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6s and welcome to the first of what I'm
9s sure will be many many volumes streams
13s uh very excited to finally be able to
15s say the words of all the more to players
17s I'm not gonna lie uh after lots of
20s secrets were kept uh before the summer
23s Summit this year so it feels good to
25s finally be able to say these words so
26s yeah I am joined by the one and only mod
30s other how are you doing today
32s hello yeah I'm not
35s to be honest um coming off the back of a
38s long stint of design work for all this
40s file more stuff so you know what better
42s time to talk about it
46s exactly exactly so yeah if you if you
49s couldn't figure out already we're going
51s to be discussing the first blog that
53s we've released about our planned file
55s more content or at least the first part
56s of art lemon more uh the hunter Guild uh
60s it's a fresh look at how we can make
62s Hunter a fun and engaging skill to use
64s in case you missed it uh drop an
66s exclamation mark hunter in the chat to
68s get a link both to the original blog and
70s the freshly dropped feedback blog that
73s we released about I feel it was over an
75s hour ago now around then
78s um so yeah check that out if you want to
80s have a read while you're listening to us
82s uh chat everything about the hunter
84s Guild and before we jump into the Q a we
87s have a few announcements to go through
89s so first up exclamation mark Game Hunter
92s a Game Hunter I'm really really in the
95s hunter mindset right now yeah
96s exclamation mark game update uh the path
99s of Guthrie is Live this week game update
102s brings the newest quest for the gnome
104s storyline and more alright exclamation
107s mark trailer is next and we've partnered
110s with our dear friend Hootie to create
112s this amazing trailer for The Path of
113s Guthrie so check it out with that
115s command it is a fantastic trailer who he
118s always delivers smashed it out the park
120s like like normal uh and next exclamation
124s mark dead man the end is nine dead man
127s apocalypse comes to its epic conclusion
129s live on Twitch this Saturday so you
132s don't want to miss out uh full details
134s are in the blog we put out today I
136s believe
137s um so you can check out all the
138s information there and finally if you
142s couldn't guess it exclamation mark
143s Hunter check out our original blog and
146s the updated feedback blog for full
148s details on the hunter Guild and what
150s we'll be discussing today
153s um all right just before we jump into
154s the Q a there's a few uh game update
157s fixes that have been added to uh today's
160s script that I should talk about so
163s first off next week shooting stars will
166s no longer deplete faster if other
167s players are mining them for solo scouted
170s Stars we would like to add a small extra
172s incentive to reward players but this
174s needs to be pulled first we're currently
176s looking at a 50 buff to Stardust for
178s five minutes if you're the first to
180s minus star and will confirm hopefully by
182s next week's News Post
184s next the new poison way Spirit tree will
187s be moved to the end of the list by next
189s week in the future we'd love to add the
191s ability to customize spiritually
193s locations but that's a much larger job
195s also to this incentivize griefing in the
200s Guardians of the rift minigame we will
201s be stopping players getting mine in XP
203s after you've mined a certain amount of
205s times in one game all of these changes
208s could be found in the game update News
209s Post by using exclamation mark game
212s update
214s all right with that being said uh we
216s should probably jump straight into the Q
218s a
219s um I will say it's been really nice
222s actually to see all the feedback about
226s the new additions that we made to
228s accessibility were the news post it was
230s something I've wanted to do for a long
231s long time
232s and I thought let's just do it while I
235s was a good place as any to start so
238s hopefully we can continue it
240s um and you guys enjoy them so it
242s probably won't be for every single News
244s Post we release but at least the big
245s ones of Alma I'm planning to do them all
247s so yeah we'll we'll see what happens so
250s let's dive into the questions mod over
253s first how are you feeling about the the
255s release of the blogs and the hunter
256s Guild uh as a whole at the moment
259s yeah yeah pretty good I mean it's it's
262s one of those things where it's like
263s we're never going to be able to
265s sort everything with a skill like Hunter
267s in one go
269s um and we've had so much feedback to
272s work through over the last three days
276s um but it's been good there's there's so
278s much positivity for a lot of the changes
279s we you know we're looking to make
282s um and I think it's a really good sort
284s of
285s First Step forwards towards making
287s Hunter a skill that belongs in 2023's
291s version of old school RuneScape
293s um
294s and I won't be distracted talking about
297s the fact that some of that script was
299s written I'm sure it hasn't been touched
301s since Hunter released originally
304s um it kicks me off at night
307s so yeah there's there's some work going
309s into modernizing
311s the sort of backhand side of Hunter at
314s the same time
315s um which I think sets us up as well
317s looking to the future you know if we
319s have something that's a little easier to
320s work with we can sort of make a lot more
323s adaptive changes and do a lot more
324s things on the Fly and yeah it's all it's
327s all very exciting really from sort of a
330s Content that's going out and and sort of
332s from working on it
334s script side
336s awesome stuff awesome stuff I think
339s Baltimore in itself has got a lot of uh
342s interesting places to go to visit
343s especially in part one so uh and you'll
347s definitely see a lot more about that
349s soon uh but for now let's start with the
352s very first question uh why did you
355s decide to remove the Hunter's Bolas and
358s we've put this as the first question
359s because we know we've seen a lot of
360s feedback from the feedback blog
363s um so we thought we might as well
365s address this first
367s yeah I think there's like
370s there's an element of working out like
372s what the players are comfortable with
374s that's gone into it
377s I'm trying to put forward the idea of a
380s hybrid weapon and finding a slot to
383s pitch something that is going to be
385s thematic to valmore so a lot of my ideas
389s are like we're going to this new place
390s we're seeing a lot of new people they're
393s going to be doing new things because if
394s they're doing the same old stuff like do
397s you really want to walk around and
398s explore and get to know them and see
400s what they're up to because you're going
401s to get nothing new
403s um and then that's sort of tempered with
406s a hit of like well we don't want to
409s introduce like
410s Peak pvm equipment from Hunter
413s necessarily on its own
416s um so all those were my initial thought
419s for something thematic
421s yes there is history there you know that
424s that's kind of the big kind of weight on
427s on the idea
429s but they would have fit you know the
432s things that we're looking to be hunting
433s I think I thought it would be a cool
435s weapon that really does fit that hybrid
437s like you're throwing it you need to be
439s accurate with your range but you need to
441s be physically strong to really
443s pack that punch
446s um
447s and I I did I toyed between Bowlers
450s Spears
452s um the idea of like a weapon that's on a
454s string would kind of be kind of cool as
457s well
458s um
459s and I believe them things like that
461s maybe explored elsewhere in Baltimore
463s um we've we've certainly had some good
465s discussions internally about that kind
467s of weapon and like what we can look to
470s do with it
472s um but yeah we opted to swap off of
474s Bowlers sort of almost back to the
476s original spare concept
479s um just because like
482s there's there's probably too much
484s history and even though a lot of us on
487s the team were comfortable with the fact
488s that actually they were very very
489s different you know we had taken into
492s account a lot of the original concerns
493s of Bowlers when we looked at sort of
496s spec cost and like sort of the power
498s level it's going to sit out and how you
500s have to get them
501s but really
503s it it wasn't gelling you know the
505s feedback was mostly that it just wasn't
508s quite gelling
511s um so you know we we refer to the
513s original design and
515s that's okay you know that's that's I
518s think we're still going to get something
519s really interesting in this sort of
521s hunters equipment kind of thing
524s um and I think we we lay some
526s interesting foundations here that you
529s know I've got designs that we can then
531s build on
533s um hopefully you know we've got game
535s jams coming up so a really good
537s opportunity to explore that
540s yeah yeah very true they they did fit
543s very thematically with Hunter as a skill
546s um and for those that I saw a couple
548s questions in chat actually about the
549s history of Bowlers it's not the history
551s of Bowlers as a weapon
553s in IRL purposes but boaters were I
557s believe introduced previously uh and
560s there was contention about how they were
561s used previously which again whatever has
565s said that we looked at
567s um when we were designing them
569s um
570s but on that note then whatever how will
573s the hunters spear be useful without the
575s bowlers special
577s um you know this is maybe maybe a
579s controversial take I don't think it has
581s to be useful it doesn't have to drop
583s with this obvious like I'm gonna get the
586s hunter Spear and do this exact content
589s there's this element it's a very
591s restrictive thought I think that
593s everything that we design has to have
596s some immediate place where it is the
599s best item you can use for it because
601s what happens is we keep then reverting
604s to kind of we revert to type you know we
607s think about can we do something new with
609s combat okay well here's an idea for a
612s throne weapon that scales off of your
614s melee strength do we have a couple of
616s places where actually yeah you might be
617s swapping between ranged and melee and
620s this serves as like
622s almost like an entryway into gear
624s swapping yeah I think I think we have
626s room to say like this this probably
628s works with really good entry into
630s content where you're gear swapping and
632s you can only you know you're thinking
634s about like so many things and maybe it
636s just cuts it down a bit maybe you don't
638s have to swap your armor anymore because
640s you've got a weapon that's going to hit
642s through
643s some creatures melee press
646s um
647s but I I really want to sort of dispel
650s the notion that absolutely everything
651s has to come in and it has to be useful
655s um
656s because I think we just end up in this
658s situation where we abandon creative
662s ideas and potential in favor of saying
666s well you know players would want this to
668s only be useful when you know it's it's
672s not a massive investment of the dev time
674s on this project to have a go with
676s something like this
678s um so that's you know that's where we're
679s at we're having a go
683s yeah and we thought you know it's still
685s there and it still works with the mix
687s hide set which is what the mix headset
688s is based uh is why we put in there
690s because it emphasizes that idea of a
693s range weapon that can use melee strength
695s which is an interesting angle to explore
697s and definitely offers or allows us to
701s open up the reward space a little bit
702s more by using this as a I suppose kind
705s of testing ground but it's definitely
707s something that could fill some gaps or
709s niches
711s um be interesting to see if they pass uh
714s you know how you guys would use them so
716s yeah definitely interesting
718s uh okay next on the questions are are
722s rumors one and done tracks or are they
725s more akin to Slayer tasks where you
726s would have to hunt a certain amount of
729s creatures
730s so
734s the one we're going with you hunt and
736s then you will at some point you will get
738s the drop it's a little bit orangey
740s um
742s the attempt will obviously be to balance
744s it so it doesn't feel too bad and you
746s know you're not necessarily going to go
748s there hunt like two creatures and leave
749s because what we're looking for is really
754s I'm trying to get people out hunting in
756s the world
757s and just
760s I want to see people at different hunter
762s locations
763s um
765s and I thought about a numbered based
767s system
769s um but it didn't for me it didn't sit
771s with the thematics of Baltimore of the
773s guild
775s um I think there's you know a lot of the
779s design decisions I think will make more
780s sense when we have this full picture of
782s valimore from future blogs on you know
784s other content we're introducing and you
787s know the stuff we get through the quests
789s and things like that
791s um so yeah it's it's not specifically
794s numbers based I didn't want people sort
796s of fishing for things where the numbers
798s are optimal
801s um I really wanted to have a design that
803s really dissuades people from trying to
806s find like oh it's only worth doing like
809s XYZ rumor because you know this is going
813s to maximize your sort of time to Rewards
817s um because also that that ends up
818s feeling less rewarding for like people
820s doing certain Skilling methods like if
822s you want to take manipulate box traps to
825s speed up times where you're using them
828s if it turns out that there's actually an
830s optimal meta where you never do that
831s then like you've got this skill and you
832s haven't really got room to use it and
834s express it and
837s yeah it's kind of finding that balance
839s basically
842s yeah I think that's that's world Pokemon
844s other yeah so it's it's it's definitely
846s different it's based on that same sort
849s of premise but I feel like Hunter rumors
853s needed that difference rather than just
855s being a copy paste of uh Slayer tasks
858s you know
859s yeah
862s um right awesome thank you for those who
865s didn't read the blog actually we did
866s estimate
868s um it would take about eight to ten
869s minutes obviously RNG dependent
871s sometimes you might get spoon fed a rare
873s creature part sometimes you might have
875s to go a little bit more just to get that
877s um but that's the sort of the average
878s we're looking at at the moment
881s cool all right for the next question uh
883s for what can content do you see the
885s Hunter's sunlight crossbow being used I
888s had to really force myself not to say
889s Moonlight crossbow then
892s yeah I think it's an interesting one a
895s quicker crossbow is you know it it
897s offers something slightly different
901s um mostly perhaps this is my own
902s frustration with regular crossbow speeds
905s where you're like one you're about to
907s attack your your one tick short and then
909s you click to move because there's like a
911s mechanic you need to dodge or there's
912s just
913s you just click to move because you want
915s to move
916s she I do that quite a lot
918s um
920s I think it would I think
924s native where
926s you don't want to lose those ticks
928s because you're moving a tick too early
930s or you're doing something a tick too
931s early
932s um
933s and I think going forwards like it opens
937s up a lot of doors having almost like an
939s alternate progression path through
941s crossbows so obviously you have your
943s metal crossbows where you've got your
946s Enchanted bolts and you have that
948s progression
950s and what I want to
952s encourage is this development of a
955s progression path that's like Hunters
956s crossbow
958s sunlight Hunters crossbow and a range of
961s bolts from like higher and higher level
962s creatures that do interesting things and
965s saying is a real shame that we don't
968s have like
969s this sort of depth of things you can do
973s with
975s what Hunters like Hunter creatures could
977s offer so many different things
979s um like imagine bolts like giving you
982s away like another way to poison
984s creatures using some poisonous creature
987s to make Hunters bolts
989s um that was one that you know ended up
991s cut from the design
993s and the idea of applying a bleed as well
996s um I think is really cool like you could
998s get like Jagged bolts made out of bones
1000s that would then bleed your target
1002s um
1003s and I think it just it offers this
1005s alternative to like here's a bolt prop
1007s that goes completely bypasses your
1010s opponent's defense like we can always do
1012s like status effects with Hunter bolts
1015s where they wouldn't really fit as much
1018s with the enchanted bolt kind of system
1023s yeah I think there's definitely room to
1025s explore new avenues for bolts especially
1028s specifically with the Hunter's sunlight
1031s crossbow being used
1033s um which is definitely a a cool Avenue
1036s to go down I think
1038s um all right the next question is uh how
1041s much of the feedback changes were due to
1043s PVP feedback and I want to I want to
1046s jump in quickly before whatever answers
1048s this because
1051s these changes that we've made we don't
1055s just look at one area
1057s for feedback even if they do contribute
1061s to making a change so none of these
1065s changes was just because of PVP feedback
1067s or just because of use against other
1069s players there's multiple angles on it so
1073s just please bear that in mind even
1075s though it might seem like that it that's
1077s not the case
1080s yeah so in terms of like how many of the
1082s feedback changes we've made with due to
1086s the easiest way to put it is we had a
1089s lot of these considerations in the
1092s design phase or at least you know I did
1094s because it's mostly my design
1097s um
1098s and
1099s a lot of there's a lot obviously a lot
1101s of information that like we can't blog
1103s because putting a dissertation length
1106s design in front of people no one's going
1108s to read that
1110s um well they might listen to it though
1111s to be fair they might listen to it
1114s um
1115s so it's it's really like what we've done
1118s is we've gone away we've looked at you
1119s know a huge amount of aggregated
1121s feedback from the surveys from Reddit
1124s from Twitter from like everywhere that
1127s we've got feedback and we sat down and
1130s we said okay are we introducing
1132s something that is going to be unhealthy
1135s for certain areas
1137s in a way that we can avoid
1140s content side
1142s um so like for a lot of the changes like
1145s they're true to the design
1148s but we've given them a little we've
1150s given them like a little vitamin shot so
1151s they're healthier you know
1154s um
1155s and I think it's really important that
1156s we do that we keep you know we do need
1158s to keep in mind that like some people
1160s will just use new things to rag with and
1164s perhaps that's not going to work when
1166s you know we we've done a lot of really
1168s good things for PVP updates then to turn
1170s around and be like here's a whole bunch
1172s of cheap stuff for ragas
1174s it kind of we end up contradicting our
1176s own design philosophies
1178s by not making these changes
1181s um so yeah I think some would have been
1184s due to PVP feedback and concerns but we
1187s were in the design like that stuff was
1189s in design already
1192s um
1194s yeah yeah it's yeah it's definitely
1197s something that maybe I should have been
1199s a bit clearer in the blog like exactly
1201s what areas it was addressing and use the
1204s word ragging because it that was the
1206s problem or at least one of the problems
1208s we saw when we were discussing feedback
1211s um so maybe that's on my part to
1212s actually say like look this is part of
1215s the reason why and it's important
1216s because that they would have been is
1219s seems like from all our discussions and
1221s the feedback we saw and the easy go-to
1223s and not just an easy a very easy go-to
1226s um which we wouldn't have wanted
1230s so yeah all right
1232s um the next question we have is can we
1234s have a different use of fennec foxes
1236s than killing them they're too cute to
1238s kill
1240s oh gosh
1245s oh gosh and
1246s this actually this
1249s this quite a I say a deep issue with
1252s Hunter as a whole in that it's Slayer
1254s with traps rather than combat but
1258s yeah a lot of the things are pretty cute
1261s and perhaps killing them is not the
1262s right approach as it stands we're not
1265s rebuilding hunter from the ground up
1268s um we can discuss a potential
1270s replacement two fennec foxes
1272s um you know maybe there's something that
1275s people would be more comfortable
1277s trapping with a giant rock falling on
1279s their head
1280s um but you know I think where where we
1283s stand is is that we sort of have these
1286s creatures they look really great you
1288s know
1290s um and we want to make use of them we
1291s don't want some fantastic models and and
1294s animations and stuff just sort of sat in
1296s storage because like there's no use for
1298s them
1300s um so yeah that's kind of where we're at
1301s with fennec foxes but they are cute they
1304s are very cute
1306s they are cute but this is Hunter
1309s we're here to hunt things so I'm like
1312s you know for me it doesn't matter how
1314s cute something is if it's in the hunter
1316s skill it's there to be hunted so and
1319s don't get me wrong fennec fox is a qaf
1323s but if it's gonna get me uh some XP and
1328s some goodies out of it they're going
1330s down so I mean if we want cute things we
1333s literally have
1335s that we throw and explode on
1337s people so
1340s yeah pathetic foxes don't explode I
1342s think we're really doing well compared
1344s to Gin jumpers
1346s they are literally yeah the essence of
1349s cute explosive creatures so it's
1352s something that uh that you should keep
1354s in mind when looking at the other
1355s creatures we're pitching so you know
1358s chinchons are so adorable
1360s so adorable
1362s so maybe think about that maybe have a
1364s moral dilemma next time you're throwing
1366s a chin jumper at somebody or something
1368s all right think about what that little
1370s life means
1373s all right we'll move on to the next uh
1375s question before we delve down the rabbit
1377s hole of uh
1379s creature ethics
1380s um
1381s all right the next question the next
1384s question is what would you think of
1386s allowing players to eat again during the
1388s hunter meet heal over time forfeit in
1390s any remaining healing from that meat
1393s I feel like this was one of the big
1395s discussions that we've had internally
1396s following the feedback
1398s um some people didn't like the element
1399s of being locked out from eating again
1402s and found that would be too disruptive
1406s personally I'm I'm kind of 50 50 like I
1409s think we introduced an interesting
1411s difference to that eating system where
1414s like
1415s you don't just want to take an inventory
1417s full of Hunter meets you want to have
1418s Hunter Meats to give you the extra hit
1421s points and then you want to have things
1423s that you can eat in an emergency if
1425s you've already eaten something else
1428s um I think the idea of forfeiting the
1430s healing is the right balance to allow
1433s players not to be restricted
1437s um
1437s because then you're still rewarded for
1440s you know effectively you're rewarded for
1441s risking waiting for that heal by getting
1444s it
1445s um and you know one of the tweaks we've
1448s made is is bringing some of that healing
1450s taking it out of the upfront and
1452s increasing the delayed heal because like
1456s that is where like that is what the
1458s design is for it's something that
1460s changes up
1461s how we eat
1463s and adds an element of decision making
1465s an element of risk you know
1468s I don't really know how people are going
1470s to use these you know we've had some
1472s discussions internally like if it's
1474s reliable then like what about tick
1477s eating well this could be a really
1478s creative way to Ticky
1481s um depending on the implementation so
1484s I think like allowing them to eat again
1486s forfeit the heel that's kind of fine it
1490s forces you to make a choice because I
1492s think that probably addresses the
1493s question we're going to have coming up
1494s later about like what happens to fish
1496s when we introduce things that heal more
1499s um
1500s I mean you know what happens to fish
1502s when players get the ability to stock up
1504s on sourdome and Brews and super restores
1507s um
1509s it's yeah kind of an element of like we
1512s need we need players making an active
1514s decision between the two so like that is
1516s where the design has ended up
1519s yeah and this I think it's important to
1521s note as well alongside the Bruce
1522s statement that not every fish right now
1526s is there to constantly Munch down and
1529s regain your health you look at things
1531s like Quran ones and monkfish for example
1534s you wouldn't normally take like it's hot
1537s you wouldn't feel your inventory for the
1538s crab brands for example they're there as
1540s like a utility to help with healing
1544s um so these could be seen as this as the
1547s same light as them maybe you don't want
1549s to bring a full inventory full of them
1551s maybe you want to just bring a couple
1553s that would give you that boost when you
1555s know you're not going to be damaged
1556s again for a little while
1558s um
1559s so yeah I think it's about looking at
1561s Alternatives rather than Replacements to
1564s food because there's so much we could do
1566s with with food as a whole and healing
1568s mechanics so it's just about making sure
1570s that
1570s there's alternative options because it's
1572s a place we haven't really explored
1574s before but it's probably worth exploring
1577s yeah and
1579s I think on that exploration front I
1580s think
1582s I've about you know
1584s is the sort of food economy something we
1586s want to look at tweaking and expanding
1588s on
1590s um it's something that certainly
1592s prevalent to me like I spent some time
1594s looking at the winter damage formula for
1597s example and
1598s um I there's no better way to really
1601s realize like the weird situation we are
1603s actually in with food than just looking
1605s at like content that does constant
1607s damage to you
1610s like this there's this massive Gulf
1612s right now between like fish
1615s and then Brews
1616s and like
1619s we kind of we have Anglers Anglers are a
1621s really cool idea with the over heel
1624s um
1625s and I think there's we I think we should
1626s also be looking at that like the idea of
1628s more Over Heels perhaps
1630s um or like things that you can use you
1633s can almost preemptively heal and then
1635s take the damage and you still get value
1638s um I think that's where like you lose
1640s value of fish is where you like you've
1642s lost 10 Health there's a boss mechanic
1644s that could hit you for like Max Health
1646s you're gonna waste half a shark getting
1649s up to full to avoid the mechanic
1652s you know what about something that's
1653s going to give you 10 Health you take the
1655s damage then you get to have more Health
1656s well who knows maybe that's got use
1660s yeah yeah I will clarify I meant
1662s anglerfish not monkfish I just always
1664s see monkfish in my mind from
1667s the early days of playing this game
1670s uh right okay uh the next question will
1673s stick on the hunt meets theme and what
1675s other effects did you consider for
1676s Hunter meets
1678s oh so I've actually I've considered like
1681s a wide variety of things we could do
1684s um some positives some actually negative
1686s as well
1688s um
1689s so a lot of it is like balancing that
1691s like
1692s do we want a secondary effect
1694s and do we want it to be at the cost of
1696s hell like of some of the potential
1698s healing and like how do we do that and
1700s how do we give like relevant effects for
1703s the creatures
1704s um
1706s but I mean you know we've had quite a
1709s few discussions where it's like
1710s could we have something like that is
1713s gonna cure one tier of poison and you
1716s know potentially venom and maybe even
1717s protect you from Venom for like five or
1719s ten seconds
1721s um
1722s I might look at the potential of like
1725s what about if your food gave you like a
1728s 30 second stamina effect because you've
1731s got it from a creature that is really
1733s good at running around
1736s um
1737s we had some discussion about like
1739s potential combat stat boosts coming with
1742s the food like you kind of you eat like I
1745s don't know like a grock steak
1747s and you get like plus five attacks that
1749s doesn't Decay like almost like Divine
1751s weaker versions of divines but on food
1754s and they don't last as long or whatever
1755s like we considered like the whole
1758s Spectrum the only thing we didn't
1759s consider was like
1760s eat this food and get plus four
1762s construction because
1764s it doesn't make it anywhere near as much
1766s sense
1768s um yes yes we were we're a fantasy game
1771s Etc but
1772s I think that's an element of like
1775s keeping them combat relative was was a
1777s lot of the focus with the potential
1779s effects and we've had some really good
1781s feedback about them and
1783s I hesitate to say that going forwards
1786s will love to expand upon them I mean I
1788s would love to expand upon them
1789s personally
1791s um and I think if we get more Hunter
1792s creatures in like later in Baltimore and
1795s I think we might get some really
1797s interesting effects
1799s I will say two things one I saw a
1802s comment saying uh sounds like we're
1804s trying to replace herb law I think it I
1807s stated it in the blog but these effects
1809s would never replace something like a
1811s stamina pot like they would never give
1813s like the same Big Boost that stamina
1815s would it would just be uh an extra
1818s utility on top of you know the uh
1821s healing properties so
1824s I don't think it would I don't think
1826s these effects would ever replace herb
1827s law
1829s in anything yeah I think I think it's um
1833s a misunderstanding I think about the
1835s value of the herb law boosts like
1839s anything that is not as good as them
1841s will not have the same value
1844s I mean obviously like that statement
1846s seems really really simple but you know
1849s getting plus five strength from eating
1851s food you're still going to want to bring
1853s a super strength potion
1856s um perhaps yes a stamina effect kind of
1859s changes that balance but like you get
1862s about what eight minutes of stamina from
1864s having a full stamina potion in your
1866s inventory and that's one slot if you're
1868s getting say 20 seconds of stamina effect
1871s from your food that's 24 inventory slots
1874s for the same stamina effect
1876s and I think it's as you say it's about
1880s like the little things the little
1881s interactions rather than like the
1883s grander
1884s kind of you know you're still going to
1886s want all of your potions basically no
1888s matter what like a lot of the design
1891s discussion was like
1892s here's what the potion does
1895s here's what the meat could do and then
1898s here's what something else in the game
1899s already does and finding that slot
1901s between sort of
1903s the worst option for doing something
1906s bring it up a little bit comparing it's
1908s the best option and then sort of finding
1910s that middle ground
1914s basically yeah
1916s for what is worth the The food doesn't
1918s give you a stamina effect because I saw
1920s someone in the comment it just restores
1922s some run energy
1924s So it's talking about the potentials
1926s yeah yeah designed it's just fun energy
1931s yeah and like the other thing I was
1933s going to say is that we had an internal
1935s discussion as well because there was a
1937s which I didn't realize at the time when
1939s I was uh writing the blog up is that um
1941s there was discussions or references in
1945s the Salem blogs about like potentially
1947s exploring different ways that
1949s um new fish could utilize healing and
1951s stuff like that so it doesn't have to be
1954s just limited to
1956s um Hunter meets if this is something
1958s that is good and you guys like then it's
1961s something we can explore further with
1963s different things but we don't want to
1965s just rush into it and and pile on loads
1967s of effects we need to make sure we're
1968s taking our time and making sure they're
1970s uh worthwhile and not replacing anything
1973s so
1975s um cool all right uh the next one is uh
1979s are we wary of invalidating fish by
1982s adding Hunter Meats which we've sort of
1983s already
1984s we've sort of already discussed but I
1987s will say we were very aware
1989s um and you know I think we've had a lot
1993s of opinions from people weighing in like
1995s in terms of experience with the game in
1998s terms of like the sort of level which we
2001s play the game you know we've got some
2003s absolutely fantastic pvmas on the team
2006s and pvps and things like that and we
2009s made sure internally like we took in as
2012s much
2013s information from everyone that we could
2016s fish would still have their place in
2019s fact like
2021s the hunter meets like we probably can't
2023s sit here and be like well you're going
2024s to want to use them here here and here
2025s we want to leave things for players to
2028s work out and like let players sit
2032s sit set the value
2034s um some players will sit who knows
2037s um
2039s yeah I think fish will be fine you know
2042s if if we sort of invalidate fish then
2045s maybe we send them to therapy but
2048s they'll get over it
2051s Ah that's not why I envisions come in
2053s with the sailing skill as a fish Therapy
2055s Center
2056s uh but who knows who knows of that skill
2060s um all right the next one we'll stick on
2062s uh Hunter meets for one more question
2063s and then we'll uh we'll move into
2065s something else
2067s um
2067s and the question is a lot of Hunter
2069s meets aren't worth keeping or cooking
2071s because they're only mediocre Foods what
2073s would you think about allowing for
2075s skewed Beast meats and other such
2078s cooking Hunter Meats to be used with
2079s leaves to craft Foresters rations
2083s so
2085s and my first reaction to reading that
2088s question is is effectively the same
2090s reaction I was given on my first design
2092s for Hunter's meets it's too much
2095s um
2096s I think you are going to have a better
2099s time with it
2101s if it is slightly lower healing
2103s maybe it could do me wrong I love the
2106s idea of skewers I really wanted to go
2107s with that
2109s um
2109s but it really does get
2112s I say it gets really sort of picky you
2115s know you end up having to do so many
2116s steps when you could just fish for a
2119s shark or an angler fish or a Karen Bron
2122s um
2123s and like the Simplicity I think is key
2126s um
2128s um
2129s I was interacting with like forestry
2131s leaves
2134s I considered that sort of interaction
2136s maybe like you can do like some herb
2138s interactions with the meats to give them
2140s that secondary effect
2142s um but again
2143s you cross that line I think into
2146s if it's like a broader thing like we're
2149s looking at here where like we've got
2150s nine or ten creatures giving you Meats
2153s it becomes too much
2154s if we were looking at
2157s I think if if this were a cooking
2159s expansion and we were looking to do
2160s something really interesting with
2162s cooking we could then take the hunter
2164s meats that we introduce and add a new
2167s way of cooking them you know maybe you
2168s can make a Meat and Fish skewer maybe
2171s you combine something with a caramban on
2173s a skewer and that you can use that to
2175s eat
2177s um or not take it
2178s there's a Ticky thing comely that's the
2181s word
2182s um
2183s so yeah I would say a lot of it was
2186s considered in the design a lot of it
2189s felt like too much
2190s um is is really the answer there
2193s and we like to keep it simpler it's more
2196s approachable to players it gives them
2199s more value for their time as well and
2202s like respecting that time investment
2205s and finding the balance there
2207s yeah I agree I think that process would
2210s be too convoluted uh for something we're
2213s trying to introduce on introducing slow
2215s increments and then see where we can go
2216s from there but right now I feel like
2218s it's in a good place where you know you
2220s unlock father more you get uh the trust
2224s of the locals and you unlock a new
2225s cooking method that gives you a
2226s different flavor of food which is nice
2230s um all right let's move away from Hunter
2232s meets uh and talk about pets for a
2235s little bit
2236s um with the first question being are you
2238s concerned about giving the hunter skill
2240s a third pet when some others only have
2242s one if any
2244s am I concerned no
2247s um I have been tasked with doing a
2250s hunter Guild my concern for other
2253s skilled pets right now is zero
2256s um
2257s Hunter having three yeah well why not
2260s Hunter as a full skill as like a you
2263s hunt all the creatures and maybe get a
2265s pet you don't actually have one you have
2268s a chin Shop pet and you have a herbivore
2271s Pat
2271s and I think that's where like there's
2274s sort of I say disconnect between like
2277s the idea that Hunter has three pets
2279s there are three pets there would be
2281s three pets gated behind Hunter as a
2283s skill uh but this one would actually
2285s require you to be using a broader
2288s spectrum of that skill much like other
2289s skill pets do
2292s um
2293s and yeah it's kind of
2297s a weird one to sort of talk about I
2299s think because like you look at some of
2300s the other Skilling pets like I've seen
2302s people think about like how's the drop
2304s rate going to be like compared to like
2305s the Phoenix or something it's like
2307s the Phoenix isn't it's like half a fire
2310s making pattern it's half a win's top pet
2312s and
2313s I think the true Skilling pets this is
2315s more in line with you know
2318s um because again because you're doing
2320s different things you're not just doing
2322s the one activity together pattern
2324s this is obviously with the exception of
2326s people trying to speedrun getting all of
2328s the pets who will probably be doing one
2330s strategy because it's the best drop rate
2331s you know for their time
2333s but yeah
2334s no I'm not really concerned
2338s okay okay thank you modawa okay talking
2341s uh About Pets uh someone asks can we get
2344s pets that we trap around the world we
2347s can keep and breed at the Hunter's Guild
2350s oh that would be a really cool idea
2353s um
2354s and it's giving me ideas for like future
2357s games
2359s um I think that it would be cool to have
2364s systems where you can
2369s I'm trying to think of the way to
2370s condense my thoughts
2372s um I like systems where you do things
2374s and the world itself around you changes
2376s rather than like you do something and
2378s then you have something new on your
2379s character
2381s um so the idea that you can like capture
2384s creatures and have them sharpen the
2385s guild like it's kind of got like Monster
2387s Hunter Vibes where if you trap the
2389s creature it shows up back up whichever
2391s base camp you're using it really depends
2393s on the game that's whether it's a camper
2395s a dog or whatever
2398s um I like that idea
2400s um it's one that I have toyed with in
2402s the past but hunter stuff and I'm sure
2405s we'll have a look at it in the future
2408s I think some of our zoos I see some some
2411s of ours is the Audi Zoo could do a with
2414s a really big like refresh
2416s um so maybe that's a concept we can use
2418s there
2419s and just like
2420s be like hey we've actually put some new
2423s creatures in the Audi Zoo because we've
2424s got new creatures from valmore but you
2427s need to do a quest where you go out and
2428s capture them you know it can be
2429s lightweight it can be fun but it can
2432s follow that idea
2434s I'm seeing a lot of Pokemon Monster
2436s Hunter references in the chat as we
2439s speak I did see someone ask when shiny
2442s pets would you imagine how destroyed the
2445s pet in Hunting Community would be if we
2448s introduced something like that
2450s I mean like a suite we have the golden
2452s tin jumper at one in ten thousand but
2455s yeah I guess the the idea of a shiny pet
2458s that
2459s the pet drop is shiny and not like it's
2462s made shiny through interaction of some
2464s kind
2465s oh
2467s The Collection log would never be
2469s finished at that rate
2471s mm-hmm pet Hunters would be going for
2474s years I think years and years and years
2479s so yeah I feel like that's just yeah
2482s that's a
2483s I love shine don't get me wrong shinies
2485s are great in Pokemon
2487s old school pets maybe not so much
2491s all right uh let's go on to the next
2493s question is there a way to make existing
2495s hunter outfits relevant with this update
2502s that's a that's a bigger question than
2504s it looks
2506s yes there is we have some of the old
2510s script for things like the camo outfits
2513s um
2514s contained within that is also things
2516s like a debuff for being within line of
2518s sight of the traps now
2520s I do think that we can look to well
2524s we'll scrap that we don't want to punish
2525s players for using camouflage because
2528s that feels weird
2530s um
2531s but it's a very difficult design
2533s conversation to have um a lot of Hunter
2536s is on much bigger conversation than I
2539s think it looks like
2541s having looked at
2543s pretty much every part of it lately
2546s um
2547s so
2548s I say the issue with camouflage right
2550s now is that we have three types of
2552s camouflage you've got multiple armor
2555s pieces I mean you're looking at like I
2557s think it's something like 20 or so
2559s different Hunter armor pieces that we
2562s have at the moment
2564s um and that covers three environments
2568s um we're looking at volume or um
2572s you know we're introducing a whole bunch
2574s of new sort of actual environments that
2577s we don't really have on this kind of
2580s scale in the rest of the world
2583s um and you know people are gonna think
2585s why is my polar hunting stuff useful
2590s when actually there's no snow here but
2592s it's cold and Rocky but it's not snowing
2594s you know why is my sort of jungle stuff
2597s working somewhere that's not really a
2599s jungle but it's kind of close
2602s um so we end up in this situation of
2604s like we can bring camo back I'm
2607s pretty certain we can bring camo back
2610s um
2612s but we need to have a very long
2613s discussion about how we handle
2616s environments with that because
2619s personally it's it's bloat to add a camo
2624s outfit for every separate environment as
2626s cool as it is thematically how many
2628s people are going to keep you know
2631s 30 armor pieces somewhere to go and hunt
2635s in like a different area at some point
2639s um
2640s so I I do think there's actually quite a
2642s large design discussion to be had there
2643s and it sounds really small like camo yes
2646s or camo no
2648s um but it's we could do camo but there
2651s are so many it's it's like cascading
2653s considerations
2656s um and then you have to factor in that
2658s like increasing catch rate will increase
2660s experience rates which means that we
2662s have to have
2663s a discussion about how we impact
2666s experience rates the hunter uh because
2669s obviously if you're catching more you're
2670s getting more XP from the success of
2672s perhaps and obviously this
2675s Fades away for a lot of creatures where
2676s you hit like a hundred percent catch
2678s chance on on
2679s sort of a script side
2682s um
2683s but again and then that becomes an
2684s interesting one because you get the
2686s question of like why is someone a lower
2688s level getting more benefit out of this
2690s outfit than someone who's a higher level
2693s um
2693s yeah it's it's It Feels So innocuous
2699s maybe that's the wrong one it feels very
2701s innocent to ask the question can we
2704s bring back camo outfits and you know the
2707s the answer is we can
2709s um
2710s and I think the question becomes how do
2714s we or how should we
2716s um
2718s and I think this is this is a discussion
2719s that like I'm angling to have with the
2721s team internally
2724s um fairly soon
2726s um we're we're taught we are looking
2729s um we're looking at
2732s potentially like making a lot of the
2734s really bad feeling Hunter stuff like
2737s make it feel a bit better with like a
2739s little kick of experience and things
2741s like that
2742s um
2744s so yeah I think that's that's that's how
2746s we talk about making the existing
2747s outfits relevant
2750s yeah we I mean me and whatever were
2752s chatting maybe it was yesterday or the
2754s day before uh amongst all the hunter
2757s Guild feedback uh about the game Jam
2760s project where it could be uh which I I
2763s think I put for the giant chameleon that
2766s you have to escapes the hunter Guild and
2768s you have to run out and hunt it down in
2770s the different areas and it Blends in and
2772s adapts and you have to use the camo to
2773s your advantage
2775s um but that I will say as cool as that
2778s may sound that is like outside the scope
2781s of the project maybe a good game Jam
2783s pitch
2784s um
2786s for somewhere down the line but yeah not
2788s something that we're going to be able to
2789s do with with the hunter Guild right now
2791s just just so expectations are met
2796s yeah game Jam's a dangerous concept for
2798s Hunter yeah the deeper you dig the more
2800s you find and
2801s it's not pretty it is not pretty
2806s my when when the idea got brought up my
2808s all the cogs in my head would turn in so
2810s rapidly about like the different things
2813s it could do to mess you up and like
2815s putting down slippery surfaces to trip
2817s you up and even if your hunting as a
2819s group maybe swallowing one of them whole
2821s and you have to chase after it and break
2823s that player out
2825s um
2826s so yeah we'll see maybe maybe in this
2830s game down next game Jam who knows well
2832s maybe we'll have some talks
2833s and find some time
2835s yeah
2837s uh all right let's go on to the next one
2839s which is can we please craft the hunter
2841s outfits ourselves instead of paying to
2844s have someone else do it for us
2846s I'm working on it
2849s not something that's come up in
2851s conversations because it to me it feels
2852s like such a given that I I just don't
2854s talk about it
2856s um very much
2857s uh the intention is to make all anything
2861s that someone else can make for you with
2863s Hunter you're gonna have a way to make
2865s yourself
2866s um
2866s because it at this point like the things
2869s that the player is capable of making far
2872s far exceed
2874s putting some hides together
2877s um so there's no reason not to really
2879s give players a way to make things for
2881s themselves
2882s um
2883s so that's kind of the intended that's
2885s that is that is the design that's like
2887s the starting point is players are
2889s crafting for themselves yeah
2894s whatever I'll just answer the next one
2897s just because it's a quick and easy one
2899s uh could the hunter cape have a Teleport
2901s to the guild like several other skill
2903s capes do uh yes uh we already talked
2906s about that it's in the feedback section
2908s of the uh feedback blog uh you'll need
2911s to just use a blueprint on the cape and
2913s then you'll unlock that that's the
2914s current premise
2917s right next question then is can we get
2920s deposit boxes near some hunting areas at
2922s the cost of GP hunting materials or
2925s one-time payment for access to a deposit
2927s box
2933s considered it it come up
2936s like this this whole design is like
2939s can we start making these incremental
2941s quality of life changes to answer
2944s I think what gets me with the idea is
2947s like
2948s how I think is the um
2951s the the kind of question that I have
2953s about this idea is like
2956s is there just going to be a deposit box
2958s by each hunting spot is that almost too
2963s much convenience because the that kind
2966s of falls into the same vein as like why
2968s don't we put a deposit box next to every
2971s mining patch I mean yes a lot of them
2973s have very convenient ones you know
2975s Shiloh Village gem mine has one or
2978s mining Guild if you need to bangle your
2980s iron
2982s um but
2983s I think it falls into that like we go
2986s away from like quality of life with
2988s something like that to
2990s it really does become this element of
2993s like
2994s undermining part of skill and part of
2997s the skill is that travel to a new area
3000s it's that feeling like you're in the
3002s wilderness because like some of them
3003s some of the areas do feel like you're in
3006s the wilderness and not the PVP
3008s Wilderness uh the Wilderness like in the
3011s real world I must clarify
3013s uh I do not feel at risk in the polar
3016s Hunter area like I do in the worldly
3019s um but yeah I think I think it is
3023s it's sort of antithetical to the skill
3026s to introduce deposit boxes of some kind
3032s we can look at systems for that later on
3035s I think if if it really is such a
3037s problem
3039s um I feel like we'll be
3041s approaching that we're already making
3043s like steps with with a meat pouch with a
3045s fur pouch and
3047s there's like
3050s I think it's the difficulty is it's like
3052s everyone just drops that stuff now
3053s because it hasn't got any value so it's
3056s not worth banking
3058s um
3061s and so I think it remains to be seen
3064s like if we end up in a position where
3066s like the hunter outputs are all so great
3069s that everyone wants to be banking them I
3072s think then we take a step back and we
3073s say okay can we add some thematic and
3076s appropriate tweaks here so that's a less
3080s disruptive
3081s activity
3086s yeah exactly
3088s um yeah I think yeah but like what other
3091s said the um the pouches do that I think
3095s and they do that pretty well so use the
3098s pouches use the pouches that'll be great
3101s um right I'm gonna move this up because
3102s I have realized in putting together the
3105s blog I think I missed something that we
3107s discuss and feedback
3110s um so I'll go into this question and
3112s then whatever you can answer it uh will
3114s the Trap storage include butterfly jars
3117s butterfly jars are used for Hunter so
3120s it'd be weird to include implying jars
3121s and Butterfly Nets but not butterfly
3123s jars
3124s and yeah we can put butterfly gels into
3127s the uh into the Trap storage or however
3130s we choose to do a trap storage
3133s um hopefully with a bit bear hunting we
3136s can you maybe might not need them
3139s um
3140s I think that like the current position
3143s for butterflies like whether or not we
3145s we buff them I say bath like tweak them
3148s uh as laid out in the blog like they
3151s actually are really interesting like
3153s additional XP while you hunt something
3155s else a lot of them are around where
3159s you're hunting like you they're Around
3160s The Deadfall traps they're around the
3162s pitfall traps
3164s um so like either having like the
3166s ability to get your like carry some
3168s butterfly jars with you so you can grab
3169s them as you go or allowing you to not
3172s need them again grab them as you go uh
3175s you can engage yourself a bit more by
3178s you know going and grabbing them you get
3179s a bit more XP like
3182s um I think uh yeah making encouraging
3186s people to hunt butterflies is
3189s anything we can do there really
3194s yeah yeah and on that note uh the thing
3197s that we discussed that I didn't include
3199s is that we want to pull the idea of
3202s giving you an option to catch I think it
3206s was implings
3207s without the inkling jar if I'm right oh
3210s yes yeah what what was it you can catch
3214s it in playing their handed
3216s catch an implant with a net and a jar
3218s you can't catch an impling with a net
3221s and then with your bare hands hold on to
3224s it and get it loot
3227s um yeah
3228s yeah so that's definitely one catch with
3231s a net and just
3233s that's quality of life you know somewhat
3236s skipping that release step if you know
3239s if you want to keep them bring jars easy
3241s peasy
3242s um if you have no interest in keeping
3243s them you're just catching them
3245s yeah I feel like it's way more difficult
3247s catching them in the net and then trying
3249s to put them in a jar and then as a mod
3252s Goblin put it negotiating with them
3254s afterwards whereas if you've got them in
3256s the net already you're already at the
3257s negotiating stage you don't you don't
3259s need to include a jar
3261s um so yeah we want to give you the
3264s option this is not to say that replacing
3266s will get removing the implant jar method
3269s but we want to at least hold the option
3271s to allow you to do it without them
3275s so yeah all right uh here we go let's
3279s talk Eagles next uh could we use Eagles
3282s carry out small jobs for us for example
3284s you could send your equal off to the
3285s bank with a pouch of things to deposit
3287s we'll talk about
3289s basically Hunter servants is that what
3292s we're talking about it smells like
3293s taming to me
3296s last I heard we didn't vote for that
3300s not my skill but uh I think that would
3303s be an interesting one I think
3305s that kind of ties into having deposit
3308s boxes in Hunter areas
3310s um
3311s it would be kind of cool
3314s it would also need like so many
3317s balancing ideas and like it would just
3320s be
3322s it would be complicated
3324s just on the idea of like okay where do
3327s you have this Eagle is it yours is it
3330s just around if it's just around why does
3333s it work for you if it's yours like is it
3335s following you like a pet like
3338s um
3339s I think yeah it's just that's a really
3341s cool idea but there are like so many
3344s considerations as to like how that would
3346s actually work in practice
3349s um but perhaps teleporting to a bank and
3351s getting back to the hunter areas just a
3353s quicker option
3359s yeah
3360s honestly I don't want this I don't want
3363s this is the cool concept but you know it
3367s feels too a bit too bit too easy and
3369s like whatever said the amount of
3371s balancing you'd have to do around it is
3372s insane
3374s so
3376s um okay we're going to do three more
3377s questions and then we'll we'll wrap up
3379s the stream
3380s um first off why would bear handing
3383s bare-handed catching moths be useful
3385s since we'd still need jars it's not like
3387s the implings where you might randomly
3389s come across one without gear
3391s so
3395s what's the best way to break this down
3397s if you bear
3399s with a jar
3400s I mean yeah fine you've grabbed them
3402s without a jar maybe you're carrying like
3404s a crystal Grail while you run around
3406s catching them for some entertainment
3409s um or you've got a leaks trophy you want
3411s to flex while you hunt
3413s if you are bear hunting them without a
3414s jarvo unlike use them to like
3417s immediately buff yourself that's got
3419s some really cool implications for
3421s Content like
3422s you imagine doing like some dungeon
3424s themed content where you can if you have
3427s the right Hunter level you can catch
3429s these moths and get like a little hit of
3431s prayer or a little hit of hit points
3433s like a quick little heel as you run
3436s um like some of the placements I'm
3438s looking at for these moths like moths
3441s like
3442s light they're kind of urbany
3445s um so they're going to be kind of close
3446s to things you're doing and like why use
3449s like an extra shark to make sure you're
3451s at full health when you could actually
3453s just bare hand grab a moth on your way
3455s through to the content or like between
3457s content
3459s [Music]
3459s um
3461s yeah
3462s I I think just like it has use to the
3466s individual with their handing and at
3468s least if you don't have jars on you
3473s awesome awesome thank you mother on that
3475s note
3477s do moth jars require accept a to be on
3481s we've not actually discussed this
3484s um
3485s I would have to look at what would be
3486s consistent with the rest of the game
3489s um
3490s my guess is that it would end up being
3492s yes
3494s um
3495s but that's how she don't I I'm trying to
3499s think if there's any way you could be
3500s you could grish with them I mean I guess
3502s if someone's using darox
3505s you could somewhat troll them by healing
3508s them up against their will
3510s um
3513s yeah that that's one I'd have to come
3515s back to the likelihood is you would
3518s oh yeah I don't actually know what would
3520s be because basically I don't know what
3521s would be consistent
3523s um
3525s and I'd be to look into it
3528s okay well you could you guys can let us
3529s know if you want except they don't know
3532s or off who would be interesting I
3534s suppose on that note whatever we should
3536s maybe quickly touch upon would ions
3538s benefit from somebody else's
3542s uh moth slash butterfly
3546s we're ions We Stand Alone
3549s um it's about that's about like
3554s it does there's not really
3557s um
3558s yeah there's not really like um
3560s an easy way to be like
3562s I am well okay there's an easy way to be
3565s ions affect other ions but
3569s I won't use I won't specifically use the
3571s Integrity word because I don't think
3573s it's an Integrity issue
3576s um
3577s but
3579s I don't think that there's like a huge
3582s gain to making this change where it's
3584s like oh actually irons are included in
3586s all of this where all the time they
3589s aren't by default so
3592s it may come down to discussion
3594s um
3595s and like finding out what you think is
3598s best as a team
3601s yeah yeah I think that's very fair
3604s okay I might have lied we're gonna do
3606s another question after this one but that
3609s is it
3610s you're not gonna sell for that much
3612s longer but okay so the first one is can
3615s we get even more uses of Furs it's nice
3618s that the outfits will have some use now
3620s and that the Furs can also make pouches
3622s these pouches let us hold more first I
3625s feel like we need something else on top
3626s for them why do I need to make a fair
3628s pouch why will I need tons of furs
3632s so
3633s it's yeah it's a it's a fair question
3637s um I think we can definitely add more
3639s uses for Furs if like that becomes a if
3641s that's a really dominant feedback Point
3642s like people really want us doing more
3644s with Furs other than making a new armor
3647s set
3648s potentially as a use for crafting your
3652s own camo I mean obviously like you can
3654s take them to people to make a camo but
3656s we've gone over this
3658s um
3659s and making pouches but like I don't
3662s think everything necessarily needs like
3664s 101 uses like would you actually use a
3668s dragon hide for you tan it and then you
3671s turn it into for the most part armor
3674s that you're either out or you sell
3677s um so really what are you getting out of
3679s dragon Heights you're getting crafting
3680s XP and a bit of gold
3682s and I think honestly we can at least to
3684s start with we can look to put Furs in
3687s that same position you're Gathering them
3689s because they're worth
3691s they'll be worth you know x amount of
3693s gold in crafting XP
3696s um or potentially just you know a decent
3699s amount of gold once you've crafted and
3700s out and
3702s um I think with the pouches as well like
3704s having this sort of multi-tiered system
3708s um
3709s for me I really like the idea that it
3711s gives value to the lower ones inherently
3714s like
3715s you can obviously you can sit at the
3717s ground exchange by all of the tier 2
3719s pouches and all of the Furs you need to
3721s craft them into tier three and that
3723s would be like really you know it would
3725s be great crafting XP depending on how we
3727s balance it
3729s um
3730s but what that also gives is it gives
3732s value to the people in the position
3733s where they can't craft the top tier
3735s pouch they could craft the middle tier
3737s pouch and then the same again happens
3739s for the people at the bottom
3742s um so you kind of lift everyone up
3745s with this sort of with the way the furs
3748s are at the moment which I think is
3749s really cool
3751s um you know you're rewarded
3753s for taking the time to craft even if
3755s you've got like 50 crafting then you'll
3757s get to 60 and whatever you'll unlock the
3759s next tier and all that
3761s um yeah you will need tons of furs
3765s if you want crafting XP it's the current
3767s position
3769s um and maybe you want to make a whole
3770s bunch of armor and just go like Risk to
3773s learn content with armor that you don't
3774s care about getting that
3779s cool awesome thank you mod over all
3782s right last question then
3784s which I think modhava asked if we were
3786s covering
3787s uh what would you think of adding a
3790s hunting style boss encounter
3793s oh yeah I mean you know
3797s ready
3800s I mean literally in my interview for
3803s this role I brought up hunting like a
3806s hunting star boss encounter
3808s um it is something that I have so many
3812s ideas for
3813s and I really am just like waiting for
3816s the right time you know
3818s um
3819s that's what I think of it I I think that
3821s if I was given the go ahead then I could
3824s produce just like that I've got a design
3828s um
3829s and I think it would be really healthy
3831s for the skill actually
3832s um
3833s I think Hunter
3835s what Hunter lacks really is a challenge
3837s curve and
3839s it's
3840s it's a gathering skill not every
3842s Gathering skill needs like a challenge
3844s curve but like Hunter sits in this weird
3846s spot where it's like you could fuse it
3849s with ideas of combat and give it this
3851s really satisfying
3854s reward for having a higher level
3858s um
3858s and that is really that is something I
3860s want to look at like we have a gathering
3862s skill that doesn't have
3864s a production skill paired with it
3866s and
3869s we should turn it from a gathering skill
3871s into like a really cool like hybridized
3874s skill that kind of sits like in its own
3876s category
3878s um but yeah just crossing counters
3881s fantastic they offer us so much leeway
3884s as well for making things that appeal to
3886s so many different people
3888s um and I really hope that going forwards
3891s you know I can find the time to do that
3893s whether that's like across game jams
3895s things like that like
3897s I'm fairly committed to at least getting
3899s designs in front of the team
3903s um yeah that's that's why I wanted that
3905s one like it's it's actually that's very
3907s personal to me is the idea of a hunting
3909s boss encounter
3911s um
3913s yeah yeah very committed
3915s I mean yeah if we get a chance to work
3917s on the chameleon idea we put across
3919s earlier then I am all for it
3922s oh yeah hell yeah all right uh with that
3927s let's go for the announcements and then
3929s we will wrap up and say goodbye so
3931s exclamation mark uh game update the path
3934s of Guthrie is now live this week's game
3936s update brings the newest quest for the
3938s gnome storyline and more so check that
3941s out with that command and along with
3943s that we partnered with our dear friend
3945s who each create this amazing trailer for
3947s The Quest so check it out of exclamation
3949s mark trailer it absolutely slaps who T
3952s always knocks it out of the park uh
3954s exclamation mark dead man the end is
3956s night dead man apocalypse comes to its
3958s epic conclusion live on Twitch this
3960s Saturday do not miss out tune in and uh
3965s enjoy the Carnage because it's gonna be
3967s great so you can check out all the
3969s details on the blog we released today
3970s through that and finally uh to wrap up
3973s everything we've talked about today
3975s exclamation mark Hunter to check out the
3977s original blog and the updated feedback
3979s blog with all of today's
3982s um
3983s feedback changes that are included in
3985s there and just to note
3988s check out the game update news post if
3990s you want to access the information about
3993s the game update fixes uh that we'll put
3996s in I read out at the start which
3998s includes information about shooting
3999s stars the poison way Spirit tree being
4002s moved and decentrizing griefing in
4005s Guardians of the rift
4007s um yeah well I will say thank you all so
4010s much for tuning in
4011s it's been a pleasure finally getting to
4013s talk about Baltimore for the first time
4015s you will see plenty Bala more
4019s coming soon
4024s I have mod spear putting his head in his
4026s hands next to me which is making it
4028s making me feel very very happy
4033s um so with that said mod other any other
4035s words before we uh apart from the Stream
4042s giving us feedback that's usable
4045s um we shan't publicize some of the
4047s incredibly funny but useless feedback we
4050s got
4051s um except shout out to the one person
4053s who responded to the survey saying
4054s something like don't do this I don't
4056s like Hunter uh congratulations sir uh on
4060s not liking Hunter hopefully this makes
4063s you like Hunter
4064s um
4065s and yeah um I know we didn't get around
4067s to discussing birdhouses but uh Over My
4070s Dead Body will I discuss birdhouses
4075s okay thank you very much I think people
4078s have had a uh hopefully they've had a
4080s good time they've had a good time and
4081s learned some new things and we've
4082s answered some questions so uh yeah with
4085s that being said I hope you all have a
4088s wonderful uh evening morning night
4090s wherever you are and you enjoy your
4094s weekend uh whatever it's full of so
4097s until then we shall see you soon and
4099s have a lovely day
4101s goodbye
4102s foreign
4104s [Music]

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