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Are they still banning the bots that are rampant in Prifddinas and Darkmeyer? Or have they accepted it's just a losing battle at this point?

Also, how are there so many bots with the required quests and stats to be in these areas? Taking the time to do all of that at the risk of getting banned seems like a massive waste of time and effort for these people, assuming they're banning accounts anyway.

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Originally posted by Fearless-Night8553

Each bot is a paying member and economic contributor. Jagex has no incentive to go after bots unless they see it as harmful to the integrity of the game. You'll even notice many bots go untouched because without them some resources wouldn't be harvest at the same rate they are consumed sky rocketing the prices.

You do know that in that last two years almost myself and Mod Trident have just under 10 million bans attributed to us and we're the newest two people on the team...

Member, non-member, ex-member... I don't really care, I ban if they're rule-breaking.