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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s up didn't see you guys there i was just
5s minding my own business but i'm excited
8s to bring you this week's old school
9s runescape weekly recap and we're going
11s to start by jumping into some changes to
13s unranked group iron man mode if you
15s stand alone but would like to stand
17s together
18s alone
19s alone together
21s um players of any iron man mode whether
24s it's regular hardcore or ultimate can
26s now ask the iron man tutor in lumbridge
28s to become an unranked group iron man you
30s can do this by asking him to review your
32s iron status
34s selecting unranked group iron man under
36s the group tab and joining a group just
39s like any other unranked group iron man
41s if you make these changes you have seven
43s days to change your mind
44s but changes are locked in after those
46s seven days so don't lose track of that
49s time unranked group iron men can
51s proclaim their status to the world
52s through their unranked group iron man
54s armor with the green trim
56s or their fancy green shot icon unranked
59s group iron man by the way and now i'm
62s gonna send you over to myself who's
64s reporting live at giants foundry
67s thanks jellyfish i'm here at giants
69s boundary and i'm joined with kovac hi
72s kovac i know you're a man of few words
74s but please answer a couple of questions
76s for the people of gilenore we really
78s enjoy this place and i hear you're
80s bringing improvements
86s did the listeners catch that one it
88s seems kovac has not only regained his
90s knowledge of words and forging swords
93s but he also miraculously regained his
95s knowledge of financial planning kovac
97s has expressed that the listeners will
99s now be able to send coins owed for a
101s commission set directly to the bank in
103s kovac what's this other detail about
106s counting
106s [Music]
110s so the amount of swords that our people
112s make will be displayed in their chat
115s oh
115s hilvac did you have something else to
117s share with us
118s [Music]
123s wow that's great kovac so for our
126s eagle-eyed smiths the sweet spots to
128s reward you for clicking at the right
129s time are now more evenly distributed
131s throughout the commission instead of
133s being heavily weighted towards the
134s beginning so make sure to keep your eyes
136s peeled and your swords sharpened and
139s that's all for me here at giants foundry
141s back to hq
143s now if your mom ever told you that your
145s pet ran away and then you never saw it
148s again
149s like my hamster in 4th grade today is
151s that pets homecoming with changes to
153s probita's pet reclaim pets are
155s automatically insured and players with
157s bank placeholders or collection log
159s entries for pets can reclaim those
161s previously uninsured furry scaly or
164s demonic fellows some high fixes were
166s rolled out to prevent bugs that kept
168s pets from not being insured and to
171s ensure pets are added to the collection
173s log
174s and i also want to remind you that the
176s 2022 pride event is ongoing we hosted a
180s successful pride march throughout
181s gulenore to support the lgbtqia
184s plus community and you can still paint
186s the roses red orange yellow green indigo
190s and violet in this year's event if you
192s assist gilbert throughout the event
194s you'll leave with peak fashionscape in
196s the form of a rainbow flower crown you
198s may also see some old familiar faces
200s throughout the event
202s there are a couple of other quick
204s changes bundled in with this week's
205s update the clan events menu now has
208s multiple bosses in the boss list this
210s new entry should be at the top of the
212s list and reflect common clan events like
214s bingo a little more accurately the
216s description of the rainbow flower crown
218s has had its grammar corrected once you
220s have defeated redacted by order of the
223s vera guard in what lies below purdue can
225s now sell you replacement copies of the
227s beacon ring even if you haven't
229s completed the rest of the quest once a
231s drift nut is full it no longer makes you
233s click through a confirmation scene
235s before you're able to harvest it
236s wilderness loot keys can now be
238s destroyed within the wilderness provided
240s they contain under 30k of loot this
243s process takes a few seconds in order to
245s discourage players from destroying loot
246s during combat a warning was added to
249s taking a waka canoe into the wilderness
253s i wonder how many people tried to take a
255s canoe and then realized where it was
257s heading it's also now slightly easier to
259s talk to the west bank bankers instead of
261s the wall and priftiness you're still
263s free to speak to the wall at your own
264s leisure if you choose but
267s a single pride flower near varrock west
269s bank has been moved slightly as it was
271s impacting a specific fire making
274s training method you may now return to
276s lighting huge lines of fires wholly
278s unregulated inside the populated city of
280s varrock pride flowers no longer block
283s pathing in some areas the combat
285s achievement button in the collection log
286s is now in the same place no matter the
288s category selected and a grammar error
291s and the pride event has been corrected
294s there are also two surveys one on pvp
297s focus content after the wilderness boss
299s rework and the other is about potential
301s future game modes as always your
303s feedback is welcomed and appreciated
306s there was a bug with the apple pencil
307s that was supposed to be fixed in this
309s week's update however we haven't quite
311s gotten to that just yet but that should
313s be happening soon and that's all i've
315s got for you today again i'm jilly fish
317s and i'm really happy that i was able to
318s bring you this week's recap you can
320s check out my info jimmy aka kovacs info
324s and max my editor's info down below and
327s keep an eye out for my friend zoe up
329s next week thank you all so much and
331s happy skating