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EDIT: Thanks for the visibility, Reddit !I'm reading all your comments, thanks for the support.The only thing I could think of after reading everything is that my account could have been flagged because of me giving away money or someone else giving me money.It happened a few times but with amounts never larger than 15-20M. Mostly from clan members and one time from a stranger after chatting with his Ironman...

Hopefully I can get a response !If anyone else also got that warning (as it seems like some of you did), make sure to manifest yourself in the comments !

(And sorry for my bad english)

EDIT2: By money I mean gold obviously

So I often buy bonds... And I just realized I got a warning for RWT ?

The warning says that I'm gonna get banned next time... but I just bought 5 more bonds...The only thing I can think of is me giving less than 4m to a friend to help.

I am legit scared to lose my account... Help

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15 days ago - /u/JagexTrident - Direct link

Your warning was issued for the 50m gp you bought between early March and early April. Not being warned/banned a few weeks after you break the rules does not necessarily mean you've gotten away with it as not all warnings/bans are instantaneous.

To be clear, buying bonds, and any other normal account activity (sharing gear, raid splits, etc.), will not result in warnings/bans.