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Wanted to toss in some positive vibes, since I feel this page is often filled with negativity. OSRS is great, especially the UIM mode! Thanks to the Jagex staff who had faith and stuck on with our resurrected game

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UIM is super fun! There's so many weird things to learn and goals to achieve. I got a dragon med helm on a slayer task once, and as a result went and compelted RFD to get Barrows Gloves and got 83 hunter for a Glory just so I could store the helmet in a stash. And then went back to slayer.

about 2 months ago - /u/JagexNin - Direct link

Originally posted by Equilities

The only thing stopping me from trying out UIM is death piles not pausing on logout or persisting on different worlds. I don't know if I am missing something where that can be abused, but it seems like a recipe for stress if something goes wrong with the world or your internet or something. I think even mudkip mentioned it as a deterrent in his farewell to UIM. I would really love UIM adjusted gravestones purely for the security side of things in case you can't log back in.

I've been trying to do something about this for a long time, you should see a blog post soon!