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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hi everyone I'm Zoe pancakes bringing
3s you the newest old school RuneScape
5s weekly recap this week brings a ton of
7s exciting changes and announcements to
9s look forward to so let's get into it
11s last month you voted on the latest
13s quality of life poll poll 77. if you
16s missed it the link to both the blog and
18s the results will be listed in the
19s description this week rolls out a bunch
21s of those changes so let's peruse shall
24s we
25s look I know how it is you've green
27s logged nearly every boss but there's
29s just one drop you can't seem to get your
31s hands on well worry not the rate of the
34s jar of Darkness from scatizo has been
36s changed from 1 in 2500 to 1 in 200. this
40s rate is much more reasonable to be in
42s line with the jars of other bosses so
43s hopefully you should be able to show off
45s your demon slaying prowess in your play
47s around house soon
48s I'm a bit disappointed to report that
50s the sandwich lady is getting a bit sick
52s of you all dismissing her and as a
54s result the quality of her breads has
56s gone downhill if you're a collection log
57s enjoyer however there is no need for
60s disappointment you now have a 1 in 64
62s chance to receive a stale baguette
64s whenever the sandwich lady offers you a
66s baguette I guess that's a fair enough
68s trade have you ever wanted to head to
70s zolra or vorcath on your Iron Man only
73s to realize you're out of Anti-Venom
74s pluses but you have a massive stack of
76s Unfinished torso potions you wish you
78s could use yeah I haven't either but it
81s uh happened to my cousin friend
84s anyways you can now turn unfinished
86s torso potions into anti-venom plus
88s potions
89s this change is for all my friends who
91s are so excited to unlock that beautiful
93s Arty cloak fairy ring combo only to find
96s out that the fairies strategically put a
98s tree in the way to make your life a
99s little bit harder but worry not the guys
102s hanging out around the Tower of Life
103s have been temporarily employed to clear
105s some of the overgrowth you can now
107s access the fairy ring without having to
109s run all the way around and while we're
111s at that fairy ring mono we punch in diq
114s real quick and see some of the changes
115s made to play around houses
117s let's take a trip to the armor room if
120s we open up the armor case you'll find
121s that non-uim players can now store as
124s many mining gloves as you'd like uims
126s will have to do a bit of Marie condoing
128s though as they'll only be able to store
130s one pair of each of the mining gloves
132s now if we take a look into the magic
134s wardrobe you'll see a brand new spot for
136s the fish sack Barrel so you'll no longer
139s have to pick between keeping your
140s storable fish stock and upgrading it to
142s something more useful and that wraps up
144s all the changes from poll 77 this week
146s the team hopes to have all of the
148s changes from this pole out by Christmas
150s so keep your eyes out for those in the
152s coming weeks and speaking of Christmas
153s employees around gilinore have taken
156s down the Halloween decorations and are
158s taking a few weeks off before prepping
160s for the rest of the holiday season they
162s seem to be a bit understaffed though
164s because they left quite a mess behind
166s zaf Superior staffs if for any reason
170s you're looking to reassemble a
171s terrifying charm feel free to rummage
173s around in those stinky pile here till
175s you find what you're looking for
176s a couple weeks ago the team sent out the
179s annual survey these surveys include a
181s whole bunch of questions like what you
182s enjoy doing in old school RuneScape what
184s you'd like to see in the future and your
186s thoughts on some upcoming ideas if you
188s completed the survey you are entered
190s into a prize draw the winners have been
192s selected and are listed here
194s congrats to everyone who won and thank
195s you for filling out the annual survey in
198s case you missed it the team recently
200s polled A mysterious new quest which most
202s players supported being introduced into
204s the game as part of the poll you voted
207s in favor of a repeatable soloable boss
209s available after the quest if you're
212s curious about the potential rewards and
213s you want to say and what this boss could
215s offer check out the poll blog Linked In
217s the description
218s the poll is out now so make sure you
220s read up on it before voting
222s while that Quest is quite mysterious
224s what's not a mystery is the time and
227s date of the first ever winter Summit the
229s team has held summer Summits in the past
231s where the J mods come together to
232s discuss some larger content releases you
234s can expect to see in the coming months
236s this is the same but the wintryer the
240s summit will be held on Saturday December
242s 10th on the old school RuneScape twitch
244s Channel and will be hosted by mods Aiza
246s and Kieran mark your calendars alright
249s this announcement is Turbo exciting you
251s may be familiar with evscape's Battle
253s Royale a Creator run event featuring
255s many familiar faces going head-to-head
257s in an epic battle across gilinore and
260s for the first time ever old school
262s RuneScape will be sponsoring the event
263s here's a bit of the initial teaser
265s trailer
269s foreign yeah I know exactly that's what
272s I'm saying like every year the Battle
273s Royale is like bigger and better in the
275s last time like ten thousand dollar
276s prizable last year we're gonna need to
278s beat it this year like you're the man to
280s help us out we need some more support
281s like what are we gonna do
283s you're right I know just the people we
285s need yeah who
289s yo what's up Evie you know what I've
291s been thinking yeah we could probably
292s help with this maybe just a little
294s retweet here or there perhaps or
297s maybe there's something more that we can
298s do let us know what you're thinking and
300s I'll uh try and make it happen
304s and keep an eye out for a cinematic
306s trailer here on the old school RuneScape
308s Channel made by 2021's best osrs artist
311s golden gnome winner hooty Tootie make
313s sure you subscribe to the channel so you
315s don't miss it the PVP world Rota has
317s been moved to period B World 390 for LMS
321s competitive has been deactivated within
323s this Rota and the PVP arena is using
325s zerk loadouts and ranked duels and
327s tournaments this week
328s well that's about it for me this week
330s again I'm Zoe pancakes if you'd like to
333s watch me live you can do so by clicking
335s on the link in the description I hope
336s you enjoy your quality of life changes
338s and are looking forward to what's to
340s come have a great day and I'll see you
341s next time

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