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My younger brother is turning 29 and he has had a hell of a year. I am throwing him a surprise birthday party. We actually share a birthday that is three days apart, but I have a wife who does a gathering for me , the poor has no one. I don’t think he has celebrated his birthday in years. The young man loves this game (we started in 2003 I think) and I was hoping I could Jagex to write him a letter from the OSRS team wishing him a Happy Birthday! (I got a RuneScape cake being made for him, the guy really loves this game.)

What would be the best way to reach them? I tried some tags on Twitter to Ash but no luck. (I understand this may be impossible but I figure I would give it a try!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Hey Razgriz, would an e-card work for you? We're all working from home at the moment so we wouldn't be able to get in and sign a card together.

Please DM me directly and I'll try to sort something out! :) (Your DMs are turned off I think).