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20 character pass word made, and I deactivated authenticator to reset a phone. Forgot about it a month and come back to a perm ban. My word has runescape fallen this low. 12-13 year old account many microtransactions and plenty of memories with friends. All gone because their evidence is indisputable. I'm sorry but I won't be returning. Thanks for helping me through the rough times Jagex but I cannot understand how you can't allow someone to keep a authenticator disabled for less than a month without being hijacked. Less than 2 weeks and I was already hacked into.

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12 days ago - /u/JagexTwisted - Direct link

I have removed the ban from your account and locked it until you can re-secure it with an authenticator.

It'd be a shame to see you go, but I'd still recommend re-apply authentication in case you were ever to change your mind.