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Start up the hype train!

I'm pretty hyped, it's great to hear you are, too! :)

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Is there a list of activities that will cause a group to lose their group prestige?

I believe the blog just says "certain PvM activities", or something like that

Out of current content, that list includes Nightmare, CoX, ToB and Tombs of Amascut, when it releases. We will be reserving the right to include future bosses that come out but we'll let you know about it, and a warning will also be there to help guide you. :)

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Can you explain the reasoning/rethink behind the group prestige decision in terms of CoX/ToB etc?

From a Game Design standpoint, this is awful game design. I understand you want groups who have great items to be recognised, but this literally stops a player from doing a piece of content.

Say you have Player A in a group. They are in a Clan with other people and none of the GIM group are online. That person can not do group content with their clan that a normal ironman could, because they will lose their prestige status.

I expect the response to this would be “they can still participate, but they will lose their prestige status, which has no in game effect”, but players value things in online games even if they have no use or value. Champions Cape, Collection Log, Clue drops on an Iron, etc.

The other point is how you decide where to draw the line? CoX/ToB/NM/Raids 3 are a no, but Zalcano is ok? That drops BiS too, so why not ban that as well?

Scrap this, you want prestige, keep it to groups that stay together.

Hey Zhengyi, technically the group would retain their individual prestige, which also has a cosmetic in this instance, which should be explained in the blog post. I think it's a fair compromise as you'll still be able to see clearly who the original group members are, but thank you so much for your feedback.

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“Unless you intend to play this game mode competitively (we expect only a small portion of players will)”

Then why even worry about it at all?

We want to try and accomodate as many types of players as possible, which includes those who want to take it to the next level. It's important for us that these types of players feel rewarded for their time invested in the game mode. I think it's a good compromise - I hope you'll agree or at least be cool with it. :)

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/u/JagexLight do we know how many slots there will be in shared storage yet? Very excited for release!

Not sure on those details yet but we'll have them by launch - we'll ensure to update the newspost when we have more details to share!