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0s hello everyone this is once again poison
2s potion or PP for short and welcome to
4s the osrs recap we've got a lot to cover
6s today including this past week's game
8s Jam which had a ton of new ideas thrown
11s around all of which you can check out by
12s searching hashtag osrs game jam on
14s Twitter one of the ones to really catch
16s my eye was mod sofin's new proposals for
19s a Wilderness expansion this includes
21s many interesting ideas that will for
22s sure bring more life to the wildie I
24s mean just look at this rad boss
25s Perfection Beyond this there are some
27s new Quests for you speedrunners out
29s there those include Prince only rescue
30s and beneath cursed Sands with a taste of
33s Hope and even sins of the father being
34s released as beta quests they'll also be
37s having a competition for all
38s speedrunners beginning November 16th so
40s you might want to start practicing your
41s time saves on Prince Ali rescue and
43s beneath cursed Sands if you'd like to
45s get more info and tips on Quest
46s speedrunning you can join the Discord in
48s the video description speaking of the
50s desert there was a change to one of the
51s items dropped from the new raid the
53s osmutans Fang was initially supposed to
55s roll its accuracy table twice but on
57s release it also re-rolled the opponent's
59s defenses well the re-roll of the
61s opponent's defense has been taken away
63s from the weapon however the Fang will
64s still keep its pre-nerf properties
66s inside of the raid itself now moving on
68s to makeovers you'll find ursa's shoe
69s shop in relica the Sally is shop in
71s Barack the hairdresser and falador and
73s the makeover Mage are now all free of
75s charge in addition to this there are
77s some diversity changes pertaining to
79s quests the gender requirement for
80s recruitment drive has been removed
82s you'll be able to marry whoever you like
83s in the quest Throne of miscellanea or
85s you can decide to become a friend of the
87s realm you can join any company you want
88s the giant dwarf Quest and female ham
90s members now give 22.2 XP per pickpocket
93s seems like King rolled is finally up the
95s funding for the rock guard so you'll see
97s them in new attire from now on they
99s don't look half bad if you ask me up
100s next we have some exciting news about a
102s mysterious new Quest boss this boss was
104s pulled to the community and passed so
105s they're moving forward right away with
107s some of the enticing rewards first up is
109s Phantom Essence this tradable magical
111s energy is left behind by the creature
113s and will be used to upgrade already
114s existing items into something more
116s powerful what items this will affect is
118s not stated yet but be sure to keep up
120s with us for more info next is the
122s bloodletter shards and bow these shards
124s are a rare drop from the boss and can be
125s combined to create a brand new weapon
127s called the bloodletter bow a tradable
129s new Range weapon this weapon has a
131s special ability in that it can hit up to
132s three targets with a single shot once
134s the initial Arrow hits an NPC it will
136s then try to fire another arrow into a
138s nearby Target and will deal 66 percent
140s of the damage dealt from the original
141s Arrow this Arrow can then bounce a third
143s time to another Target doing the same
145s damage as the second Arrow this of
147s course Works somewhat like chinchampas
149s here's a DPS sheet to give you a better
151s understanding of this weapon the next
153s unique is the soul blight icon an
155s untradable magical artifact that can be
157s combined with other sold light icons and
159s an ancient staff to create a soul blight
161s scepter this untradable weapon would
163s give you a significant upgrade to the
165s ancient staff providing a plus five
166s percent magic strength bonus and giving
168s a 10 boost to all effects on the ancient
171s spell book using an undetermined amount
173s of phantom Essence on an imbued heart
174s will transform it into a saturated heart
177s a version of the imbued heart that
178s reduces the cooldown to 5 mins and has
181s the same boost formula as a ranging
182s potion for example at 99 magic your
185s magic boost will go to 112. finally
187s there's the magister's Brew using
189s Phantom Essence on an ancient Brew you
191s can create this potion which boosts
193s magic level to four plus ten percent of
194s the player's base magic level alongside
196s the current effect of restoring prayer
198s points equal to two plus ten percent of
200s your base prayer level it also retains
202s its effect of draining your attack
203s strength and defense by two plus ten
205s percent of your current level of course
207s all of this will be in a future poll so
209s make sure you're on the lookout for that
210s that's just about it for this week if
212s you like Willie content then go ahead
213s and check out my channel and I'll see
215s you soon

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