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So, I thought I would never write a reddit thread about this, but here I am;

An account I made yesterday was permanently banned for macroing. I know how these threads always go: "Remind me of smackdown" and "Just admit you botted lolol" and all of that. But truly, I did not even remotely break any rules. Used RuneLite downloaded via the OSRS website. Only plug-in activated (besides the stock ones) was quest helper. The computer also had a fresh install of Windows 10 since just few days ago. Account had 2FA and so on.

I made the account, traded over about 70m from my main to buy bonds, 80-ish prayer, 99 crafting and so on. Bonded up, trained prayer, started doing Wintertodt. Suddenly get logged and is now permanently banned.

Not only is it ridiculous that the ban description basically says "We have proof", but no proof or even an explanation is given. But the truth is that I had never botted or used any 3rd party clients (except RuneLite). Not on this account, and not on any other account. So I was literally banned for doing Wintertodt.

Now, I am bummed that I lost that 70m. But honestly, I'm just frustrated by the cheer injustice of a permaban for doing literally nothing wrong, with nothing but "Trust me, I'm Jagex" as "evidence" for my ban. And it seems unfair that even though I appealed the same hour as my ban happened, the FAQ page says that the ETA is 10 days.

TLDR: Was banned on a less than 24hr acc while doing wintertodt. Not even remotely sure how it could have been seen as botting.

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Got an in-game for the account?

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Originally posted by CleanedSkiller

Please can you review mine too, maxed main 5k hours played, randomly disconnected whilst at thermi. Account name: Mike Yo

Thank you very much

Mike Yo

Ban is correct