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Originally posted by 2-2-7-7

The crocodile spawns on the Path of Crondis were a little inconsistent, meaning that even tick-perfect players were occasionally having to make an extra run for water.

don't you mean cycle-perfect? :^)

I meant what I wrote, nobody can stop me. Also I literally can't ride a bike.

Originally posted by TehNumberOne

Werent they adding a new mechanic to reintroduce the extra hit you could get at hets path? Sounds like they're done with the way they worded it.

You still can get an extra hit, but you need to click the tick before the light comes out of the statue. We were attempting to manually recreate the old behaviour but haven't been able to.

You should get pretty consistent 1-downs if you're 99 mining and using your pickaxe spec, but if you want to time-save then you can count ticks. Light comes out on a 9 tick cycle, keep a note of which number it comes out on and then click statue as before. Not as nice and 'visual' as before but still doable!

Originally posted by M_alfoy

Nothing about addressing the current server issues at peak EU times, great!

Kieren gave a pretty good rundown of server topics in a recent Q&A. Maintenance last week laid a good groundwork for us to start making much-needed tech upgrades.

Improvements are coming and ongoing, we know the servers are a huge source of frustration for players at the moment, but there isn't anything for me to report specifically this week.

Originally posted by Emperor95

We were attempting to manually recreate the old behaviour but haven't been able to.

Sad, felt more intuitive to click the exact time the beam shoots instead of 1 tick before

I don't disagree at all! Personally using visual metronome set to 9 ticks on RL to still have something visual, but it's for sure less intuitive than before.

Originally posted by Mysterra

Has the timing for mining the pillar in Path of Het finally been reverted to be as the light beam shoots like promised in the earlier blog, or is it still the tick before?

Still the tick before, we've not been able to manually recreate the same behaviour as before.

Originally posted by zappa_k

For quest speedrunning, people can still troll by splashing on quest monsters, like those in Melzars maze of dragon slayer, will it be fixed?

I've not seen many reports of this personally (and have been glued to the Dragon Slayer WR trading between Sick Nerd and Tannerdino recently). If it's something that becomes a large issue then we could perhaps do something, but it likely wouldn't be a quick & simple one, more along the lines of adjusting splashing behaviour entirely (and even then, people can still grief by chain-killing required NPCs in non-instanced areas)

Originally posted by HRAssistant

What exactly does the bludgeon have left if it loses its role as bis str training? It's already at 12.5m, this will push it even lower and make sire less enjoyable to kill.

Feels as though more of its value is tied up in its strength as a Crush weapon rather than a Str training option for accounts with limited defence? Since Dharok's (and I'm pretty sure Obsidian?) outperform it as a training option for accounts with Defence.

I could be very wrong but I think some of the recent decrease for Bludgeon is because PNM is a less desirable moneymaker, I don't think Voidwaker being on par for limited Def + 75 Att builds is likely to influence the price too heavily. Happy to be clowned on if this is a bad take, but I still don't think the Bludgeon will be in a bad place since Crush still has value (especially when the next step up that ladder is over 200m).

Originally posted by Burdenedd

u/JagexGoblin Thanks for getting stuff fixed, and I think most players are now finding ToA to be pretty balanced.

I wonder if you guys have any plans to visit the controversy surrounding the drop rate, elidinis ward situation. Thanks

It's not me that gets stuff fixed! I'm just the monkey with the keyboard who lets you know what got fixed 1 in every 3 weeks.

I've not heard of any plans like that, though with the beautiful crowdsourcing effort put in by the Wiki team and Runelite, I'd imagine we'll likely release the 'correct' numbers soon at least.

Originally posted by BR05TOM

I like the mining room changes, although as someone whos in the mid/late game with 80 mining without a dragon pickaxe, it's so inconsistant going for 2 downs. Always have to do 3 light puzzles if I get cucked by an 8 hit on the statue.

Would recommend pushing to 85 Mining at the least! And snagging yourself a pickaxe (or waiting for safe alternative methods of obtaining with the Wildy Boss Rework)

Originally posted by Spam-Me

Did you do anything about the dupes?

Investigation is going well, we're waiting on some extra verification of any findings before we make a formal statement.

We'd rather wait a little while and make 100% certain that we're confident in our findings than cut corners to rush a statement out for the sake of it. We understand players want answers and that it's frustrating feeling in the dark, but as a reminder the issue was fixed on the same day it was reported to us - we just want to make sure our findings are correct.

Originally posted by Zarviun

Nothing about poison dynamite?

There's a handful of feedback regarding it (though it's admittedly a pretty niche offering in the first place), we've not been able to get any changes made to beta but will likely make some changes before a full release. If they're significant, perhaps another beta might be something we could look at doing!

Originally posted by lyss_sky

hey u/jagexgoblin, can anything be done about the mask of rebirth and 1 def pures?

currently, pures that have not completed MM1 are able to return to the island and give the banana to awowogei to get the ToA mask, but pures that already finished the quest cannot return.

this inconsistency means 50 attack pures can get the ToA mask but 60+ can’t.

is there a way for us to maybe give awowogei the banana in the RFD room? I mean it’s technically him there :)

oh also, any update on whether the Crystal Pendant from Regicide can be obtained after the quest? its a pretty cyan and would look great with the blue keris for fashionscape 💙

Have put this down as a feedback point for us to discuss tomorrow morning!

Originally posted by rRMTmjrppnj78hFH


Any updates to possible changes to the Ursine Mace special you guys have come up with?

We've seen a few ideas juggled around but could use more feedback in honesty. At present the run drain effect is more or less countered by a single Stamina dose. Personally think it might make more sense for it to disable run for a few ticks to give you better odds at getting gap when escaping, but it still feels a little lacklustre compared to just catching a freeze/entangle (albeit likely with higher accuracy).

If you or your pals have any ideas, drop them here!

Originally posted by rsnKoru

Hey is there any update on DMM prizegiving from June? I have no idea how to get in contact and haven't received any updates since filling out the form

Have passed this on, sorry that you haven't heard anything back yet, hopefully able to get this sorted for you!

Originally posted by FAWNAGE

Need less help was literally perfect and free, used it every raid all these noobs crying about pure bs are just gonna turn this into a braindead too simple boring raid... cmon now.

It was bugged and not functioning as intended, so we fixed the bug!

Originally posted by AfrostLord

Summary with deadly prayers doesn't seem to actually be fixed

This one's on me, the ticket for the fix was reopened and I didn't realise it had been pushed back to next week. Will update the blog to remove this line once I get a sec, appreciate you raising!

Originally posted by Tumblrrito

Will players be able to speedrun quests they haven’t started or completed themselves?

The Speedrunning worlds are separate from maingame so they should be able to!

Rather than replying to individual comments about it I'll drop my own and hope people see:
I understand the frustration around Akkha's orb/enrage phase (though some players seem to have given it a slightly more colourful name), have raised this to the team and will talk about it tomorrow morning to see if there are any changes we'd like to make to address some of these concerns.

Cheers for the feedback all, hope everybody's having a good week. I'll try to keep replying where possible and in cases where I think I have something useful to say!

Originally posted by f40plz

Not sure if this is just a toa bug but when I'm using BP and assembler with ahrim robe top equipped in the puzzle room with the baboon waves, the assembler is not picking up my darts. Switching to a different top fixes the issue. Not sure what's up with that

I'm like 80% certain that Ahrim's Robe top in general doesn't work alongside Ava's items? Could be wrong, but pretty sure that's a useless bit of trivia I have stored in my brain somewhere

Originally posted by opie1122

It looks as though the upgraded Revenant weapons slot neatly into their role as 'anti-PK' weapons, helping PvMers fight back a little more vigorously against any would-be PKers.

Can someone explain to me how these weapons do that? And what prevents pkers from using said weapons to pk themselves, wouldn't it just cancel out the Slight edge pvmers would have (if at all) against pkers? Im honestly not sure what the items or weapons do, I'm just confused if anyone can clarify. Thanks!

Essentially, Special Attack energy is a resource same as HP, prayer points, run energy etc.

For people just trying to kill NPCs in the Wilderness, the idea of bringing a full set of gear to 'properly' anti-PK and perhaps bringing a whole KO weapon isn't something that appeals to them. The aim with these weapons is to let those people have a slightly easier way to get some value out of their Special Attack energy (rather than just leaving it at 100%) to put themselves in at least a little more favourable position.

In the case of the Accursed Sceptre, a well-timed Spec can prevent your opponent from casting a spell like Entangle or Ice Barrage, forcing them to drink a restore and potentially catching them off-guard, giving you a little more of a window to potentially slip around terrain (or even increasing your odds at catching a freeze yourself).

For the Ursine Chainmace (whose spec we'd like to change a little), we want players to be able to get some extra damage off and give themselves an opportunity to buy themselves a little bit of a gap to - again - maybe slip around terrain and manage to log out, or keep out of range from something like an AGS spec while they eat up.

The Webweaver Bow is a little different, since Craw's DPS is already pretty big compared to the other weapons in PvP, so its spec just puts a little more damage into your assailant and gives them poison to worry about if they weren't prepared enough to bring their own anti.

Nothing prevents PKers from using the weapons themselves, but most people looking to score KOs or secure kills are going to use their Special Attack energy on something else, with higher variance and reduced utility but improved KO potential (i.e. AGS, Claws, Volatile Staff, even the DDS or Gmaul).

Sorry for the wall, it's a project I'm passionate about and I love talking about it. Hopefully this answers some of your Qs at the least!

Originally posted by WryGoat

Actually Bludgeon, Inq. Mace, and Elder Maul (along with of course all of the inquisitors armor pieces) all tanked massively after ToA dropped because Fang is better against Tekton and basically everywhere else you would normally use a crush weapon. Its hyper-accuracy kinda renders type weaknesses on very tanky monsters negligible. Of course, that also tanks PNM prices because PNM's drops no longer have a purpose.

Also a really good point! But at least doesn't feel like I'm off-base in saying that limited Def builds training Strength aren't really a key component in the value of something like the Bludgeon

Originally posted by 3dedmeister

On a similar note, could Ahrim's robeskirt be made lighter? 11.3kg is absolutely insane for magic robes. +10kg for +7 magic accuracy over mystics honestly isn't even worth it

It's an in-world way of making sure the player bears the heavy burden of invading a tomb, destroying the essence of a long-buried hero and then looting his stuff with total disregard.

Originally posted by eodnohn

So we can now autocast ice barrage and use the powered staff attack on the thammrons scepter?

In beta worlds you should be able to yeah!

Originally posted by Pleasant_Work_9104

The community will be on fire if you don’t perm ban those people everyone will be abusing any bugs from now on, the damage is done anyway, know multiple people who have alrdy rwted multiple bills cause of it

Feel free to pass on RSNs if you know people who abused the bug!