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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hey everyone nightinator here and i'm
2s here to provide you with this week's old
4s school runescape weekly recap last week
7s we saw the introduction of the activity
9s advisor and the updates to amir's arena
12s for pvp players
14s this week the jagex team have been
15s focused on enhancing official client
17s features to give you the smoothest and
20s most immersive gaming experience
21s possible alongside the long anticipated
24s launch date for raid 3 tombs of a masket
28s there's also some nice quality of life
29s changes that we'll touch on after that
31s there has been a lot of excitement in
33s the old school runescape community this
35s week as we have now got a date for raids
38s three tombs of a masket
40s it has been announced that raids will be
42s joining us on wednesday august 24th it
45s is set in the caribbean desert and it
47s has been highly anticipated since the
50s announcement in 2021 but we now have a
53s confirmed date this should give you
55s plenty of time to complete the new
57s beneath cursed sans quest in time for
59s the release
60s for more information on the requirements
62s for aids 3 check out the official old
64s school runescape blog post or the old
66s school runescape wiki let's talk about
68s the updates to the official client the
70s devs have been busy adding some features
72s to the official client they'll now be
74s working on c plus meaning that steam and
76s mobile players can rejoice there's two
79s new main features that can be dropping
81s this week get ready to clue your heart
83s out with the brand new clue scroll
85s helper this handy new tool will give you
88s everything you need to know in order to
90s solve your clues in the fastest way
92s possible
93s all types of clues feature within this
94s helper including anagrams coordinates
97s ciphers cryptics emotes fairy rings
100s follow the bard hot colds maps music and
103s skill challenges
105s when interacting with a clue scroll the
106s helper will appear on the left hand side
108s and give you instruction on how you can
110s complete that step with all the relevant
111s information needed
113s you'll be given directions in terms of
115s hint arrows in world on the minimap and
117s by opening up the world map
119s during your clue scroll completion the
120s clue scroll helper will also display
122s what items you will need during your
124s current step and will mark if you have
126s them or if they're in a previously built
128s stash unit
130s and if you still want a bit of mystery
131s within the settings you'll be able to
133s turn off the helper completely or just
135s the hint arrows as part of the clue
136s scroll solver as well as many other
138s settings including world map markers
141s menu highlight and more the help will
143s automatically disappear if the current
145s clue scroll is removed from your
146s inventory too next up we've got mpc
149s indicators you can now highlight npc
152s click regions and their names to give
154s you a better understanding of where to
155s click to interact with your desired npc
158s when this option is on the npc you have
160s selected or hovered over will highlight
162s the specific npc and have their name
165s displayed above them also npcs will now
167s have two new right-click options tag
170s this npc which highlights that specific
172s npc or tag all which will highlight all
174s npcs in the area similar to the npc
177s selected you'll also have options
179s whether just the npc is highlighted the
182s tile the npc is standing on is
183s highlighted or both alongside colour
185s options for your selections this feature
187s is off by default and can be changed at
189s any time from within the settings menu
191s at this moment npc indicators are only
193s available on the official steam client
195s but fingers crossed they come and join
197s us on mobile soon if you missed it in
200s our previous mobile new client launch
202s and next steps we let you know that
204s we're giving you a little bonus of
205s updates with today's update in the form
207s of some of the most popular activity
210s helpers for any missing helpers they'll
212s be coming in a future update which we
213s hope to share more details with you in
216s the near future but for now let's see
218s what you can get your hands on blast
221s furnace helper with this you can enable
223s a highlighter which highlights things
225s that the play interacts with such as the
227s conveyor belt and broken blast furnace
229s parts as well as a helper which displays
231s information such as the things you have
233s in the melting pot and dispenser and the
235s amount of money you have in the coffer
237s the cannon hud you can now see how long
239s until your cannon breaks how many
241s cannibals you have in your cannon shown
243s on your cannon and in the buff bar as
245s well as notifications for when you're
247s low or out of cannonballs i've said the
249s word canon so many times i'm pretty sure
250s it's not a real word now herbivore
252s helper this helper highlights the
254s herbivores footprints as well as the
256s scenery which you interact with to find
258s more tracks or the little cheeky
260s herbivore itself hunter trap timers
263s these timers will now give you an
265s indication of when your traps are going
267s to despawn and tears of gothic's timers
270s this will show you different coloured
272s timers for the currently active veins
274s and what effect they have on the player
276s blue to add tears or green to steer
278s clear
279s the team have also been busy on a few
281s other little changes to help improve
284s your gameplay the first of which being
286s water skins those of you who haven't
288s upgraded to the circle of water yet the
290s numbers of water skin users have been
292s added to the buff bar
295s and as a little extra they are now also
297s in the process of making tool tips
299s across the game when using the c plus
301s client consistent and display exactly
303s the same way
305s you now have the option to toggle seeing
307s the icons on the minimap icons at the
309s most zoom level so that you can see
312s what's in the wider area around you
314s and agility course highlights are now
316s cleared when the player dies and after
319s five minutes of inactivity
321s and for mobile users the team have been
323s busy with some fixes so i'm gonna pop
325s those on the screen now so take a look
328s we also have some general game quality
330s of life updates as well such as the
332s blast furnace is now a safe zone on pvp
335s worlds due to the occasional incidence
337s of luring around its bank chest
339s and a couple of crates have been deleted
341s from the middle floor of the tower in
342s hersidious
344s players had previously been stuck on a
346s single tile on that floor which
347s disrupted pvp combat there and on the
350s dead man world the ardoine task for the
353s casting ice barrage in castle wars can
355s now be completed by entering the
356s castle's lobby with the quest and skill
359s requirements satisfied
361s alongside that some grammar has been
363s corrected on the guards in the ham cave
366s for ultimate iron players any unclaimed
368s chambers of xeric reward items may now
371s be dropped outside the chambers rather
373s than being put in the private storage as
375s ultima iron men can't use the private
377s storage
378s on pvp arena worlds when outside of
380s combat areas the trade option is
382s replaced with a loadout option players
385s can use this right-click option on
386s another player which will open a menu
388s that shows the selected players three
390s loadouts from here you can copy their
392s loadout over to yours replacing your
394s current loadout preset in other pvp
396s arena news we've rebalanced the grouping
399s algorithm to help the less common ranks
401s find matches and now it's time for the
403s pvp world rotor the pvp rotor has moved
406s to period b world 390 which is
410s australian for lms competitive has been
412s deactivated with this freighter we will
414s now be including the current pvp arena
417s rotation within this section of the
418s weekly game update news post from now on
421s and the pvp arena will now use mac slash
423s med loadouts in ranked jewels and
425s tournaments this week and that's it from
427s me for this week's old school runescape
430s weekly recap i am so excited to be
432s involved in this project and i'm also
434s very excited for raid 3. let me know
436s down in the comments if you are prepared
438s if you are ready if you've got the
439s requirements i'm nightinator and if you
442s want to find me on the internet i'll put
443s my details on the screen now and make
446s sure you keep an eye on the old school
447s runescape youtube channel for the next
448s week's weekly recap where you'll be
450s joined by onlytrails i'll see you guys
453s next time