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1s and we're live hello I am your host mod
4s gambit welcome to this week's old-school
6s Q&A I'm joined on the couch today from
8s your most hearin all right Liam and on
16s my regrets so I'm on row and ma - hi
23s Bonnie
25s okay hello welcome to this week's
30s old-school Q&A I am your host mod gambit
33s and joining me on the couch this week we
35s have mods Kiran you're right munroe and
38s ash I noticed it's absolutely fine so
47s usual announcements and reminders
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66s months of membership its exclamation
67s mark win razor with an e - so just one
72s announcement before we move on I
76s mentioned a couple weeks ago on the QA
79s actually I think we had you doing your
83s farm little mod searcher came on a
90s couple weeks ago over there now saying
93s that there'll be an opportunity for some
94s of us and francisco-based players so if
97s you're in the Bay Area of San Francisco
99s check your inbox messages in-game and
103s your email from us it's like four
105s messages from us about an opportunity to
108s help us out in early April we can't go
112s into too much details about what we'll
113s be discussing and getting opinions on at
115s this time but we'll be looking for some
117s player feedback on well a certain
120s initiative that we've got going
122s essentially so yeah check take your
126s messages from us on Friday for those
131s that's all I'm going to touch on that
133s for the time being I believe we have
137s some numbers to show you from mod Kirin
140s relating to K boss and drop rates and
143s all sorts of juicy things like that
146s Munroe yes we've got a couple of
152s pictures to show you and basically just
155s a lot of different drop rates for well s
159s pori alchemical Hydra the slur creatures
161s and the firing pet for all the different
163s patches as well excellent
165s so mod John could you bring up the first
168s picture of the alchemical Hydra please
169s yeah so there's our chemicai drop rates
173s and the only thing to note here is that
177s when you roll the dragon throne axes
181s down through to the crimson ring piece
183s you only roll the one afterwards if you
186s don't get that roll so if you don't get
189s a dragon throne at night axes or knives
191s you get and you then can get Heidrich
193s law and so on basically and ever the
196s other drops are all additional drops
198s such as the jar chemicals they're Hydra
200s heads and the pet so they get
206s screenshots now quickly posta alright it
208s yeah pretty much can we show the yes
211s sporty one next so hey this one's really
216s quite straightforward and you want the
218s compost buckets 135 and we give you
222s quite a lot of white lily seeds when you
224s do get them as well and the pet chance
226s is also there which a lot Bob one might
231s not be the easiest to see actually look
233s at it but at level 99 it sees a 1 in for
237s 5 to 5 any thoughts so far in the drop
242s rates well I mean that's quite a rare
246s pet chance
247s compared to other but the thing is a pet
252s spory it's not like it's the only where
253s to get it it's not that house boy pet
254s right it's a farming pet so you can like
256s you can be doing trees you're gonna be
258s doing see we you can be an x-point all
259s at the same time so yeah it's a little
263s different or like just the high
264s it's 1 in 3,000 for this in fact for us
266s I saw people asking when the thing first
269s came out was whether the bottomless
270s bucket
271s was you know quite rare cuz they managed
274s to get two of them already and they'd
275s only been playing for a few hours and I
278s was that I guess it really isn't that
281s rare I mean that the problem is is that
286s it's not it's quite different robots
289s that you can just conventionally grind
290s so normally you know you're gonna do a
292s boss 50 times an hour or whatever this
295s boss you gonna wait for it to grow every
297s single time so if it was something more
299s akin to 1 in 200 you might be looking at
302s a year together to get the drop and so
306s it's reasonable what if they fight when
309s it's like yeah of course once every 2
311s days or so whatever it takes on the
312s topic of the farming Pet me reminds me
315s of a suggestion I saw I did not include
316s in the questions but because he's come
318s up a sort of suggestion which was in the
321s same way you can change the appearance
322s of the mining pet what about something
325s similar for the farming pet where you
327s use tree roots on it instead what this
329s video is for cover just to change the
331s appearance or the color in some way if
333s you can't think walking around with the
334s magic sparkles on it that would be
336s really really awful actually but maybe
339s you'd like it mmm I know there is
342s there's one more picture to show with
344s all the drop rates for the new farm
347s patches so the pet truck chance from
349s each of the new patches yeah so whoa
352s yeah there's a lot of numbers on this
355s one basically but so that's all the new
357s patches we added and the base chances
360s and the chance at level 99 for the pet
363s potato CAC is a good abbreviation spud
366s characters white 1/5 and even better
368s yeah maybe spot isn't universal slang
372s for potato I don't know hmm does that
375s mean the redwood tree is the best chance
377s out of everything in the farming site is
380s the best individual chance
381s publicly takes 3 hours to grow these
384s should be mostly in line with existing
386s patches that takes all the times to grow
388s yeah when I was looking at the numbers
390s that seemed to with the time for growth
392s the numbers seem to match up with
393s everything else so yeah well of all of
396s the skill pets filing for
397s just wanta balance get the right phone
400s numbers on it yeah the last information
404s we've got is basically it's to the
406s bottom of there and so for a second
409s loudly take notes yes not very good
415s first off we'll go with the aerial
417s fishing so we got the golden ten chance
419s you want to go with that one key Oh God
422s God I wanna do a reveal sorry
425s aerial fishing you have the golden tent
427s you also have the pet chance the golden
430s hen any guesses when he guesses in the
431s chair get your numbers in I mean I think
436s people had a good idea what the Hydra
437s chopper eight was but numbers of flight
439s 173 get good show definitely not you
444s know I did know that I forgot again
446s you guys trivia right well it's 1 in
449s 20,000 I have seen some people saying
451s one in 20k so it's good guess
453s bingo you don't do the pet yeah and so
458s for the pet chance we have a bass chance
460s of six hundred thirty six thousand eight
462s hundred and thirty three which at ninety
465s nine gives you a one in six hundred
466s thirty four thousand or so chance to get
469s it it's that cat for a success yeah
473s would per capsule basically any time you
475s catch it and then for worms we have a
479s dragon heart Putin is the one in two
482s thousand on task with one in ten
484s thousand if you're off task so unique so
486s five times rarer off task for that and
488s the Dragon Sword is the same as that and
491s then for Drake's we have Drake Claus 105
495s twelve on task and one in two five six
498s zero off task and the same for the Drake
500s tooth and the dragon thrown axes and
504s dragon knives are one in 2k for all the
506s creatures and one in 10k off task and
510s the worms will give 75 to 150 of those
515s every time you hit the table the drakes
517s give a 100 to 200 every time you hit it
520s and the hydras give 200 to 400 I'm
523s thinking if you want to tweak that a lot
525s when you finished here like
528s I'm sure the wiki team on it as we speak
531s yeah I think I'll put out a bunch of
532s tweets with well those pictures and this
535s what I'm reading out just now in a nicer
537s format because I've seen what a few
539s people who may have misheard somewhere
541s ya know like apparently we said that
543s Letendre was one in 650,000 so Ted was
548s that they're rare than worse yeah that's
551s a lot of tension people been getting
552s yeah and the final thing is the normal
556s hydras have a 1 in 1,000 chance for the
560s tail on task 2 105k off task and the
564s brimstone ring piece so any of an
566s individual ring piece is one and 360 on
569s task and one in 1800 off task so yeah
572s that's all the drop rates for Kaos if
574s we've missed any let us know and we'll
576s pro I'll probably tweet them out later
578s on as well enjoy there we go I could
581s keep going back to ask you about the
582s table drop rates that's the next thing
586s is now suppose any plans to release
589s those queue one day this it's worth I
596s don't mind confirming for people don't
598s always know what the MVP flag is all
600s about so rather like in chambers of
603s Zurich where your contribution to the
606s party counts towards your chance of
610s being the unique recipient at the end if
613s any uniques are given there's something
615s similar going on in the table where you
619s know you die a lot you're less likely to
621s be there than the unique recipient you
623s contribute well you don't die look
625s you're more likely to be the loot
626s recipient the MVP doesn't get a bonus on
631s top of this then be the MVP flag is just
634s the way we mark which of those players
637s has the highest chance it doesn't
639s necessarily mean it's a lot higher there
641s for an outsider so there's five of us in
643s there and we'd all got the same chance
647s except one person who'd got double the
649s chance because they've really been
651s contributing more and F what else had
652s been dying and they never did then we
656s know that's only six shares that
657s person's got well two and six chance of
660s being the loot recipient
662s we'd therefore flag them as being the
664s MVP but it doesn't mean that they're
667s necessary gonna get it that's on the 50%
669s so more than half the time the Luke
671s won't go to the MVP but they've got a
674s better chance than the rest of those
675s people with who'd only got 1 in 6 chance
677s each anywho that's how every that's what
680s I'm VP is I think it was your idea to
682s reveal who it was this sure got a lot of
684s attention since we did it out of the I
687s think you won their posts that's in the
690s first two the rails after lunch
692s yeah probably put it up sorry about the
697s breathing by the way I'm not well if
702s unless anyone has something more to add
704s I guess we move on to the questions
706s the first one was one that's been asked
708s inspire several of you regarding PvP
711s which I think we also address or at
715s least touch on so the question is can we
718s look at the polling system in regards to
719s PvP it's often the case that great
722s potential improvements are often shot
723s down by non PvP players so I suppose my
728s my response to that for the time being
730s is we're aware of the problem we know
732s it's something that does happen and that
735s the PvP community feels like well you
738s feel like you've missed out on quite a
739s few things because of this we are aware
742s of it and thinking about ways around it
745s whether that be targeting polls towards
748s players to engage in PvP or things like
751s that but it's not necessarily easy to
753s fix just for the simple you know the
757s simple reason that some people who might
758s want to engage in PvP in the future
760s should they be included or excluded from
762s from that sort of targeting we're not
764s sure but these are the things were
765s thinking about no it's actually worth as
769s an investigator even confirm that is
771s indeed the effect that is non PvP
775s players voting no we can look up you
778s vote and we can actually analyze okay
780s the people who've got a lot of kills and
782s Daniel no how did they vote in
783s comparison to those who didn't and for
785s an example let's confirm we're actually
787s judging it correctly as well yeah make
790s the right call go oh yeah oh something
792s wanted to address so into the
795s questions then who Lebec that's how I'm
798s gonna pronounce it asked if we can add a
801s counter to minigames to show how many
803s times you've played when we did the
807s pest-control counter recently so for the
811s games that have a very clear definition
814s of having played that's fine for castle
817s walls where you can go in and out of a
818s particular session essentially that
821s would be a little bit harder but I
824s expect it could be done in principle
826s especially as most games really do have
829s a definitive start and end and don't let
831s you go in and out like a yo-yo yeah
834s lot of yo-yos go in and out what does AJ
841s wants to know when we can expect the
842s graceful outfit rework which has been
845s discussed a couple times so I think it
847s was your idea
847s multi keyring where we would have each
849s piece give a little bit of the bonus
852s rather than the whole set so are we
855s planning to do that anytime soon are we
861s so so the grace will set so we've talked
866s about breaking down its set effects into
868s individual pieces so that so you wear it
869s just the cape and the top you would get
871s X amount rather than write either the
874s full bonus or not code DT now if they
876s wanted it they don't seem to think they
877s do so far in the chat interesting I mean
880s it's been very popular in the past so
883s interesting that the chat would be
884s vehement he's saying no at the moment
885s ladies have a vocal minority and they'd
888s like to strawpoll it's yeah we can do
891s all I believe least row caught it before
892s happy to do so again if if what Bruno
895s who's on chat will kindly do that for us
897s um the same player AJ has asked another
901s question which is can the Ivan staff
903s received the Trident treatment whereby
905s the Dark Mage would require gpn runes to
908s charge it and then it can automatically
909s cast hyebin's blast how we'll pay you
913s would it be it would be very strong I
915s feel the vibin staffs already one of the
917s more cost-effective ways to get a high
920s damage expel for a low level or low to
922s mid level players okay and personally I
926s wouldn't be willing to do this really
929s okay Nicolette order cashed no cannot
933s castle what's the difference
934s it would be like charging you know
936s giving the charges to the staff you were
938s no scarrans with you anymore
939s well okay so it sounds like it's maybe
942s not that okay though the only difference
944s is you have to send it over the
945s autocrats first which with the changes
947s are going out this week you're gonna
948s bill to see if the auto setting yeah I
950s suppose they don't actually going out
953s this week well oh yes good point yeah it
957s didn't quite pass testing we're having
959s another go for hopefully next week yes
961s sorry probably the best that it didn't
963s go out giving it then fell testing yeah
965s it's just just to clarify for anyone who
967s doesn't know the change we're discussing
969s is allowing magical weapons like staves
971s and ones to remember which spell you set
974s is the auto cast so after switching you
976s switch back and you'll still have the
977s same spell I believe that's yeah that's
980s the change there's also the very similar
983s change involving the combat style of
985s other weapons yes that one's not coming
989s out either kisses who were kind of
990s intertwined so they'll come together
992s hopefully next week yeah we put some of
996s the things from the skilling poll in
997s this week's update to make up for those
999s not being in but it is worth reviewing
1002s that question in light of that change
1004s that actually making the evans thing
1006s act like a trident is probably doesn't
1008s really do much well they've pointed out
1010s the best you could imagine it means that
1012s you can use a spell when you're on that
1013s spell book
1014s yeah the trident oh that is an excellent
1016s point yes and also you need the runes
1017s new inventory yeah know that suppose
1020s yeah okay so probably not looking to
1025s buff the eivin staff is the at the
1027s bottom line there I reckon Chronos asks
1032s well they say I was assigned 165 blue
1035s dragons in the catacomb the other day
1037s mod Munroe speed a brutal blue dragon
1041s fire by Kona on my level sunburn amount
1044s because Bruce with dragons are the only
1046s blue dragons found there this seems like
1049s a high number are we willing to adjust
1053s it's probably more that it doesn't look
1056s at the combat level for that we're
1058s changing it so that it does then in that
1060s case perfect so yeah - a lot of brutal
1067s dragons so yeah it's because the blue
1070s dragon task does seem to assign a lot
1072s that said I haven't seen anyone who can
1073s kill them complain about the quality I
1075s have however seen people complaining
1077s that they can't kill any well that it
1079s takes them a blinking long time to kill
1080s one or two so hopefully the combat level
1083s change you'll make it enough I think
1084s that would be a big it's not that I can
1087s really dress it yep cool so we have an
1092s image for this next question which I saw
1095s if we could bring that one up so this
1099s question from Ruby Rupert is what do you
1101s think about a mutagen esque drop for the
1104s alchemical Hydra which would which could
1106s be used to recolor the dragon hunter
1107s Lance and ferocious gloves I think these
1112s look wicked personally he's very much so
1116s yeah but I'm already annoyed that I did
1119s all my Hydra kills before the head but
1124s there's two options here if like we
1130s could add them as drops to the outcome
1132s like a Hydra or we could add them to the
1134s clear drop table or something like that
1135s instead because we already do have a lot
1138s of our ornament kids these are
1140s essentially a form of ornament kit yeah
1142s on Glee scrolls so I don't know it's up
1146s to players what do they want please or
1149s alcohol hydrate but I like the idea and
1152s in of itself any any opinion on these
1155s ash I'm not a people person but see if
1158s they like the look of it that's good
1161s so we seemed generally keen on the on
1164s the idea but we'll have to it sort of
1167s investigate the best way to include them
1168s if we were to for that be clues or
1170s actually on the hydras table itself so
1174s the straw poll results are in about the
1175s graceful set effect and surprisingly I
1178s must admit I have a little bit thrown
1180s off by this
1181s so we asked woods you like all graceful
1183s pieces to offer the same set effect
1185s percentage rather than diff
1186s the mounds based off which pieces I
1188s locally are slightly the question yeah I
1190s think we've missed where did the
1192s question a little bit any chance we
1194s could do that again my brunette I think
1196s we should ask how should we phrase it so
1201s if you wear Park part of the grateful
1204s set should it apply part of the gristle
1206s set effect essentially okay right now
1210s you have to work with every single piece
1211s mm-hmm all right in the meantime SPO has
1216s asked if anything will ever be done with
1219s the frozen door in the God Wars dungeon
1224s so in Bamiyan potentially but anything
1234s we do with it but its index so it'd be
1236s very cold toilet open it right now we
1241s did open drift in this already back it
1243s will do a lots of necks in chat but I
1245s don't know if we'd want to go down that
1247s route necessarily I'd looked at the bot
1249s the rewards very questionable mmm-hmm
1252s but yeah okay
1254s in terms of sorry just going back to
1258s that last question the sex it's it's I'd
1261s like to actually strop all that point
1262s about clues versus like I'm Michael
1264s Hydra for the drop table goes but we're
1266s a little more strong already so well we
1268s get this way I'll come back to him but I
1272s would actually love to offer the next
1273s boss itself at one point in our future
1276s but I don't think it should be a
1278s priority
1279s yeah well maybe even an old-school
1280s exclusive rather than next we could have
1283s our own sort of law driven driven boss
1286s behind that I know so like I don't
1288s really ever gain would ever want to see
1291s HP boost the armor coming to old school
1293s he was like incredibly powerful mmm-hmm
1296s but so we'd have to seek new rewards and
1298s that's what I think yeah yeah I believe
1300s the last time we sort of discussed a
1303s constitution sort of change it was I
1306s don't remember we did we discuss that
1307s for old school no thought about
1308s discussing I think I remember seeing a
1310s thing where the players were asked not
1312s so long ago about it and yeah
1315s down boat into oblivion essentially so
1318s they're quite keen to keep PHP system as
1320s it is well it's not like they loved it
1321s my first time they got it
1325s grandmaster clue asks can we allow
1327s players to attach the hoods of their
1329s skill capes to the capes to create a
1331s hooded variant it's been a while but
1336s this used to be after every week pretty
1338s much yeah it's the graphics work to do
1343s it is you know not major yes but there's
1347s a significant other death work
1349s associated with it right because we'll
1351s need to let you what firstly it's easy
1355s if you're willing for us to get a rid of
1357s hoods and make all skill kits have the
1359s hood attached where you can't put it up
1361s if you wanted that we could do that what
1363s about a right-click but I don't think
1365s you want that so the option to toggle it
1367s yeah yeah pull it up or down that's
1369s where the heavy def work is basically
1371s okay I see
1374s I think we would what it is a toggle
1377s imagine so yeah so it seems possible but
1380s yeah lots of work behind it it sounds
1385s yes so we've rephrased the poll to say
1389s the Trop old to say if you were part of
1391s the graceful set should you be given
1393s part of the set effect per piece
1395s sixty-three percent of the chat part in
1397s favor a lot more and what remained is
1400s saying no yeah it's been more positive
1403s in the past i mean we're still
1406s considering it i believe it's in the
1408s backlog she maybe even one of our
1411s considerations for the last week of
1412s whole month i'm not mistaken
1414s it's part of a bigger problem right this
1416s is just one potential solutions but I
1417s still think we run energy is a problem
1419s in our game just some degree right
1422s grateful there's a lot to solve it and
1423s obviously buying stamina portions pretty
1425s much wherever you go as well but pretty
1428s much the first thing people do when they
1430s start on the account if you know what
1433s you're doing it's going to get 50 other
1435s gently so you can get your full grateful
1436s set before you do anything else
1437s yeah that's not great it's a good reward
1441s I don't see but this way you allow
1443s people to get at least a partial benefit
1445s by 20 or generally
1447s and then obviously by that I get 50 it's
1450s great but it means the game was a little
1452s bit more bearable the early early levels
1454s mm-hmm yeah we had a discussion I think
1457s a couple weeks ago I think a sheet of
1460s yourself was still Kieran talking about
1462s sort of potential options for resting or
1466s something like that which having it
1469s I mean resting is one thing but even
1471s then it's not great no one actually
1474s likes to stop and rest
1475s ya know you want to crack on I mean
1478s you're not and but even then I'm
1480s thinking about free-to-play as well
1482s right this doesn't solve anything for
1483s free play graceful you join as a new
1486s player which we have a lot of new
1487s players coming into the game through
1489s mobile it is frustrating you all know
1492s how frustrating is hence you spend
1493s thousands on stamina portions I heard
1496s one suggestion I've done if we discussed
1497s it before and it was sort of a bonus
1501s whereby if you're running on a beaten
1504s path so say between cities rather than
1506s cross country that your run energy goes
1510s down at a slightly slower rate I'm just
1513s to make that a bit more
1514s I do like idea that paths means
1517s something rather than just being a bit
1519s of ground Accord or somebody put there's
1523s an interesting idea but I'd love the
1527s community to be thinking about this and
1528s if you've got ideas of how we can better
1531s improve the run/walk energy system I
1533s would love to hear it I just saw a fast
1536s travel in the chat that's that's called
1538s teleporting my friend so I'm gonna move
1541s on to we chillings question who wants us
1546s to buff gaining lova kane favor
1548s they say that mining volcanic sulphur
1550s and making dynamite is too slow compared
1552s to the other houses well hopefully it's
1555s a lot less pressing now that you
1557s basically do it once when it's done but
1559s I do know that law of a king is still
1561s not as good as the others so I wouldn't
1564s mind Riya brushing it it would be faster
1566s than the sulfur place I think the sulfur
1568s might be improving the software wouldn't
1570s be the bad because I think you have to
1572s do that to 15% before you can I think
1575s that's thought Peter is it not what's
1577s that city yeah
1579s their cities favors that are pushing the
1581s plow yeah
1583s but the I think it's gated software for
1586s lubricating so I did not too long ago
1587s mm-hmm and after that it's not too bad
1590s when you can make the armor and use the
1592s minecart contracts so the later stages
1595s all right but for potentially making the
1598s earlier stages faster it's not a bad
1600s idea honestly now yeah ten thousand
1603s really crafting experience probably
1604s efficient the fact that they do you have
1608s to do it once means it's not quite such
1610s the end of the world if the thing they
1612s did once was rind and then they get the
1615s reward for having done it
1616s [Music]
1618s alright I'll move to the next question
1620s which is from ninja waffle that's just a
1625s quick quick note obviously we couldn't
1627s do the usual QA stream last week so I've
1630s taken questions from suggestions from
1633s last week as well as this so that's the
1636s yeah well this question is a little bit
1637s dated by a week we chill enough sorry
1650s ninja waffle asks when can we expect the
1653s post Kaos launched changes which were
1654s polled to be added into game I'm excited
1656s for the seed vault to be released I'm
1658s pretty sure every other thing on that
1660s pull is out apart for the seeds or
1662s apartments which is what I'm actually
1663s working on at the moment
1664s talk about your seed vault sir yes so
1667s the seed vault is in the early stages of
1670s being created you can add seats to at
1673s the moment but you can't get back right
1674s now which is an item yeah yeah for
1678s expensive seats specify the pour that
1683s you could take them out again but yeah I
1686s think it's just somewhere to store seeds
1688s that we've pulled yeah yeah great yeah
1693s so yeah I currently working on that and
1694s it should hold for be quite soon
1696s I think but he's good yep no more
1700s freeing up more backspace soon yes oh
1703s yeah hopefully you understand it's a bit
1704s of a bigger task then done changing I
1707s don't Alex a heads drop to the cut so
1709s there to the Hydra this is basically a
1712s mini Bank
1713s it's a pleasure a bit disappointed not
1715s to get that one the immediate they
1717s immediately in the first they straight
1718s after the polls so let's see what they
1721s do like the content to come yeah support
1724s Monday and you get your seed vault by
1726s the Thursday that'll be nice yeah so I
1729s see it suggestion in the chat about
1730s adding saplings to it it's something
1732s that we're aware of that we would like
1734s to do but after I will have to stick it
1736s on another poll at some point to just
1738s add some links to that and I think also
1740s it would be worth not padding out the
1742s feature with more and more and more in
1744s its so that it never comes out at all
1746s yeah sure so answer the question
1750s everything from that post car boss
1752s launch poll blog is out now Massey fault
1756s which is coming very soon courtesy of
1757s Maude Monroe Josh asks what in-game
1763s goals to each mod on the sofa have
1765s accepting mod Bruno whose actual on chat
1768s because obviously he can enjoy the game
1769s now being max know what girls and game
1773s what goals in game do we have
1775s I've just finished $6.99 s and the last
1779s week's hours of work oh yeah I got a I
1785s got a nice lair I got 99 strength 9 HP
1790s my own ranged mine and magic mile and
1792s prayer all done
1794s and so the only two combat stats i've
1797s got left or attack in defense and i did
1800s it office lair but now I'm allowed to do
1802s nightmares and cuz I did Slayer first so
1804s I'm training the rest of attack and
1806s defense which are both in my attacks
1808s nearly ninety nine ninety six or about
1810s my defenses eighty eight so I'm gonna
1812s nightmares oh and those and then my next
1815s goal will be to get ninety herblore
1818s so I can do uploads very nice making
1821s good progress
1821s I hope was 87 so maybe there as well
1823s it's pretty good my goals not quite as
1827s what I've done that it's not quite as
1829s impressive as that but I'm currently
1832s working towards a complete theater blood
1835s and completing challenge mode raids
1837s under the time we in a five-man party
1839s so no that's very nice very nice
1843s fighting this best time I have for all
1845s school is already spent either
1847s it's where gauging with the players in
1848s social that's fair myself I'm ashamed li
1853s actually doing max Mele before Slayer
1858s how are you doing that there's this some
1863s little-known methods
1865s sort of just okay here this yeah this is
1868s pretty good actually got a nice nice
1870s strength very recently the others soon
1873s to come once that's done I'll probably
1875s go for sort of base 70s I reckon and do
1877s I learn your talents are really in their
1879s flight resume it'll be interesting to
1882s see whether the updates we find
1883s ourselves pushing corresponds with the
1885s things where you've already got we
1890s change our priorities we know might
1892s resume next week for the gambit gambit
1902s boulder falcon asked if we can remove
1904s the tick delay when consuming barbarian
1906s potions to make them more like normal
1908s potions it's just the the fact they
1911s delay you eating other food items and
1912s stuff yes they did heal your HP that
1916s it's pretty much why they have to do
1918s that yeah otherwise they would suddenly
1921s add probably a little bit of a new meta
1924s to pvp where you can stack up that with
1927s your food although I mean you probably
1931s won't be I do brew as well
1932s right so it's a haps but I don't I'd
1935s really don't think it's something we
1936s should touch is it just one of those
1937s things where the tuning is so fine
1940s they've if we change it at all it will
1941s either become super strong or what you
1945s should be honest as well that I mean the
1948s healing what free health not much
1951s I don't hear a lot but it's not really
1954s content I want what they have to do it's
1959s clunky it's not great so try to fix it
1963s by just making them useful it isn't
1965s gonna make people enjoy it if if we're
1969s not massive fans of that particular
1971s content is there something we could
1974s consider doing to change that or are we
1978s not
1978s wanna focus on I think we ready to
1980s review the little hole and try to come
1981s up with a better useful them but I'm not
1983s sure there's even a space with different
1985s types of boardroom mmm okay that's fair
1989s we got the results back from that poll
1991s straw poll didn't we
1993s what was the other one we wanted to
1994s check is the the recolors for the dragon
1998s hunter Lance of ferocious gloves from
2000s potentially the alchemical hydro clues
2002s so could we quickly straw poll please
2004s mod Bruno if recolor options became were
2009s to become available for the dragon
2011s hunter Lance and precious gloves should
2014s these come from clear rewards or as a
2018s boss drop and we'll have that in chat
2021s soon so in the meantime magic 4 asks if
2029s we have plans to give rare and
2031s identified fossils from fossil Island a
2033s use currently they don't do much of
2036s anything
2037s Oh matt has it Israel writes quite an
2039s elaborate one hmm
2040s so elaborate that we weren't able to
2042s offer enough dev time to develop it at
2044s the time we still want it though in one
2047s form or another and I'm pretty sure
2050s she'd be enthusiastic about taking on
2051s that project
2052s I spoke to Mars and mod rock as well
2058s actually who who each had idea for um
2061s ideas for this this content so my
2065s understanding is mod mezes content was a
2069s boss and the idea is you use the the
2072s fossils to build different parts of it
2074s and based on the parts that you build it
2076s will have different abilities or skills
2077s and attacks that kind of thing which
2081s sounds amazing if there's interested in
2083s that then it could sort potentially rise
2086s in priority you stick a Hydra title
2088s totally it gets a whip them in various
2091s something along those lines and I
2093s believe
2094s mod rocks concept was you can trade the
2098s the fossils into an NPC who would then
2100s convert your Slayer tasks into an undead
2103s version so you'd go kill a sort of
2106s skeletal undead version of your Slayer
2108s task which would allow you to
2110s instead of skipping your tasks you still
2112s get an easier version but of the fewer
2114s points and experience I think that was
2116s the idea just a way to save points on
2118s cancelling Slayer tasks both I'm quite
2121s keen on both think of good the reason
2123s they just didn't come in at the time I
2124s understand was just graphics and dev
2126s essentially but uh yeah
2128s could revisit if if desired redacted
2134s says that there's a gap between what the
2136s players interpret as qual and what the
2138s mods are including in qual month can we
2141s clarify what is considered qual or if
2143s qual month will be changed to a small
2145s content changes month in future I would
2147s like the latter option because a lot of
2150s the requests that were sent in infer
2151s qual month were not quo and that gives
2155s the chance the choice of saying no we
2157s don't want to do that kind of thing that
2159s you want we're doing much smaller things
2162s of that all to rename what we're doing
2166s to sue what the players are asking for
2167s that feels like a better way to go
2169s especially as well the definition of
2175s quality of life has always been kind of
2177s back and forth over the years anyway and
2179s a lot of things that used to be the
2182s subject of polls players have
2185s occasionally accepted unfold all
2186s together like um clarifying text we used
2192s to actually pull things like that back
2194s in 2013-14 and players reasonably points
2197s out there is getting silly so yeah I
2201s prefer stew well retire qual month and
2206s see what might better suit what players
2209s are looking for after it instead sure
2212s and of course if the genuinely quality
2215s of life changes do keep getting
2217s requested which I'm sure they will then
2219s we can pull them like anything else yeah
2223s well there you go that's essentially our
2225s stance on the on the question I'm I'm
2230s off that was what I think I so much more
2231s appropriate way to handle qual month I
2233s think it's one of the main things that's
2235s been said by by you guys so far is that
2238s you know balancing and this kind of
2240s thing isn't a nap equal but then
2242s if that's not the point of the month we
2243s can we can arrange change it essentially
2247s so results from the latest straw poll
2250s are in we asked if recolor options were
2252s to become available for the dragon
2254s answer lands and ferocious gloves where
2256s should they come from 61% of you say
2259s they should come from clue Scrolls and
2260s the remainder 39% say the alchemical
2263s Hydra fur play yeah yeah please pretty
2267s strongly in favor of clues cross I think
2270s generally speaking adding Ottoman kits
2272s and that kind of thing the clue Scrolls
2273s is good because it just sort of
2276s riceballs meta is cosmetic rewards yep
2279s yeah and they'll come with hide rarity
2281s has a rather large mouth drops and
2283s uniques alchemical hydra drop clues a
2293s player whose username i chose to redact
2297s says so that there seems to be a gap
2301s between what the players interrupt just
2304s last question ignore me
2306s hex hunter asks is there any form of
2308s protection from typeless damage such as
2310s cabbage mages tar monsters and gore acts
2317s so no no things like um the players i
2323s think this is them but okay yeah the
2327s early yeah there's just this year
2329s bulwark probably does hmm okay so maybe
2336s he just this year and bulwark okay
2341s justice your protect based on whether
2344s it's slash they were questions so it's
2347s bulwark and earlier i think would we
2349s consider i'm adding something to help
2351s reduce that kind of damage maybe other
2354s stuff the point of those damage is that
2359s it's bypassing everything i and dragon
2362s fire yeah okay fair enough so the answer
2367s is there's not really a lot of things
2368s all reduce that damage and we don't
2369s intend I think the lorries at the time
2371s was that there's no pressure protection
2373s cabbage for the
2374s but like a niche but yeah and yet it's a
2377s kind of God mage it feels like it
2380s there's scope to I'm not sure whether
2383s what you should pray to for protection
2385s against Allah protect from cabbages hmm
2389s so madness suggests that we take the
2394s special attack energy icon next to your
2397s mini-map the little orb and we add a
2399s function to it similar to the prayer orb
2401s where you can click on it to activate
2402s your special attack
2404s this would make PvP on mobile more
2408s viable mm-hmm it's not related to the
2411s poll question yeah I saw that I think
2414s this was a suggestive board before the
2415s poll question but yes so for those of
2418s you that are interested in such a change
2420s we are pulling it but for non PvP only
2425s because we we don't want to mess with
2427s that
2427s essentially there would just be too much
2430s of a drastic change but yeah I think the
2432s way we pulled it is in any area where
2435s you can do it it'll appear as normal I
2437s think it's your suggestion - to have it
2438s grayed out where where you wouldn't be
2440s able to use it so it's quite obvious I
2441s figured if we were making it work in
2443s some places not others it should jolly
2444s well show you up front before you try
2446s clicking on it yeah so yes that's going
2450s to be polled soon it's worth this key
2455s missus I think we put on the repose
2457s thing because we offered something of a
2458s sort a very long time ago when we first
2460s got that orb I forget how long ago we
2463s were doing that but some outside players
2466s agreed they didn't want it to be
2467s clickable to activate your special
2469s attack button hmm we are open to
2472s offering this modified version that's
2474s got a less impact than what we often
2477s look at son see if that passes if not
2479s sure one let me know when is this block
2482s meant figuring it from the blog's out
2484s because if we discuss this in the child
2486s so for anyone who doesn't know the the
2489s latest cual month for week three Poe
2491s blog is out where we're rerunning past
2494s questions that didn't quite pass so you
2498s can see that that's what question number
2499s one that's right yeah I think we were
2503s gonna put that one on regardless of
2505s where the players mentioned it
2506s yep question number one make sure you
2509s check it out really important ditch the
2513s ditch yeah and I expect that where we'll
2520s go live on Friday so pending your
2522s feedback give it read let us know what
2524s you think paws gonna live on Friday
2526s closing on Tuesday if you guys to vote
2528s on over the weekend so ha baden-baden
2534s her bharden yep
2538s asks if the team has thought about an
2540s eastern lands expansion possibly with an
2543s introductory quest involving at corral
2546s new the character who has a katana that
2548s you interact with in ghosts ahoy imagine
2551s if we would we were very much started
2553s off with that guy but I've like from
2554s eastern lands to be honest
2556s we ain't quite finished the western
2557s lands yeah yeah so I was gonna sort of
2561s add my own little node to this they've
2562s got a lot to do with zaiah
2563s and Kay boss and her end in general
2567s before before we think about anything
2570s like that yeah but is this something
2572s we're open to so generally another sort
2574s of big scale expanding it's at some
2576s point you need new land to put new
2578s content on and they are as as much as
2582s they obviously had initial problems like
2584s I think know now reaping the benefits of
2587s the facts there exists K boss is wasn't
2589s really well you guys seem to really
2591s respond well to it but the storyline
2595s especially is allowed us to build a
2597s completely new story that obviously
2600s hasn't really got anywhere yeah but it's
2602s planted all the seeds for us to build up
2604s build out from that and that's I think
2605s where we're gonna be it's gonna get
2607s really exciting with the wrister zurich
2610s storyline etc mm-hm but it's a rather
2612s stuff hadn't obviously we can out raids
2614s to the core map but it's a lot of reduce
2616s the range of of a unique storyline at
2618s these new areas and once it fills there
2622s perhaps then we need more and we might
2624s look to do these to land on whatever
2626s foot well mod West's also been teasing
2628s at the kingdom of Allah more and I think
2630s we had it added to the pretty world map
2633s a picture I'm yet on the ground
2635s something's gonna be there a player
2637s referred to us
2638s doc south of the reeds one area I don't
2640s let stop that's a bridge to a place that
2642s hasn't been met yet
2643s yeah but of course you've got the
2645s existing man but it runs out of room and
2647s to edit it you also have to make changes
2650s to existing areas which people might not
2652s be on board with but you'd also want to
2655s overcrowd it
2656s I would who doing things towards the
2659s east of the game I'm sure there's some
2661s scope to play with metaphors it's kind
2663s of East yeah look at East açaí kind of
2666s who talks about going further east but
2668s especially that is also a good point on
2669s the topic of black squares on our map we
2672s have filled them in we don't many left
2675s we do we haven't done too many we have
2677s got too many left here we certainly
2678s filled the lesson control quest ended up
2681s yeah yeah the desert and then the myth
2684s skills to the theater of blood oh yeah
2688s with the temple which I would like to
2690s revisit that's the side of Easton yeah
2693s for sure
2695s when you say I'd like to revisit sleep
2696s what do you have in mind some content
2698s some more content yeah yeah so that your
2701s purpose
2701s yeah I mean it looks nice but there are
2704s characters in the area they are they
2707s doubtless have more stories to tell and
2709s if they don't yet they can it's not a
2712s very small place either that's also true
2714s that's a perfect place for what like a
2716s an individual quest that takes place in
2719s just a one town basically oh the local
2721s facility mm-hmm I say so I was like go
2724s to the high right port fast but us what
2726s port fastest you know like it's all
2731s about one quest that goes the high
2733s question that's pretty much all it's
2734s used to exist for obviously it feeds
2736s into the power quest from there but yeah
2738s yeah that's more accidents is your
2740s feeling L so this out of inconvenience
2743s and of course
2744s bone-crushing mmm okay so we are open to
2748s the idea for other expansions and
2750s actually I suppose the Greek renders
2752s acted is quite a nice experiment and
2754s learning curve how to introduce that
2755s sort of content but no plans in the way
2759s we're gonna finish what we started at
2760s first yeah yeah there's so much more we
2763s can do with what we currently have and
2766s mod West I think through as a design
2769s involving a desert treasure sea
2771s for quite some time ago why do some of
2774s the dungeons he pitched for that we then
2775s went in used in Dragonslayer anywho he
2780s can make more all right moving on pain
2783s one two three asks how the team feels
2786s about pet emotes even something as
2789s simple as the King Black Prince
2791s breathing fire or something like in
2793s Black Prince that's the name of the
2796s possibly Prince black dragon rather the
2798s hell did I call it a king black pretty
2801s Prince black dragons
2802s oh what a scarf but yeah but how do you
2806s feel about emotes for pets that well
2809s firstly if they are a scaled-down
2811s version of the boss
2813s we could probably quite easily get them
2814s to do the boss animations making custom
2818s emotes that's all waste of time
2819s hmm okay fair enough I noticed I know a
2825s lot of these pet related questions
2826s they're just well they're for
2827s customizing tool more customization
2829s options yeah oh yeah well some I would
2835s say some pets are certainly more
2836s desirable than others particularly ones
2837s that can come more from that kind of
2839s thing so if there are options to do that
2842s kind of thing and offer it we will but
2843s it's not always practical
2845s mm-hm Ian no viral says that trading in
2853s iron sheets in the Pisgah tourists
2854s fishing colony after swan song only
2857s rewards the player with 20 gold pieces
2859s per sheet good to see a modest boost to
2862s experience and/or gold while we could
2866s make a grinding activity out of that
2868s because if you've got some spare ones
2870s from the quest it seemed voice to let
2872s you get rid of them instead of having to
2874s drop them or help them get the cost of a
2877s net over nature room so no we're not
2880s really looking to make a thing out of
2882s that sorry someone in the chat last
2886s who's actually doing that content and
2888s they're early on
2895s gee be happy one a heck of a build they
2900s have a lot of fish yep that's it
2904s who else is probably not looking to do
2907s anything with that content a question
2911s from stable Orange is if warding the new
2915s skill passes will it be incorporated
2917s into the achievement Diaries and I'm
2919s gonna have my a little bit to the end of
2920s this which is when we also weave it into
2922s quest requirements and that sort of
2923s thing I mean obviously all schools never
2928s added new skills before but it's not
2929s something we've ever done with new
2931s skills and runes get before even in the
2932s past or old school like firstly we've
2936s never added new requirements through a
2937s diary which I don't you agree you want
2940s to go back on that you can't take the XP
2942s lamp away that people have already got
2944s and you can just get take the caper
2945s where the item itself so I think that's
2948s a harder one to approach anyway weaving
2950s new records into old quests like like
2952s ten people have already completed them
2954s and anyone who's done them in the past
2956s will log on with one warning and half
2958s the quest complete so it just doesn't
2960s make sense to take in a skill which
2961s isn't used in those quests and we've the
2964s limb sure take big Chompy bird hunting
2968s the quest that has the word hunting in
2970s the title so obviously the hunter skill
2971s should be related to it which came out
2973s of course a couple years after the quest
2976s came out when I called correctly that
2979s well we could have gone back and
2981s retrofit it so the people who done the
2983s quest still had but everyone else had to
2986s get hunter level to do it and I just
2988s never felt like a useful thing to have
2990s done to be honest and I don't see it
2992s being more useful with this one no so
2997s it's like new quests absolutely sure
3000s yeah stop building up the new quests
3003s starting of the requirements being
3005s fairly low and mourning and then maybe
3006s two years don't know we could start
3008s adding restore all requirements before
3009s them they could also quite useful EB ask
3012s a simple quest
3014s introduces it's not necessarily locking
3016s its off behind the quest but at least
3018s them guiding you through the process of
3020s doing it and helping some dude who's
3022s gonna help you and with your warding as
3025s a reward for it in the future
3027s a bit like the
3029s wolf-whistle quests in rs3 might do that
3033s did lock off something they didn't have
3035s to
3035s it's what I'm trying to avoid is
3038s something like druidic ritual which
3039s introduces the herb-lore skill by making
3041s you do something that's utterly
3042s unrelated to herb law I'd also very much
3047s like to avoid one that level to Europe a
3051s skill built wicked have to take you a
3054s lot of three there's a lot of exceptions
3056s you had to put in a row to work around
3058s that yep
3060s I'm cover the specifics then they sort
3063s of unrelated but isn't there a way don't
3067s somehow bottom line is some accounts
3069s have to her blog right how did that
3070s happen
3071s am i if we didn't put the request check
3076s on some content that gave her blue XP
3079s them that would very easily happen hmm I
3081s believe it was to do with exp lems I
3082s think it was through the pies the
3084s hurdler boosting pies or something they
3088s couldn't make this that stay after it no
3091s they you brew said oh they gave you some
3092s and then they could make party that was
3094s do it that was it but that was undone
3097s and required the quest layer yep I see
3101s moving on to captain readies question he
3105s asks if a new set of hair and beard
3108s styles can be added they reckoned that
3111s the current selection is too limited I
3113s know the artists would love to do this
3115s but it's and it's hard to find the time
3116s and once the time they're also spending
3118s working on the whole you know big
3120s at least like song of the elves I'm
3124s having trouble imagining how many
3127s interesting beards so game needs but I'm
3131s sure you'll be glad to send me pictures
3133s maybe your hairstyles perhaps as well
3135s that's maybe more useful yeah any any
3138s you take a look do we recommend mr.
3142s Ranger is alright we have killed your
3144s guns hair stuff I'm sure there's many
3146s many hairstyles we could possibly have
3148s any other particularly famous political
3151s leaders with striking hair I don't know
3153s mmm-hmm
3155s peon doesn't really have any a lot much
3161s oh I see man bun in chat that's an
3166s interesting suggestion the Abe Lincoln
3169s okay so maybe but probably not anytime
3172s soon given given up video artists so
3177s Morgan asks when a month sorry when is a
3180s monster's drop actually determined when
3183s it's borns or when it dies rings of
3186s wealth couldn't really be a thing
3188s because it would have to know upfront
3189s whether the person who kills it will
3191s happen to have one on I love gets so
3194s deep it as a question of Statistics of
3196s Random randomness or how this generates
3198s like if I die mid grad or kill somebody
3201s else finishes off my kill and they get a
3203s drop would I have got a drop if I didn't
3205s die I mean a coin I'm gonna flip it and
3209s I get heads but instead Kieran stole the
3213s coin off me he flipped it what's up my
3215s heads yeah yeah I mean in all honesty
3222s given that I don't know exactly how it's
3225s working but I imagine the seed is
3226s probably somewhat dependent on the
3227s current time yeah I don't think the
3232s random number generation is used by a
3233s lot more stuff than just picking numbers
3236s that will correspond to loot it's you
3238s know several times in every attack
3241s calculation by everybody and a lot of
3243s other processes besides across the whole
3245s game world the idea that some it's gonna
3249s be bad for just you specifically is kind
3253s of conspiracy theory level sorry my best
3256s the best comes racing back in the day
3258s were getting a getting a gem drop min it
3260s will drop reset and that's what if
3267s you've got a loot the world's gonna be
3269s dry for a while so you need to
3275s understand alright so I suppose from a
3279s sort of developer standpoint its some
3282s especially to have its generate on death
3284s rather than on spawn because that allows
3286s you to do things like manipulate with
3287s wealth just from a sort of coding
3289s perspective it gives you more power over
3291s him automates we could have requirements
3293s on getting a drop like the monkey
3294s madness to requirements on getting some
3296s of the dragon stuff yeah and having the
3301s NPC pick a random number in advance and
3303s remember it and then act on it later
3306s right is not all that useful
3310s now if players could find out what the
3312s number was through a spell baby then you
3315s can start getting some content and now
3316s suddenly like this before and I think
3320s there are some cases where you might
3323s want to free generate it when the player
3326s has to like no this is the one I cannot
3329s screw up this boss fight because if I
3332s teleport I've I died that's it that Lutz
3334s gone Oh something akin to that resting
3338s and it would have to be something where
3340s they can't just go in and out until the
3341s boss - exactly wearing the magic hat
3343s they're hoping so it's more like verdict
3345s would be a raid bosses perfect you've
3348s done them already to get to this boss
3351s and then there's something indicating
3353s straightaway it spawns could I drop
3355s something nice different right battery
3357s right after cups are there very
3358s carefully if you do that but I like the
3361s idea that you know this is a serious
3363s deal especially if you've lowered
3365s resources as well half HP no food left
3368s gotta kill it right we're approaching
3372s actually the end of the questions here
3374s so if you have any in chat don't forget
3377s to post them we're gonna ask the last
3379s one that I have here for the time being
3382s which is from elevant and they asked
3385s since the serpentine helm is now best in
3388s slot is it possible to introduce a blue
3390s recolor to the fire and infernal capes
3393s to match the lava in mount karoon the
3396s magma helm goes with these capes but the
3397s tanzanite version does not you know uses
3401s for the mutagens again like j2 saying in
3404s the chat hmm I must say I missed what
3408s day to sit in the a - J - J - but you
3410s get the idea about giving more uses from
3413s you - jeans because once you've got the
3415s things we colored already any spare
3417s mutagens you can alchemy
3420s so yeah they have no uses well I'm very
3423s cautious about adding cosmetics to fight
3426s yet so the firm like it yeah because of
3428s how iconic these items are I mean if
3431s somebody came up from that anyone was
3432s actually behind then yeah would consider
3437s I think but personally I'd like to keep
3439s any cosmetic upgrade to the inferno keep
3441s it down to our heart and we'll inferno
3444s that's fair enough I've also seen
3446s suggestions for um being able to use the
3448s mutagen on your blowpipe to change its
3450s color that I quite like yeah make some
3453s sense what it's worth when back in 2015
3455s when that first became a thing having a
3459s blowpipe we we had to decline at the
3463s time because takes quite a lot of death
3465s work to make new versions of items with
3468s that many features to them and there's a
3471s lot of code on blow pipes because yeah
3473s there's different forms of it and you've
3475s gotta be able to use things on each
3477s other and right order it was not looking
3480s like a great use of the dev time thing
3483s is back then Modric and I were the only
3486s devs which meant that what we could
3488s deliver was much more limited than now
3492s teams got like seven of us and well many
3497s of the team have been devs for longer
3499s than Modric was one so um more time to
3502s practice and get good which means we can
3506s actually start looking at that kind of
3507s thing again I mean just cuz I had to
3509s rule that in 2015 doesn't mean it's
3511s ruled out forever and I think we paid to
3515s your blowpipe can be on the horizon Oh
3517s excellent
3519s there we go not fun personally offering
3520s to drop everything you do it right now
3522s I've got quite a lot of other work on
3523s I'm afraid play so somebody can do it um
3527s we tie new guy we've got what tight oh
3531s yes sits across the desk from me yes
3534s I'll give more time drop over love it
3538s need every discussing is mod tied at
3541s Jagex tied on Twitter for anyone who
3542s doesn't know you can follow in their
3544s Security's getting up to I think know
3545s about to tell him what he should be
3546s getting up to yeah
3548s right okay well that just about rounds
3552s it up then for the questions I know
3553s we're approaching 6:00 p.m. here in the
3556s UK so just a quick reminder for anyone
3558s who missed it at the beginning if you're
3559s in the Bay City area of San Francisco
3562s keep an eye out on your sari keep an eye
3565s out for a message from us either in your
3567s clock sight in both your email address
3570s inbox and your in-game inbox inviting
3573s you to help us out with a project that
3577s just about wraps things up for us this
3579s week I'd like to thank everyone for
3580s joining me here on the couch and Mike
3582s Bruno in chat and we'll catch you next
3585s week
3592s [Music]

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