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5s hello hello hello everyone and welcome
8s to this very special leagues 4 uh
12s Trailblazer reloaded live stream
14s tomorrow is the big day it will be out
17s tomorrow I hope everyone is excited as
20s we are uh We've gathered on live stream
23s here to get your prepped for the flex
25s tomorrow uh I hope everyone has booked
27s their time off in advance uh we'll do
30s some overviews we'll do some catching up
32s on the latest League sport announcements
34s and answer the most frequently asked
36s questions but before we jump into that
39s mod Arcane how are you
40s doing hello I'm terrified nervous I'm
44s excited I don't know
47s Lees all the things and the excellent
52s excellent uh mod Halo how is how are you
55s doing hello yeah I'm doing great I'm uh
59s very excited to be here and super hyped
61s for tomorrow like you have no
62s idea yeah I have not I feel like I feel
65s like I feel like we're all at the same
67s level or at least I hope we're all at
68s the same level um yeah see arcane's not
71s in his head it's good it's good uh and
73s finally husky how is it
77s going it is going absolutely fantastic
81s I'm just messing with the League's
82s Discord right now and getting a few
84s angry people at me for the at everyone
86s but it's uh it's a lot of fun chilling
89s with the with homies in the Discord so
92s yeah just uh really excited for
95s tomorrow excellent excellent stuff all
98s right yeah I feel like we should just uh
100s jump straight into it with some
102s announcements first uh and we'll kick
104s things off we'll start with the living
106s leagues 4 blog uh where we keep it
108s updated with every latest uh leagues 4
111s content so you can use exclamation mark
113s leagues in the chat uh leagues 4
116s Trailblazer reloaded releases tomorrow
119s uh if you need some help prepare and
120s check check out our leagues for FAQ and
122s teasers blog there uh little detour from
125s leagues uh exclamation mark poll there
127s is a poll live right now have your say
130s on the rat bone Weaponry that you can
131s create from Scar's unique untradeable
134s drop uh this poll closes Friday November
137s 17th so you can get all the details uh
139s in that command uh exclamation mark
141s Discord join the osrs leagues Discord
145s the best place to get osrs leagues
148s updates and discuss strategies or get a
150s little trolling from the J mods
152s themselves and you can use that command
154s to join there exclamation mark guide if
157s you're still undecided about what
158s regions to unlock for leagues 4 we've
161s gathered 11 content creators to tell you
163s why you should pick their favorite
165s region and you can watch that now it's a
167s banging video just go and watch it after
169s this as well uh exclamation mark solo
172s Mission talking of creators how about we
174s go to the snake himself so if you're
176s jumping into the leagues for the first
178s time you can check out solo missions top
179s tips for starting out and getting the
181s most out of your League's
183s experience uh and finally well not
186s finally there's two more actually
187s exclamation mark GT uh I think we're
190s going to show you some things on screen
192s now we've partnered with gentle tractor
194s to bring you concise and easy to read
196s area guides for any region you may
199s choose to explore uh this is like a
201s summary version of the video guide we
203s shared earlier we can see all contents
205s come together uh each tra Blazer region
207s is packed full of content so it can be
209s easy to forget a minii game or a boss
211s when making your decision uh these
213s infographics will help you decide and
215s plan your leagues 4 journey ahead so uh
218s you can see them on the screen now I
220s don't know if Arcane you want to jump in
222s and just explain a little bit more about
224s them yeah and I gu guess everyone knows
226s what we're looking at here there're
228s really cool images that gentle trucks
230s are created I'm not sure if they're
232s going to be enough to help you pick your
233s areas I know it's been a bit of a meme
235s for the last two weeks where like this
236s changes everything but hopefully it
238s gives you a little bit more information
240s so you can make more of an educated
242s choice but yeah they're really cool to
244s look at I love all the pixel art as well
246s that West has created for all the
248s regions and hopefully they have
250s everything related to the areas that you
252s care about very
255s cool very very cool indeed yeah the
258s pixel art is a big win from West uh so
260s yeah make sure to type exclamation M GT
263s in chat to get a link for its uh the
265s Twitter threed that will be containing
267s that uh they will also be in the leagues
269s for news tomorrow as well and finally
273s exclamation mark Wiki uh We've teamed up
275s with the osrs wiki to create a list of
277s talks found in leagues for Trailblazer
279s reloaded uh and you can start planning
282s your journey now with a bunch of start
284s tasks already available there uh so head
286s over to that if you haven't started
288s planning yet help you out all right uh
292s we are going to jump into some uh of the
295s biggest questions we've seen um over the
298s last few weeks uh and see what we have
301s to say about them so I feel like we
303s should just jump straight into them and
304s the first one is how important was it to
307s keep this new league feeling like the
310s original Trailblazer versus making it
311s feel new and
314s fresh I think making tro Blazer reloaded
318s feel as new and fresh as possible was
320s really important simply from the
322s perspective of it is a rerun but we
324s don't want it to feel like the same
325s experience we want people to have
327s different matters different rots we want
328s people to kind of pick different Styles
330s we want to make sure that even if you
332s did want to play somewhat similarly in
334s terms of gameplay that your experience
337s still felt very fresh obviously people
340s that didn't play the original
340s Trailblazer is going to feel pretty
342s fresh regardless if you missed that
344s experience um but we still wanted to
346s make sure it was very obvious like this
347s is a this is a rerun it is going to be a
350s very familiar system then let's try and
352s make it as best as possible try and
353s ampul everything try and refresh
355s everything possible to make sure that
358s there's enough to get hyped about enough
359s to get excited excited enough to Theory
361s craft because I think that's what people
362s enjoy the most about the leagues it's a
364s theory crafting it's the rooting it's
366s arguing with your with your friends
368s about areas and combat Styles like it's
370s all that kind of discussion and we need
372s to do as much as we can to make sure
373s that still is alive and a full rehash
376s would probably just lead to the same
378s arguments the same discussions which
379s probably wouldn't be as
383s interesting indeed indeed thank you very
385s much AR I feel like you've all done a
387s great job making this league feel new
389s and fresh so uh big well done uh all
393s right next question then uh in the
395s shattered relics League which was our
397s previous one uh you went with a fragment
399s system in response to Relic regret is
401s there a reason you've gone back to the
403s old Relic
405s system you want to start yeah I you take
409s it you you want to start or me start no
411s you can
412s start cool uh yeah so I think before I
417s get into this I don't want to start like
418s a whole this league syst system was
420s better than another League system um I
424s definitely hear people say that
426s shattered relics was you know their
427s favorite league and they've got into it
429s and I've also seen a bunch of people
430s saying you know oh like how do I get
433s both say endless Harvest and production
435s master I want both I want all my
436s Skilling to be super fast and all this
438s all this stuff but I think that just the
441s amount of hype around this league and oh
444s what's this up against and what are the
445s choices and how hard it is and you got
447s some people really caling out like what
450s is the optimal like sort of picks
453s against each other like looking at tier
454s ones and other people are just like nah
456s I really enjoy this there's something to
459s be said for what happened in shattered
460s relics where everybody had access to the
463s same really high power
465s level and it just kind of it was like
467s fun at first right like oh I get through
469s my grind super quick and that's great
471s and all but it didn't really make like
474s any of the tasks interesting if you know
476s what I mean like if I pick endless
478s Harvest I'm looking at some of these you
480s know fishing tasks and I'm like oh yeah
482s I can get these out super quickly I can
483s get the Sharks quickly this is so much
485s fun and then like someone else is a
487s completely different experience because
489s you know they're picking something
490s that's focused on production skills oh
491s my God I'm going to go for this really
493s quickly and you end up with this like
494s really interesting thing with all these
496s like it's not perfect but like imagine
498s like a rock with lots of interesting
500s grooves and bumps and stuff but if you
502s just like give everyone everyone's power
504s nobody is special because everybody has
507s the same thing right and it just becomes
509s that like it's like playing the game but
512s at an increased power level with no in
514s nothing of like interest there right and
517s even if you like changed up the relics
518s and said oh this is now a set effect for
520s two and this is a set effect for three
523s it's just like oh well now everybody
525s still just does the same preset it
527s basically turned the league into higher
529s power level and there is a correct
531s preset for your activity which just
534s didn't make it actually all that fun and
537s interesting um from like a lot of
539s players take so we've gone back to this
540s one we're going to see what's happened I
542s think that a lot of The Relic regret
543s stuff has come from in the past having
546s some very very strong
548s outliers uh that really enhance Relic
551s regret I know the endless endurance
552s stuff in in Twisted League was a big uh
555s factor of that and then we had last
557s recall in um in the first Trail in the
561s first Trailblazer League which really
563s was just offering something you couldn't
565s do compared to something that you kind
567s of already could like something that
569s like infinite potential early and late
572s and others that dropped off really hard
574s so we've obviously done our best I'm I'm
576s sure like there'll be some uh keyboard
579s Warriors who tell us that we've made
581s some you know could have balanced things
583s better later down the line but I'm
584s fairly confident that this time around
586s like there really isn't like a lot of
588s clear obvious wrong choices and it
591s really does just come down to which
592s areas you picked and what are your play
595s Styles because yeah I'm sure you can
597s math out a correct choice but I think
599s think that's only one factor in choosing
601s a
603s relic no I fully agree I think the only
606s thing I'd really add on to that
608s is as much as people dislike Relic
611s regret in terms of like it's a it's a
613s negative feeling right you don't want to
614s be that person that has the regret and
616s feel like you might have to start over
617s or anything I think it's kind of just a
620s side effect and the proof that the
623s system works really well in terms of it
626s means that the choices were really
628s important and you care about the and a
631s game that makes you really care about
632s your choices is doing something right
635s and as much as it's like a negative side
637s effects that we can't have one without
640s the other in reality and I think it's a
642s worthwhile
645s tradeoff yeah yeah I think you spot on
647s the money there Arcane and husky is well
650s well said um I mean if you want to avoid
654s regret entirely just leave it up to
656s chance roll a dice and let it have you
658s pick your pick your relics for you you
660s know then you can blame
662s luck I I do think though on the
664s shattered Relic
665s stuff if that League had like triple the
668s fragments and they were way harder to
670s find more like you know individual
672s discoveries around the game world and
674s not just like okay you get the fishing
676s ones from fishing you get them pretty
678s quickly and now you're done that that
680s maybe has a lot more potential in the
682s future obviously that's like some Dev
685s out there is hating me because that's a
686s ton of Dev work if you like tripled them
687s and then also had like bespoke unique
689s ways of interacting with them I think
691s that could have made it more interesting
692s cuz then you end up in situations where
694s not everybody has the same fragments and
697s suddenly you're maybe going back to like
701s having that like that roughness that
703s like really juicy interesting sort of
705s landscape where everyone is slightly
707s different and you
709s know I do wonder if um we'll ever like
712s revisit the fragment system and have it
715s come back in a sense where it's not it
716s doesn't like take over the Relic system
718s by any means but it's a sort of side
720s progression sort of system that's just
722s there in the league maybe that' be
724s interesting um bring the world to life a
727s bit more as
730s well I think at the very least this is a
733s rerun so it probably should stick with
736s the same Relic system and I think that's
737s a big part of like why we went with it
740s this one this time around you
743s know yeah agreed agreed all right thank
746s you all for your uh in-depth answers on
748s that one uh let's go on to the next
752s question which is a lot of players
753s expected a fourth area to unlock with
756s the inclusion of Ken and kebos but
758s you've opted for only three unlocks
760s could you elaborate on the reason for
764s this is this me again I think this is
769s me H so like I know a bunch of people
772s were spamming like L take in chat I know
774s there probably a lot of people
775s supporting me for like the other one
776s this is another one that's going to
777s upset some people
780s but going back to if a design goal for
783s this league is to make choices
786s interesting there are a lot of there are
789s a lot of people out there who are
791s currently in the position of okay I'm
793s going Mage I'm picking cerin I'm
796s probably picking desert because that's
797s like the two big ones and is it as
800s Garnia or like because I want you know
802s stuff from that area is it going for Z
805s cuz ancestral is really good there are a
808s lot of things related to picking combat
810s styles that one more area just solves
814s all the problems like it is literally
816s we're not fighting about what areas to
818s pick and arguing about what that third
819s one is and maybe trying different things
821s we're literally just going to oh okay
824s these are the four areas that that have
827s all the gear that you want for that
829s style and that's the correct choice and
831s that really goes against the idea of of
834s making interesting choices I think this
837s was actually like something that flippy
838s left me with with when he when he worked
840s for us is you actually need to give them
842s exactly how many areas they want to
845s complete their build minus one and it
847s was such like a a big brain like opening
850s thing because I I was thinking the same
851s I was like oh I want more areas because
853s you know I want femic to get my
854s assembler I want this to get that and I
857s want to complete the build because
858s that's what old school run SK players do
859s they like to they like to complete it
860s right they want best to slot everything
862s and I think that that just goes in the
865s face of what this league is trying to do
868s as far as like you know giving you
869s interesting choices so yeah I think
873s flippy is the wise one I'm going to
874s carry that forward I really do think
876s that a fourth area unlock while it
879s sounds like oh I'm getting access to
880s more content I actually think it would
882s make this league worse by quite a large
887s end awesome thank you husky flippy the
890s wise indeed uh I miss him I miss him uh
894s all right next uh next question then is
897s we've got uh a little bit of a uh a
900s change I'm new to leagues and I'm unsure
902s where I should start any tips and
907s tricks got a few tips for you um so most
911s of you may have already seen the solo
913s mission video but if you haven't I'd
914s recommend it you can do exclamation mark
916s solo mission in the chat um but just
919s some generic points of advice from
920s myself and maybe the others want to chip
922s in as well um to start off with
926s basically don't overwhelm yourself with
927s the task list it can be easily done by
930s like going to the wiki seeing like you
932s know thousands of tasks or hundreds of
934s tasks and being like where do I start so
936s just take in chunks just look at the
938s starter regions you have like and kja
941s look at the easy and medium tasks that
943s we've already uh released actually and
945s just start thinking about it um
948s obviously as husky mentioned to contrary
951s to popular belief there is no wrong
953s choice in relics and areas um go with
956s what you enjoy basically so if you
959s really enjoy AFK you know fishing and
961s wood cutting pick Anders Harvest if you
964s enjoy just like Skilling making loads of
966s stuff pick production Prodigy feel like
968s running around and thieving pick you
970s know trickster it's totally up to you um
973s same goes for like areas if you're
975s friends are all going to do raids
976s together if it's Chambers pick Ren if
979s it's desert pick or TOA I should say
981s pick desert um so yeah just go with you
985s gut have fun with it because that's the
986s main thing right if you're bugging
988s yourself down with like oh I picked the
991s wrong thing i' I'm not going on The Meta
993s route and I feel bad like we don't want
996s that we just want you to have fun right
998s um which I'm sure you want as well um I
1002s think that's the biggest thing right
1003s like people are obsessed about with
1004s efficiency they're like oh which task
1006s should I do first which Relic should I
1008s pick to then do all these tasks and like
1009s sure it's really fun to be efficient but
1011s like the biggest thing is like actually
1013s doing stuff and I think people struggle
1016s with this in the main game as well we
1017s they're like so obsessed about
1018s efficiency yet they'll spend 20 hours
1020s Bank standing at to waiting for whatever
1024s um to actually come around like to
1026s figure out what they're actually going
1027s to do and it's like you should actually
1028s just be playing the game you should
1029s actually go and chop that tree you
1031s should go and Fletch that log don't just
1032s sit there for an hour looking at the
1034s tases when you could actually be doing
1036s something um don't get like uh I think
1039s it's called analysis paralysis just like
1041s complete task you can you basically
1042s breathe on anything and you're going to
1044s complete a task just run around and do
1045s stuff and you'll probably complete
1047s stuff
1049s and I think that's like oh G husky I was
1053s going to say like I think everything
1054s people are doing with efficiency is is
1055s correct right that's how you approach
1057s this league you're looking and going
1059s cool which which combat style first
1061s which one's resonating with me the most
1062s and then you're going cool what are the
1064s strongest unlocks to make this the most
1067s powerful build and that's how people
1069s start and I think that's the completely
1071s the correct way to plan but do a fun
1075s Passover it at the end if your entire
1077s build is built around getting a t and
1079s Shadow and you really hate raids and you
1081s don't want to potentially put like 20 to
1083s 30 hours which isn't R but like you can
1086s still get unlucky if you're not willing
1088s to do that and you really dislike that
1089s content maybe maybe give it a second
1091s thought going to tombs ofasa maybe
1093s consider picking an area that has
1094s content that you do like but you know if
1096s you if you really like Guardians of the
1098s rift and temperos that's also another
1099s really good reason to pick desert and
1101s maybe you just accept that you're hoping
1102s to spoon on the shadow just do the do
1104s the fun check pass on your areas first
1107s because keep talking about oh well this
1110s is the most efficient and I'll get the
1111s most points per hour but if you're
1113s sitting there thinking about logging in
1116s and your thoughts are God I can't I've
1119s got to go back into tombs of masket to
1121s get the shadow I really can't be asked
1123s but I need to do it to finish my guild
1125s my my
1126s build then you're going to get less
1128s points because you're demotivated to log
1129s in and play the league in the first
1131s place whereas you know like if you just
1133s really enjoy I don't know like like
1135s vorath go Mage VOR it's possible I don't
1139s know like it might not be efficient meta
1141s but if you're actually pumped to go on a
1142s mage forecast go do it so I think that
1146s just just do the fun pass on after you
1148s like have got your plan you know I was
1151s going to say a really good example of
1152s that is kandarin for people who want to
1153s pick Mage Karin is an amazing area for
1156s mage with a cult necklace and tormented
1158s bracelet right if you hate demonic
1159s gorillas and you really can't bother
1161s getting 93 Slayer just don't pick it
1164s like you don't need the damage you're
1166s GNA absolutely smoke the entire end game
1169s without that additional 15% magic
1170s strength just pick an area that you can
1172s play with your friends pick I don't know
1174s next as gar you if you you want to do
1176s next with them like just pick content
1178s that you're going to enjoy um you don't
1180s need to minmax it obviously if you love
1182s Min maxing it obviously fully Empower
1184s you but don't force yourself to do
1186s boring stuff if it's just going to make
1188s you hate
1189s it we're not saying Max incorrect you
1193s know yeah yeah it's important to not as
1194s well no matter what like combination of
1196s areas you pick you'll still be able to
1197s get dragon tier like it's not like one
1200s combination won't be able to get it
1201s right
1203s so that is the benefit of static Point
1206s thresholds compared to the dynamic like
1208s we actually ran the risk last
1209s Trailblazer of you might not been able
1211s to get dragon if you just didn't get
1212s enough points in your area but we' we'
1215s purposely like calculated what are the
1216s lowest possible points someone could get
1219s maybe you know even trim off some of
1220s those really impossible tasks don't
1222s Factor those in and it is possible so
1225s you
1227s know yeah thank you all yeah I think
1229s going back to the question briefly I
1231s think especially if you're new have a
1233s look over what content you would like to
1236s do especially if you're new to the game
1238s in as a whole you're probably going to
1240s be able to do it in this league so just
1242s pick the areas with the content you want
1244s to do because you will probably be able
1246s to get there and experience it and then
1248s you know you can come into the main game
1249s be like okay I've got a new goal in mind
1251s which is which is great so yeah all
1255s right uh the next question we have is is
1258s the leag Le a way for us to test ruinous
1260s Powers so that you can later add them to
1262s the main
1264s game no we've done that it was called
1266s the beta and um people didn't really
1268s want it so we didn't add it to the game
1270s this isn't some sneaky way of trying it
1272s out it's just that we coded an entire
1274s prayer book that a lot of people really
1275s enjoyed seemed relatively suable to just
1278s chook it in the league to so people can
1280s play with it and I do think it actually
1282s had some really interesting
1286s choices I think once players see the
1288s full picture would you be okay with me
1290s talking about how that came around at
1292s some point and like why that ended up
1295s being a thing later yeah but not right
1298s now yeah
1300s yeah cuz it was just a random like we
1303s was talking about like potential relics
1305s to Arcane and I was like how hard would
1306s that be to turn on and he's like uh like
1310s one line of
1314s code interesting little yeah little
1318s teaser for later then uh we'll get back
1321s to that in a little bit but for now uh
1324s let's move on to the next question with
1325s in shattered relics League the task list
1327s felt very samey to previous leagues will
1330s the task list still feel like this or
1331s have you made any substantial
1334s changes yeah I've made a lot of changes
1336s I spent like almost a month straight
1338s just stirring at a spreadsheet trying to
1340s figure out like okay how do I mix this
1342s up in an interesting way and that was a
1344s mixture of creating a bunch of new tasks
1346s whether that was for old content or just
1348s trying to spice up the early game a bit
1350s for those that have seen the test this
1352s already there's like a task for um
1354s giving tell making LC tell you a story
1356s there's a lot of random ideas like that
1358s just to kind of spice it up and make you
1359s like experience more of what RuneScape
1361s has to offer since there's a lot of
1363s random things in our game which is quite
1366s cute and has a lot of charm um removing
1368s some tasks where it's like okay this
1370s content just had way too much tasks and
1372s people probably don't enjoy spending so
1374s much time there rebalancing tear
1377s rotating some tasks out um yeah there
1381s there was a lot of iterations uh to the
1383s task list over those four weeks but um
1386s only time will tell if there were good
1388s changes right I'm hoping you enjoy them
1389s I'm hoping they feel like it's fresh
1391s enough I'm hoping that there isn't any
1392s tasks that feel like a massive drag I
1395s know I tone down a lot of KC tasks where
1397s it's like I think there's some buses
1398s that had like 2,000 KC or something on
1401s it it's like no one really wants to do
1403s that no one even if it's expedited 2,000
1405s casy on anything is still a lot and um
1408s so I ton down a lot of those to feel a
1410s bit more reasonable yeah as an example
1413s in chat a thousand agility tickets of
1415s brim Haven agility course probably a
1417s little bit too much in hindsight so they
1420s tone down a little bit however I I I
1422s will admit that the 2K AP told of course
1426s is still there and I wish I took it out
1428s but I was very 5050 on it because I'm
1430s like I don't want there to be content
1432s without a task but I also don't want a
1434s task that makes people do 2K laps I
1437s still don't know really how I feel on it
1439s um but I it hopefully doesn't feel as
1442s required
1444s anymore major are having
1449s fun don't do the
1451s task do it do
1456s it yeah we'll
1459s see hello did you have anything to
1462s follow on from that not really to be
1465s honest I think yeah we've sprinkled a
1466s lot of like new little tasks in the
1468s early stages of the league like as
1469s you've probably seen in the easy and
1471s medium tasks we've released you know
1473s like crying a wheat field dancing a
1474s graveyard sort of thing um that people
1477s might not have picked up on on the
1478s little routes that they've made um yeah
1481s always open it open to like the
1483s community's feedback on tasks and we're
1485s always like learning on our task list as
1486s well so like next League I'm sure it'll
1488s be even better um
1492s yeah indeed indeed all right uh thank
1496s you all uh next question then then is uh
1499s with trib laser reloaded we now have
1501s static thresholds for trophy unlocks can
1503s you talk about why you've opted for this
1504s approach I know we've already sort of
1506s gone over it but why
1509s not yeah I think the the biggest change
1511s for this was very much for anyone that
1515s played any of the past leagues and you
1517s really wanted to get dragon in
1520s particular it just felt like you were
1522s constantly chasing a moving Target
1524s because you literally were right you
1525s were logging in every day and figuring
1526s out okay how many points do I need to
1527s get today
1528s to keep my rank or to get the rank um it
1532s was just a little bit exhausting you
1534s ended up doing a bunch of tasks you
1535s didn't really enjoy doing it kind of
1537s forced you to experience content in your
1540s areas that were maybe not particularly
1542s desirable like 2K apal agility laps but
1546s with a stack threshold you can kind of
1548s figure out like okay what tasks can I
1550s just admit and I can get dragon without
1551s them right so this does mean that
1554s dragon's probably going to be easier to
1556s get in this league compared to last
1557s leagues cu because it's not going to be
1558s just this ever moving thresholds it's
1560s completely based on how popular the
1562s league is in reality but we might not
1565s get it right this first time but we'll
1566s iterate on it over time and hopefully
1568s get it to the right amount of
1570s competitiveness we don't want it to feel
1571s like okay you need to play 16 hours a
1574s day for six weeks straight it's probably
1576s a little bit extreme but we also don't
1578s want it to be practically free if you
1580s just play the game casually and um
1582s pretty much do nothing at all in terms
1585s of like actually carrying tasks like if
1586s you just did Kraken constantly and
1589s nothing else and still got Dragon we're
1591s probably doing something wrong there so
1593s hopefully it feels like it's in a good
1594s spot all of the other thresholds got
1596s Balan as well so you don't get bronze
1598s within 30 minutes of logging in anymore
1601s um you do need to actually gain a couple
1602s of thousand points now to get bronze so
1604s hopefully that feels like a little bit
1606s of a milestone along with all the other
1608s ones in
1609s between will they know
1612s the sorry husky will they know the
1615s points for each trophy like when they
1616s log in tomorrow immediately or
1619s in game you should be able to see the
1621s point thresholds from launch
1624s so I wasn't sure on that one and you can
1628s also um I think the shop may be closed
1631s tomorrow just for launch day after that
1633s you should be able to claim trophies as
1635s well and uh Buy Rewards from the shop
1637s with those points so you would't have to
1639s wait until the end of The League sort of
1640s thing which is quite
1643s cool yeah race to see who can equip the
1646s dragon trophy in main game first you
1650s know awesome all right thank you all uh
1654s we're going to come a little bit away
1655s from just like static questions to speak
1658s into the mods about their choices and
1661s their favorite bits uh so first up we're
1664s going to ask what was your favorite
1666s teaser that's been released and we'll
1668s start with you
1669s Arcane my favorite teaser the whoie did
1672s was undying retribution oh all these
1674s teasers are amazing hes does an amaz
1676s done an amazing job and a lot of these
1679s undying retribution just had me cackle
1681s in though it was so good do we have that
1684s to play undying retribution
1691s one here we go yeah it's the quivering
1695s it's the quivering that broke me when I
1698s it's just a prayor
1701s fer it's so good it's too
1705s real it is
1710s can they still he Us by the way yeah
1714s yeah go go hi
1720s chat that's
1725s cool I love it so much just so funny
1729s it's so good I think it's a really cool
1730s Relic as
1732s well oh yeah it's an amazing amazingly
1734s cool Relic
1736s 100%
1740s probably definitely with Arcane been
1742s probably my favorite one of the reveals
1745s um mainly for the Chad shakes yeah it
1747s was pretty good husky how about
1750s yourself it was torn between like three
1754s for me which is like a copout answer but
1756s um the runis powers one was sick I think
1759s people just weren't expecting it I I I
1761s so loved that the Discord were just like
1763s oh here's all the relics we've leaked
1765s all
1766s 21 like relics and then it's like oh
1769s like here's a new icon we haven't seen
1772s and then they just broke so then there's
1774s a ton of speculation about like that and
1777s oh like are some of these not relics Etc
1780s and just like that was fun the banker
1782s note stuff was a ton of fun in the
1783s Discord as well I think people just kind
1785s of like whoa this this is seems obscene
1787s and broken a lot talking about that but
1790s I think uh I think the favorite reaction
1792s for me was the uh the guardian one to be
1794s honest right I think uh just showing how
1797s uh
1798s yeah we could play that live but um I
1800s think the the Discord just kind of
1801s showing how thirsty they
1804s were oh there a lot of jokes about
1806s having like a girlfriend in game and
1808s stuff and we don't have to pay 10K for
1811s her was uh was was quite
1816s funny unlocking
1818s GF yeah wfu Relic here it
1824s is yeah it for
1826s her
1833s when when you find out that the guardian
1835s is going to perform better than you in
1837s the raid and steal your MVP you
1847s know yeah great great Relic still
1850s probably going to pick it myself I think
1852s it's a really strong
1854s Relic interesting interesting stuff
1857s thank you husky all right Halo what
1859s about
1860s yourself uh well um I did struggle
1863s between a few cuz all the teasers as
1865s husky mentioned was just so good um I
1868s think my favorite has been the bankers
1870s note and like the reaction from the
1872s community as well uh and the the video
1874s itself was just so cool to see it um
1879s yeah and uh I wonder if like last recall
1882s was ever paired up against this what
1884s people would
1885s think I asked this in the Discord
1888s and a lot of people were saying Banker
1889s note which kind of surprised me in all
1892s honesty like I kind of thought
1894s that I kind of thought last recall would
1896s come out but I think people just saw the
1897s ringcraft games and we like yeah this is
1903s insane such a cool
1906s Relic a very very cool Relic all right
1911s should we have got like a a boy saying
1913s like money like as the video was playing
1916s or something cuz that's that's kind of
1918s The Vibes I felt like his his his spoof
1921s character right I mean that's was
1923s probably fire sell
1925s right
1926s [Laughter]
1929s maybe I think I think yeah mine was the
1933s same as arcanes but the other thing I
1935s want to call out is who's use of the
1938s amount of models he had crawling through
1941s these teasers I might have to have like
1943s a discussion with him after cuz what's
1945s that about bro
1948s um but yeah let's go on to Regions and
1951s styles for you guys and husky we will
1954s start with
1956s you okay I'm ready to get flamed by
1958s twitch chat as the Discord are flaming
1960s me but uh I'm going range that's not
1962s that's fine going ranged and my whole
1964s route is like I want to get a t-bo um
1967s and I want to blast with a two tick t-bo
1969s so I'm picking Za uh I haven't really
1972s done a ton of tombs of a masket on my
1974s personal account it's something that has
1975s just still been sitting on the back
1976s burner I kind of want to give that a
1978s shot and um I think that's where like
1981s you know a lot of rating content's going
1982s to be in the Le so got to pick that that
1985s also Missouri armor of course to to go
1987s back of the TBO but uh winners pick tan
1990s win that's why it's called tan win uh so
1993s I'm also picking te there is no reason
1996s people keep speculating there's a few
1998s relics that synergize really well um
2001s with it and I'm probably going to be
2003s abusing the hell out of that but the
2005s honest truth is I just had a blast with
2007s tanwin is my first pick in the original
2009s Trailblazer
2012s And all I'll say is that like some of
2014s the problems that I had with tanin are
2017s not going to be as big a problems this
2019s time right I'm just really excited to
2020s just get in there I'm going to steal all
2022s the crystal imps before all the other
2024s people come to to steal them from me so
2027s I'm going to like do some early Zano I'm
2029s going to try corrupt to Gauntlet with
2031s like you know 50 60 range and this it's
2033s just going to be a ton of fun and terwin
2035s is just a comfort pick for me I really
2037s love that area in that zone so I've
2039s picked like the sort of core ones I need
2041s for a relative amount of power and then
2042s I'm just going to chill and enjoy Teran
2044s with like I don't know what like I just
2046s really love corrupted Gauntlet as well I
2047s think it's great content I'm happy to
2049s sit there and grind it out and and yeah
2052s so that's why I'm picking to ran win um
2055s I'll probably still get more points than
2057s most of the Chatters in chat anyway
2058s despite it not being a meta pick so come
2061s at me like see you on the other side
2063s when you've got a run Trophy and I've
2065s got a dragon trophy because I'll just
2066s put more hours in
2067s [Laughter]
2070s all right Hy okay
2073s okay just to emphasize my point it
2075s doesn't matter right people go about
2076s meta and I just really want to pick
2078s tanwin and I'll do well because that's a
2080s Content mjy I'm just I'm literally
2082s trying to be an example of what I'm
2083s saying with that you
2085s know very respectable husky very
2088s respectable all right Halo Wan what are
2092s you doing region and style hit me doing
2095s um so I'm also going range seem be
2097s pretty popular um a bit more of a meta
2100s route I guess I'm going is like desert
2102s aania uh kuren as well um mainly because
2107s I want to a few friends of mine that are
2108s playing they want to do raids together
2110s so we want to do TOA and Chambers um and
2114s it's just super strong for like range
2116s items you know you got t-bo two tick
2118s t-bo is going to be insane obviously
2120s getting it is going to be fun but I'm
2122s sure I'll grind it out um yeah pretty
2125s standard pick I think
2130s awesome awesome thank you halo and
2132s finally Arcane where are you off
2135s too also zad met gamer reporting
2140s in very much just want to go range and
2143s you know get the zcv and potentially TBO
2145s but TOA and Cox will just be fun with
2147s friends next will be fun with friends
2149s like it's got a bunch of group content
2151s it's got what you kind of care about for
2153s range it's hard to not pick
2156s it
2159s oh oh one of my one of my favorite
2160s things are the um the the league
2163s acronyms that people obviously have when
2164s you put all them together and like not
2166s one of the worst but like pretty up
2168s there on disconnected content is like Wy
2170s tanwi fiic and I kind of love that
2172s that's just the WTF acronym you know
2179s like actually really glad we didn't do
2182s any ARG stuff with this cuz the amount
2184s of speculation that's been going on in
2185s that League's Discord already has been
2187s off like out there if we had R ARG along
2192s the same time I feel like that the
2193s League's Discord might have imploded a
2195s little bit so probably best we avoided
2198s that um all right thank you oh yeah uh
2202s I'm sure you're all looking forward to
2203s it tomorrow once the work day is over
2205s and you get to relax and actually
2208s repl sure the launch will be fine so
2213s next up uh we're going to go through the
2215s Executioner reveal and talk about it so
2218s uh can we bring that up please mod
2233s [Music]
2234s Druid I I love that it's like a little
2237s thing that you throw I know some people
2238s might just be I want a passive I don't
2240s want to change my weapons it's a cool
2241s little thing like a moment like a
2243s satisfying like I got you you're dead
2245s you know like kind of just has this fun
2248s little flavor and gameplay sick
2255s animation it is really
2258s cool go feels
2260s satisfying yeah it's going to hit some
2262s crazy numbers I think
2264s H my gut says it's going to be the most
2267s picked in its
2268s tier that's my
2271s gut interesting interesting do you agree
2273s with that Arcane and
2276s Halo
2281s yeah but there is going to be some
2283s content that you're just hitting so big
2285s like if you want to do Corp insane if
2287s you want to do NEX it's crazy if you
2288s want to do like Juiced CMS with your
2291s friends like Cox like going to be nuts
2293s anything with just big monsters is going
2296s to be really impactful if you're just
2298s going to do a bunch of Slayer not great
2301s and I do think it's going to be a
2304s interesting
2306s Relic I think it's really easy to
2308s calculate when you're doing talk about
2309s doing a lot of solo bossing like even
2311s just like oh alchemical Hydra I know
2312s exactly how much DPS this is
2314s contributing you know or like some God
2315s War stuff but it's going to it's got a
2318s lot of interesting Dynamics for sure uh
2320s because you actually get you know like
2323s hero points or kill credit or whatever
2325s with the damage you deal with this if
2327s like there's 20 people at next and
2328s they're all with the Executioner Relic
2330s and they're all waiting to try and snipe
2333s that for MVP like maybe you're not
2336s actually maybe you just don't have a
2338s relic cuz you're not sniping it at that
2340s point so maybe there's a few other
2341s options that are going to be you know a
2343s bit better like
2345s um to like maybe make sure that you
2348s actually had some power throughout that
2350s kill and if you missed the Executioner
2352s if you have a raid team it's yeah it's
2354s great for sniping MVPs but like if
2355s you've got a close-nit group of friends
2357s maybe there's some other options that
2359s you know so that you don't just like cuz
2361s four or five executioners is kind of
2363s wasted uh there's definitely some cool
2365s stuff with like skipping content people
2367s have talked about like Zuck healer skip
2369s so there's like it's a really
2370s interesting Relic and I still think that
2372s it'll probably be the most picked but
2374s it's definitely an interesting choice
2376s that people need to think through how
2377s that
2378s works but like I saw a comment in the
2381s Discord earlier being like NEX is at 21%
2384s everyone's holding no damage and it's
2387s just really waiting for her to get to
2389s 20% and who's going to be the person who
2392s like you know breaks it and pushes her
2395s over
2399s uh just to ask cuz I've seen a couple of
2401s chat uh chat questions is it a
2403s guaranteed hitan Halo yeah
2408s 100% there you go easy like you know
2412s throw it and make sure that's guaranteed
2414s okay um I don't know should uh should we
2420s reveal a little something something
2422s extra for the
2424s stream yeah this is it time is it time
2428s to just maybe release something a little
2430s bit early just before make all your
2433s plans go to shambles time to kill
2435s endless Harvest on give us some po
2438s Champs in the chat POG Champs in the
2440s chat you want to see
2441s reveal we need to see you popping
2445s off yeah yeah we need to make sure chat
2447s is ready because uh seemingly ready
2451s seemingly ready uh go on then GD let's
2454s uh let's showcase the the final teas are
2457s early why
2464s [Music]
2473s [Music]
2485s not
2500s [Music]
2518s surprise eight TI instead
2521s eight eight TI in Trailblazer reloaded
2525s when we said your plans are going to be
2527s scared we fully meant it so uh why don't
2531s we have a little discussion Arcane do
2533s you want to start about the the tears
2534s and we can just sort of go through yeah
2537s I can give a bit of context behind all
2539s of this um and there's a lot of back and
2541s forth in me and husky really but they
2543s originally obviously we were we
2544s announced seven tiers and that was the
2546s plan so
2547s flush out the layer game a little bit
2549s more and make sure there's like more
2551s Chase unlocks then we kind of had like a
2553s weird balancing problem where some tiers
2557s had the same problem as last recall
2559s where one Relic was just infinitely
2562s better than everything else in the tier
2563s and it was like you can't really balance
2566s quality of life versus just like raw
2569s power which is kind of what last recall
2570s had right last recall let you do
2572s something different it let you play the
2574s game completely differently Fair flying
2576s Globe Cher just simply didn't so it was
2579s just the the no-brainer and I think hosy
2582s kind of just had a really good point of
2583s like we don't need to balance them
2585s against each other like just give them
2587s like the extra choice so it's like okay
2589s we're balancing quality of life versus
2591s quality of life we're B balancing power
2593s against Power we don't have another way
2595s of making teleports interesting ear the
2597s game and like we're already basically
2599s offering every single teleport so then
2601s the solution was how about we out an
2602s eighth deer and then we basically just
2605s only need to choose between those and
2608s and then we had the thoughts of like
2610s okay well we can make an eight tier but
2612s then we're going to have three tiers
2613s with only two in like does that feel
2615s underwhelming um so we ended up
2617s rejigging them around a little bit
2618s that's why we've got Bankers Note versus
2620s fire sale which are like very comparable
2622s choices um obviously Fair flight versus
2624s Globe chart it's very much like what
2626s teleports do you care about the most um
2629s and then we came up with um the ruiners
2631s powers Rel like to just fles out the
2632s last tiers to go like okay make sure
2634s every tier has a decent choice
2637s within it so there are actually 22
2639s relics this time instead of the
2640s potential 21 but then you're also
2642s obtaining eight relics instead of seven
2644s in terms of just like individual player
2646s power um so yeah I think it was a bit of
2648s a realization of like whilst in last
2652s League we end up removing second
2654s inventory so then the the Slayer and the
2656s the clue relics only had two tier and
2658s that felt a bit underwhelming it
2660s probably actually was kind of a good
2663s idea because you they were very much
2665s like what play style you care about do
2666s you care about Slayer or do you care
2667s about Clues and just pick what you care
2669s about the most that's great um while
2671s Banker's note was just objective power
2672s for like every every piece of content in
2674s the game so we've kind of embraced it a
2676s little bit more now where it's kind of
2677s like okay let's compare like make sure
2680s every Relic in a tier is very comparable
2682s in terms of what it offers and so
2684s whether that's like a play style choice
2685s or a quality of life choice or whatever
2688s um so yeah eight tiers there's going to
2691s be a lot more power in this league than
2693s fire leagues I hopefully the decisions
2695s are a lot more interesting as
2698s well I think as
2700s well oh sorry husy Modge just behind the
2703s scenes uh putting something together for
2705s us so we can have the the tier list uh
2709s ready so we can talk over it but go go
2711s for it
2712s husky I was going to say the other thing
2714s as well is that like CU right now I see
2716s like both uh twitch and Discord blowing
2718s up and be like Oh Banker Note versus
2720s fire sale oh Bankers notes clearly
2721s better but other people saying fire sale
2723s is clearly better I think that tier
2725s specifically would be stronger if last
2727s it would be way more in Banker notes
2729s favor if last recall didn't exist uh
2732s last recall is basically close proximity
2734s to a bank as long like because you know
2737s you just teleport to V rock or whatever
2738s go to the G like deposit your stuff and
2740s then you come back right or you know
2742s equivalent so I think that Banker note
2744s still has a lot of edges but like I
2746s don't think it's as clear-cut as people
2748s think I think Banker note is slightly
2750s overrated but it's also still like got
2752s great Synergy with production Prodigy
2754s that's a really interesting choice I
2756s think think Arcane and I are both going
2757s fire sale um and I also saw comments
2761s about the ruinous Powers is like kind of
2762s a combat Relic in among like Skilling
2765s which kind of goes against what we
2767s wanted but it was more in the sense of
2769s hey let's just give the ruinous powers
2770s for fun it fixes our issue of only two
2772s tiers being in what was like tier five I
2775s think at the time and if players do want
2779s a slightly more combat focused play
2782s style having access to slightly stronger
2785s prayers isn't um an insane deal as far
2788s as that goes it maybe frees up an area
2791s Choice like I think that's the biggest
2792s significance of it but if you want like
2794s more Skilling stuff you still got those
2796s options there so it's not perfect but
2799s yeah I think there's some lot ton of
2800s interesting choices
2805s here awesome yeah just confirmed there
2808s we go we're a little bit in the way of
2810s the first slot but everyone knows I
2812s think what tier one is by
2815s now Harvest production Prodigy and trick
2819s um you guys just want to discuss uh each
2822s tier uh you sort of like group certain
2825s things up together I know there's some
2827s on there that players will not have seen
2829s yet won't know what they are so we'll
2832s keep them uh hidden for now I do want to
2836s talk about tier one a little bit and
2838s mostly to just talk about an argument
2841s that I've seen quite a few times from
2842s people regarding trickster trickster
2845s definitely lets you get a lot of early
2847s game GP but it's not going to give you
2850s like 20 50 mil GP like really easily so
2853s like when people are comparing trickster
2855s versus fire saale and being like Oh
2857s trickster gives you enough money for
2858s like whatever you need it'll probably
2860s give you like enough for like what you
2862s need but even if you actually want to
2865s abuse the kind of things that fire sale
2866s lets you do you're never going to have
2868s that kind of money with trickster but
2870s like even with trickster like you have
2872s to pick pockets so much even with like
2874s 4X GP with rogue's outfit and trickster
2879s this GP is still not going to be crazy
2880s you're going to get like 50 mil XP
2882s before you get even close to the amount
2883s of money that you'd need for some of the
2885s crazy GP like um XP methods that fire
2888s sale obtains so while trick is good
2890s early game and it can alleviate a lot of
2891s money issues very early on don't compare
2895s them with what fire sale actually lets
2897s you do in terms of like the amount of GP
2900s lets you circumvent um because it is
2902s just on a completely different level um
2905s I just didn't want people to go like oh
2906s trick will be fine for GP and then they
2908s realize it in fact it just is doesn't
2910s even get anywhere
2912s close there's a lot of task list stuff
2914s as well obviously tasks list isn't out
2917s yet there are a lot of things that fire
2921s sale can let you tick off insanely early
2924s to give you a massive Point boost early
2926s while still like just the sheer amount
2929s of say production supplies that you
2930s could buy is like actually insane like
2933s people keep talking about Banker note
2934s production Prodigy synergy but if you
2936s find a shop that you know you can just
2938s Spam by like as many noted ores as you
2941s want or or noted raw fish that's also
2944s insane with production Prodigy right
2946s because production Prodigy's problem at
2947s tier one is I don't have enough
2950s resources to get the use out of this off
2951s tutor Island fire sale kind of fixes
2954s that a little bit right whereas Banker
2956s note still requires you to do the
2957s Skilling but it just kind of goes that
2959s they're completely different play Styles
2961s right
2964s so I guess we're kind of ignoring the
2966s whole going tier by tier but yeah going
2968s on Bankers not versus far sale again
2971s like Bankers nut is amazing we're not
2973s like under selling Bankers though
2974s especially if you want to do like really
2975s long pvm trips or anything like that or
2977s you do want to just bring a ridiculous
2979s amount of supplies into like Inferno
2981s whatever like it's not even comparable I
2983s know a lot of people have been kind of
2984s Ming on it but I can genuinely see
2987s people using it as an excuse to like
2989s skill well rating and stuff like people
2991s are saying you could blow glass anywhere
2993s and just have a ridiculous stack of
2994s glass and like you're just doing
2996s Chambers with your friends and you're
2997s just blowing glass in between rooms
2999s right like I can see some people
3001s legitimately doing that and if you
3003s really enjoy that all power to you um so
3006s like there is a lot of things that
3007s Bankers not lets you do that you simply
3010s you just can't do it with any other
3011s Relic in the game or any other content
3013s in the game it's just I think for me
3015s personally fire sale is like a win
3017s because I just want to get a ridiculous
3019s point lead as soon as possible I want to
3021s get into those High tiers as quick as
3023s possible I'm not really playing for the
3024s late game to be honest I'm I'm going to
3026s get get all my relics I'm going to get a
3028s zcb I'm going to try and push for TBO
3030s and I'm perfectly content with that I'm
3032s not going to be pushing for like 800k
3034s points or anything which Bankers not
3036s might help me get to um I don't know but
3039s that's just kind style kind of deal
3042s arcane's a job that can do The Inferno
3044s with one brew and one restore he doesn't
3046s need Banker note you
3048s know I there's even with that argument
3051s right like you could pick soul stealer
3052s and like maybe that helps you out with
3054s The Inferno with weapon Master you could
3056s just SGS forever like there's other
3059s things that help the whole Supply game
3061s um so if you're just worried about
3063s supplies and certain content maybe look
3065s at your entire Relic selection instead
3067s of individual tiers and see if it gets
3068s alleviated
3071s already don't worry we're not spoiling
3073s we're not spoiling soul stealer yet
3075s don't worry just a little T you guys
3078s going to have to wait until tomorrow for
3080s that
3081s one on the whole tier one stuff as well
3084s like I really really don't think there's
3086s a wrong choice here it comes down to
3088s play style it comes down to lead goals
3090s it also comes down to your area picks
3092s right like people have noted like
3094s trickster has insane Synergy if you pick
3096s you know uh morania for for like the
3099s blood shards or if you pick tanwin for
3102s like the crystal stuff and like they
3104s they do have area synergies but just on
3106s the note of it like consider what it
3110s does to your play style and and for
3112s Skilling play style like really strongly
3114s so endless Harvest might only seem like
3117s it impacts three skills but it gets you
3119s enough supplies to not care about
3121s another five production
3124s Prodigy like kind of just takes away any
3127s AFK time and even if production Prodigy
3130s gave you double XP and all those skills
3131s I personally would never take it because
3133s I really value you know maybe watching
3135s TV sometimes I'm not wanting to go hard
3137s on the league and just you know blowing
3138s my glass and making my potions and
3140s Fletching my bows production Prodigy
3142s takes that aspect of gameplay away from
3144s me personally and I value that but for
3147s other people who really enjoy just okay
3149s I'm going to f do Insane inventories all
3150s at once I'm going to go and I'm going
3152s going to go I'm going to go like
3153s production Prodigy could be insane but
3155s you still need to fix the resource
3156s problem right of like how you get those
3158s resources and then trickster kind of
3160s gives you another couple of skills that
3163s you like are semi AFK in a way you know
3165s you don't have to worry about like it
3166s makes thieving AFK it kind of makes
3168s agility a non thing has some fun stuff
3171s with fire making if you're picking
3172s winter Tod so all of these have
3174s different strengths there literally
3176s isn't a wrong choice I'm sure like it
3179s might matter if you're going for like
3180s you know front page top 100 stuff right
3183s like there there might be a correct
3184s Choice then but for the average player
3186s really just consider what it does to
3188s your early game Skilling and and
3191s specifically how it might impact how you
3193s get to further relics right like if if
3196s you pick um trickster you're probably
3198s going to be doing a lot more thieving to
3200s get to your early relics if you're
3202s picking endless Harvest you're probably
3203s going to be doing a lot more fishing
3204s wood cutting and Mining to get to your
3205s to your like earlier Relic so just
3208s consider that as well like and how it
3209s affects your play style and the content
3211s that you want to
3216s do heyo what you reckon you're going to
3218s pick in
3219s ti8
3221s T8 oh my God uh I think I'm leaning
3227s towards the guardian I think
3231s just it's a good against everything
3234s right it's a reli
3236s alleviates any style problems that you
3238s might have where you just feel like your
3240s M setup's
3242s awful exactly and I definitely won't die
3244s so I won't need undying retribution
3247s um an executioner I'll be doing so much
3250s DPS you know that you know I'll be
3253s executing myself with the guardian you
3255s know it's
3257s fine what I will say as well like cuz I
3259s can finally talk about this now CU we
3260s know what's comparing and stuff Guardian
3262s versus executioner I already covered all
3264s the sniping last hit stuff
3266s but there are very few players who are
3268s going to be executing on Slayer task
3270s let's be honest right we're probably
3271s going to be AFK we're probably going to
3273s be going through it can I be bothered
3274s switching to an item to kill like a
3276s blood veld for the last 20 Health like
3279s not really right so in in like if you're
3282s for some types of content executioner is
3284s going to be insane for others it's going
3286s to be like not even a relic Choice
3288s Guardian is going to be consistently
3289s there you know she's going to be helping
3291s me killing all the blood velds and
3292s getting through my Slayer task quicker
3294s passively so that's a really interesting
3297s choice as well and then like even just
3299s undying retribution I see people like
3301s really going for like a whole like Nuke
3304s themselves to kill bosses meta maybe
3307s like I don't know that could be quite
3308s fun that that's personally what I'm
3311s leading towards doing undying
3312s retribution I think it'll be really nice
3315s that some content to just actually have
3317s that life- saving mechanic as much as we
3318s can meane like oh I'm never going to die
3320s or whatever like you turn your brain off
3322s every now and again you're probably
3323s going to die you're going to mess up and
3324s like just having that like fail safe
3326s will feel really good and the fact that
3328s he might just kill everything around you
3329s as well will also feel really good and I
3331s think if there's enough of my friends to
3333s pick it as well I love the idea like as
3335s a range user all going into tecton and
3338s then just sitting there turning protect
3339s from melee prayer off and tekon just
3341s blows up like that's just fun even if
3344s it's maybe not the metapic and it's not
3345s fishing or whatever and it would be
3346s better to just use guardian and kill it
3348s normally just all just letting yourself
3350s die to tekon blowing the boss up would
3353s just be so satisfying like it
3356s what what is there anything else in the
3358s game that really gives you that kind of
3359s feeling I don't know like it just sounds
3362s fun B can finally get Vengeance on tekon
3366s you
3366s [Laughter]
3371s know uh I'd like to talk about tier two
3374s if we have the time because I think that
3377s something that maybe isn't like super
3378s apparent right now but like you're
3381s similar to the last League you're
3382s probably going to get into your tier two
3383s pretty quickly and I don't even think
3385s tier three is that far off I'll even
3387s spoil that a little bit right like with
3389s the point unlocks I know some people
3391s might be worried that oh combat's tier
3392s four it's way later it's like slightly
3394s later it's like not by too much so like
3398s one thing we haven't actually covered is
3400s what Fair's flight and Globe shotter do
3403s so maybe we should talk about that a
3404s little bit and let them know like some
3406s of the changes like are these copy
3407s pasted from last League or yeah I was
3410s actually going to touch on that as
3414s like
3416s so Globe Trotter oh you go you can tell
3419s glob Trot yeah yeah so Globe Trotter is
3422s basically all the portal Nexus teleports
3424s you can get in your house and the
3427s portable or the ornate jewelry box I
3429s think is called um just from anywhere
3432s obviously you're locked to your region
3434s teleports and uh I don't know if we want
3437s to go to into detail on F's flight but
3438s we'll say I can it's different from
3442s trazer yeah fa flight is exactly the
3444s same as league but you also get
3447s leprechauns have fun with that
3451s yeah and that is that so many teleports
3455s that is so many teleports to leprechauns
3458s like you actually map out how far you
3459s can go to the various Niche places with
3463s leprechauns it's like every farming
3465s patch pretty
3468s much there one leprechan in particular
3471s that is in a certain place that Globe TR
3473s cannot get you to in an early game
3476s that's pretty significant
3479s yeah I'm a fairy flight enjoyer this
3482s league I'm doing it I'm piing it it was
3484s last
3489s time well I was going to say people
3492s might oh I was going to say people might
3494s um recognize some of the other relics as
3496s well and just know that there are small
3498s tweaks to what they were in trouble
3500s laser you to think about but you'll have
3504s to wait until all right I think the only
3507s Relic that is identical to last league
3509s is endless Harvester Harvest yeah I
3513s think all the other ones are
3516s different yeah the returning ones would
3518s be equilibrium treasure Seeker infernal
3522s Gathering is that it it's just those
3524s three the others are all kind flight
3526s yeah and obviously fairies flight yeah
3528s all of them have been buffed in some way
3531s so what I will say to people is don't
3533s just go oh that's equilibrium know
3534s equilibri does just just just give it a
3536s gander maybe just sway it up against
3538s your other choices um I think I I still
3541s might change this at the time my current
3542s Relic picks are probably trickster
3544s fairies flight archers
3546s Embrace treasure Seeker equilibrium
3550s those are the two tiers I'm uncertain
3552s about but probably those two then uh
3554s probably soul stealer Guardian if anyone
3557s was curious that is probably my build
3560s yeah if you want to pick tanwin you're a
3562s tanwin enjoyer pick what husky said def
3565s have a really good time all 73 of you
3568s that report responded on that Reddit
3569s survey hey hey hey I'm I'm buying an
3572s early Crystal Crown okay like that's
3574s that's part of the
3577s plan a awesome all right is there any
3580s last words from either Arcane or Halo or
3583s Husky before we wrap up
3586s stream I'm good good luck stay hydrated
3589s prepare a bunch of food for the next
3590s week I hope everyone enjoys the league
3593s yeah it's been fun making it that's for
3594s sure
3597s yeah you have less than 24 hours to go
3600s until leagues for Trailblazer reloaded
3603s launches and uh we can't wait to all see
3606s you in there um all right I think that
3609s is it for now we hope you uh learned
3612s some new things uh you're probably going
3615s to have to relook at your plans again uh
3617s probably the same thing come tomorrow um
3620s as well but uh you'll just have to wait
3621s and see uh when we have more information
3624s dropping tomorrow for you when leagues
3626s starts uh so I should probably say we're
3630s aiming to get uh the worlds live at 12
3633s p.m. uh GMT uh aiming is the word so
3639s please if we need a little bit more time
3640s then just hopefully you can be a little
3642s bit more patient but that's the aim uh
3644s so yeah we'll go through the
3645s announcements and then we will wrap up
3647s and uh I feel like we should uh give
3651s faux a little host after this just to
3653s say uh sorry for ribbing on it a little
3655s bit so stick around if you want to check
3657s out fo and his stream uh all right first
3660s up exclamation mark leagues leagues for
3663s Trailblazer reloaded releases tomorrow
3665s if you need help prepare and check out
3667s leagues our leagues 4 FAQ and teasers
3669s blog with that exclamation mark poll
3672s live uh have your say on the ratbone
3674s weapony that you can create from Scar's
3676s unique untradeable drops uh the poll
3678s closes on Friday uh get all the details
3681s with that uh if you want some more
3682s people to talk to about leagues
3684s especially with all the new reveals we
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3691s leagues Discord exclamation mark guide
3694s if you're uncertain about what regions
3695s to unlock for leagues for we've gathered
3697s 11 old school content creators to tell
3699s you why you should pick their favorite
3701s region so you can watch that there
3702s brilliant video uh and and one Creator
3705s in particular the snake himself solo
3707s Mission uh he's giv you a guide if
3710s you're jumping into leagues for the very
3711s first time you check out his tips and
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3734s so check that out and finally uh if you
3736s want to look at some early tasks uh
3739s before the launch tomorrow we've teamed
3741s up with the osrs wiki um and you can use
3744s exclamation mark Wiki to start planning
3746s your journey now um that is it thank you
3750s very much to mods Arcane Halo and Husky
3753s for joining me this very special pre-
3756s leagues um live stream thank you to mod
3759s bruid behind the scenes uh as always and
3762s all the lovely jods in chat uh that is
3766s it oh husky you want to say something
3769s quickly yeah I want to give a very big
3772s shout out to mods Arcane and Halo right
3774s now
3775s uh because I really don't want to take
3778s any credit for actually doing this
3781s league and making it happen I'm just
3783s that guy who's been sit on the sidelines
3785s at the other end of a DM if they want to
3786s run an idea past and stuff these two
3789s have done a phenomenal job crafting this
3791s what is going to be an incredible and
3793s insane League experience for you for you
3795s all to enjoy so I just want to say a big
3798s shout out to them they deserve all the
3800s love that they honestly like going to
3804s get for for doing such an amazing job on
3806s this so I'm happy to be here I'm happy
3808s to be the mascot on the team uh but yeah
3812s awesome job to you too equally shout out
3816s to mod tide and Husky for helping out so
3818s much tide has also been on the team and
3819s absolute MVP especially on his King
3822s interface work absolute monster um but
3825s husky has always been a massive advice
3828s consultant I
3830s suppose and you did a lot of interpace
3832s work yourself this league yeah help
3835s starting the game
3837s Jam indeed indeed Halo any shout outs
3840s then before we wrap
3841s up uh no no just shout out to husky just
3844s being there whenever we need
3847s him I'm I'm not going anywhere
3850s that's super cute what a wholesome end
3853s to this wonderful stream all right we're
3855s going to go over and host uh a raid po
3858s now so stick around for that uh and we
3861s hope to see you all tomorrow when
3863s leagues 4 Trailblazer reloaded begins uh
3866s have a wonderful evening and we will
3869s speak to you soon goodbye
3877s bye