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After 3 years of not logging onto RS, i’ve decided to download OSRS on my new phone since i finally had the space. Went to log in to recover my password and realized the my username was different in the email. Once i got my password I had an error when i tried to log in-game so i checked my account status and it says my account was permanently banned 2 years ago for RWT, with option of getting an appeal.

I was given no contact about account activity. I had an authenticator set up on my account, with no emails sent to me about my password ever being changed within that timeframe, so i had no idea my account was hacked and was being accessed by someone else.

I’m really sad at the thought that i can’t ever play with my OG account again, this was a main account that i accomplished to get my Completionist cape on after playing on this account since 2006.

I’m hoping to find answers here or get any feedback on how i can get my account back? I want to know if theres any way i can even appeal/contact Jagex about this issue even after being gone for so long. I’m desperate to get my account back. Please help 🥺

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I can take a look if you provide the in-game name

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Originally posted by AzizWaing

Hey /u/JagexTwisted, can you please check my friend’s account. I believe she was wrongfully banned.

Her RSN: Turn Awry

Turn Awry

The ban is correct although the account was hijacked at the time, so I have gone ahead and quashed it.

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Hi /u/JagexTwisted, it has been two weeks where I’ve tried to come in contact with a J Mod for my permanent false ban on my account of 15 years. As a first time offense, it was permanent, so I was hoping you can please look into my account SummonMyYak, greatly appreciate it!