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I dont get it ,was banned for botting even though i never broke any rules or botted and it says i did it on a day that i was activley playing the game Is this just a faulty ban or was i hacked..?

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I can have a quick look if you provide your display name

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Originally posted by dmmnoob

RSN: "Souls battle".

I was falsely banned and would appreciate a response.

Feel free to smack me down. I truly have no idea what the anti-cheat team thinks I did.

It's been 5 months and I have not received any response from you.

Have some empathy.

Souls battle

Pretty sure someone replied to this. Real world trading, ban correct.

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Originally posted by WeakM1nD

Rabbit 07, omg ty ive been only using hdos these past month idk if that matters

I have unbanned you.