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Hello, I currently have a level 3 skiller (hardcore ironman). I was doing the quest, and when the Zammy Mage teleported me into the abyss I instantly teleported out because I didn't realize I was going into the abyss and just assumed I was about to die...

Apparently that is a one time teleport, so now I am unable to complete the quest and do the minigame. Would Jagex ever allow for the mage to tp you again while you are in the storyline of the quest? I sorta am bummed because I wanted to do guardians of the rift for some RC experience, but clearly now I am in a pickle.

My account is sorta far along (few 99s), so I can't just be like o welp new acc time.

TLDR; do not tp from the quest :( feelsbadman

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11 days ago - /u/JagexGoblin - Direct link

Sounds like a sticky one, will bring this up next week as a player suggestion. Perhaps better sign-posting that you'll be teleported to a safe area within the Abyss for starters, and an option to teleport back if you've not progressed past the Dark Mage. (Maybe needs a check that you don't have any essence on you just in case it has goofy knock-ons for RC)

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u/JagexGoblin have you heard anything back? :o

We spoke about it and should be able to make some changes to fix it, but they're not simple changes because of the number of restrictions that have to be put in place. So it is coming but I have no idea exactly when. :(