um I linked a summary
2120s video that was made when they were being
2121s pulled from um hi I'm Cedar who's a BBM
2124s Runner content creator
2126s um I think the tail they are on like the
2128s pvm applications is that it
2130s it competes with like Claws and CCB and
2133s like in some places you know claws will
2135s be better in some places uh CCB will be
2138s better and uh in some places void Waker
2140s will be better I don't think it's ever
2141s strictly bad and there are some places
2143s where void wake is technically better
2145s but you'd be better off using your spec
2146s energy on a defense reducing spec like a
2148s dragon Warhammer or EGS
2151s um so I don't know I don't think it's
2153s like insane in pvm uh ubiquitously but I
2158s also think it's like worth having one if
2159s you're there will definitely be places
2161s where I feel like a speedrunner or
2162s something as well that I think you'll
2163s find uses for the void Waker which is
2165s kind of cool a bit of spec diversity
2167s without being outright better than
2169s everything else is kind of neat
2172s I'm probably uh I don't know if I get a
2174s DM from Coke and pan being like bro
2176s you're capping on the live stream I'm
2177s gonna be so upset I'm pretty sure that's
2180s accurate information
2183s I remember watching the video and I
2184s think there was at least two bosses
2185s where the the void Waker was was better
2187s but you had to then make a decision as
2190s to whether you wanted to lose invent
2191s slots to have that extra DPS on one of
2193s them so like it's better but might not
2195s be for everyone so I think you're about
2197s writing what you said
2198s if we're basing it off the same video
2201s so to answer the question yes but
2204s it's not intended to be like a new
2205s absolute best in slot for everywhere in
2207s pvm
2208s okay all right chat be nice because this
2212s question starts off in a way that you're
2213s probably not going to be nice but it
2214s says as an Iron Man is my only option
2218s the lower level bosses or all the harder
2220s ones also possibly sellable
2224s uh harder ones are definitely sellable I
2227s would suggest maybe not in the immediate
2229s time period just because of the [ __ ]
2231s quantity of people that are going to be
2232s wanting to do them but it is doable
2235s the durable and vetian especially I
2237s think was so much of the damage is
2238s avoidable is like actually quite easy
2240s you feel like uninterrupted
2242s but um
2244s yeah doable just longer
2248s cool all right next question not the
2250s next not the next question yeah we've
2253s already answered this question as part
2254s of one of the previous ones but I'll
2256s cover it again just in case anyone
2257s didn't catch what we were saying earlier
2259s and then I'll move on really quickly
2261s were you guys look into the way the mini
2262s bosses work for Iron Men currently we
2265s don't get kill credit as soon as someone
2266s enters the instance and gets hit even
2268s though it's supposed to be in singles so
2270s yes we're aware of it yes we're going to
2272s look into it but we are very much
2274s intending for the bosses to be able to
2276s attack other people that enter the caves
2278s because we feel like that's actually
2280s quite a good Dynamic so that you're not
2282s just having to defend against a PK and
2284s the boss the peak air can also have to
2286s attack you and defend against the boss
2288s at the same time so we know about the
2290s whole recall thing we know that that's
2291s obviously causing issues with cool
2293s credit hopefully that's something that
2294s we can change we'll keep you posted it's
2296s not going to be so intermediate
2298s cool next question
2301s though it wasn't mentioned at the time
2302s of the blog or poll but could we maybe
2304s see the new upgrades to the Wilderness
2306s weapons be best in slot at each of the
2307s specific bosses
2310s that's a quite a popular one to be fair
2311s I've seen that a lot in the chat too so
2314s I think it's mostly around
2316s um fanceptor not really excelling versus
2318s any of them right I think it does I
2321s think it doesn't Okay versus the
2322s Wilderness player case that's where you
2324s go that's
2325s well yeah I think the ecosceptor
2328s actually does quite well versus betion
2330s if you manage to reduce its uh Mage
2332s level as well I could be wrong but
2333s that's what I've heard
2336s um
2336s is there any point though to be fair
2338s because how fast those phases go down if
2341s you've got mace for example
2344s it's not good never mind I'm capping
2345s I've been deceived
2348s so anyway yeah
2350s do we have plans for that to be the case
2353s are we cool with them not being best in
2354s Slaughter each of the bosses I'm fine
2357s with them not being best in slot we do
2358s we have done that a lot the whole oh the
2361s best way to play the game is to play the
2363s game like we've done it for bosses we've
2366s done it for mini games we've done it for
2368s a lot of content and I I just want a
2370s little bit of a change where you know
2372s what no this weapon is
2373s stupidly powerful
2375s in my opinion uh but it's just not good
2379s at the content you get it from
2382s yeah I I think that's like part of a
2385s wider discussion right where it feels
2386s like
2387s especially following TOA that
2389s there's like this real demand for
2391s content to like drop its own Kryptonite
2395s um in a lot of cases and I don't think
2396s it's like a stance that we'd probably
2398s want to like hard commit ourselves to
2402s um
2403s I think it'd be cool to see thumbs up
2405s like a better effect in general but um
2407s I'm curious to see what we can do to
2408s kind of
2410s either change the perception that
2412s content should drop stuff that
2414s absolutely blasts the content just
2415s because it sort of happened with I think
2417s Chambers and top
2419s um
2421s yeah I don't know I think that's like
2422s part of a wide discussion than just the
2423s world debosory work but we did speak
2425s about the thumb scepter
2427s uh earlier today and like uses and stuff
2429s and I think a lot of people wanted it to
2430s be kind of cool at Callisto
2433s um
2434s it's maybe doable but it requires like a
2436s whole rebalance of the boss somewhere
2438s not
2439s too sure whether we want to commit
2441s ourselves to making a promise or doing
2442s something of that size right now when
2444s there's more pressing issues like
2446s specifically the drop system and the
2448s drop table and things like that
2452s that's uh I think this it's one of those
2455s things where like not everyone is going
2456s to agree with the take I saw that in the
2458s chat some people don't really think that
2459s it should happen that way some people
2461s think that it should some people think
2462s that it's okay to have weapons work
2464s elsewhere
2465s um and others don't so I know it's a
2467s difficult one I
2469s I don't know I'm on the fence as well to
2470s be honest with you I just think this the
2472s scepter though is actually pretty damn
2474s good it's just not good at the bosses
2475s but if like I said if you go do broaden
2477s a Slayer that thing slaps so hard it's
2479s insane
2481s um
2482s anyway we can move on to the next one so
2484s at the moment there aren't any plans but
2486s we could look at it potentially is the
2488s answer
2489s um will group iron men lose Prestige if
2491s another person attacks the reworked
2492s Wilderness bosses
2495s do you want to be griefed we could do
2498s that if you really want
2500s I think my answers no
2506s we'll do bad cop helpful cop for that
2509s one
2511s I will move on
2514s will there be any changes to the iron
2516s only cow fight Queen Lair itself it's
2518s going to get super busy and right now an
2520s iron skill can be accidentally or
2522s intentionally grieved just by another
2524s stepping into the lair paid private
2526s instances perhaps question mark
2529s I am going to make the assumption that
2532s this is just oh we've added the dragon
2534s pickaxe to the cow fight Queen let's all
2536s go do Cal fight Queen I think this is
2538s going to calm down in time if it's still
2540s an issue in a few weeks we can maybe
2541s reassess the situation but I think this
2543s is going to be
2544s launch week Spike of activity and it
2548s will hopefully calm down over time but
2550s yeah
2552s yeah I think that
2554s the private instances though for cow
2556s Fighters came up way before the depict
2558s was moved on to the drop table so how do
2561s we feel about that I I pers I personally
2564s don't really like the whole instance
2565s escaped but I also appreciate the fact
2567s that I don't do a huge amount of pvming
2569s or the likes at the moment so maybe I
2572s don't notice it as being as much of a
2573s problem now they don't have to be
2575s private for iron men like paid instances
2577s obviously can work across the board but
2580s what about that as just a general thing
2582s outside of obviously the influx at the
2584s moment that we're seeing because I've
2585s seen this come up multiple times before
2587s multiple Q as I'm Keen to like here now
2589s that we have a reason why more people
2591s are going there would that change
2592s opinions because obviously we've not
2594s done it before so
2597s and for me personally I'm kind of in the
2599s campus
2600s even though it might die down and not be
2602s like a big issue it doesn't feel like
2604s great
2605s design even if I and then choose to
2607s limit themselves or whatever the fact
2608s that it's like an Iron Man only version
2609s of the cave right and you can just sort
2611s of accidentally or intentionally grieve
2613s other Iron Man doesn't feel great so I
2615s think it'd be the kind of thing that
2616s would be called to let it fix
2618s when there's time but also it will get
2621s better in the near future I think just
2624s by virtue of there being fewer people
2626s doing the keep it going there for a
2628s little bit maybe
2629s vm's also pretty good we'd like to see
2631s more people go to BM
2633s please it's good content mining isn't
2635s you know another load of mine has you
2637s all thinking that mining sucks it
2638s doesn't get a volcanic mine it's a good
2641s skill or do three tick gems
2643s I'm just uh
2644s mining method salesman I know you're
2647s right you're really just hammering in
2649s the whole mining at the moment but I saw
2651s someone in chat mention about why can't
2652s we just apply the same that we did for
2654s God Wars dungeon where irons can't enter
2656s into the ions instance
2659s um
2661s although I have a feeling that you can
2663s but there's just a light outside that
2665s says there's an instance going on with
2666s an Iron Man in there and you can still
2668s enter it it just doesn't grief the kill
2670s whereas
2671s for some reason entering cow fight
2673s Queens Lair griefs to kill
2676s I can't remember it's been a while since
2678s we implemented goddess hundred instances
2679s to be honest but maybe that's something
2682s we can it was fixed you can't enter okay
2684s thank you chat I forgot about the fix
2686s that we made then so
2688s I think I think underlying though I'm in
2691s almost agreement why I'm in agreement
2693s with Goblin right is that
2695s even if we don't like the idea of
2696s instances even if we don't like the fact
2698s that you know catering and that's we as
2700s a collective and I've seen it in chat
2702s you always saying like you chose to be
2703s iron it still doesn't make good gameplay
2705s where like you as two innocent players
2708s have accidentally griefed you know one
2710s or the other
2711s um and then someone suffering as a
2712s result that you really didn't intend and
2714s you had no way of controlling that just
2716s isn't fun gameplay so maybe that's
2718s something that we can look at at least
2719s addressing even if we can't do anything
2721s in regards to instances
2723s like
2729s we have like done like a lot of bosses
2732s that are explicitly instant as well like
2734s uh Phantom whisper for instance a
2736s warcast and like
2737s yeah these bosses are decent Loot and
2740s just exist in their own cave somewhere
2741s on your own instance even so
2745s it would be interesting if we could like
2746s sit down and go okay do we just want all
2749s of our bosses to be instant so both of
2751s our bosses to be instanced obviously
2752s like one of the spot is the Wilderness
2754s they'd be an exception to that probably
2755s but
2757s that could be
2759s a good reason to suggest we could get
2761s standardization for our bosses across
2763s the board and we wanted to commit to
2764s that
2767s I think like unofficially we kind of
2769s already have right with the most recent
2771s releases we tend to take into account
2773s you know what their purpose of them is
2775s and whether or not that requires them to
2776s be instance and if they're not instanced
2778s then we have Solutions in place to help
2781s address issues that would occur if they
2783s weren't if they weren't yeah weren't
2785s instances a lot of words but going back
2788s on it it's a weird one isn't it similar
2790s to like going back to the whole Corp
2791s debacle and
2793s whether we change that because it's old
2795s and I don't know I think it's something
2796s that we need to think about at least at
2798s some point but more important things to
2799s know and I want to answer a few more
2801s questions so why won't the drop rates of
2803s the Dragon pickaxe from volcanic mine
2804s revealed yet is it because this info
2806s will be provided in the upcoming weeks
2808s yes next question
2810s thank you is the team investigating
2813s broken Dragon pickaxe not being visible
2815s on the collection log
2817s I
2818s I believe it's fixed and it's not we've
2821s got problems I thought it was fixed
2823s yesterday
2823s it was fixed yesterday but I think the
2825s question came in
2827s from before and it's a good segue for us
2829s to remind you that it was fixed and that
2831s you should be able to see the broken
2832s Dragon pickaxe on the collection log and
2834s if you can't then please let us know
2835s because that's a problem I think the
2837s only exception is that if you got the
2839s broken Dragon pickaxe and then repaired
2841s it before we applied our fix then it
2845s won't show on The Collection log you had
2846s to have the broken Dragon pickaxe still
2849s available after affix right and anyone
2851s who is caught in that small period of
2853s time is unfortunately not going to get
2855s it added there's no way we can go back
2857s and and more money in content more
2859s videos
2864s that does kind of feel bad
2868s yeah so it's unfortunate
2870s um but
2872s we just can't really do anything about
2874s it so we're sorry and hopefully um you
2877s can enjoy mining a little bit more and
2879s we'll release the truck race within the
2880s week or after and you'll then know how
2883s long you've then got to spend to get it
2884s back so
2886s um so much worse
2889s it's unfortunate
2891s but it is what it is all right um could
2893s cristilia receive her own block list for
2895s Slayer I wanted to try Warden a Slayer
2897s with the new updates but to do it
2898s properly I would have to get completely
2900s new blocks
2901s it incentivizes you not to switch
2903s between crystallia and other Masters not
2905s being able to block certain tasks is
2907s troubling for Wilderness Slayer
2912s you want to go first kirby no this is
2914s the part where I bet I have no ideology
2915s Wilderness Slayer meta
2918s okay
2919s um okay personally I would be Keen
2924s um all these layers in like a weird spot
2926s now where I'm not even sure that it's
2928s the best
2929s points per hour anymore and if you want
2931s to kind of jump between doing
2932s conventional Slayer and we'll be Slayer
2935s um to set your block list up properly
2937s um you have to actually front load a
2940s bunch of points meaning that you've got
2941s like a deficit that you have to make up
2943s before you're actually profiting points
2945s um I think it'd be cool to do
2947s um
2948s I think it makes sense as well given
2950s that the streaks are separate right
2952s and it would be cool to see more people
2954s doing all this layer people in jet are
2956s saying that it is still best points per
2957s hour I
2958s I had it that um
2962s I don't know I had a tutorial boosting
2963s might actually be a little bit better
2964s these days but maybe I'm wrong
2967s it'd be the case of notorious gift in a
2969s long time because I've been playing a
2970s group iron but um yeah would like to do
2972s it and it's something that comes up a
2974s lot in player suggestions meets
2976s um
2978s would be cool would be nice to make will
2980s this layer a little bit better and also
2981s probably a little bit more um
2984s profitable outside of just like the
2986s points and stuff as well like the
2987s worldly Slayer cave drop table and stuff
2988s would be kind of neat to
2990s boost a little bit so that it feels a
2992s bit more valid for people that are
2993s willing to take the risk for some extra
2995s reward I guess whilst Lane plus most of
2997s the tasks are pretty good some of them
2998s suck like magic axes and stuff that's
3000s what the block list is for I guess
3003s yeah it seemed to have
3005s gathered a pretty much like decent
3007s amount of support in chat most people
3008s were saying yeah it makes sense sounds
3010s reasonable so maybe that is something
3011s that we could look at
3013s um in the next round of kind of like
3014s Wilderness style uh updates that we want
3016s to look at doing
3017s um I think there's a little bit more
3019s that we would need to consider right is
3021s that we wouldn't just suddenly be making
3023s the absolute most broken form of Slayer
3025s possible because obviously some of the
3027s bad tasks that you would never guarantee
3029s but that's all part of the process and
3031s no reason why we wouldn't be able to
3033s um just not something that's going to
3034s come out like next week so maybe the
3036s next poll that we see
3038s uh the new Wilderness boss fights the
3040s areas are great better than the old ones
3042s thanks guys for an awesome update oh
3044s that's nice uh can we expect any more
3045s Wilderness updates in the future
3047s thanks for picking my question Aiza
3051s you're welcome Goblin
3053s [Music]
3054s yes
3056s what if we said no
3059s what would happen if we said all right
3061s let's not started I did call googly on
3064s Twitter that's what would happen we're
3065s probably almost certainly going to do
3068s more Wilderness updates in the future I
3069s think the the reason we wouldn't is if
3071s jagex suddenly collapsed and we all just
3073s couldn't work on Old School in the
3075s future we will do stuff in the future
3077s yeah I mean in the in the immediate
3079s future Bounty Hunter is the next thing
3081s that we're working on after ordinance
3082s flossery work so we've got a little bit
3084s more of obviously feedback post rework
3086s release but I'm not if I'm not mistaken
3088s that's the next project for the team
3090s that's currently working on Wilderness
3091s waterwork is to move over to Bounty
3093s Hunter they'll most likely or hopefully
3096s I'm going to say hopefully I would
3098s personally like I shouldn't say most
3100s likely because it is a personal thing
3101s but I'd really like us to look at like
3103s one of the next upcoming polls
3106s um we're currently on poll 78 so maybe
3108s poll 801 to include some elements of of
3111s PVP towards the later end of this year
3113s uh where we can kind of like clean up a
3116s few things and then I guess really from
3118s there it's figuring out what that next
3120s big Wilderness update is
3122s um
3123s but that's at least in the media and
3125s then following on who knows but I think
3127s the answer is is yes we are going to do
3130s more
3131s this update really has gone down really
3133s well I'm really happy with it so Keen to
3135s see all the data that comes from it as
3136s well I think that will help inform us
3138s what kind of scale we go to going
3139s forward we'll see
3142s um
3143s anyone else want to talk on that one
3145s before the next one
3146s no I'm just excited to do more there's
3149s definitely like candidates right stuff
3150s like the resource area stuff from the
3152s game Jam Wilderness expansion
3154s yep exactly that
3156s so there's all kinds of cool stuff that
3157s we've pitched that people seemed excited
3159s about just done finding the time to do
3161s them right
3163s cool all right so next question oh this
3166s is also just being so nice it was
3168s honestly absolutely brilliant to have
3170s content creators describe the content
3172s you wrote this one didn't you Goblin are
3174s there any posts of the same for other
3176s content I hope you guys do this more
3178s because it was great and big thank you
3180s to mod Goblin for arranging that wow
3183s didn't write that question
3186s no that last bit Yeah bit on no I I
3189s really lost it all yeah I really enjoyed
3192s what the um what the RS Chronicles team
3194s came out with we um I reached out and
3197s just asked yo you guys do really cool
3200s stuff really quickly
3201s could you do something for the Wooly
3203s boss rework
3204s I didn't ask I didn't ask emptke to go
3207s out and ask other people to voice act
3209s and do a skit and anything like that and
3211s he was like yeah I got your skill specs
3212s store Vesta nine rain and solo Mission I
3215s was like oh okay
3217s um
3218s didn't else get to do that but he did
3220s and it seems to have gone really well
3221s people really liked it um
3224s I know yeah we really want to be able to
3226s do way more stuff
3228s um on the YouTube channel I hope this
3229s year and a lot cooler stuff be cool to
3231s do more stuff like that and collabs like
3232s that we did a bunch last year with the
3233s recap
3234s um
3236s a lot of Creator like collab content
3241s um last year it was the like the last
3243s half of last year anyway we started to
3246s ramp that up and um I think going into
3248s it this year as as Goblin said is we
3250s want to continue that momentum but do
3252s even better than we did before so you
3254s should absolutely look forward to more
3256s content creator collaborations it's a
3258s fantastic way for us to advertise
3260s content pay the creators get them some
3262s extra exposure on this on the back of
3265s that and not the reason for it because
3266s we do pay them and then also it just
3269s brings everyone closer together so I
3270s think it's just a win-win for us for us
3272s all really so um
3274s smash the Subscribe button hit the Bell
3277s oh no you know it you know it you want
3280s to see more creative content make sure
3282s you like the videos subscribe and uh
3285s yeah share them with your friends get
3286s that algorithm pump in our videos out
3288s there right
3289s but no someone in chat the window and we
3291s don't pay them in exposure that's not
3293s how we do things here
3296s um okay what is the next question this
3298s is you know what we've got one last
3299s question before we've got some chat
3300s questions we have steamed through them
3303s um do you think we would ever see a
3304s blanket Wilderness fee one that is say
3307s 200k it would combat the ragging
3309s mentality which is mainly for harassment
3311s purposes and is a route of toxicity in
3313s PvP having a 50k entry fee for
3316s multicaves did not solve it as it was
3317s too low to impact anyone and was
3319s irrelevant because they could wait
3320s outside in rags avoiding that penalty
3324s uh very easy no for this one uh
3327s unfortunately there are some number of
3329s requests that involve you going into the
3330s Wilderness and I think a not
3333s insignificant player portion of the
3335s player base would be rather annoyed if
3336s they had to continuously spend 200k
3338s getting PK while they're trying to do
3339s quests
3341s plus clue Scrolls as well and I know
3343s clue Scrolls right are a choice you go
3345s in there you accept the extra risk to do
3346s your clue step and not have to drop it
3347s get another one all the other crap that
3349s I'm probably gonna get thrown at me for
3351s for catering to those who don't
3353s typically want to go into the Wilderness
3354s that being said I think the underlying
3356s issue here is something that we already
3357s spoke about earlier on and that is that
3359s we know ragging is a problem in PvP or
3361s sorry that you've highlighted it's a
3363s problem we mentioned to it I think it
3365s was Goblin who talked about it
3366s previously I'll let him talk about again
3367s in a second if he needs to but we're
3369s aware of it it's something that we
3370s definitely want to be looking into and
3371s having a much larger conversation about
3373s I think it was also noted in the news
3375s post or is going to be noted in the news
3377s post as well so
3379s um Goblin do you want to talk to that a
3380s little bit more at all
3382s yeah I just won't I know that um when we
3384s spoke about the direct crossbow changes
3386s for example there are some players who
3387s argue that it's like used as like a
3389s ragging policing
3390s um weapon I guess and like kind of
3392s self-pleasing that particular Community
3393s we don't reckon's like an issue
3396s um I get where people are coming from
3397s when they ask for stuff like this and I
3399s think there are like interesting ish
3401s suggestions where
3402s some people else for maybe like
3404s increased reward on like so-called
3405s minimum risk walls or
3408s um rather than like a fee like a minimum
3411s risk instead right where you know you
3413s have to be wearing like 100k's worth of
3415s Stuff Etc there are like interesting
3417s ideas but
3419s I think like a lot more players use the
3421s Wilderness than is often apparent and
3425s they're charging all of them 200k flat
3426s out right now
3428s isn't the right thing to do but you know
3432s if like the kind of content that is in
3434s the wilderness changes in some
3435s substantial way down the line
3438s um
3440s I don't know maybe there's room to
3441s explore stuff like this
3444s way down the line but I just don't think
3446s right now it's like fair to
3449s a lot of players who actually make use
3451s of the world like even stuff like that
3453s I'm gonna say I'm gonna say the line
3454s then I'm gonna get flamed relentlessly
3456s all evening but even like uh I don't
3458s know like Iron Man running to Mage Bank
3460s pretty early in the game to buy runes
3462s and now it's like you don't have 200k
3465s enjoy doing roondoku and it's like no
3467s one enjoys doing rudoku
3469s um
3470s like yeah I don't know yeah it would
3472s need a lot more work I think there's
3473s like other ways to combat ragging
3476s I think that there are yeah there are
3479s better solutions for us to explore than
3480s this at least
3482s um okay I want to get through two
3484s questions from chat
3487s um
3489s let's go with
3492s question
3497s um
3499s no they're not that good actually
3504s question number five
3506s is there any possibility that the cannon
3509s can be allowed at least in the Lesser
3511s variant caves we were able to use Cannon
3513s before not anymore and when I said
3514s they're not very good some of them we've
3515s already answered or some of them are
3516s just way too long for us to be able to
3518s answer uh right now so like one of them
3520s is like seven sentences long
3522s but yes is there any possibility the
3524s Canon can be allowed at least in the
3525s Lesser variant caves and because they
3527s were able to be used before but not
3528s anymore
3531s I think we could talk about it yeah
3534s 1080p accounts used to be able to do
3536s them right
3538s um and now they can't I'm not saying we
3539s should cater to 10 HP accounts or
3541s whatever but
3543s I think it'd be worth discussing at the
3545s very least right I don't want him to
3546s feel like they've had the rug pulled out
3547s from under them because now there are
3548s like 10 HP irons was messy on pets that
3551s you can just not really get anymore for
3553s example which feels a little bit bad
3555s it's not like catering but yeah there's
3557s a non-zero chance with the way uh
3560s Collision is programmed you might not
3562s just it might just break with a cannon
3566s uh I'll investigate if the answer is no
3569s I might enable cannons see how I feel
3571s when I wake up tomorrow
3574s fair enough thanks Kobe and last
3576s question then is number six on the sheet
3578s and that is this rto's kill account
3579s going to be counted in the high scores
3581s for Callisto no he's significantly
3583s easier
3585s cool do they have separate kill counts
3587s on the boss high scores for the negative
3591s they have separate kill counts they're
3593s not on the high scores currently
3596s um our bombs could be twisted
3600s all right fair enough
3602s okay so before we finish up the stream
3604s uh let's have a look at some content
3606s that our wonderful players have been uh
3609s working on and this is still from the
3611s last week let's have a quick look this
3613s is called Advent oh 3D artwork of a
3617s character riding the Unicorn wearing
3618s adventurous outfit
3620s and that's right I'm sorry to be grossly
3621s unprofessional all right I need to be
3623s right back a minute I'm getting an
3625s important phone call no worries
3628s it's just me and you now Kirby we got
3630s this what do you think of the this is
3631s actually pretty awesome render to be
3633s fair enough
3634s it is very pretty unfortunately uh
3637s unicorns will violently attack you if
3639s you try to ride them so not possible in
3641s old school RuneScape at this time
3643s well maybe maybe if the new skill
3645s involves unicorn riding we can live out
3648s that reality until then we'll just have
3649s to enjoy dark Max's uh wonderful
3651s creation the next one that we have is a
3655s Teleport tab IRL to be used as a travel
3657s tag tag was cut out with a glow Forge
3659s and filled in with resin and that's by
3662s Stanton exit I love this one it looks
3664s really clean
3666s it it looks really nice I I want it but
3670s at the same time I have no idea what I
3672s do with it it'll just be starting my
3674s desk at work put it on your desk yeah
3677s something like that I have a my car keys
3679s actually have a cut out of a chaos room
3681s which we got as part of the summit which
3683s was really cool I think a player sent
3685s them in a big box of them so I picked up
3688s a chaos room similar to this without the
3689s resin which is why I really like this
3691s touch on it because you don't really see
3692s it very often like the whole wooden
3694s resin combo
3696s um it's normally just laser cut out
3697s right
3698s um okay next one is from drawers and
3701s it's a drawing of a scene where escaper
3703s fights the cave Kraken I love this style
3706s so much it's amazing
3708s it's so trippy but also
3712s it's great
3714s yeah
3715s it's a shape that bite isn't actually
3717s that dramatic but hey
3721s not an accurate representation for sure
3723s but a great one
3726s okay let's have a look at this next
3729s image which is titled a player created a
3731s Cook's assistant themed shadow box and
3733s this is by HC hardcore Sinus I love this
3741s this is really cool like the fact that
3743s it's all like 3D out as well it honestly
3746s is incredible
3749s that's that that is genuinely lovely I
3751s love that
3752s it's like it's it's like almost as if
3754s it's super simple yet it's not at the
3756s same time very crazy I love it genuinely
3758s dude it's yeah I've never seen anything
3761s like that before
3762s and I would love to have something like
3764s that on my desk it's very much like you
3766s know in below the falador party room
3768s where we've got the little
3770s um stands of updates that we've done
3772s it's like that but in real life I really
3774s like it
3776s um okay and then the last thing that
3777s we've got is from Cumberland cards and
3779s this is gnome child themed birthday
3781s greeting card stickers and papers with
3784s old school RuneScape icons
3790s man
3793s oh no cheers
3796s they're cool though they are cute though
3799s yeah
3801s very nice I like the little uh the
3803s little notepad in the background to be
3804s honest the skill icon's around it's uh
3809s where
3814s you bet
3818s unironically we'll make it a charity
3821s thing if you ever do like a game blast
3822s or something oh boy I can't imagine the
3826s tattoo of The Gnome child with going
3828s hard or go gnome is that expensive I'll
3831s pay for that and I'll I'll make a video
3833s of it as well and then I'll make other
3835s people contribute to charity that's it
3837s you've lost it now Goblin
3839s YouTube channel
3842s yeah true next game last we'll see all
3846s right let me go over the announcements
3847s very quickly uh exclamation mark game
3849s update uh this week saw the release of
3851s the Wilderness boss rework Callisto
3853s veterian and then artists all received a
3855s glow up and the coveted D Pick is now
3857s available from the Cal fight queen as
3858s well as the volcanic mine read all about
3860s the rework and more in this week's game
3861s update with exclamation mark game update
3864s uh if you want a bit of info about drag
3866s X accounts exclamation mark account
3868s because the closed beta for jagex
3870s accounts is now underway we've had a
3871s select few amount of players um involved
3873s with testing we are looking to open that
3875s up later on in the year so find out all
3878s the information about that with
3879s exclamation mark account
3881s exclamation mark poll make sure if you
3883s haven't already you go and coat your
3885s vote cast your vote on the recent poll
3887s as it closes on Monday and this is for
3890s the new skilled Community consultation
3892s as well as poll 78
3894s in addition to that poll you'll also
3896s find that there is a link to a survey
3898s exclamation mark survey if you don't
3899s want to check out the pollen game or the
3901s blog or not else but we are doing a
3904s survey that is fully fleshed out in
3906s regards to All Things new skill related
3908s leave all of your thoughts and feelings
3910s on that
3911s um and what a new skill should look like
3912s we really appreciate it we're currently
3914s going through a lot of the results so
3915s far with the dev team and getting ready
3917s for pitching what a new skill might look
3919s like based off what you've said so it's
3921s really important that you help us out
3922s and then lastly in regards to the new
3924s skill exclamation mark new skill Discord
3926s we do have a new Discord server which is
3928s dedicated to all things new skill so
3930s come and join us to keep on top of
3931s everything during the community console
3933s station consultation stage and Beyond if
3936s you missed it before tomorrow it's very
3938s likely that we'll be releasing a hotfix
3940s to update the Wilderness boss drop
3941s Rewards
3942s uh slightly and then we're going to be
3944s monitoring that over the next few days
3945s I'm looking to make any future changes
3948s next week and onwards if necessary so
3951s for now hotfix most likely out tomorrow
3953s to up the loot then we'll figure out
3957s what's going on from there on upwards
3959s and that is I think everything that I
3961s needed to cover at least now
3963s and if there's anything else keep an eye
3965s on socials Goblin Herbie do you have
3967s anything else that you want to say at
3968s all
3974s I'll see you tomorrow
3975s all right see you later
3979s it's getting one coin from the artist
3982s see you Kirby all right thank you
3983s everyone appreciate it sorry Goblin what
3985s are you gonna say
3986s we just uh yeah hopefully from tomorrow
3987s you shouldn't be getting one coin from
3989s the buses quite as often so yeah yeah
3992s until we rear it back in as a joke drop
3994s as we discussed at some point so yeah
3997s have a fantastic evening everyone thank
3999s you so much for tuning in uh we will be
4001s back next week with the next stream I'm
4004s not exactly sure what the focus will be
4006s on but it will be fun so make sure you
4008s tune in uh have a great weekend enjoy
4010s the updated boss tomorrow and yeah bye
4014s thing