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hey all- i never played runescape back in the day so i’ve been enjoying osrs as a noob since a year and a half ish ago on and off. i just wanted to be excited to some people since i have no friends besides my husband that play the game.

first off i just did mournings end part I and II back to back, and holy sh*t. i breezed through underground pass and i feel like i just got my ass kicked as payback. i failed that f*cking climb like 30 times. jesus.

and second, i did my first actual boss fight yesterday when i killed dagannoth rex a few times! i rolled twice on the rare drop table, one was a dragon med helm on my third kill and on my fourth kill i got a rune kite shield. on my 5th (maybe 6th) i got a warrior ring. so i’m really stoked about all that.

also i didn’t really get it at the time cuz i was too new to understand what a pet was but now that i’ve played more i realize how bonkers it is but i got a heron pet before i hit level 30 fishing and that was also wild.

anyways thanks for reading, sorry if this is a lame post i’m just very excited and enjoying the game a lot.

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And to think you still have so much content to look forward to :D Take your time and continue enjoying it!

Thanks for sharing, it brought a smile to my face :)

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