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0s hello everyone this is poison potion or
2s pp for short and welcome to my
4s wilderness expansion discussion video
6s today
8s what do you mean i can't just talk about
9s the wilderness hello and welcome to the
10s osrs weekly recap this week we had some
13s long-awaited clue rewards that just got
14s adjusted and some news about a new big
16s ticket weapon that's being proposed for
18s the upcoming raids 3 tombs of a mask it
20s to start things off though we have the
21s equipment rebalance no nerfs or buffs to
24s any of these weapons just adjustments of
25s their required level to equip for most
27s people these level requirements don't
29s mean much but for some limited account
30s builds they may have a significant
32s impact in other news the long-awaited
34s poll 76 changes to clue scrolls have
36s been implemented rarity of third age
38s items from elite clues now fit
39s proportionally between heart and master
41s clues this affects already existing
43s caskets so if you have a stack of 100
45s saved up for this you can finally open
47s them in addition they have added clue
48s scrolls to the hollowed suppolker these
50s clue scrolls are given as an additional
51s reward to the loot that you usually
53s receive bravada's staff as well as the
55s essence have become available in free of
57s play and mosfet keys as well as giant
59s keys have also become stackable next up
61s we have the addition of roon light to
62s the jagex launcher all you need to do is
64s click on the drop down menu next to the
66s play button and click on roon light
67s installing the launcher provides a very
69s convenient way to remember your account
71s and automatically log in so if you still
73s don't have it yet you can click on a
74s link in the description below to
76s download it now on to the spicy stuff
78s raids 3 reward changes jagix heard
81s everyone's feedback and decided that the
82s big ticket item from raids 3 wasn't big
85s enough after all raids 1 and 2 both had
87s massive upgrades in the twisted bow and
89s the scythe of a tur so with raids 3
91s they're proposing a brand new mage
92s weapon that may just put the magic
94s combat style to the forefront
96s introducing the shadow of demekan a
98s heavy-hitting two-handed mage staff that
100s attacks in a five-tick cycle the biggest
102s thing about this new staff is the two
103s passive effects that interact with your
105s gear while you have the staff equipped
107s the first passive effect triples the
109s accuracy of all your magic boosting gear
111s and the second effect also triples your
113s magic strength up to a cap of 100 this
115s means that if you use all the current
117s best in slot mage gear with the staff
119s your magic strength will go from 23
122s to 69
124s now that's a nice amount of damage the
126s plan with the new staff is to increase
127s the incentive to bring more mage
129s switches for different types of pvm as
131s with the staff every piece of mage gear
133s becomes very important these are some of
135s the dps increases that the new weapon
136s would bring keep in mind that all of
138s these calcs are with the best gear
139s possible and are all off task as you can
142s see the staff even out dpses the twisted
144s bow at commander's iliana a boss where
146s mage has never been considered viable up
148s next it's osmantan's fang the fang
151s special attack has remained the same but
152s the stats have been changed instead of
154s having 175 accuracy and 115 strength it
157s will instead have 105 accuracy and 103
160s strength but it will roll its accuracy
162s table twice making it an even more
164s consistent melee weapon here's a damage
166s calculation comparing the grassy rapier
168s in the previous fang rapier still
170s remains the king at low defense levels
172s but the new fang overtakes it the
173s tankier the target becomes most people
176s have had a chance to use the new keras
177s partisan as a reward for completing the
179s new quest beneath cursed sands this new
181s weapon does quite a number on scarab
183s beetle and kalphi creatures but it seems
185s like with the new raid you can make it
187s even stronger with these special jewels
190s there are a number of jewels that can be
191s equipped within the raid itself but one
193s of those jewels you'll be able to use
195s outside of the raid this jewel is called
197s the breach of scarab and will add an
199s additional 33 percent accuracy boost
201s against cal fight scarabs and beetles
203s making it the new best in slot for
204s killing the cal fight queen or just
206s doing a regular cal fight slayer task
208s lastly we have another completely new
210s item the threat of hello dennis this
212s magical thread when used with a room
213s pouch and a needle will allow you to add
215s four runes to your pouch instead of
217s three an additional rune pouch cannot be
219s used in conjunction with this but you
221s can store multiple threads in your bank
223s just in case you lose one of your
225s upgraded pouches the thread would be a
226s fairly common drop so you shouldn't have
228s to worry about going too dry on it of
230s course all of these proposed reward
232s changes will be pulled so make sure
233s you're on the lookout for this sometime
235s soon in the meantime why don't we talk
237s about group iron man many players have
239s been going hard at standing alone with
240s friends however some groups
242s unfortunately ended up burning out
244s leaving a few players in the group still
246s wanting to play but unmotivated because
247s they don't have a full team introducing
250s unranked group iron man unranked group
252s iron man allows people from other teams
254s to leave their group and join another
256s doing this will cause that group to be
257s removed from the high scores and their
259s hardcore group iron man status to also
261s be removed if there is one you can
263s expect this update to be out may 25th
265s keeping on the subject of group iron man
267s they have another bit of content coming
268s your way group iron man competitions
271s during a two week period group iron man
273s teams will compete against each other in
274s a bossing point based system these
276s points would hold no in-game value
278s cannot be traded and would only be
279s available for the duration of the
281s competition at the end of the two-week
282s period they'll randomly pick 10 lucky
284s groups and award them with membership
286s groups will see an increased chance of
288s winning the more points they have
289s accumulated nine of the ten groups
291s awarded will receive one year of
292s membership for all members and one lucky
294s group will receive the grand prize of
296s lifetime membership if you'd like to
298s participate you can sign up in the
300s in-game group iron man settings menu
302s they're wanting to start the competition
303s on may 25th so make sure you and your
305s friends are all ready all group ironman
307s accounts are eligible for this
308s competition whether they be ranked
310s unranked or hardcore groups keep in mind
312s however that you will not be able to
313s leave and join a new group during the
315s competition lastly we have some more
317s news about the upcoming smithing
318s minigame giants foundry xp rates have
321s been tripled across the board as well as
323s the new colossal blade getting a buff it
325s now requires 60 attack and has increased
327s max hits based on how large the monster
330s you're fighting is jagex says that this
332s will make it a little bit better than
334s the dragon scimitar if the monster
335s you're fighting is big enough well that
337s just about does it for this week again i
339s am poison potion or pp for short if
341s you'd like to check out my channel you
342s can do so in the description and make
344s sure to also check out the next recap
346s coming out next week done by zoe
348s pancakes we'll see ya
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358s you