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0s hey i'm only trails and usually i do
2s clue scrolls but today i'm doing the
4s weekly recap so let's open this casket
6s of updates and jump straight in boom oh
9s my first guild of peace this week is a
11s bit of a slower week but we did get a
12s more in-depth look at the invocation
14s system for raids three so stick around
16s for that old school runescape has a lot
17s of numbers experience levels kill
19s accounts completion quest points you get
22s the point but none of these numbers feel
23s as satisfying as a huge hit splat
26s whether it's a 73 your friend is so
28s generously risked for you
30s 73 i'll risk it for you
31s or when you're grinding mole hitting
33s that massive darrow kid
36s while big hits feel good seeing a max
38s hit feels even better today's update
40s gives players the option to toggle a
42s golden trim around every max hit they
44s land so make sure not to trade any other
46s player on the ge claiming they can trim
48s your max hits for you i can't wait to
50s see those massive golden trimmed hits on
52s my screen in the future in less violent
54s news next week we've got a few changes
55s coming up to the clan hall to make it
57s feel a little more homely or homely
63s prepare your clans for a new member in
65s your midst as hannibal the cat will be
66s getting a lot more features in the
68s future you'll soon also be able to play
70s more tunes on the piano because the
71s black keys will be available you can
73s learn more about this in the news post
75s and finally just in case you wanted to
77s see more information about exactly who
79s might be feeding hannibal or jamming out
80s in the clan hall the clan chat now
82s finally indicates how many members are
84s in the channel as well as how many
85s people are in the clan clicking or
87s tapping on that info will also show the
88s number of guests in the channel back to
90s killing things i know some 10 hp
92s accounts are waiting for the update on
93s the poison dynamite when the so-called
95s spawn hitting was removed some
96s achievements could no longer
97s realistically be obtained by skillers or
99s 10 hp restricted accounts so as a
101s compromise we're getting poison dynamite
103s a caustic explosive bomb players will be
105s able to make poison dynamite by mixing
107s boring old dynamite with three cave
109s nightshades when lit with a tinderbox
111s after a short delay your creation will
113s explode and deal damage that scales
114s according to your fire making level so
116s all your arrows in wintertaut might
118s finally have a use assuming your enemy
120s isn't immune to poison there's a chance
121s that they'll start taking poison damage
123s if the explosion itself is a successful
125s hit this will be available in beta in
127s the near future so keep an eye out and
129s talking about coming soon i know
130s everyone is patiently awaiting raids 3
132s tombs of a masket this week's blog will
134s give a rundown on how the invocation
136s system will work this system is an
138s innovative feature that will let raiders
140s customize their experience however they
141s like you'll be able to give newer
143s adventurers the chance to learn the
144s ropes or scale your raid exponentially
147s to give the veterans a run for their
148s money when you enter a raid you'll get
149s the choice to start out with no
151s invocations a little thing we like to
153s call entry mode or with a set menu of
155s invocations that should result in a
156s challenging and engaging first
158s experience you'll be able to set your
159s own invocations which will contribute to
161s your raid level between 0 and 149 you'll
164s be in your entry mode raid between 150
166s and 299 that's what we call a normal
169s mode raid and if you're a true gamer
171s with raid level 300 and above this will
173s count as an expert mode raid it starts
175s at 300 but you can go all the way up to
177s 580 you'll be able to view the
179s invocations tab when making or joining a
181s raiding party the more difficult the
183s raid the more it increases your unique
185s chance and at various thresholds
187s determines what uniques you're likely to
189s see if you're lucky enough to snag
190s yourself a purple if you've still got an
192s idea for an invocation that would still
193s be sick to at the rates 3 feel free to
196s leave it in the comments what about a
197s mimic invocation that just throws a
199s bunch of random candy at you in random
201s parts of the map of course i had to add
203s a clue scroll invocation to it come on
204s now and since we're on clue stuff i want
206s to remind you guys that nightinator last
208s week talked about the clue helper and
209s the activity advisor two tools that
211s could massively help every single player
213s with a new clue helper that's on the
214s main client right now you're going to be
216s doing clues faster than you can say
217s third h played body some of you might
219s have noticed this parchment looking
221s thing on the side of your map well this
222s is the activity advisor a tool that
224s automatically tallies up your skill
226s levels quest status and recent activity
228s to figure out what adventures you might
230s be interested in this feels like a
231s fantastic add-on for new players or
233s players who are just downright lost at
235s certain points and let's be honest we've
237s all been there 100gb says we'll see a
239s couple activity advisor only iron man by
240s the end of the week if you want a more
242s thorough explanation on these two things
243s you can check out the description and
245s check out last week's recap i was only
247s trails for the osrs weekly recap i
248s genuinely have no clue if my link will
250s be in the description but if it is make
251s sure to check out my channel otherwise
253s subscribe to the old school runescape
254s channel for more recaps hope to see you
256s guys soon and thanks for watching