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This (not a quiver, but ava’s cosmetic) was on the original list I put together for reward ideas. Can only fit so many into one League, but maybe in the future :)

Originally posted by gkonn

Not a quiver, because that would be too medieval

Fusion-driven raygun ammo capsule. Got it.

Originally posted by Shoelesshobos

Can only fit some much in one league

I don't know have you tried rotating the cosmetics or jumping up and down on them to squish them in?

Yeah we tried that too but they were too thicc.

Originally posted by Aurarus

I would much rather this be an actual unique item with unique effects than a cosmetic override. It would add a bit much to the visual cosmetic override bloat we have already, and frontloads more "knowing what visuals matter/ don't matter" to old returning or new players.

For example, when I rejoined OSRS my impression was that there were new upgrades to get strong whips upon seeing the lava/ ice cosmetic overrides to them. When I learned the truth, I then assumed something similar with the assembler being blue; something that seemed like less of a visual upgrade ACTUALLY being a significant upgrade.

Real upgrades should look more visually distinguished than cosmetic overrides, and a quiver is something that just seems so fundamentally unique from the backpacks that I think restraint should be shown.

This is definitely a concern we're aware of and actively thinking about during design. My own personal thumb rule is that it should be very clear which item is carrying a cosmetic override.

There's definitely a fine balance when creating exciting cosmetics and while not erasing the identity of iconic items, so I think we just need to work closely together with you all on a League-to-League basis to make sure we hit that balance.

We're still (I hope) in early stages of Leagues, so I'm grateful we're trusted to experiment with unique approaches so that we can eventually create strong, reliable guidelines for League rewards.

Thank you so much for the input <3

Originally posted by Mr-Genghis-Cohen

considering half the jagex squad look like sweaty weebs, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

cmon, no need for that :/

Originally posted by Aurarus


Happy to hear that; there definitely was a lot of ree'ing with the first iteration of recent league rewards (myself included) so I'm happy to hear that you guys are more aware of this.

My personal take is that you should take advantage of new content that facilitates more variety.

For example:

  • Cosmetic overrides to thralls

  • Unique colors/ themes for crystal gear

  • Hats or outfits to give to skilling pets (unique transmog rather than an additional thing on top of existing transmogs)

Or bear in mind when developing new content where you can inject some potential reward expansion.

Great suggestions, thank you!

Originally posted by vorkathlore

Flippy you can still add this into the game, they wont notice it

okay but don't tell anyone