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After Secrets of the North, and seeing what's coming with Desert Treasure 2, I am extremely worried about the direction that the OSRS story/world is going to be headed in. Most people quit RS3 because of EoC, for me it was the direction the story took.

One of the things sets OSRS' setting and storylines apart from other MMOs is that you aren't some great big chosen one (World Guardian), you're just an adventure bumbling through various crises. You don't interact with the Gods directly, and you sure aren't traveling across insane amounts of planes and time to stop a universe-ending big bad.

I hope that Jagex keeps OSRS a bit more toned-down, I don't want Guthix to have been hidden under Lumbridge all along, I don't want any of the Gods to get killed onscreen, and I sure as hell don't want a new age with the Gods directly returning to Gielenor. Please don't make us into some generic chosen one, not all modern media needs to have conflict at a universe-ending scale.

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19 days ago - /u/JagexGoblin - Direct link

I think the Mahjarrat storyline/planned lore had taken a good degree of shape really early into the game's lifespan in the early 2000s. Mod Ed spoke on the Winter Summit about our plans to remain in line with the Gower brothers' initial vision for the Mahjarrat.

I'm a bit of a lore geek and pester Ed all the time and can comfortably say that I don't think we're likely to see the storyline of OSRS develop in such a way where the player character is some kind of 'chosen one' regularly interfacing with gods and primordial forces as in RS3.

19 days ago - /u/Mod_Ed - Direct link

Gobin kind of already gave the answer, but I'll give it as well so we can be as definitive as possible:

Guthix will never die in Old School.

The gods will never return in Old School.

The player character will never become the World Guardian, or any other type of chosen one, in Old School.

While the above worked well for RuneScape, it doesn't fit the Old School style of storytelling. It's never even been a consideration for us.

As for Secrets of the North and Desert Treasure II, the Mahjarrat storyline is one of the oldest in game, with large parts of it being written by Paul Gower himself. It's pretty much as Old School as it gets when it comes to storytelling. As we continue it, our goal is to stay as true as possible to the original vision while ensuring it develops in a way so that none of the above points will ever come to pass.