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4s this is your man from the land of the
6s long white cloud ron plays games and i'm
9s going to be bringing you this week's
10s recap
17s [Music]
31s yeah right okay this isn't uh it's not
33s going too well for me here perhaps i'll
35s do a little better at one of the new
36s last man standing modes that have just
38s been added while you're in the lobby
40s area once lisa's introduced you to the
41s game you'll see the new settings button
43s on your head up display it'll open up a
45s menu allowing you to choose preferred
47s game mode there's a zirca build with
48s level 75 attack and 45 defense or the 1d
52s pure build with level 75 attack and one
54s defense when it's time for the action to
56s begin it'll have to choose one of the
58s modes for the game it'll do this by
60s looking at the preferences of the
61s waiting players for example if most of
63s the waiting players had circa as their
65s preferred mode a few preferred mac slash
68s med and only one guy who chooses the 1d
71s pure the game would have a high chance
74s of picking circa a medium chance of
76s picking max mid and a tiny little chance
78s of picking the 1d pure last man sounding
80s can still pick a random mode for a game
82s regardless of the preferences so that
84s there's more variety and so that big
86s groups or pesky bots won't skew it too
88s heavily you'll see the game mode
90s announced as you arrive in the battle
91s arena the countdown duration has been
93s increased so you'll have a little more
95s time to react now that you've got three
97s different modes to prepare for
98s you'll want to set up your loadouts hop
100s over to the supply chain and lobby to
102s configure them make sure to give the
103s team a bell as well if you've got any
105s suggestions for other items that could
106s be included in the loadout there's also
108s the new ability to choose a spellbook if
111s your loadout for a game mode includes
112s the rune pouch it'll enable a selection
115s of smells from whichever spell you
116s selected for the mode
118s standard was third spells and entangle
120s you've got ancient with ice and blood
122s blitz and brush and then lastly luna
124s with vengeance and qme these aren't the
126s only game modes that players have
128s requested for lms and there have been
130s some pretty interesting suggestions for
131s what else could be added in the future
133s such as a mode with no protect prayers
135s at all so make sure you keep pestering
137s the team with ideas the default spell
139s book for the new modes will be ancient
141s this may be changed in the future based
143s on feedback however please note you can
145s also change between spellbooks freely if
148s there is a different option you prefer
150s lunar spells will remain available to 1d
152s viewers as this is the case in the pvp
154s arena this week the three protect
156s prayers have been made more effective
158s damage is now reduced to 30 percent up
160s from 60
161s so if you got whacked for what should be
163s 100 damage you'll take 30 damage instead
166s of 60 with the correct ram
168s this is an experimental change designed
170s to reward players who've taken the time
172s to develop their switching skills
174s we're open to reverting the changes or
176s rebalancing the buff and we'll be
178s monitoring feedback closely in the days
180s following the update the yellow
182s notifications on the head up display
183s should no longer overlap with the buff
185s bar and the clients
187s the bath bar should also stop showing
189s the minigames ammo after you've left the
191s battle arena
192s and although the suppliers in the last
193s man standing look pretty tasty you
195s probably didn't need warnings saying
197s that item's valuable are you sure
199s whenever you try to drop some on the
201s floor
202s those warnings have been suppressed
203s inside the mini-game now and the dark
205s rock map the starting positions for
207s players have been updated
208s the game now uses pairs of spawn points
210s rather than clumps of six making it a
213s little more how the original desert
214s island map spawns its fighters
217s also in the dark rock map loot crates
219s won our tennis spawn close to the final
221s safe zone it's such a large map that
223s they were often spawning in areas that
225s the fog had already just reached loot
227s chairs and crates will now check what
229s items you already have when deciding
230s what to give you no more aimless verbal
232s abuse and profit stitch ups as you get
234s your third pair of dragon claws the loot
236s chests and crates have some additions
237s too you can find an exact list of what
240s items by clicking the link back to the
241s original news post in the description
243s below there have been some further pvp
245s changes this week some unintended
247s behavior has been fixed for npcs for
250s initiating the pj timer this unintended
252s behavior meant that an npc hitting or
254s attacking a player would prevent that
256s player from being attacked for 12
258s seconds
259s this was causing players to karate chop
261s their keyboards out of frustration in
263s both pvp and pvm scenarios in pvp this
266s behavior meant that an npc hitting a
268s player once in a single way combat zone
270s would give the player 12 seconds of
272s immunity and therefore guarantee a
274s cheeky log out while this is a fix for
276s unintended behaviors we hope these
278s examples give players all the
280s information they need to make sure any
282s would-be escapes aren't cut short by
284s this fixed in pvm this behavior meant
286s that npc a
287s hitting a player once and then getting
289s trapped behind the environment such as
291s rocks
292s or other npcs would prevent npc b from
295s attacking the player for 12 seconds
297s these behaviors have been changed for
299s npcs to better reflect their mechanics
301s before this change players attempting to
303s teleport from the revenant caves while
305s attacking the npcs there will now have
307s to wait about 1.2 seconds for the
309s teleport spells to begin
311s this means no more cheeky teleporting to
312s safety as soon as you see a little white
314s dot appear on your minimap the pvp rotor
316s has also been moved to period b
318s which means the pvp world is uk based on
321s world 560. the high risk pvp world is us
324s based on world 579
326s the free-to-play pvp world is uk based
328s on world 561
330s and the competitive lms world has
332s switched to world 580 which is us-based
335s or 390 for the aussies
338s for competitive lms has been deactivated
341s with this rotor and the pvp arena is now
343s actually using the mac slash med
345s loadouts and ranked tournaments this
346s week so get a month some players have
348s been asking what's left in poll 76
351s when will it arrive so that the team can
353s move on to organizing poll 77 well with
356s last week's update there's only a couple
358s of jobs before the work is actually
359s complete so hang tight team the
361s development work for poison dynamite has
364s been completed and the testing is almost
365s complete too
367s the team however would like to run an
369s internal play test before they bring it
370s to an open beta for you all regarding
373s clan halls there's still a couple of
375s upgrades left to make those being the
377s combat ring and the party chairs these
378s are still in development with special
380s care being taken on the party chairs to
382s make sure it delivers the experience
384s expected from it once this work is
386s complete it will need to go through more
388s testing before being assigned a release
390s date regarding some other changes
393s an issue with the pet insurance system
394s that should now catch more situations in
397s which pets should have been
398s automatically insured has been fixed the
400s redemption prayer no longer leaves you
402s with your prayer points draining even
403s after that prayers sent itself off
406s a couple of flowers adorning an ardoine
408s house were moved from their pots and
409s planted into the ground allowing passage
413s sister sanger no longer asked for a
415s gamer's license from you she will now
417s reluctantly let you fight for sani's
418s nightmare without even having defeated
420s the nightmare first as long as you're
422s assertive enough since the clue scroll
424s helper update they've been a few reports
426s of new bugs and mobile which the team
427s has squashed they're still working on
429s ironing out a few others and if you'd
431s like to see the full list the link will
432s be in the description below
435s the following bug fixes have launched
437s last week so they should already be
438s fixed
439s entity highlights are working as desktop
441s highlights and mobile clients
443s new tooltip ui opens to the right and
446s down regardless of the screen position
449s and the top left text is appearing on
451s mobile devices some other bits and
453s pieces are being worked on however the
455s team can't give a date yet as to when
456s they'll be fixed
458s these issues include
459s the haptic feedback such as vibrations
462s no longer work on 207.2
464s skill xp tooltips are still being
467s displayed after switching tabs on mobile
469s the chat box can become unusable
472s external keyboards are having issues on
474s ipads and the garden of tranquility
476s trolley does not update after placing a
478s statue on it
480s a quick public service announcement
482s before i log out of this recap it's
483s almost time to take holiday leave for
485s work break up with your significant
488s other and switch your phone to do not
489s disturb because tombs of a mascot is on
492s the horizon baby officially releasing on
495s the 24th of august
498s jagex had put together a niffy trailer
499s to get you gamers pumped up hit the link
502s in the description below to watch the
503s rest of it
505s alrighty lads and ladets that concludes
508s this week's recap it's been an absolute
510s pleasure and an honor keeping you gamers
512s up to date uncle rono signing off see
515s you next time

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