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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s foreign
4s and Welcome to our very first live
6s stream of 2023. today I'm joined by mod
10s Bruno
12s say hello
13s oh Rod Bruno's muted that's a good start
15s odd Arcane I am
18s hello
19s hey and also my job welcome everyone
23s hello
24s we're here to talk about secrets of the
26s north so I guess I probably should have
28s also asked how you were doing when you
30s said hi but it's fine lots of nothing
31s like a bit of an awkward introduction
33s let's start with you okay in top right
34s corner how are you doing today
36s yeah pretty good pretty tired
39s um new year new me or Shenanigans trying
41s to actually go to the gym for the first
44s time and I wanted to start two-way
46s development I don't know however long
48s oh well that's a different process
52s yeah just trying to
53s move my body a little bit and not be as
55s much as degenerate as I have been for
57s the first year or so
58s so nothing's awesome
61s it is it is trying to be healthy is
63s tiring I can definitely attest to that
65s how about yourself Bruno how are you
66s doing today
67s uh yeah I'm doing good not bad anymore
70s um being very much looking forward to
72s this update it's been pretty good so far
74s uh the research has been good obviously
76s I'm very happy
78s awesome your hands nice and warm now
80s ready for uh yeah
82s very good and uh mod Jeff how about
85s yourself how are you doing today
88s first week back
95s up awesome well we'll get to see a
96s little bit of the things that you were
98s drawing at least in a little while and
100s we also have some fun in store today
102s stream as mod Bruno will be here to show
104s you how to solo the brand new repeatable
107s boss from secret to the north the
108s Phantom Mustafa I hope I'm pronouncing
110s that right if not well that's Canon now
112s so before we get into it there are some
114s announcements that we've got to get
115s through I'm going to be speaking for a
117s little while so uh get used to my voice
119s I've got a big section to go through
120s that mud lighters Army puts together for
122s me
123s um but first of all exclamation mark
125s s-o-t-n or exclamation Market game
128s update will give you information about
129s this week's game update which is in
132s regards to the martial arts storyline
133s continuing so unravel the secrets of the
136s north and take on an otherworldly boss
138s in this brand new Master Quest we also
141s have a whole host of other changes this
142s week so check them out with exclamation
144s mark game updates
145s we normally would start our streams off
147s with a sneak peek of the week but we
149s don't have anything that we want to show
150s off for next week so instead we thought
152s it would take some time to talk about
154s fairy rings just a little bit we
157s obviously made a change recently which
159s brought the beam with butterflies to
161s help with the increased clickbox size
163s and there's been a bit of polarized
165s polarized feedback in regards to the
168s introduction of this new theme so what
171s we wanted to just talk about was that
173s next week's game update will primarily
175s be tweaks and improvements to secular
176s secrets of the north following player
178s feedback
179s um we're going to talk about this a
181s little bit just to kind of put things
182s into perspective as to why the change
183s came about and uh what we can do about
185s it we know obviously feedback has been
187s pretty mixed so far so let's talk about
190s why we did what we did and what's
192s happening next following your feedback
193s so first of all the main reason that
195s we've made a change to fairings is
197s because we see many players especially
198s those on mobile requesting a way to make
200s the click boxes more user-friendly
203s now Ferry ring is obviously useful for
205s teleporting around gilinore so in order
207s to prove their usability we want to
209s ensure all types of players including
211s those who frequently use it on mobile
212s have a good time with them the problem
215s is that there are a few technical
216s limitations on how we can actually
217s increase the clickable area of the fairy
220s rings as is because of the way they've
221s been designed and coded now we know that
224s players believe this is not the case but
226s we can ensure you there's a very
227s technical reason why we can't just
228s increase the clickboxes of all fairy
230s rings so the easiest way for the devs to
233s have implemented it and improved on this
235s was to just add this extra beam click
237s box that you can see here in the middle
239s which is entirely clickable
241s now we obviously appreciate that the
243s feedback we've seen some of you said it
244s looks a little bit jarring a little bit
245s out of place because Fair rings they're
247s supposed to be mysterious rather than
249s right there in your face which this can
251s be perceived as a little bit we're also
253s aware that in hindsight we should have
254s at least given you the heads up to leave
255s feedback on the design before it was
257s implemented
258s but in general we just want to iterate
261s that we do need to find a suitable
262s solution that works for everyone
263s including those who have difficulty
265s using very Rings generally whether it's
266s on desktop or mobile
269s um so we're going to be exploring what
271s we can do to tone down the effects by
273s speaking with our art team and we'll
275s share any updates with you some
276s suggestions that we've seen is to leave
278s the butterflies in effect but remove the
280s actual Light Beam itself so the clickbox
282s is still there but it's not as obvious
283s just a few little cute butterflies
285s flying around but we'll have a look at
287s what we can do and let you know as soon
289s as possible so keep an eye out for
291s updates on that but that was our sneak
293s peek of the week we've got some uh more
296s art things to talk about which is why
297s we've got mod drove here so I'll hand
299s over to our very own modjob to talk
301s about some of the art that was involved
304s with the secrets of the north I think
306s this is the first image of almost for
308s concept art so take it away what are we
310s seeing here
311s cool and this is the mosfa yeah so this
314s is my first bus to sign that I've ever
317s done for old school
318s um and I definitely learned a lot from
320s it I think
321s it was hard to know what goes into a
323s design at such a big scale and how I
326s work with huge shifts when we don't even
327s have all the colors in the engine
330s and it was hard to make but most of them
332s did a very good job on the modeling
334s um even with some missing bits of my
336s Concepts and mod hand was this was his
339s first task in animation and he did a
341s very good job on conveying the creepy
343s Twisted feel of the Muska
345s so I'm just going to say spoiler alert
347s if you haven't played the quest because
349s I'll talk a bit about like why I made
351s the design choices for this
353s uh
354s so it turns out that this was Jalan and
358s he transformed into it while he was
359s having a nightmare about Ma and her
362s creations of the masbah that um
365s she manifested in her dreams so
369s I wanted to really communicate the whole
371s nightmarish feel and the vividness of
373s dreams so I kind of took the grubby
376s disgusting
377s feel of a nightmare and kind of combine
380s that and twisted it into like some
382s depictions we have of ma in past years
386s and try to put that together in one
388s design and I wanted to be like not
390s necessarily a cool boss but like a
393s interesting bus that's you look at it
396s and you get uncomfortable and you think
397s ew what the hell is that and I think I
400s saw a few reactions on the stream when
402s it released what the hell was that and I
405s think I succeeded in that um
408s so yeah on the next uh slide you can see
411s the model that software made which is
414s really cool it's very well done it was
417s hard to find the colors for this because
419s we don't have all the colors but I think
421s we got there in the end
423s I really think we did
426s it looks awesome the feedback on the bus
428s itself and the design has been really
430s really amazing to see so definitely
432s smashed out the park as always thank you
434s thank you I was nervous to see the
436s feedback since it was my first boss but
438s I think people are freaked out by it
441s which is great so
444s uh we can look into the rewards now you
446s want to go on the next one so I decide
448s both the rewards I think um
451s it's both sorosium or ancient
454s um inspired uh the bow which is a rapid
458s fire bow which uses charged shots I
461s wanted to convey the magic elements of
463s it so I was kind of Imagining the bow
465s takes on some shape language of the
468s ancient symbol which you can kind of see
470s in the shape of the bow itself and then
472s like the bits at the end I was imagining
475s pulled some kind of ancient magic or
478s magic in the very tips of it and that's
480s where the bow string is attached giving
482s that some kind of magic so it's kind of
484s having fun with the functioning of the
486s bow and how that would work out and then
488s modwest made a really cool stance for
491s the bow which I think is quite awesome
493s um
494s and for the scepter it's an upgrade of
498s the ancient stuff and
500s I saw some comments on it not being long
502s enough it's a scepter uh those are a bit
505s shorter so that's why it's not as short
508s but not as long so I tried to make the
511s shape language of this one be a bit more
512s aggressive with the kind of spikes and
514s open feel of it and while now it might
517s not look as impressive I the most I
520s could say is just like
522s you know wait a bit and have a bit of
525s faith in the design because I was I
528s designed it with some further expansions
529s in mind
531s um also there was some feedback on how
533s it's held in game which is quite
535s vertical
536s um we're looking into this now and it
539s will be tilted like the hammer on
541s Scepter so it will be held more in a
543s natural way as well um so you can see
545s the models on the next frame
550s oh there we go so that's uh what West's
553s school stands for the for the bow
556s and we got someone casting a spell with
559s a scepter done by modsofan on the right
563s um
564s so yeah that's that's those
568s they look awesome we have got two
571s questions if it's okay to keep you just
572s to go through them quickly Jeff that
574s were uh here listed for you and the
576s first one is that our players love the
578s teleport effect Hazel and kazad have we
581s will be seeing more unique effects
582s implemented there's a bunch of telephone
584s items that would benefit from having
585s their own unique animations for example
588s but I agree with that a lot I think that
590s was mod ghost who played around with
592s that he had a lot of fun with uh like uh
595s smoke clouds and he also used it for the
598s um
599s for the Assassin and it looked really
602s cool it's like it fades into
605s one of the NPCs and then disappears and
608s that
609s I think as long as we've had a lot of
611s time to play around with things lately
613s in the art team so we definitely have
614s more fun with spending more times on
617s small things like this so I'm hoping
620s we can put more of a budget into more
622s great crazy teleport Solutions
626s yeah awesome I think many players would
628s be excited for that just in general
630s animations and design has been uh insane
633s at least I think personally and we see
634s that through feedback so fingers crossed
636s there is more to see uh last question is
639s um quite simply what was your favorite
640s part of this to design
642s I think so the maharat storyline has a
645s lot of lore in this and
649s I wouldn't I think the most fun part was
652s trying to get all that lore into a
654s design not to obviously but a bit subtly
657s and not too on the nose and I think the
660s challenge of trying to make something
663s a good design while still having so many
665s small lore elements uh in the design was
668s the fun part of it I'd say definitely
672s okay awesome all right thank you so much
675s well that's uh all the art stuff we have
677s now uh for now at least thank you so
678s much for joining us on Joe and giving
679s you Insight really appreciate it great
681s job for yourself and the rest of the
683s team
684s um let's have a look at the boss in
686s action shall we and uh and see how it
688s plays out with all of those animations
690s and and the uh the design that we were
692s talking about I think Bruno if you're
693s ready you can look to take it down and
695s we'll say farewell to modular for now
697s and uh hopefully see you again in
699s another live stream
700s so thank you for having me
705s awesome all right so
708s um Bruno I am gonna let you take over on
711s this you can talk about whatever you
712s want to talk about you can tell players
714s about what it is that you're doing maybe
715s explain some things or just not and
717s focus on PDM and maybe Arcane can do
718s some shout casting how about that
721s you're over there I'll probably try and
723s focus too much on the bus but yeah I'm
725s ready for a play-by-play arcane
729s not really for sure I'll try
731s let's hop on in
736s garak dungeon
739s oh you looked out with range face first
741s didn't have to worry about resetting
742s let's see how it is
744s here he is with a Max gear minus Shadow
747s a really showcase into the masses how
750s easy it is moderate gear
756s I know yeah I think uh so the boss has
758s got a couple of different phases so it's
759s swapped from range to mate range to
762s melee
763s and now he's using ancients to freeze it
765s so it's a bit more chill I know some
766s people like to use the arcade spell
768s books and his trolls is really good you
770s can use corruption word of our chaos
772s there's quite a few interesting utility
773s spells on there our kids well book but
777s esperology is kind of just a classic and
779s does make the Molly phase quite chill
781s for sure phases
784s I was just gonna say if players haven't
787s seen it yet we have really some feedback
789s changes today for the musper and parts
792s of Secrets of the north so make sure we
794s check out yesterday's game update News
796s Post one of them was to just make the
798s ice spells a little bit more accurate in
800s terms of their freezing and I think
801s you're seeing the benefits of that now
802s with um Bruno not really having to worry
805s about too much about them splashing
806s which is nice to see
809s yeah I think that's quite an interesting
810s topic within itself it's like you don't
813s really generally feel that bad if you
816s miss with like a sanguine St or a try
819s you hit a zero you move on with your
820s life same with twister bow or a melee
822s like if you hit a lot of zeros in a row
824s it'll start to get a little bit
826s but a one-off zero with a song or
828s whatever whatever it doesn't really
829s matter too much but when you like open
831s your Spellbook and you click on Ice
832s barrage and then you click on the boss
834s and then you squash it's just so
835s infuriating like that level of
837s frustration is so much higher so I do
840s think it's worth investigating the idea
841s of maybe some free spells having
843s slightly higher accuracy maybe just for
845s the freeze component or something like
847s that but for now we've changed it so ice
850s barrage and other free skulls aren't
851s slightly more accurate for the first
853s time when you uh use it on the muscle to
856s alleviate that frustration make it a bit
858s more reliable of the strategy
861s awesome well you seem to be splashing a
863s little bit now that Max gear is not
864s helping out as much as you'd hoped over
865s you know oh yeah God bring him back here
868s he is there we go we got the freeze he's
870s fine so we got this
874s so I know this girl's about to be over
876s relatively quickly maybe we uh we do one
878s more afterwards but could you maybe just
880s explain some of the extra mechanics that
881s are coming out for those that probably
883s haven't seen the marketing
884s yeah sure
887s so right now we're on the second to last
889s phase so he turns on his prayer shield
891s and you'll see that some people have
893s opted to use things like Sapphire bolts
895s since they can drain uh the prayers the
897s monster's prayer level or you can use
900s Smite so you can have flick Smite onto a
902s drain a monster's prayer level or a
904s prayer step
905s or an ancient Maze and there's a couple
907s of other ways of draining prior I think
909s a lot of players are defaulted to the
910s sapphire bolts right now since they do
912s quite a lot of damage
913s then towards the end of the fight like
915s we are now there's just a bit of a DPS
917s check in terms of like the fights just
919s the arena is just getting smaller and
920s smaller with all this fight
922s Stacks a little bit faster
927s a single piece of food I'm sick
936s a little bit but you know
942s it's all right it's the pressure of
943s being live on a stream all right we can
944s we can do one more then because it's
945s quite a fast kills and as you did Gear
947s Up in pretty much Max
949s it was three minutes not too fast I'm
951s missing a few bits inside homes like I
953s don't have um masary or anything like
955s that
956s oh no
961s yeah
963s the whole one DPS
966s crazy
969s but also people are generally enjoying
971s this fight
972s overall I think people are having fun
973s with it it's a little bit different I
975s think there's a bit of controversy
976s weather
978s where's the difficulty lying I think uh
980s people on the very low end of gear and
982s the skill are maybe struggling a bit
983s more than they expected and people on
985s the very high end or maybe trivializing
986s the content as expected
988s but I think it's sitting about right
990s personally from everything I've seen but
992s we are obviously going to keep
993s monitoring feedback see where it really
995s sits
996s makes changes were necessary
999s but so far I think it's in a pretty good
1001s spot
1003s I mean I've seen a few people getting
1005s comfortable kills or at least uh you
1007s know one kill trips with budget setups
1009s were in crossbow and stuff like that
1010s mediocre stats I think even um mod
1012s Goblin has been doing some on his um
1014s group Iron Man account so uh it's
1017s definitely definitely durable with lower
1019s gear levels just uh I think Bruno wants
1022s to just make sure that he was able to
1024s get successful skills in this stream
1028s no I'm trying
1030s but yeah it has been interesting to just
1032s see the the different uh discussions
1034s come around in terms of the perceived
1035s difficulty especially when it comes to
1037s gear but as Arcane touched on it's uh
1039s it's literally been out for one day so
1041s we will obviously continue to monitor
1042s things and make challenges as needed
1044s such as changes that we made earlier
1046s today so again if you haven't already
1048s make sure you check out the uh the news
1050s post or you've got a uh oh oh
1054s [ __ ]
1056s it's not happening guys change the name
1060s there you go you got it not even close
1070s so you can't die now
1072s if that's on then I don't take any
1074s damage at all
1075s okay all right I'll play it we're doing
1078s this in a test world just in case Bruno
1079s got a unique on stream and it was uh it
1082s was listed as just being a little bit
1083s you know I couldn't give myself a bit if
1086s you want
1088s we'll see how about get through the kill
1090s first and see if you deserve the pet
1092s thank you
1093s it'll get cocky not together
1098s we're gonna need to put your new chest
1100s plate on there
1102s there you go
1103s oh
1107s that's what happens when you listen to
1109s Twitch chat like when you get backseated
1113s we believe in you you've got this
1115s Tebow's gonna pull through
1118s oh he's got no food
1121s colored no food so she'll be all right
1125s I'm worried about the run but yeah
1127s that's fine nice to see Jay mods play as
1130s bad as some of our players haha
1133s well that's not very nice that's not
1136s very nice coming is it all of our
1137s players are are great at the game
1139s Bruno's got an infernal Cape so you know
1143s I was the first
1146s I just don't think it's very often that
1148s you are put in a situation having
1149s multiple thousand people watching you
1150s live on stream so um that does add
1153s something to it you know
1155s never lucky on the bolts though
1162s here we go I I I believe this is this is
1165s it this is gonna be the kill you're
1166s gonna get the pet you deserved it
1169s look at those flicks
1172s clean it's like God
1177s not getting very good on the hit so are
1179s you this is a lot this is a slow kill
1187s oh excited
1191s nice yeah he's dead I'm not a screamer
1194s you know like it's too much too much
1196s pressure yeah that's okay we managed to
1199s get we managed to get the one kill and
1201s then I will I will happily say that it
1203s was my fault that you died that time
1204s around because I I backseated and
1206s distracted you so yeah
1208s and died
1210s but that was a really good showcase
1212s though of the of the most for boss thank
1214s you for that Bruno we do appreciate it I
1215s know the pressure of being on stream is
1217s a little bit daunting so hopefully you
1220s don't take it too tart I mean we all
1222s know that you're a gamer really so I
1224s wouldn't worry too much and you you
1226s owned it on the first time round so yeah
1228s yeah no kill the uh no no food the first
1230s time
1231s exactly I'm not exactly
1234s you're not bad
1235s I'm glad that it was yeah hands are cold
1238s and let's just face it if it was me
1240s there we wouldn't have even got into the
1241s lair so it's all good
1243s all right how about we jump into some
1245s questions now uh we've got a whole bunch
1247s that we've listed from the Twitter post
1249s and Reddit thread that we put out and if
1250s you've got some questions that you want
1251s to ask us in chat we'll try and get a
1254s through a few of those uh later on so
1258s that's at Old School RS in the chat
1259s first of all
1261s oh there's a little nice message here
1263s we'll see how it develops because I've
1264s not read the rest of it yet but mud
1265s Arcane congratulations on such a
1267s successful release this first one is for
1270s you can you talk us through your
1271s decisions when creating the new solo
1273s boss for secrets of the north tell us
1274s about some of your favorite mechanics
1275s are there any which are totally new and
1277s unique or some of them taken from other
1279s encounters like a raid for example
1283s um talking through the decisions when
1285s creating the boss it was I mainly just
1288s look at a bunch of different games and
1291s different bosses and different things
1292s like inspiration and then I kind of just
1294s tried a bunch of different things out
1296s until I figured out like why she felt
1299s good
1300s um I know for TOA it was a lot of paper
1302s designs where I would then program it
1304s all out and then quickly realize a lot
1306s of stuff together so I kind of just
1308s skipped that step completely and start
1309s putting stuff in the game immediately
1311s because you get a much better feel for
1312s it okay so I think that was a big change
1314s for me personally just trying to get in
1316s the game as fast as possible
1319s um favorite mechanics I really like the
1321s whole Spike mechanic how there's a it's
1323s a random amount of sport it's not a
1325s random amount but the initial locations
1327s for the spike when you go into the arena
1328s slightly random and every time a spike
1331s spawns it effectively duplicates or
1333s spawn like a new another one next to it
1334s so you'll go from two to four to a
1337s roughly and it will just get more and
1338s more and the arena just ends up becoming
1340s this like quite generally unique shape
1343s so no environment generally feels the
1345s same
1346s so you'll you're I'm hoping that means
1349s long term like it's not as repetitive
1351s because you're not always standing in
1352s the exact same 3000 and over hydrolytes
1355s sometimes what it can feel like you end
1357s up marking like three tiles in the arena
1359s you're like okay start here and then
1360s wait until the cell threshold and move
1362s to this tile I'm hoping it makes it a
1364s little bit more random I quite enjoy
1366s things like that where you kind of don't
1368s want to Scuff the arena too much
1370s so I think that's quite cool
1372s working with Lion side I think line of
1374s sight is something we've not really
1375s delved into too much so the whole
1377s explosion attack towards the end where
1378s you want to hide behind the spikes or
1380s something that's quite cool and I like
1382s things like that I think the major tax
1385s really satisfying it's not particularly
1387s mechanically Innovative or anything like
1390s that but it's like a really basic range
1391s attack and then every now and again you
1393s get the whole like jad-esque like okay
1395s now you've got to pray Mage I feel like
1397s just the animation and the projectile is
1399s like synced up and really smooth and as
1401s far as a big ball of energy I don't know
1403s it feels really satisfying
1405s I don't know
1409s um what are some of them are taken from
1411s other counters like I read and I think
1413s there's a few that are probably somewhat
1414s unique I don't think we've really messed
1415s with prayer very much as a mechanic I
1417s think this is the first boss that really
1418s has prayer points at least in a certain
1421s phase so I think that's a couple of
1424s players off guard and but people figured
1425s it out pretty fast I was quite worried
1427s that people wouldn't really figure out
1428s that whole prayer phase for quite a
1430s while and they were just sat there
1432s looking at the box like waiting for it
1434s to drain and that'd be really boring
1436s right just like I don't know what to do
1437s but people figured out Smite and then
1439s you figured out the prior Sapphire bolts
1442s which Sapphire bolts have never worked
1444s in pvm before so I was a bit worried
1446s people wouldn't really connect with us
1447s so I was really happy with that I think
1450s people figured it out and seems to be
1451s enjoying it I don't know yeah I think I
1454s think that smart mechanic of obviously
1456s there's a lot of them in there that
1457s you've mentioned that are really unique
1458s and cool but that's the one that I've
1459s seen a lot of people comment on that
1460s they're just never expected you know
1462s it's not a typical pvm Encounter of
1464s sorts that you would uh you'd come
1466s across and not something we've done
1467s before so yeah really awesome to see all
1469s right how about on the flip side mod
1470s Bruno for yourself do you want to share
1471s any complicated or interesting books or
1473s problems that arose when you were
1474s testing the whisper
1476s uh yeah sure uh there wasn't really a
1478s whole lot aside from a few like weird uh
1481s nippy nitpicky things uh I'll tell you
1484s one interesting thing was initially the
1485s thralls were able to just do direct
1487s train to the muscles uh Shield face so
1490s get a thrall out that'll literally kill
1493s the whole face for you which we decided
1494s it's a bit too was a bit too strong
1496s maybe so
1497s let's Nerf it down a little bit makes
1499s trolls just do nothing because it's not
1501s really prayer drain that they're
1503s attacking
1504s um so yeah aside from that also when it
1507s does the explosion attack the first
1509s couple tiles adjacent to the boss like
1511s any spikes on those will kind of getting
1513s ignored which was a bit confusing to me
1515s because like the spikes there but it's
1517s it's not protecting me so yeah
1519s um so yeah we fix that as well
1522s um the boss I'd say that's like the most
1524s interesting books aside from a couple
1525s things like corruption not procking
1528s correctly and stuff like that
1530s oh yeah they're all pretty smooth
1533s okay fair enough thank you so much for
1535s the Insight appreciate it a bit of a
1537s long question here and I think the
1538s answer is going to be really easy so
1539s I'll just Blaster it this one's also um
1541s maybe for you Bruno uh is there a hidden
1544s mechanic when it comes to the prayer
1546s Shield phase of the fight so even if you
1548s use Sapphire bolts my ancient mace Etc
1550s you are still met with the chat message
1551s the Phantom Whispers prayer Shield
1553s mitigates regular damage you still do
1556s massively reduce damage with your weapon
1557s so it's weird to assume that Sapphire
1559s bolts are the only way you can deal high
1560s damage to this phase can this be
1562s explained
1563s uh there isn't any sort of like secret
1565s mechanic it's not that deep we did
1568s intend the sapphire bolts to uh actually
1570s be like The Meta for this because I
1572s specifically remember the testing stuff
1574s I bought so making sure they work
1576s um stuff like the ancient mace also
1577s worked but because of the ancient mace
1579s isn't that high of a level weapon it's
1582s very weak so it's not it's never really
1585s gonna do as much as like a sapphire
1587s bolts back or even just like a smiled
1590s bow spec around a bow hit or anything
1593s like that
1594s um so yeah it's pretty simple as players
1596s are coming out right now is pretty much
1597s how we intend them to kill it
1600s okay I do think the the chat message is
1603s probably coming out a little too much
1605s it's intended to only say that like the
1608s chat message saying that the very shield
1610s never gets regular damage that's only
1612s ever supposed to come out if your attack
1613s effectively did enough
1615s so if you didn't have some ice on you
1617s weren't using the sapphire balls you
1618s didn't do like an ancient May spec
1620s that's when the message is supposed to
1621s come out so if that feels like it's
1623s coming out too much or when it shouldn't
1625s be then that sounds like a book so it's
1627s just come messages Just Happening too
1629s often
1630s okay but I think functionally the boss
1633s is working but maybe it's just that
1634s message is coming out a bit too frequent
1637s and that's something I imagine we can
1638s just you know like filter or fix to just
1640s not happen as much as it should
1642s cool okay all right this is a question
1644s that I think if anyone has read their
1646s updated blog that released earlier today
1648s will know the answer to but let's go
1649s over anyway just for those that may not
1651s be informed and if you haven't already
1652s this is your reminder go check out the
1653s news post that was released yesterday it
1655s was updated earlier today it should be
1657s the first one that says secret to the
1658s north and more it explains a lot that
1660s changed with today's uh hotfixes but can
1663s you explain why the saturated heart is
1665s untradable and this is because the
1666s imbued heart and ancient Essence is
1668s tradable why did we make it untradable
1670s Beyond making it unbaggable for Ultimate
1672s Iron Man
1674s that wasn't the goal to just simply make
1676s it unbugable for ultimate I'm not that
1678s petty but um the general idea was like I
1682s think the main game mode kind of
1685s requires a couple more on tradables like
1687s to kind of look for like there isn't
1690s very many things the main has that
1692s actually gets locked to your accounts
1693s like a permanent unlocked
1695s I was looking to have more of those so I
1698s really wanted that as a perk and
1700s obviously as old as that so I'd like to
1702s think
1703s some people agreed but I do think one of
1705s the oversights that was built
1709s unfortunate is like some people like to
1712s trade and build Hearts like if you say
1714s you're doing top with your friends you
1716s can just trade and build Hearts between
1717s you and just use the age or even within
1720s the encounter yourself you can drop it
1721s on the floor like trade it like that and
1723s that's kind of nice and we just
1725s effectively remove uh
1728s that's just unfortunate side effects so
1729s we are going to be making it tradable so
1732s don't need to worry about that going
1733s forward
1734s awesome I think that was one that stated
1737s for next week's game update right it
1739s will become tradable
1742s so yeah we'll be with the cold fix on
1744s the 18th
1746s awesome so yeah next week saturate
1748s Hearts will be tradable and it also
1749s helps out for Groupon men in addition to
1751s that because you can now put it into
1752s your group bank and trade it between
1754s players whenever they're doing the tasks
1756s that require magic
1758s um speaking of hotfixes today's hotfix
1759s this is a pretty big one we saw a lot of
1761s feedback actually after we made this
1762s change again
1764s um but it addressed a bug with the
1765s Phantom muskers melee attack it's been
1767s referred to as the step back method
1769s which is used to mitigate damage from
1771s this phase players have said it was a
1774s fun mechanic to engage with so could the
1776s team explain why it was removed and
1777s whether or not we'd consider reverting
1779s the change
1781s so it was a bug and it it was
1784s effectively every NPC has like core
1787s combat that it calls like by default and
1789s the musco was weirdly alternating
1791s between calling its custom combat
1793s scripts and the core one and the core
1795s one just defaults to melee prior always
1798s as 100 damage reduction so this is like
1800s really weird Behavior where if you
1802s stepped back it was calling or combat
1804s and if you if it was just next to you it
1806s was calling the custom combat so it was
1808s a bug that needed to be fixed but I do
1812s think it was kind of a cool quirking
1813s mechanics I would be interested in
1815s bringing it back properly and how that
1818s would probably look is like we would
1819s code it in a way where it would actually
1821s respect this Behavior but it probably
1823s wouldn't show the hits black because I
1825s think it's really weird how it hits a
1827s zero like I like the idea of dodging the
1829s mounting attack almost but not that like
1831s it hits you but then for some reason
1832s prayer reductions is higher like that
1834s doesn't make any sense that the prayer
1835s reduction is higher because you stepped
1837s attack it should just not hit you so I
1839s think that's why how I'd want to bring
1841s it back and say okay if you step back
1842s the boss just misses
1844s kind of similar to nightmare's melee
1846s attack right where where if it hits you
1847s you step back or step to the side or
1849s something they'll just miss I'd rather
1851s just bring it back okay
1853s awesome okay that's maybe something that
1855s we can look forward to in a future
1858s um kind of like update potentially maybe
1860s we should do a little quick poll in the
1861s twitch chat how many of you are epic
1863s pvmers out there that kind of benefited
1865s from the step back method uh if we could
1868s maybe have a poll running to just say
1870s should the step back method for mustard
1872s be reintroduced yes or no and then let
1875s you all vote on it and in the meantime
1877s we'll get through some more questions
1878s because time is of the essence here
1881s um does the old school team plan on
1883s making Smite relevant for future PDM it
1885s was awesome to see this mechanic for the
1887s new boss
1888s thank you
1889s sure when it makes sense yeah
1892s for this bus it made a lot of sense
1894s because
1895s quite quite like her well leading up to
1897s Desert treasure two uh makes kind of
1899s sense because you know curse and stuff
1901s like that
1902s um so yeah sure
1906s cool all right nice one thank you nice
1908s and easy uh moving on from that let's
1910s talk about the venator bow
1912s um so someone has said the venator boat
1914s was very good in Barbarian assault this
1916s is again something that we have changed
1918s so keep an eye out on the news post but
1920s I asked if we could get more insight for
1921s why it was restricted in Barbarian
1923s assault specifically
1927s I think we talked to a couple of people
1929s in the ba community and they said that
1932s they didn't really want it in there for
1934s various reasons I think the biggest one
1936s was reducing the skill Gap or the skill
1938s required for the attack roll and in the
1941s time we were just in this position of
1943s okay this this community really doesn't
1946s want this bow and this is this change
1948s affects them the most it just seems like
1950s a free win so just go okay it doesn't
1951s really affect very many people it would
1953s only negatively affect these players so
1955s we'll just make them happy like it just
1957s seemed like a free win in there
1958s obviously the last 24 hours is showing
1961s otherwise
1962s um so we've kind of prepare our stands
1964s on that okay fair enough we do generally
1966s agree that the game should evolve over
1968s time and things should change like
1969s inferno's got a lot easier and because
1972s of this new bow so why shouldn't other
1974s pieces of content so I do think it's a
1977s shame for the people that really like
1978s care about the prestigious nature in
1980s that but I do think it's important the
1982s entire game evolves like and we
1984s shouldn't hold parts of it back
1985s artificially
1988s awesome okay thank you so just in case
1990s it was lost in in the detail just to
1992s confirm it was hot fixed earlier today
1993s so it is now usable within Barbarian
1995s assault so that's a change that we
1997s already make and uh reverted there is
1999s now also a poll in the twitch chat if
2001s you want to go and vote on whether or
2003s not the step back method should be put
2004s back in obviously we have our own
2006s opinions internally we're not going to
2007s take the results of the twitch chat as
2008s vertebrum but it's just interesting to
2010s see what your opinions are like um
2012s within chat so click on the top of your
2014s chat box and vote in that for us Bruno
2016s did I cut you off did you want to talk
2018s about this one at all or I move on to
2019s next yeah I was just going to confirm
2021s that that has been hot fixed so yeah you
2023s can hop in with the events if not if you
2025s want
2026s nice all right there you go then go and
2029s get good at the attacker roll
2031s um so a question for you mad Arcane when
2034s designing the mechanics of the boss did
2036s you feel limited knowing that there are
2038s meant to be four bosses in desert
2039s treasure two so you have to keep some
2040s mechanics safe for those bosses rather
2042s than using them here
2045s no not really there's just always more
2047s stuff to talk about right there's always
2049s more ideas
2051s anything back particularly
2054s nice and simple there we go so instead
2056s of smite next time we'll maybe introduce
2058s humidify
2059s or plank bake
2063s yeah all right so oh a question for both
2066s of you are a double whammy what player
2068s stage do you think this boss most
2070s appeals to does this match what you
2072s envision envision
2073s envision
2076s envision
2078s thank you for some reason just can't say
2080s envisioned today when you first tested
2082s the boss
2087s this player stage mean like a mid game
2089s end game or like yeah I think so like
2091s what phase in in the game Journey
2093s progression do you think that it should
2095s sit up
2097s it depends like what do you mean by like
2099s where she's at because you can do the
2102s boss post Quest on a 85 combat account
2104s right like base 75s like you can do it
2106s but like every boss in our game is
2108s generally more efficient to just go
2110s train your stats up to as high as you
2112s reasonably want to and make money or
2114s they're more reasonable pieces of
2115s content and then for me like that goes
2117s for literally everything in the game
2119s right right it's more efficient to get
2120s Max combat and then kill giant mold than
2123s it is to struggle to kill giant ball
2124s with basic
2128s um but I do think it's reasonable to
2130s maybe go there and do your 50 100 kills
2132s maybe get the ancient scepter for an
2134s upgrade and then drop it for a bit and
2135s then maybe come back once you've got
2137s better gear I don't expect mid-level
2139s players to sit there for hundreds and
2141s hundreds of kills trying to farm out the
2143s venator bow or the pet or something like
2145s that so for that I'd say like depends
2148s what you want from the boss I think if
2150s you want only a couple of things
2153s game but if you want to farm a pet and
2156s like maybe better Turbo's or multiple
2157s veterans are work for money then I would
2160s expect that to be more for the late game
2161s players
2163s players because the gear matters a lot
2165s there I think that's a good thing gear
2167s should matter a lot every piece of
2168s content I think it's a shame if you're
2170s getting the exact same kills per hour
2173s with like a whip versus a scythe right
2176s like the size should be better it should
2178s feel good you want to incentivize it
2179s yeah it's better here so I think it's
2182s completely fine to kill it earlier on I
2184s just wouldn't recommend farming it for
2185s loads of hours but I also wouldn't say
2187s the same about any boss or a workout and
2191s nothing really like that arrows is
2193s probably the exception right because you
2194s just don't need gear there the gear just
2197s doesn't matter like you you gotta try
2199s them or items
2200s they're almost getting Max kills per
2202s hour they're anyway
2203s the difference isn't as big of a deal
2205s going from wearing room play body to
2207s full ancestral it's like 100 Mil for
2209s very very little GPS
2212s but for here the difference between
2214s aroms and Trident versus ancestral and
2217s Shadow is Monumental like it's so big
2220s but I don't think that's a problem
2223s yeah I'll see in some place it's like a
2226s mid-level boss and I don't really know
2228s where they got that from I don't think
2230s we've called it a middle of a boss and I
2232s don't think it's fair to compare it to a
2233s middle of a boss because well what I see
2235s middle of I see something like barrows
2237s or saraknis those sorts of like levels
2240s of bosses where you don't really need
2242s that much to do it efficiently whereas
2244s this you do need a little bit of skill
2245s and some good gear so I'd say it's more
2247s towards high level but not exactly like
2249s end game or anything like that
2252s okay all right thank you hopefully that
2255s gives a little bit more of an
2256s explanation
2258s um I think if I remember correctly when
2260s we kind of put it out there in terms of
2262s its expected difficulty because to begin
2264s with we didn't put any information out
2266s at all but then in later on
2268s clarifications it was compared to a more
2270s mechanical version of Warcraft with
2272s lower stats so and you know volcaff is
2275s not exactly like a a mid-game boss in
2278s its own right with uh the requirements
2280s that you have in terms of gear but uh we
2282s did also state that you could defeat the
2284s boss with 85 combats and I think that
2286s was listed in the blog itself as well
2289s and confirm that you can do it it's just
2291s as Arcane said probably not the best
2293s thing to farm out long term if you don't
2294s have high combats and high gear but
2297s that's the nature of bossing really so
2300s yeah I think you can see it within chat
2303s itself like it's so divisive where it's
2305s like what is mid game some people are
2306s saying mid game it comes from a Grand
2309s Master Quest right like orcath is an
2311s inferno sure but that doesn't make it
2312s mid game the differences between like
2314s early gay and mid game late game and
2316s game like is so vague and there isn't
2319s anything official right it's very
2321s subjective yeah I think it's just
2324s because it comes from mechanically
2326s simpler has higher requirements to get
2328s to
2329s um the distinction gets brought across
2331s around about that but I still didn't go
2333s and farm Warcraft with budget gear
2335s because there's just no point I'd wait
2336s until I got decent gear just like I
2338s would do the same here so well at least
2340s that's something Insight anyway from
2341s mods Arcane and Bruno in regards to the
2343s loss and where it sits at
2345s um let's have a look at the next
2347s question which is what is your reasoning
2349s behind dropping the venator shards more
2350s often and needing five to create the bow
2352s and just making the bow a drop that's
2354s five times as rare
2357s I kind of wanted to try something
2359s different so I think generally having a
2363s singular rare drop is more exciting and
2366s you have like the high variance right
2368s where you could just complete the entire
2369s bow in one kill like just get it first
2371s kill like that's quite exciting a
2373s potential idea that you can just get
2375s like a Tebow or whatever for one KC and
2377s but then you have the other side of it
2379s where you the chance of going three
2381s times dry on something is something like
2383s a one in 20. if you're thinking about it
2385s from the entire player base or even like
2387s your friend group right you've got 20
2389s friends that play RuneScape I don't have
2391s 20 friends to play RuneScape if you have
2392s 20 friends that play RuneScape one of
2394s you is likely to go three times dry
2396s right and if you're in the context of
2398s something like lizard and shamans for
2400s example like boom 15K Charlotte's driver
2403s Warhammer is depressing so I kind of
2405s just wanted to try something different
2406s which is if you give out smaller like
2409s more frequent smaller quantities of an
2411s item so first violence or shards you're
2414s statistically more likely to complete it
2415s in like an average range you're less
2417s likely to finish it early and you're
2418s less likely to finish later like you you
2420s go towards the middle a bit more like
2422s you average out so it decreases the
2424s variance of it and that's good and bad
2426s it means you can't go out is dry but you
2428s also can't get a spoon and I can't just
2431s wait to try to see what players really
2432s think like do they prefer this style of
2434s drop and it's a mid-level boss right
2436s it's not dropping anything crazy so it
2437s seemed like a good chance to try it out
2439s and see what people think so looking for
2441s feedback on that obviously you probably
2443s won't really have much feedback until
2445s you've maybe gone dry on it or anything
2448s um so maybe after a couple hundred cases
2450s give me a message but generally curious
2452s we'll see how it goes and maybe this is
2455s something we take forward I think it's
2457s probably to have a bit of a balance like
2458s you don't want an entire drop table
2460s that's just all shared very exciting
2462s maybe some of the more rare things
2464s should be broken
2467s they're an experiment there he goes let
2469s me know
2470s what initial reaction seems relatively
2472s positive people saying they like it they
2473s love it prefer it that way Big W so
2476s there you go
2477s nice nice all right
2479s um
2480s we've got a secret to the north will the
2482s boss be slightest illegible
2486s uh yeah so you can get a boss layer task
2489s of the phantom menace but you can't get
2491s a
2498s is just one boss so if you have the boss
2501s Slayer test worked better
2504s then yeah you can um get that as a
2506s slight task
2508s cool all right thank you uh next
2510s question is right now in secrets of the
2512s north killing the boss before the smart
2513s phase causes it to bug out will this
2515s book be addressed
2517s uh yeah we've tried to fix this bug a
2519s few times I think we've been it now but
2522s let us know if we haven't
2524s um we're basically the way the bus works
2526s is it goes from one phase to the next to
2528s the next if you try to skip one of those
2530s phases it will probably not work
2532s properly in some sorts in bug out in
2534s some way
2535s um so try to fix it by making it so that
2537s if the boss does reach zero HP whilst
2540s it's trying to transition to the next
2541s phase it will regen a little bit HP and
2544s then carry on properly
2547s okay awesome thank you
2550s um another question is regards to damage
2553s being nulled between phase transitions
2555s near the end of the fight and this be
2557s fixed
2558s generally damaged no legs like really
2561s bad right like it's really annoying at
2562s vanguards it's it was really annoying
2564s and next
2566s I don't know if this still actually
2567s happens the next time but went back and
2568s forth on that for ages but generally
2571s damage nothing's really bad I think for
2573s this it kind of has to know it because
2575s it's going from like hit points being
2577s regular hit points to Prior hit points
2580s so it's like a completely different
2582s health bar it's a different completely
2583s different mechanic so
2585s it kind of has to null it here and so
2588s I think just use that period where you
2589s know your transitioning it to or the
2592s um
2593s the explosion attacks just about to end
2594s just use that period to eat or something
2596s instead you know exactly when it's going
2597s to happen
2598s so you can time it and everything so
2600s hopefully it's not too frustrating but
2603s for here it kind of has to know it
2606s okay fair enough appreciate the
2608s explanation Arcane
2610s um right the next one so I got
2612s distracted because apparently track can
2613s hear every time I gulp my uh glass of
2615s water so I'll try and uh drink a little
2618s bit less
2619s um I think we like aggressively
2621s let's stay hydrated you know yeah you do
2624s have to stay hydrated you know Hydro uh
2626s homies out there it's healthy to drink
2628s water
2629s um Can the devs give any insight into
2631s what goes into designing drop tables for
2633s bosses
2634s why so many Skilling supplies question
2636s mark
2639s so
2641s we've had a lot of criticism in the past
2643s where drop tables are really boring
2648s and we only really have like three types
2651s of items we can give out it's either
2654s alcohols or it is a like early Skilling
2657s resource such as like a seed or an ore
2659s right like there's a very burrow
2661s resource or we can give produced
2663s resources such as bars and herbs that
2666s have like gone through a layer of
2667s Skilling
2668s um or we can give it like raw GP or it's
2670s like any sort of techniques right we
2672s don't really have a lot of diversity so
2675s sure we can just give out alkibles
2677s completely on every drop table it's
2679s purely alcohols right
2682s um but then that's interesting a lot of
2683s gold into the game and that's really
2685s boring so then we try and put a few
2686s Skilling materials in there and that can
2689s be okay but then if you really rely on
2691s some skill materials you'd end up really
2692s hurting the economies like say we had
2694s one boss that only dropped ran our weeds
2696s right around our weed economy would be
2698s really devastated so what we try to do
2701s now is kind of like spread it out a bit
2703s where it's like we get a little bit of
2704s seeds we get a little bit of herbs a
2706s little bit of ore and just trying her
2708s everything ever so slightly because no
2710s matter what it drops it hurts the
2711s economy in some way adding a bunch of
2713s stuff into the economy
2714s we want to generally take out more than
2716s we put in so boss is generally about
2719s okay people are going to be eating food
2721s and drinking prayer pots like super
2723s combats and stuff like that they're the
2724s resources that are consuming from Boston
2726s I want to make sure our people are
2728s consuming an adequate amount of
2729s resources and not generating too much so
2732s it's about just trying to like get the
2733s balance right not to introduce anything
2735s individually too much from any single
2737s piece of content spread it out so it
2739s doesn't hurt anything sometimes we get
2741s it wrong right we're like okay oops we
2742s get about way too many around our seats
2744s from this drop table we need to change
2745s that and that's kind of what we did
2747s today we're like okay we pulled back on
2749s some of the resources slightly uh I
2751s still may be giving out a bit too much
2752s we'll see that we just don't want to
2754s have any knee-jerk reactions but we're
2756s pulling it back a bit most of the muscle
2758s drop table is quite varied like he
2760s spreads it out like there is some seeds
2762s on it sure but they're not really common
2763s but maybe it's just giving us early to
2765s any of them which is again is what we
2767s tweet today but yeah maybe we didn't get
2770s it right here and we can pull it back a
2771s little bit but we have to give out
2773s something so it's either alcohols or
2775s scaling supplies or uniques I don't want
2777s to just drop them nothing and we don't
2779s want to have too many empty drops right
2780s where we give you three pure essence or
2783s whatever right like drops that are
2785s effectively a dead drop that feels
2786s really bad so it's like a bounds of
2789s make sure we give a player something
2791s that makes them feel like their time
2792s wasn't wasted and they're just like the
2793s way net loss on supplies make sure we're
2796s not giving out too much of any
2797s individual resource to hurt the economy
2799s too badly it's like any anything in
2802s specifics
2804s um it is difficult there's not a lot of
2806s flexibility something that we've been
2807s trying to do is sort of I think the last
2809s two updates is it introduce new
2810s resources so for example obviously we
2813s introduce ancient Essence like we could
2814s have used something else for that right
2816s we could have used
2818s um well being a good example of
2819s something we could use we could have
2820s used Bud shards or something instead of
2822s ancient Essence but generally if we
2823s introduce a new resource it gives us
2825s another option of some things to drop
2827s the player that has a
2829s different plan so try and introduce more
2831s things that we can give out so we're not
2832s always just getting around RCS and
2834s always getting around our weeds and
2836s that's also a really good idea that
2837s we're trying to do let's see a little
2839s harder to introduce new things
2842s um yeah we can pull back supplies but
2844s again opens feedback seems like a
2846s general consensus is and choosing a bit
2848s too many resources but we don't want to
2850s just completely Hammer the regular drop
2852s table because the uniques aren't
2853s particularly amazing either right the
2855s uniques aren't going to be holding like
2857s 100 200 mil values so if we really
2859s Hammer the regular drop table it's going
2862s to just look really unappealing to do
2863s for everyone
2865s um so it's difficult job tables are
2867s really difficult to
2868s buy honestly um not saying we ever get a
2870s Rises very very back and forth
2873s the the four plus years of working at
2875s drag X in Community Management I can
2877s certainly say drop tables have been the
2879s bane of my life when it comes to
2880s feedback on new releases that involve
2882s pvm but it's just as you say nature of
2884s the beast but I feel like um we've done
2886s a lot better this time around than we
2887s have in previous bosses at least it
2888s seems way more on the line of you know
2891s what it could be a little bit broken it
2892s could also be a little bit okay whereas
2894s I'd rather see that than holy crap this
2897s is broken there's a million threads
2899s posted everyone's rushing to the boss
2900s everything's broken and then we have to
2902s change it and everyone gets upset and
2904s angry because they no longer make as
2905s much money as they did before so I think
2908s it's okay we can just have a continued
2911s monitoring of it
2912s I do have one more point I know I've
2914s rambled a lot on this already but
2916s I know people are like panicking about
2917s like looking at seed prices and
2918s plummeting and stuff right
2920s um completely valid thing to panic about
2922s this is two things like two major things
2925s one thing is people panicking obviously
2927s the market is completely player run so
2929s if people think that the boss is
2930s dropping a lot of seeds based off some
2932s Wiki rates or something like that or
2933s their own experience right you see 12
2935s Runner Seasons dropping like wow as
2936s possible plus a lot of that that word
2938s will spread so people start Panic
2940s selling so that's a big factor that
2942s makes them crash the second thing is a
2946s lot of people are doing this particular
2948s boss right now
2950s so it isn't the facts like oh some
2952s people are doing COA some people don't
2953s see a b and like there's a lot of people
2955s doing various contents that all have
2956s their own different drop tables and it's
2958s like a lot more spread out it's like 90
2959s of the community all just moves to one
2961s boss yeah a lot of those drops are just
2963s going to go down in prices there's more
2965s of this coming in than anything else in
2967s the game now so it's the same with TOA
2969s where as soon as TOA dropped all those
2971s resources just commented because so many
2973s people are doing TOA Suffering From
2975s Success right
2976s um but that that will normalize after a
2978s couple of weeks people go back and like
2979s okay after my 50 100 KC I'm going to go
2981s back to whatever grind I was doing
2983s um and then it'll like go back to normal
2985s again people stop Panic buying and
2987s everything but we've all been honest for
2989s it long term right because we can't see
2990s this boss is just objectively
2992s introducing too many scenes but that
2994s isn't the only factor it's not only
2996s about
2997s yeah that's a really really good point
2999s to make and a really important
3000s clarification as well and that's also
3002s part of the reason why we're just
3004s straight up the drop table straight away
3005s we obviously made some changes today
3006s slightly reduced it because we felt like
3008s even with you know
3010s player levels dropping down over time it
3013s would still be a bit too powerful but as
3015s Arcane said you know if we completely
3017s good at it now as player activity drops
3019s as people lose interest in the boss long
3021s term it could just then just become
3022s something that's just not appealing at
3024s all and we obviously want to avoid that
3025s but I think we talked a fair amount on
3027s that I appreciate the Insight I want to
3028s get on to one more question from the
3031s chat and then sorry from the sheet and
3035s then we'll go into some chat questions
3036s to wrap up and this next uh and last one
3038s from this is can we get a quick start
3040s option to instantly spawn the boss
3042s similar to vocath the 30 second respawn
3044s timer feels a bit too much since this is
3046s a solo boss
3049s oh my God
3052s yeah go ahead I think it's like how we
3054s do it right like nightmare is like
3056s really obvious like number goes back to
3057s sleep you kill her and then you wake her
3059s up again
3060s it was really simple because yeah he's
3062s like an under dragon it constantly gets
3064s revived that uh grotesque Guardians has
3066s a big Bell in the arena that you can
3068s ring them right like something's a lot
3069s easier than that
3071s I don't really know what this one would
3072s be
3072s and spawn a random item on the floor
3074s that you just click on probably would
3076s suffice I do think stuff like that is
3078s generally better that the player can
3080s start the fight whenever they want we
3082s could just look at reducing the start
3083s time a bit but there was a lot of
3085s feedback and play testing that it's a
3086s bit too quick it's like pick up all your
3088s supplies because you can get quite a few
3089s things right
3090s six summer pie drop in two prayer
3093s potions and arranging Paul like it's
3095s like eight things to pick up and the
3097s management area that heal up free prayer
3099s like that can take a lot of time so we
3101s introduced the increase there but the
3103s better players get the more comfortable
3105s to get the whole gameplay Loop so then
3107s it ends with just you're just sitting
3108s around waiting you you can just like
3111s leave and re-enter if you want to go
3112s really quick but it's not particularly
3114s nice either especially if you want to
3115s leave stuff on the floor and I was gonna
3118s say remove your supplies you've saved
3119s then that you're juggling right
3121s maybe we might this is I'm just joking
3123s here but right make everyone bring a
3125s spade and they have to dig the ground up
3126s to bring it back out of the ground
3128s that's where it comes from it's an
3129s underground worm thing
3131s fantastic yeah that's that's my uh
3135s useful input of the day cool so yeah it
3138s seems like we can think about it at
3139s least um chat questions what have you
3141s been saying and I pray to Sarah Diamond
3143s that these questions are tame because
3146s it's been a long day
3148s um could we get the possibility to break
3151s down ancient icons into Essence just
3153s like the venator shards
3156s won't be against it
3160s overly against it I don't think it's
3162s necessary there will be more purpose for
3164s ancient icons in the future so multiple
3166s is not useless yet
3170s cool all right next question would the
3172s jmods be interested in adding more item
3175s clue steps and stashes maybe one with an
3177s upgraded ancient staff and another one
3179s where you have to equip a sun Charis
3180s outside of TOA
3183s I'll be a pain
3185s I won't mind but yeah like you said it
3188s would be a pain
3189s um so I'm not inclined to do it with
3192s maybe there's like a new loose World
3194s expansion at some point then yeah it
3195s would make sense for us to add items
3197s that weren't out in the last two
3198s expansion
3202s I think it's a really good thing for us
3203s to do I just don't know like when or why
3205s we do it like is it just like really
3207s random okay oh we just release a big
3210s update let's just add a bunch more clues
3212s and stashes and stuff
3214s maybe it is good yeah it gives more
3217s demand for items right
3218s yeah that's probably one thing that we
3220s need to need to think about because I it
3223s always falls back in internal
3224s discussions go to yeah we'll we'll do a
3226s clue expansion at some point and we'll
3227s bundle it in with then and then we never
3229s do a clue expansion because everything
3230s else comes out instead so
3233s um
3233s I think it's probably worth thinking
3234s about when new content comes out going
3236s forward
3237s um how we might be able to incorporate
3238s it I think that's uh that's nice
3241s um okay oh this starts off nice here we
3243s go first of all a lovely work with the
3245s new boss and congratulations thank you
3247s twitch chat however ah here we go
3250s there's always a however a but after
3252s trying the boss there was a missed
3254s opportunity for it to be a tribrid fight
3256s was this intentional or discovered after
3258s players experimented a bit
3262s there's just never intended to be a
3264s tripod
3266s we I don't think every boss should be a
3268s tribe it's not like we have any of them
3269s but it's a bit of a big ask for a lot of
3272s bosses to be a tribe because of how much
3274s gear you've got to bring
3275s it's not always particularly desirable I
3277s think there is a time and a place for it
3279s and it can be fun but
3281s I don't know
3284s cool fair enough
3286s um this question is directed towards me
3287s because I know that I've said this
3289s before and responses to people on Reddit
3291s because this is what I was told by the
3292s team but I can't remember the exact
3294s reason and I believe the one person who
3296s might be able to help answer it is not
3297s going to be on stream until next week
3298s but anyway we'll see if Arcane and Bruno
3301s can help save the day they've said
3302s modiza you once said that once we saw
3305s the boss we would understand why the
3306s ranged weapon had to be a bow could you
3308s elaborate
3316s thank you
3318s I mean I think it makes sense it being a
3321s bow rather than like being nice
3324s just being a throne ax
3327s um because you also use like Arrows with
3329s this item so
3332s I remember the words
3335s I like the idea of it being like a like
3338s a god of war like throwing ax like came
3340s back to you and everything but it was
3341s just a completely different design at
3342s that point but no I wanted a boomerang
3344s just to be honest with you I wanted a
3346s boomerang and I got told I remember
3348s being told that there's a reason why
3349s it's got to be a bow I can't remember
3350s the reason because Christmas has
3352s happened so I I don't remember we'll
3354s find out
3359s like why is this do you know boomerangs
3361s or an ancient they're an ancient item
3363s used by aboriginals hundreds of years
3366s thousands of years old in fact you know
3368s how old's gilinore he knows they could
3370s have made boomerangs it's also a fantasy
3372s game who cares it would have been cool
3373s to have Boomerang anyway never mind
3376s another question apparently for me I
3378s definitely can't answer this one so
3380s um someone someone else please answer it
3382s can you mention if the pathing on the
3385s way to the boss can be fixed a lot of us
3386s click the squeeze through fence but get
3389s directed slightly differently
3393s I don't know what this is I guess it's
3395s bugged in some weird form
3398s yeah I imagine the pathing's trying to
3400s make it shorter for you but not really
3402s doing its job properly uh usually
3404s whether we fix this is make thing we'll
3406s move things out of the way or add things
3408s in the way
3409s um like for a bankers at banks sometimes
3411s you'll click on the banker and you run
3413s to the back of the bank because that's
3414s apparently how the game sees you to get
3416s there faster but it doesn't really work
3418s out uh so the way
3420s I add things in the way people are
3423s saying that people are clicking on the
3424s stairs behind the Miss clicking the
3426s stairs yeah people clicking yeah
3429s I have seen a few people Miss click on
3431s the stairs when the minute click on the
3433s uh then see how that could be as well
3437s cool okay
3440s um next question was the muska's orb
3443s phase intended to have a safe spot
3446s no
3448s can I ask the question are we going to
3450s change it because it wasn't enough
3451s feedback
3453s no I think we're just gonna leave it
3454s it's kind of nice to be able to just AFK
3456s that phase makes you feel like a god
3458s just dodging everything around you like
3460s Neo right
3462s yeah okay it's also not guaranteed that
3465s you'll have the safe spot because like
3466s what if you accidentally put a spike
3468s there then that says what's ruined
3470s um there's some form of like gameplay
3472s around it then I see I see all right so
3474s it guarantees this but most of the time
3477s it is you can be base J mods for this
3479s stream then until next week when you
3481s decide to change it and I have to try
3482s and communicate that and be like well
3484s design things
3488s all right
3490s um would you consider making the Phantom
3492s whisper a week to solve amulet or
3494s possibly even to ancient magics
3499s um I'm probably gonna say no one myself
3501s because that does make it that does have
3503s quite a lot of DPS
3504s you're welcome
3506s um
3507s yeah it's just a slug like it's not
3511s Phantom I guess it's not Ghostly
3516s um it's just a slug all right get your
3518s salt bags out then
3522s um hidden mechanic that the guy was
3524s referencing with the oh no you leaked it
3526s oops
3528s I'm guessing they mean even weaker to
3530s ancient Magics uh we slightly made it
3533s weak to ancient Magics because catching
3535s a freeze is now a little bit easier if
3536s the bus isn't Frozen
3539s um
3541s weaker to wager Magics because it's
3543s already it's job it's a weird lore thing
3546s right so it's it's technically at least
3548s in the quest it's technically not a
3550s muster it's uh Jalen has turned himself
3552s into representation on most of us so
3554s you're actually attacking a majora
3558s probably wouldn't be weak magic that
3561s doesn't make any sense post Quest maybe
3563s we can stretch it a bit because it's
3566s technically not gel on that point it's
3567s like a manifestation of energy but it's
3570s not really a must for that point either
3571s but lore I don't know
3574s okay also people say Phantom I think
3577s it's just Phantom because I don't know
3579s just a lot of reasons yeah which are
3582s valid reasons to make it weak to solve
3584s for gameplay reasons I don't think
3586s they'll fly
3588s that's why it's a bow as well the law
3589s okay I'll ask these last two questions
3592s and uh maybe they'll be quick this one
3594s has a response that someone has wrote on
3596s here that says please ask it so I don't
3598s have to read anymore what is the point
3600s of the Frozen cash what does it do
3603s and it has good loot
3606s cool there you go thank you arcane
3610s will this boss get combat achievements
3613s yes it is a bus you'll get achievements
3616s eventually when everything's settled and
3618s we're ready to give achievements much
3620s like uh two of the musket did December
3623s which is like two months after release
3625s but that is a RAID so I expect it to not
3627s take as long
3630s okay we're getting right extra writing
3634s in around the Frozen cache with I am
3636s literally begging you it says please
3638s explain that it is
3639s you can explain this one okay can you
3641s see the sheet
3642s yeah so people are saying that it's bad
3644s it does it does a role on the the
3646s regular drop table it can give you
3648s unique so you can get venison shards out
3650s of it so it's like an additional role
3651s but it's heavily biased to be good so
3654s like it eliminates a lot of the bad
3656s drops of the drop table so it's a very
3658s strong role
3661s it does give good news but yes you can
3664s still get fire runes out of it sure but
3666s it generally will give you good stuff
3668s cool so it's like an extra drop from the
3671s boss that has a chance of getting better
3672s drops from the Boston and normal drop
3674s does
3676s yeah because it's affects the actual
3677s role in the unique drop table which you
3679s wouldn't normally get
3681s cool as well people are saying you can
3683s get caches from the cash cash exception
3685s that's pretty cool isn't it how does
3686s that feel it cash from the cash
3689s wow how's that work
3692s does that add to the collection
3694s yo we need to find someone someone put a
3696s video out that that shows how many cash
3698s the cash to cash like back to backs you
3700s get in one go I want to see you could go
3702s and fill it
3705s foreign cashception I like that nice one
3708s rooster all right we've got some uh user
3710s generated content some things from the
3712s community that I'd really like to
3713s Showcase off before we end and then
3715s there's a little bit for a mention of
3718s next week's Stream So if we can just
3720s quickly bring up the first image I'm
3721s sorry to uh our lovely stream team for
3723s keeping you behind a little bit later
3724s this is the oh look at it it's it's good
3728s old's the back Wise Old Man sandwich
3730s lady and name Child by the wonderful
3732s witchcrafty always uh absolutely smashes
3735s out of the park that looks incredible
3739s right
3741s yep
3744s Fair okay next one this is from uh a
3748s jackner and this is a roon necklace
3751s that's pretty cool you'd rock this on a
3753s night out get a few looks looks awesome
3756s though
3757s big fan
3759s uh we then have a tattoo from the old
3762s school Community Facebook
3764s nice that looks painful
3769s pretty cool though nice attention to
3771s detail
3775s um who was that from oh we don't we
3776s don't know who it was this comes in from
3778s 44 slam and it is titled fashionscape
3783s that is very cute
3789s big fan of the art style on that one and
3792s then lastly from uh kanji or kanji this
3796s is um labeled map and it looks like is
3799s that lasered onto a piece of wood Maybe
3802s I think so yeah
3803s I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to
3806s have like
3808s freaking set the the software up for
3810s that one to get it done accurate without
3811s burning the wood at all that's amazing
3813s it's really cool
3815s or it may be a maybe it's a stamp either
3818s way it looks incredible great work on
3820s that
3821s um okay so uh
3824s oh never mind I don't need to read it
3826s the second bit we're getting prepared
3827s for questions for next week's live
3828s stream already
3830s um I'll give you a heads up next week's
3831s live stream is most likely going to be
3833s Law related and we'll have mod Ed
3835s present hopefully we'll go over all of
3837s the law and things secrets of the North
3839s and the mustard didn't want to do it
3840s this week because it's a little bit too
3841s soon still people enjoying the quest and
3843s such and figuring out for themselves so
3845s look forward to that one and then the
3847s week afterwards there's most likely
3848s going to be dedicated to the Wilderness
3850s boss uh rework release which comes out I
3853s think it's week after next isn't it
3854s unless I've made that up yep week after
3855s next okay that wraps up this first live
3859s stream of 2023 hope you enjoyed it hope
3861s it gave you a lot of information and
3863s insight into what we've been up to what
3865s we've done read a little art section and
3867s so on so forth thank you so much Joe for
3869s joining us earlier on thank you so much
3870s Bruno and Arcane for being here and
3873s answering all of the Fantastic questions
3874s from chat thank you chat for being
3876s awesome I will remind you once more if
3878s you haven't already exclamation mark
3879s game update check out the News Post see
3881s all the changes we've made today have a
3883s look at some of the things that we're
3884s talking about next week or thinking of
3886s changing next week we are looking into
3887s the fairy ring so it's likely that the
3889s visuals of those will be toned down a
3890s little bit so don't worry if you find it
3892s a little bit jarring otherwise that is
3894s all that we have time for and we will
3895s see you next week thank you so much good
3898s night enjoy your time and hopefully you
3900s get lucky at the must bear