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0s foreign
2s and welcome to the Old School summer
5s Summit I'm your host modiza and I'm
8s joined by the absolutely wonderful mod
10s Kieran thank you so much very kind words
12s hello everybody kind words for a kind
14s gentleman tonight we have an absolute
16s treat in store for you today as we go
18s through all of the content that you can
20s expect to becoming old schools way over
22s the next six months and into early
24s 2024. make sure you stay tuned
26s throughout the whole show we've got a
28s variety of different members of the team
29s who are going to be coming on to answer
30s your questions and give you all the info
32s that you need to know in regards to
34s what's coming up we also have some
36s amazing competitions that are going to
38s be happening throughout the stream there
40s are four in total we also have some
41s going on in our socials as well so we
43s can get into exactly how that works in
45s just a moment but before I have to say
47s how exciting it is to be here how
50s incredible the set is that we have going
52s on as well
54s Karen how are you doing are you as
55s excited as I am fantastic it's an
57s incredible show coming up we've got a
59s lot in store for you today I remember
61s doing the winter Summit back in back in
63s December right it was we built a whole
65s host of exciting stuff we'll talk a
67s little bit about that shortly but yeah I
69s think tonight's gonna be even better
72s but let's take you to look at the shape
74s of our roadmap at the very least
78s not a whole lot on it to begin with that
81s was anticlimactic wasn't it but look at
83s all those shapes and nice question marks
85s what could there be who knows as we move
88s forward through tonight's um reveals and
91s the summer Summit we will be slowly
93s revealing some of these some of these
95s items so make sure you stick around for
97s the entire show we're going to be taking
99s you all the way through to early 2024
101s but first before we go into anything
104s revealing we've got a very special
106s message from our very own mod Pips
111s hello everyone I am MOD Pips and on
114s behalf of everyone here at jagex we are
116s thrilled to welcome you all to the old
118s school RuneScape summer Summit live
120s stream it's your excitement and
122s enthusiasm that makes this game and its
124s community so special so we are eager to
127s stoke that Passion by sharing our vision
128s and plans for old school for the rest of
130s this year and into early 2024. this year
133s has been extraordinary for old school
135s RuneScape with some of the best content
137s and the closest Community collaboration
139s in the game's history not surprising
141s then that the community is bigger now
143s than ever I realize that the buzz of the
146s desert Treasure 2 launch is still
147s Rippling through the community but we
150s always aim to give you more which brings
152s us next to dead man apocalypse coming
154s your way in less than a week it's an
156s event it's going to set gilinore Ablaze
159s but for now let's look ahead to today's
161s Summit it's a place for us to come
162s together with you the community and to
164s ensure you're on board for the journey
166s shaping and championing the future of
168s old school RuneScape your passion is the
171s lifelong of this game and your belief in
173s our creative ambition is humbling and
175s it's what inspires us so Gear Up
178s adventurers because the future of old
179s school RuneScape is all of ours to forge
182s together
187s thank you for that mod pip now another
190s important thing to get out of the way
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204s literally labeled as summer Summit
207s giveaways there'll be messages posted
209s throughout we'll let you know exactly
210s when it is that they go live and you do
213s not need to spam the chat this time but
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300s wonderful Wise Old Man here who does
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305s just
308s they said I had to do that so you know I
310s did it during rehearsals so we kind of
312s we're kind of sticking with it anyway
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323s interest and we're going to announce the
325s winner just after the next section which
328s leads me quite nicely onto once I can
330s get him to sit there we go
332s um we actually have a wonderful video
335s that's been put together by a creator
336s that we have been working with quite a
338s bit recently poison potion who'll be
340s running through some of the smaller
343s updates but before then why don't we
345s have a quick talk about what's happened
346s already this year because we have
349s obviously had the winter Summit and
351s we've released content since then I
353s think the first one maybe we can talk
355s about secrets of the north secret to the
357s north I think that was January we
358s launched it right like a brand new Quest
360s it links heavily to one will come on to
363s talk if I just in a minute with the
365s muffler boss and the new venator bow be
367s experimental of a weapon I think a lot
370s of players commented doesn't necessarily
371s have a ton of use on launch but it now
375s does obviously and I think that's that's
377s part and part of maybe how a lot of
379s these future things might go I like us
381s being quite experimental with some of
383s the new weapons we introduced they have
385s Niche effects that allows us to utilize
387s the combat system in new ways so I'm
389s quite quite excited about that what did
390s you think of it yeah I think it's
392s awesome I know that initially when the
393s venator bow was announced players kind
395s of slept on it a little bit and rightly
397s so there weren't a huge amount of uses
398s for it but that is the beauty of old
400s school is that as we develop content
402s with items that may have been out in
404s Past Times or even for future updates we
407s can kind of design mechanics around
408s those niches and one of the best things
411s that we've been doing I think over
413s recent times is filling those niches or
414s creating them at the same time so
416s awesome to see Speaking of awesome the
419s next update really that we should talk
420s about was Bounty Hunter obviously one of
422s the most iconic PVP game modes to have
424s existed period yes it went through its
428s phases of being in the game not being in
430s the game being back in and then not but
432s it's here now and it's here to stay and
434s I think the reception to it overall when
436s it first released was phenomenal we've
438s seen so much content come out of it our
439s creators are just absolutely pumping out
441s videos I really hope that we get to
444s spend some time in the future as well
445s exploring what more we can do with
447s Bounty Hunter new rewards maybe
449s different types of Creator modes for
451s example
452s um but what do you think is next for PVP
455s Karen well we've already been talking
457s about one thing called dead man we might
460s be talking about that bit more very
462s shortly so keep a listening for that but
465s I'm with you I think there's there's a
466s lot more love needed for for Bounty
468s Hunter indeed PVP broadly why we do have
471s one of our development teams largely now
473s focused towards PVP almost entirely so
475s do expect lots of other small
477s improvements over the course of the next
479s yoga too essentially it'll be an ongoing
481s sort of matter
484s you want to go for the last one and
486s obviously just a few weeks ago now we
488s launched desert Treasure 2 for new
490s bosses sequel to the iconic Quest and
492s frankly put like one of the most
494s ambitious quests we've ever done I hope
497s everybody can can recognize that for
499s long Quest I think people have really
501s really enjoyed it some ambition with
503s some of the new sort of gameplay going
505s on in the strangle word uh the puzzles
508s content within the LaSalle and the city
510s which what an area by the way the music
513s the graphics everything just works so
515s well together literally like we were
517s blown away in turn to live by what the
519s team was making it's so good to see that
521s recognized from the player base as well
523s and obviously not only that four brand
525s new bosses and I've seen people have had
526s a lot of fun with those
528s the awakened films as well knows popped
530s off as well people seem to really like
532s that but for quite a cool system of the
534s awakened orbs and then we were
536s experimenting with drop tables there's
537s loads we could talk about endlessly who
539s doesn't treasure too but there is the
541s hype's still going people are still
542s playing the bosses in their droves
543s absolutely I think it would be a you
545s know one thing we definitely probably
546s should touch on as well is the fact that
548s many of you obviously were looking
549s forward to new prayers for example we
551s know they didn't make it into the game
552s in the end I think that's one of the
554s beauties of our new way of approaching
557s content with consultation and the
558s community in mind is that if we really
560s don't feel like something is going to be
562s released in the form that it really
563s should then we can you know kind of
565s adjust and accommodate in other ways and
569s I hope now that a lot of players have
571s realized just the sheer scope of desert
574s Treasure 2 and why it was so difficult
575s for us to pull those prayers off
576s correctly I think we've learned a lot
578s from consultation and looking back now
581s we we really should have approached that
583s in a different way similar to how we've
585s approached the the potential new skills
587s sailing for example it something like a
590s prayer book has such a massive impact on
592s the game probably as significant as a
594s new skill does so that's definitely been
596s a big learning point for us that we
597s really need to make sure that when there
599s are larger game changing content updates
602s that we just spend a lot more time
603s planning dealing with the community
605s handling feedback making sure that
607s everything is in place before we
609s actually go ahead and juggling a brand
611s new quest for new bosses loads of new
614s areas to explore was maybe a little bit
616s too much to just bundle in prayers as
618s well but I don't think it's going to be
619s the end for prayers I'm sure we'll
620s ReDiscover I'll re-engage with that
622s topic again in the future it's
624s definitely popular there's still loads
626s of great suggestions that the
627s communities Community has been
628s discussing on Reddit and so on there's
630s this idea of like having a god alignment
632s system a lot of people seem to really
633s like that I know several people
635s internally like quite like the idea as
637s well I don't know when we'll revisit
638s prayers but we know you like it we know
641s you want to see something with prayers
642s and the skills got plenty of room to do
644s that with for sure but we'll definitely
646s give it the time to get it right that's
647s it the treasure too it's packed full of
649s rewards anyway there's plenty of reason
651s to do it plenty of reason to do those
652s bosses absolutely is and we've always
654s got that reward in our back pockets now
656s and if you were listening very uh
658s closely at earlier on I I said we were
661s going to go with some of the smaller
662s content updates even though I have a
663s huge iPad almost bigger than my forehead
665s in my hands I'd still managed to mess up
667s the show order so apologies production I
669s did hear them Panic a little bit we're
671s actually going to go into something
672s entirely different and it is something
674s that you are pretty much already aware
676s of the fact that it's happening we
677s released a Blog around it recently but
679s we have a fantastic video with some of
680s the developers who have been working on
682s dead man that we'd like to show you and
684s then we'll be joined by mod Max to
686s answer a few questions that we have so
688s roll the VT and enjoy
692s my name's Seb also known as mod Max
694s these days and in 2017 I won dead man
698s mode in 2018 I won All-Stars and in 2019
701s we also won another dead man mode which
704s was great I now work at jagex as a
707s junior content developer and it is my
709s dream job and it's amazing
712s [Music]
714s Spider-Man is a temporary game mode in
716s which you have a brand new save profile
719s separate to your own one and over the
721s course of some weeks you get to play the
723s game again with different effects except
726s because it's dead man it's PVP basically
728s everywhere
731s the community is always very important
734s for us so we've actually collected a lot
738s of feedback and advice from the previous
740s statement and the important thing here
742s is to make sure the dive team and the
744s community are on the same page
748s it's not the previous deadline events we
751s will be giving you a Stars Pack when you
752s join the server this time we're giving
754s you a staff that can testify a strike as
758s well as a bow that can find some decent
760s arrows and these will increase in damage
762s and strength as you go through the
764s combat brackets to give you something
765s that at least has use going forward
770s in the future we're hoping to transition
773s accounts to world 45. if the community
775s wants it so we've kept this in mind and
778s we're going to make the XB rates still
781s good but they're not going to be too
783s excessive we will give you increased XP
786s as you play the game we have five
788s servers based on combat brackets and
790s every time you progress between them the
791s XP multiplier will increase as you go up
793s so you can get some very sweet gains
798s it's a point-based system is a new
800s season we have introduced this time the
803s important thing here is the more
804s difficult the high risks of the activity
806s you've done the more point you will earn
809s from this system you've got clear
810s Scrolls you get points you do bosses you
812s get points you get levels you get points
815s anything you do that can mean literally
816s contribute to your game should get you
818s points
820s so because there is PVP almost
823s everywhere you'd think that PKS are the
826s main priority for dead man however
829s there's a lot of players who like to
830s play for the pure aspect of survival the
833s pure thrill of running around in-game
836s doing some content you love but then
838s there's also a danger
842s apocalypse there will be events
844s happening twice a day where we will be
846s spawning a whole multitude of bosses
847s such as general Grado and krill sarath
850s his eyebrows
853s they are very powerful and dangerous
855s monsters so players will need to make
858s decisions as a time to decide if they
860s want to take the risk to fight this
862s monster earn the point and the rare
864s reward
870s these breaches you're going to be
871s fighting a lot of bosses and a lot of
873s players so naturally the road has to be
875s worth it what we're offering you are
877s blighted weapons copies of existing
880s powerful items that are usable in dead
882s man but accessible from these breaches
884s instead
887s the three life system is actually a
889s pretty interesting one but also it's a
892s punishing one for the new players it
894s helped for the first two deaths but
895s unfortunately on the third death it was
897s just far too punishing so again we want
899s this dead man apocalypse to be extremely
901s fun and enjoyable and not too punishing
904s so you can play more casually and not
906s feel like you're really far behind and
908s if you die everything's lost
912s I think the studio is also a system has
915s been worked really well from the last
916s time as no people have been loving that
918s and we've got a lot of feedback about
921s how we can make them better one utility
923s sigil is the Sigil of Vengeance now you
927s might think why would we want Vengeance
929s you can just use a spell book for that
931s well you could just be on the ancient
933s spell book and also have Vengeance which
935s will be an extremely different meta and
938s make fights extremely scary and there'll
940s be several sigils like that that will
942s change up both Peking and pvme
946s in previous dead man events we had a 1v1
950s finale for this one we are changing
951s things off the bits we are going to have
953s multiple finale's going on at the same
955s time essentially we are going to have
956s multiple worlds that anyone who's
958s participated in dead man can join so
960s you'll be constantly fighting people to
962s the death while this is going on and
964s then we're going to throw General radar
965s at you again we are embracing the chaos
968s for this this is not a hardcore tone
970s this is a fun explosion we are just
972s going to throw everything at a wall and
974s hope it sticks and we're going to have a
975s good time doing it
978s all right
980s [Music]
985s and as F5 magic we are suddenly joined
988s by the wonderful mod manked the absolute
990s Behemoth in the PVP scene and one of the
993s greatest new additions to the old school
995s team absolute pleasure to have you here
997s how are you doing today doing wonderful
998s very excited for this good well my first
1001s question for you is I have to ask it
1003s because it will be a miss not to you're
1005s a player before you were a developer as
1007s well as a seasoned PVP and Deadman mode
1009s veteran how different is it being on the
1012s other side now that you're part of the
1013s team
1014s it's it's great to see everyone's
1016s passion in the team you can tell
1017s everything that goes into updates is
1019s just from the heart you know and
1022s personally for me because Dead Man's a
1025s limited time game mode it only lasts for
1027s like three weeks normally but because
1028s I'm now working on it I can experience
1030s it for like three months and I could
1031s just think about dead man for so much
1033s longer it's so good
1035s it's so cute
1037s I feel a little bit heartworm to be
1039s honest it's like
1040s you said dead man better this man won
1043s yeah he's one dead man like that's
1047s serious
1048s um
1049s right obviously you're relatively new to
1051s the team still I've been interested in
1052s like what's been your sort of biggest
1054s learning throughout this project yeah um
1056s dead man there's there's so much scope
1059s there's so much possibility with it
1061s um so really nailing down what you want
1064s to include is a big challenge because
1067s there's so many ideas there's so many
1068s routes you can go down it's just so
1070s difficult you know picking one so
1072s um yeah we can always explore loads of
1074s different options and hopefully this one
1075s is very different to the past so
1077s hopefully players really enjoy it
1079s awesome so it's very different from the
1081s past how excited should players be for
1084s dead man apocalypse and
1086s you've already said how it will be very
1089s different but like just how different do
1090s you think it will be from previous
1091s iterations so I think players should be
1094s really excited if you've never played it
1095s before this will be the perfect dead man
1097s for you to to get involved with
1100s um the reason is there's just going to
1102s be so much different stuff going on and
1104s like I said there's different stuff so
1106s breaches for example they're going to be
1108s spawning all over the world every few
1111s hours we've posted that in the blog so
1112s you guys can see exactly when it is but
1115s there's gonna be loads of bosses loads
1117s of PKS trying to kill other people
1118s killing the bosses
1120s um it's just gonna be chaos but it's
1122s going to be so much fun it's going to be
1123s great for all involved
1125s awesome I mean you're obviously a PVP
1128s wizard there's plenty of people in the
1129s chat who I'm sure are pro PPP players as
1131s well it's not the right terminology
1134s it just kind of came out
1137s but what about those who have never
1139s really done a PVP or less experienced in
1141s PvP why should they try out dead man
1143s apocalypse so there's a new point system
1146s um which everyone can get involved with
1148s if you're doing Clues you get points
1150s like Simon or sorry uh like uh that was
1153s said in a teaser okay Kirby that's the
1156s name thank you
1158s um and you can just do a range of
1159s activities if you enjoy pvm clothes do
1162s an achievement Diaries you know you get
1163s points you go to breaches you get loads
1165s of points
1167s um it's just something for everyone and
1169s we've got brackets as well this time
1171s around so if someone's like myself I
1174s used to play several hours a day and it
1177s used to be really difficult to compete
1178s with someone like me but now we've got
1180s brackets so that's really going to limit
1182s uh how how far ahead someone like me
1185s could get against someone who's only
1187s playing one or two hours a day so it
1189s should be a lot more casual friendly and
1191s you can just go at your own pace and if
1192s you're working you know nine to five
1194s then you can get home and enjoy yourself
1196s awesome I have to say I think combat
1199s brackets are one of my favorite changes
1200s that happened in dead man reborn so I'm
1202s really glad to see them come back
1202s because so many players just made really
1205s whack builds that fit a particular
1207s combat bracket and I I think one of the
1209s things I love the most about PVP is the
1212s variety of how many different builds and
1215s setups you can have and dead man pushes
1216s that to the next level because of the XP
1218s loss and the items that you can't
1220s normally attain as well as the sigils
1222s it's it's just PVP on steroids it's
1224s insane but what are you most excited for
1227s about this iteration of dead man in
1228s particular is there one thing that you
1230s think is going to take over the meta I
1232s think you touched on the Sigil of a
1234s Vengeance are there any others like that
1235s that we haven't mentioned that you might
1237s be thinking
1238s um I'm not going to mention them because
1239s I just want everyone to find them out
1241s when they get them in game and I think
1243s it should be really fun but breaches
1245s will just be crazy they'll be so much
1247s fun they'll be so different to what
1249s we've had in the past it will give
1250s everyone kind of a reason every day to
1251s to log in and compete with each other as
1254s well as the point system I think like
1256s you said the it's now called the trinket
1258s of Vengeance and there are other
1259s trinkets like that uh such as the
1261s trinket of Undead and they're really
1264s powerful they mean you don't have to be
1265s on that spell book so you don't have to
1267s be on the Arceus spell book to use um
1269s those thralls yes wow so it's just going
1271s to completely change the meta there's so
1273s many new sigils that are going to
1275s completely change the metaphor pvm as
1277s well uh and PVP it's just going to be
1279s really fun and there's going to be so
1281s much content from it okay all right
1283s I have to start playing myself
1288s uh what are the one of the things that's
1290s changed this time is the the 1v1
1292s finale's maybe you're better to talk
1294s about this though easier but why have we
1296s decided to move away from the format
1298s we've stuck with with dead run for quite
1300s a while sure okay I think what first and
1302s foremost one of the most obvious things
1304s is we've all experienced dead man over
1305s the years we've run so many of them now
1307s and I think it's safe to say that the
1309s majority if not all of them were played
1311s with issues uh mostly related to issues
1315s over having things running on the
1317s internet Network attacks that kind of
1318s thing nefarious play uh players just
1320s really ruining the event for others and
1322s obviously we've also experienced
1323s technical issues ourselves with bugs and
1325s problems that we've looked to resolve
1327s over time so that was one of the main
1329s drivers for us of looking to have a
1332s different format in the future it's
1334s something that I would like us to
1335s re-explore and potentially see if there
1337s is a lan element that we can bring into
1339s dead man perhaps after multiple Dead
1341s Man's over the course or a period of
1342s time for example but for this one it
1344s really was just about if we're going to
1345s bring dead man back how do we do it and
1347s make sure that people still have a
1348s really good time without having the
1351s traditional 1v1 finale setting that we
1353s had and I remember it was a it was a few
1356s years back now and I was just I think we
1358s were sat after a previous dead man in
1360s the hotel bar chatting around what we
1361s could do and I just was like what if we
1363s just made an apocalypse what if we just
1366s ruined the world and suddenly the whole
1368s of gilino was spawned with bosses and
1370s that was what people did and we just got
1372s to talk about it and watch players just
1374s get decimated by Bosses they would
1377s normally fight in instances or different
1378s areas or if Zuck just suddenly appeared
1381s to be floating around falador what would
1383s happen in those instances how would
1384s players react and for some crazy surreal
1388s reason the designers decided to take
1391s that upon themselves to make it into an
1392s actual thing and we now have dead man
1394s apocalypse and I love the idea of
1395s breaches and I think the fact of that
1398s kind of like culminating over the course
1399s of three weeks into this epic finale
1402s where there's just so much going on will
1404s make for a really really different X
1406s viewing experience one that we've never
1407s seen before so yeah experimenting with
1410s something new but also trying to avoid
1411s some of the issues that we've had in
1412s their past
1414s Okay so
1416s are you gonna be playing banked we know
1418s you can't compete but surely you've got
1420s to be going out there and slaying some
1422s moves of course I could not there's just
1425s so much for for me personally to be
1427s excited about I I know how crazy it's
1429s going to be so I'm definitely going to
1431s jump in gonna have multiple accounts all
1433s the different brackets it's gonna be so
1434s much fun another great thing about dead
1437s man this time around is everything's
1439s actually going into all the accounts are
1440s going into World 45 after so you no
1443s longer lose your progress anymore it's
1444s no longer a temporary game mode because
1446s all the progress you make will transfer
1448s to World 45 and you'll forever have that
1450s which is amazing as well yeah it'd be
1452s really nice to see some new life being
1454s breathe into those servers as well I
1456s know that there's been discussions for
1457s ages around should we reset them should
1459s we do something else should we let X be
1461s transfer over I think the way that we've
1463s approached it this way around is
1464s actually one of the best if not the best
1466s thing that we could have done outside of
1467s a reset so really excited to see how
1469s that comes down and grateful for the
1470s fact that we managed to get that in
1472s awesome right one last question Mount as
1475s the expert what is one piece of advice
1479s if you can share one thing for players
1481s who are going to be playing dead man
1482s apocalypse
1484s take care at your own pace do what you
1486s enjoy doing in game
1488s always bring food on you because the
1490s amount of people I've killed in dead man
1491s that don't have food on them is crazy so
1493s please if you are playing dead man just
1496s bring food with you wherever you go and
1498s always think where's my escape and
1500s you'll win you'll just you won't die as
1502s much I promise you that
1504s so basically eat food and you don't die
1506s yes
1508s skill specs I'm calling you out in
1510s particular
1512s all right so as a final reminder we've
1514s touched on the release date dead man
1516s apocalypse goes live on August the 25th
1519s that is very soon so thanks for you on
1522s for that there's a whopping prize pool
1524s to be earned and you go you've got to be
1526s involved you want to be getting part of
1528s that 25
1530s 000 US dollars are up for grabs so
1532s the only reason to get involved I don't
1534s know what is
1536s um from there you'll have three weeks to
1537s make progress the world will close on
1540s Friday September the 15th but that's not
1542s where the journey ends because the day
1544s after that finale we've been talking
1546s about will open on Saturday September
1548s the 16th there's a whole bunch of times
1550s they're all going to be communicated in
1552s the blog which you can access with
1555s exclamation mark DMM all those exact
1559s timings work out what time zone works
1561s for you Etc will be right there
1564s um with that said I think it's time to
1566s announce who's won a certain plushie who
1569s won the wise old man let's reveal it
1573s dum dum dum
1576s I believe it goes to a player called is
1580s Bjorn so congratulations on winning your
1583s Wise Old Man plushie exclamation mark
1586s Discord for a link to the Discord server
1588s exclamation mark makeshift for a link to
1590s the page so you can register your
1591s interest ready for when they go on sale
1593s on August 23rd and we now have the
1596s opportunity to give away a different
1599s plush so if you're feeling you know a
1601s little bit a little bit lonely maybe you
1604s want a nice little waifu to stay with
1606s you and have a nice little sleep you can
1608s give her a little cuddle the absolutely
1611s amazing Neve plush if you don't want to
1614s enter for this one then there is
1615s something wrong make sure the
1618s exclamation mark Discord join the server
1620s get involved react to the post this this
1623s could be yours imagine that you can
1626s detach the lovely spear too it's
1628s incredible it's got a fire cape on the
1630s back look at the detail the attention is
1633s impeccable and I'll I'll carefully place
1639s call me up QVC there you go she's back
1643s safe and sound for now at least anyway
1644s all right
1646s so let's recorrect my mistake from
1649s before we mentioned we're going to talk
1651s about some of the small updates that you
1652s can expect coming out over the next six
1654s months and into early 2024 and this is
1657s now time for the video from poison
1658s potion so roll the VT
1663s hello everyone this is poison potion or
1665s PP for short and I'll be filling you in
1667s on some of these smaller updates to old
1668s school RuneScape within the next few
1670s months
1671s [Music]
1676s coming in Autumn 2023 there are some
1678s eagerly awaited changes to chambers of
1680s zaric as we all know Chambers is the
1682s only randomly generated raid which to
1684s some people may be more enjoyable but
1685s for others they prefer to have a bit
1687s more control in their encounters which
1689s is why the team is hoping to implement a
1690s solution one proposal could be using
1692s tokens that could potentially alter
1694s layouts to your liking these tokens
1696s could be obtained at the end of The Raid
1697s or purchase for GP outside of the raid
1699s how exactly something like this would be
1701s implemented would be up to the players
1702s additionally jagix wants to provide a
1704s scaling system at Chambers this would
1706s allow players to make a raid more
1708s difficult without having to use multiple
1709s alt accounts before starting it's not
1711s decided yet on whether or not upping the
1713s scale of a rage should cost anything but
1715s that info will come out later finally
1716s the team will also be looking at
1718s balancing and quality of life
1719s improvements for Chambers check out the
1721s blog for more information and tell the
1722s team what you think of their proposals
1726s foreign
1730s moving on to the final forestry launch
1732s the recent poll saw everything pass
1734s which means very soon we'll be seeing
1736s things like campfires to train fire
1737s making two-handed axes Sawmill vouchers
1739s and a whole host of new events which
1741s will give out new cosmetic items such as
1743s the Pheasant outfit so with laid-back
1744s skills in fashionscape is some of your
1746s favorite content you'll be very happy
1748s very soon
1750s [Music]
1753s now let's get into a new Quest or rather
1756s an old Quest path of glossary an
1759s experienced level Quest on The Gnome
1760s storyline originally released back in
1762s September 2007 just weeks after the
1765s August backup on which old school
1766s RuneScape was based the team is
1768s proposing that path of glossary returns
1770s with some old school polish and new
1771s rewards a new unique from them would be
1773s the Warped scepter a magic staff that
1775s sits between the iben staff and the
1777s Trident of the seas in power level this
1778s is to help balance out mid-level magic
1780s damage progression if this is something
1782s that interests you then be on the
1783s lookout for the pool coming soon if it's
1785s voted in you can expect to see this
1786s Quest as early as one month from now
1789s thank you
1793s foreign
1795s [Music]
1798s to talk about gameplay for all of you
1801s noobs out there jagex is hoping to flesh
1803s out mid-level content a bit more in the
1805s near future and that's why in Winter
1806s 2023 they'd like to release an encounter
1808s that helps introduce players to the
1810s fundamentals of combat going from
1811s simpler content such as bryophyta
1813s barrows and sorakness to content like
1815s Zora raids and necks can be a bit
1817s jarring for new players ideally this
1819s update will introduce a boss that is a
1821s bit more mechanically intensive but will
1822s still be viable for players on their
1824s journey to Max combat check out the blog
1825s for a bit more information on this and
1827s share feedback as well as ideas you may
1829s have that's just about all I've got for
1831s you today again my name is poison potion
1833s or PP for short and always remember big
1835s things come in small updates Karen Aiza
1838s back to you
1843s thank you so much for that poison potion
1846s or PP for short and we are now joined by
1849s the absolutely handsome mod Squall I
1850s mean mod Sween my apologies
1856s come on you've ruined it now it's meant
1859s to just be all smooth and calm and
1860s casual but right never mind sweet how
1862s are you doing today very well good it's
1863s absolute pleasure to have you with us
1865s pleasure to be here I've been enjoying
1866s this show so far good a lot of
1867s nervousness beforehand yeah just a
1869s little I think we're finding a bit of a
1870s comfy clothes we'll get in there you
1872s know I messed up a little bit in terms
1873s of the show flow but it's okay what's
1875s what's life about a little bit of danger
1876s it's fine it's all right you're under
1878s pressure now it's time for some
1879s questions yeah and swing
1881s um why are we sharing smaller updates in
1884s the summit isn't this typically the time
1885s that we're going to do the big big
1887s announcements typically it is the time
1888s we do the big big announcements um
1890s winter Summit went really well but we
1892s did have I'm gonna look here we did have
1894s some feedback last time not much like
1895s not much in a way of critical feedback
1897s but a lot of players felt as though we
1898s weren't paying enough attention or at
1900s least talking about paying enough
1901s attention to existing content fixing
1903s content so this time around even though
1905s I know a lot of these aren't the most
1907s exciting and um stay tuned for the most
1909s exciting announcements I've got the I've
1911s got the I've been stitched up a bit I've
1912s got the dregs to announce that's fine I
1914s don't know Chad was pogging off some of
1916s the things that are going on there
1916s Chambers and Pog especially yeah it's
1919s good stuff but generally even though
1920s there'll be some naysayers like we don't
1922s care about these little smaller things I
1923s think it's a lose-lose situation either
1925s we don't talk about what we do either
1927s way someone's going to say something uh
1929s showing it on a roadmap is the best
1931s thing for everyone it's a more
1932s transparent way of looking at things
1933s longer term so that's why
1935s awesome thank you all right now before
1938s we ask you about the other content
1940s announcements I just want to talk about
1941s forestry briefly we obviously put that
1943s up in there in the video as well it is
1944s going to be coming out late this year
1945s but I know that there was a lot of
1947s conversation within the community around
1949s forestry so let's address that very
1951s quickly
1952s um forestry was one of the first
1954s projects that we put through the new
1955s form of community consultation with the
1957s new polling approach and I think it's
1959s safe to say that we have learned a
1960s significant amount in that time it has
1962s definitely shown us the kind of things
1964s that we should and we shouldn't do
1965s during consultation and how we should
1967s and shouldn't approach things at the
1968s same time you'll notice that a lot of
1970s the rewards the tea leave affects
1972s especially we just cut those out after
1974s the second round of feedback came
1975s through it was quite clear that you
1976s didn't want them and that's something
1978s that we're going to continue to do
1979s hopefully we'll be able to get there a
1981s little bit sooner next time but that is
1983s something that I think we as a community
1984s should start getting accustomed to we're
1986s going to ask you questions that might
1987s offer content that you may not like and
1989s it is your role and duty to tell us if
1991s you don't like them it's then down to us
1992s to make sure that we don't put them out
1994s to you when it comes to the poll and
1995s that's exactly what we tried to do with
1997s forestry and hopefully as we've said
1999s we've learned a lot from it we'll be
2001s able to continue and make sure that the
2002s rest of the content we offer in a
2003s similar vein can only be improved
2005s onwards going forward so yeah that was
2009s pretty much it I just wanted to make
2009s sure I addressed it I saw a few people
2011s mentioning it in the chat
2012s um we can carry on with the rest of the
2014s questions now yeah I would say the
2015s two-handed axes are looking pretty thick
2017s yeah they do you know actually one one
2019s of the great things about your feedback
2020s is I think we saw within the first day
2022s of showing off the images of the
2023s two-handed axes you didn't like the pose
2025s that they were using so we went to the
2026s art team gave that feedback and within
2029s the next day we turned around and said
2030s you know what we're going to change it
2030s we're going to give them exactly how you
2031s want them because it does look badass
2033s the very basics of the point of
2035s consultation exactly
2037s um pathography why are we bringing it
2039s back so last year sometime there was a
2042s big survey about kind of quest porting
2044s bringing quests from RuneScape free but
2046s with an old school twist and path of
2047s gluffy was one of the most popular
2048s choices so we went for it and uh I think
2052s some people will have picked up on what
2053s it might mean longer term but some
2054s people need a less subtle hint if you
2057s look at what the quest unlocks in RS3
2058s the other quests that come after it
2060s maybe there's some exciting stuff ahead
2062s oh that's a that's a tease a little bit
2065s go and look it up so you mentioned old
2068s school twists what's actually going to
2071s be different with this release so the
2073s quest originally unlocked the poison
2074s waste dungeon with two slave creatures
2076s that's probably the most notable unlock
2077s beyond the other quests that come after
2078s it uh people didn't like these Slayer
2080s creatures they Slayer blast the the drop
2082s tables weren't great they didn't feel
2083s too rewarding they were quite annoying
2085s they automatically unlocked you had to
2087s go and do them you had to manually use
2088s the crystal chime on the monsters so
2091s this time we're going to make it like
2092s less awkward less annoying better call
2095s changes
2096s um rebounce drop tables and add a new
2099s stuff as poison potion uh mentioned the
2101s Warped scepter which kind of mid-level
2103s powered staff sit between a bit like
2105s tried and sit between I've been staff
2107s awesome okay well let's move on from POG
2110s for now and talk about chamber scouting
2112s we're finally allowing players to
2114s determine the raid layout themselves
2116s obviously we've got the video out there
2118s there's a Blog but just quickly could
2119s you maybe give us a bit of an
2120s explanation on how it will work and will
2122s there be a cost Associated for that for
2124s example
2124s so we think we know how it will work but
2127s ultimately one player feedback we know
2128s what we're trying to solve in terms of
2130s how we actually do it that's probably
2131s where players should tell us what we're
2133s thinking and as poison potion said is
2135s maybe with some kind of currency you get
2137s from the raid or maybe just directly
2139s through GP we give you some level of
2141s customization but we don't totally let
2142s you you know ruin the magical Chambers
2145s um the variety is great it's the only
2146s kind of braid like that where it could
2148s be multiple different layouts in
2150s different orders we want to keep that a
2151s little bit so whether it's a token you
2153s get from doing the raids or whether it's
2154s GP or a bit of both don't know let us
2156s know what you think we want to maybe let
2159s you choose to exclude some rooms filter
2161s some rooms or maybe we give you working
2163s with you to understand what it should be
2164s some layouts to choose from awesome okay
2167s and maybe for those who are less
2168s informed when it comes to chambers of
2170s Zurich and higher end rating scaling why
2172s did we feel the need to change that so
2174s it's a funny one right like the people
2176s already doing the scaling probably don't
2177s care about the change because they're
2178s used to it already but if we really
2180s think about the content it's weird and
2182s it's not great that you have to use old
2183s accounts or phones accounts or borrowed
2185s accounts or other people's accounts or
2186s any other account that you you know you
2188s don't really want to play on other than
2190s to scout with not a great look so that's
2192s what you want to try and fix that's what
2193s I'm going to try and address hopefully
2195s it will lead to more people doing
2196s Chambers at a higher level awesome all
2199s right sounds really good I think they're
2200s two very welcome changes within the
2202s community especially so something we've
2204s seen people are shouting for for quite a
2205s while now and it deserves some love
2207s because I know it's still a very much
2209s well-loved red and really it's kind of
2211s one we've been not like kicking down the
2213s road but we've talked about it a lot for
2214s quite a long time it's not just players
2216s asking for it we've been addressing it
2217s too so it's about time I think yeah
2219s absolutely
2221s um the last thing mentioned in the video
2222s was a mid-level pvm boss it's something
2225s I'm particularly passionate about trying
2226s to create an accessible piece of content
2228s here
2229s um what's made us decide to do this now
2231s swing so
2234s that kind of the early game experience
2235s has been something we've tried to work
2236s on for a long time now and I think it's
2240s you know the order of announcements here
2241s is interesting because we've gone
2242s straight to mid-level people like who
2244s cares about that but maybe stay tuned
2245s and hear something cooler ready for you
2247s but for other players how do they get
2249s into endgame pvm
2251s um you know contrary to what some
2252s players might think some content
2253s creators might think we really do like
2255s making endgame stuff but we have to
2257s think about accessibility and people get
2259s into the content what a mid-level boss
2261s the way we were looking at it allow us
2262s to do is move more players from being
2265s you know silly little noobs who don't
2266s know how to kill stuff they can go and
2268s do brains they can go and do the D3
2270s bosses they can go and do Tob they can
2271s go and do that kind of content so this
2274s isn't about us just trying to dump a ton
2276s of content on noobs and call it a day
2279s it's about us trying to get as many
2280s noobs to the end game as possible so
2282s then we can really make more end game
2283s content and give players more challenges
2285s and say the more players we have at that
2286s level then the more demand there is for
2288s that content as well we obviously know
2290s there's a demand there but at the end of
2292s the day we have to make sure that we're
2293s serving the entire community at the same
2294s time so really uh really good I'm glad
2297s to see that coming as well it's
2298s something that I've definitely
2299s experienced myself thankfully I've had a
2302s lot of help along the way to just jump
2303s straight into end game content but other
2305s people aren't as fortunate to be able to
2306s do that so the learning curve can be
2309s quite steep so I think we just need to
2312s Simply ask for patience ask a bit of
2313s Trust From The Players our motivations
2315s for this for this mid-level content are
2317s pretty genuine you know we do want to
2319s get make players better so we can
2321s release harder content more often more
2322s regularly there's a golf yeah you know
2325s going Beyond barrels trying to get your
2327s first fire game and stuff that's quite a
2328s big gap all this stuff's gonna let us
2330s teach you like it's starting to switch
2332s your prayers starting to change your
2333s gear and respond to things exactly move
2335s around appropriately get your reaction
2337s time to be better like all this stuff
2339s hopefully we will start to bridge that
2340s Gap and make a big difference there
2343s um with that said if you do want to read
2344s up more details on all of this we've got
2346s another exclamation mark for you and
2348s this one's insane excavation mug hug
2350s everyone's favorite word
2352s um get in there and it will show you all
2355s the info about Chambers path of um path
2357s of glittery that's the name right you're
2359s about to say you're outside Poe I
2361s thought I don't know
2364s and obviously the mid-level the
2366s mid-level pvm update too
2368s um before I do disappear yeah I think
2369s one more thing as well we haven't
2370s mentioned seasonal events there'll be a
2372s Halloween event there'll be Christmas
2373s event we haven't mentioned the normal
2374s quality of life poles like poll 80 is
2376s still kind of ready to come out and then
2377s there might be a poll 81 for the rest of
2379s the year and also soon we'll be ready to
2381s start talking about the blood rooms and
2382s I'll design I'll plan for blood runes in
2384s the next few weeks I wasn't quite ready
2385s for the stream but soon
2387s but it's well in progress I know that's
2389s for sure definitely say it's well in
2391s progress we've had mod Goblin on the
2392s case working through the blog and I'm
2394s just going to take this moment very
2395s quickly we've got so many Fantastic
2396s staff members helping out with the event
2398s today from production to the designers
2400s to this community team so if you want
2403s make sure you throw some love in the
2404s chat show your appreciation for everyone
2406s working behind the scenes it's not by
2407s Magic that the blogs suddenly go live as
2409s we're talking about them there are
2410s people behind the scenes not having as
2412s much fun as we are here on the stream to
2414s make that happen so big shout out to
2415s everyone for making this possible and I
2417s think we can now maybe just quickly go
2420s into deciding who or not deciding it's
2422s already been decided but announcing who
2424s won the knee plush so I'm going to take
2426s this opportunity to just
2428s this is literally at the farewell and
2430s the winner of the knee plush goes to X10
2433s pancakes so congratulations X10 pancakes
2436s remember if you want to have a chance to
2438s win one of these plushies exclamation
2440s mark Discord join the server check out
2442s the giveaway Channel and exclamation
2444s mark makeshift to see the website link
2446s which will allow you to pre-register
2447s your interest ready for when they go on
2449s sale on the 23rd of August and we're now
2452s ready to give away the second plush
2454s which you might Kieran will will gladly
2457s showcase for us
2459s it's the gnome child yay and this guy is
2464s cool he's cute but all you know all of
2466s these have had little velcro attachments
2470s we've got the staff the wise on man but
2473s you can pick pocket gnomes and what do
2474s you pick it no one I don't think
2476s anyone actually does it but
2478s a little toad oh a little child's back
2482s pocket that could be yours how cute
2486s [Laughter]
2490s Discord if you want to be in a chance of
2492s winning and react to the Post in the
2495s hashtag giveaway Channel I believe it's
2497s so cute absolutely all right now let's
2500s have a look we've just announced a fair
2502s bunch of our pieces so what does the
2505s road map look like so far
2509s oh well it's pretty different from how
2512s it was before there's a lot that's been
2514s filled up in there now we've obviously
2515s talked about dead man the chambers of
2516s zeric changes path of glossary forestry
2518s coming out really soon a Halloween event
2521s oh and yet to be announced pretty big
2523s box that is I wonder what it could be I
2526s guess you'd have to carry on watching to
2528s find out then we've got a Christmas
2530s event the mid-level pvm update and then
2532s what's that another little box to unveil
2535s oh I guess you're just gonna have to
2536s carry on watching what a shame
2539s how are you feeling so far does that
2541s does that road map excite you that is
2543s exciting that's a whole host of exciting
2545s things in there in that small section
2547s that's a sort of core bread and butter
2549s now it's time for some cake soon
2553s okay excited um but before before we get
2557s to that
2558s it's time for the little sellout section
2560s it is everybody's favorite section of
2562s the stream it's my favorite section for
2564s sure yeah absolutely so
2567s we are offering a special discount 10
2570s off Premier membership for the next 48
2573s hours that is a very short period of
2575s time this is the best value membership
2578s package that we offer and we've made it
2580s even better to celebrate the summer
2582s Summit and the future of old school all
2584s you need to do is simply go to the store
2586s purchase the 12-month package and the
2589s discount will automatically be applied I
2592s believe you could do exclamation mark
2593s sub or exclamation mark membership in
2595s the chat to get to that but you can see
2597s on screen like it's that's a pretty
2599s decent price it is and I think just
2602s something to to make people aware of is
2603s that there is already currently or has
2606s been an offer on Premier membership for
2608s a while now it was made I believe 44
2610s cheaper on average and this is an
2612s additional 10 on top of that so if
2614s you're looking at it in terms of GBP the
2616s Great British pound it's four pound
2617s fifty a month over the course of 12
2619s months which is cheaper than some
2622s grandfathered rates of players that have
2623s been subbed for years now so definitely
2626s the lowest that it's been and the
2628s absolute best value it's kind of crazy
2630s actually for a live service game I think
2631s yeah I'm sure we'll remind you later
2633s when we've seen some more exciting stuff
2635s as well yeah because it's the best way
2637s to lock in for all this content coming
2638s up it absolutely is now we're going to
2640s be taking a quick break but I would just
2643s like to inform you all that there are
2645s two things to keep in mind number one
2646s we've got some absolutely incredible
2649s content that our creators our community
2651s members have been making that we want to
2653s showcase during this time please go and
2655s show them some love and support their
2656s handles will be in the images and do not
2659s go anywhere because as soon as this ends
2661s as soon as the break's over we're going
2663s straight into the next announcement and
2666s I'm pretty sure that you're all going to
2668s be watching that because
2670s you've been asking for it for quite some
2672s time now this trailer is probably one of
2674s the most my favorite trailers we've made
2676s yeah I love this next trailer and then
2678s that's the next box you're going to see
2680s that last box will blow you away I've
2682s seen people like oh we've been baited
2684s it's Halloween and Christmas on the
2685s roadmap doesn't matter those next two
2687s boxes are going to be awesome next train
2689s is gonna be great yeah I'm glad I've got
2691s time to get back and actually watch it
2692s yeah it is literally all been leading up
2694s to this moment you know we've been we've
2696s given you a little little tease now
2697s these two things you are not going to
2700s want to miss them and there will not be
2701s any warning once that countdown ends as
2703s soon as the break's over as soon as I've
2705s had a chance to de-swet and come back
2706s we're going straight into it so stay
2709s tuned and we'll see you in around about
2710s 10 minutes or so
2711s [Music]
2734s thank you
2736s [Music]
2768s thank you
2774s [Music]
2780s [Applause]
2782s foreign
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2794s [Applause]
2795s [Music]
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2860s [Music]
2880s thank you
2882s [Music]
2921s thank you
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2941s thank you
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2964s thank you
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3035s thank you
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3071s thank you
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3101s thank you
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3165s thank you
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3324s [Music]
3328s foreign
3357s thank you
3374s it's the one you've been waiting for
3375s leagues is back
3377s for those unaware League's old school's
3379s time limited event as a fresh beginning
3381s it boosted XP drop praise a custom task
3384s list and lots of powerful relics to
3386s unlock since shattered relics closed
3388s last year we've been carefully thinking
3390s about what the future of leagues looks
3392s like there's a lot to live about Transit
3393s relics but it's also fair to say that it
3395s didn't quite hit the mark in the same
3397s way the Trailblazer did with that in
3399s mind what better way for leagues to
3400s return than in the form of Trailblazer
3402s once more with leagues 4 Trailblazer
3404s Reloaded The Return of Trailblazer is
3406s something that's been hotly requested
3408s pretty much since the day it ended but
3410s if you're worried about things being too
3411s familiar then fear not because this is
3414s more than just a rerun while Trailblazer
3416s will act as a basis for this new league
3417s we've got a lot of changes lined up to
3419s make things feel nice and fresh if
3421s you're expecting to dig out some videos
3423s from three years ago and follow the
3425s exact same matters as before then think
3427s again we've got new tasks new relics new
3430s areas and of course all of the updates
3432s that have come to the game since
3433s Trailblazer ended take the desert for
3435s example Only Fools picked that area last
3437s time but now we have temporaros Tunes
3439s were masker and desert treasure 2. those
3441s additions alone completely change the
3443s matter and that's just one area
3444s elsewhere we have things like necks
3446s Guardians of the rift combat
3448s achievements and a kingdom divided all
3450s changing up the way you play and of
3451s course for these new additions come new
3453s tasks but as mentioned it's not just the
3455s updates we've released since
3456s Trailblazers they'll be changing how you
3457s play we're also adding brand new areas
3459s in the form of current and Gamers new
3460s areas means new choices and has to be
3463s even more careful with what areas you
3464s pick but the possibilities offered by
3466s the chambers Eric be enough to escape
3468s kandarin this time that's for you to
3470s decide Trailblazer reloaded will be
3472s coming with revamps to both relics and
3473s tasks for relics you can expect some
3476s relics to depart exciting new ones to
3478s take their place we've also got
3479s rebalances to existing relics and even a
3482s Brand New Relic tier meanwhile along
3484s with new tasks for karand kebas and the
3486s various updates released in Trailblazer
3488s will also be taking a good look at the
3490s existing tasks lastly a new league means
3492s new Rewards alongside the standard new
3495s additions to the reward shop you've come
3496s to expect we're also going to be
3498s updating rank thresholds for leagues to
3499s be a static point value as opposed to
3501s being the top percentage of players ever
3503s moving thresholds can be quite
3504s frustrating because you never know for
3506s sure where you actually sit they also
3508s mean that rewards can't be given to you
3510s until the league has completely ended
3511s with these changes we'll be able to
3513s signpost exactly how many points you
3515s need for each rank making it much easier
3516s for you to plan your leaks raging that
3518s was just a quick first look at
3519s Trailblazer reloaded and we can't wait
3521s to share more with you in the run-up to
3523s the launch later this year
3532s so League's four but you weren't
3534s expecting that how exciting let's go
3537s welcome to the live stream how are you
3541s doing today pretty good I'm just
3543s chilling out uh this is really not a
3544s good look though I can't really see much
3546s at all so I'll put the actual nerdy
3548s glasses back on summer Vibes were there
3551s though but before we go into some
3552s questions I use it's got a very quick
3553s message for you all I do have a really
3555s quick message due to popular demand uh
3557s thank you so much to everyone in the
3559s chat you managed to crash the website in
3561s regards to the membership offer the team
3563s are aware they're working on fixing it I
3565s guess that's a good sign if nothing else
3566s I just remember it is available for 48
3569s hours so fingers crossed we'll be able
3571s to manage the traffic very soon but an
3573s absolutely incredible uh turnout and
3576s thank you for being patient with us It
3578s Happens Live production baby Suffering
3581s From Success I know
3583s hopefully anyway
3585s um right some questions so Trail Blazer
3587s reloaded the first thing you might be
3589s thinking is Trailblazers League two why
3592s have we decided to go back to revisiting
3594s an old sort of League
3595s well similar to what the video was
3597s talking about like shattered relics
3599s tried to do something different and
3600s tried to innovate on the the League's
3602s formula basically and at the end of the
3605s day the area lock system works really
3606s well it actually like innovates in terms
3608s of like your gameplay there's some
3610s really interesting decision making
3611s choices there and it really forces you
3613s to play the game in a different way
3614s shattered relics whilst it did have some
3617s sort of um path thing opportunities in
3619s terms of what skills you unlocks and
3620s things like that being locked to just
3622s like one or two areas really force you
3624s to train skills in really unique ways
3626s and that's just honestly just really fun
3628s so I think the idea is to go back
3630s revisit it refine it make it better see
3632s what we can really do with that formula
3635s okay so I guess speaking about changes
3637s and how we can make it better than the
3639s league before what was the biggest
3640s challenge that you think you faced so
3641s far in regards to revisiting the
3643s previous League to to make improvements
3645s on it so I developmentally recently
3647s started but I can already say the
3649s biggest challenge that I've personally
3650s gone through at the moment is the task
3651s list the task list is absolutely massive
3654s now I think we're almost like 1600 tasks
3656s wow and for shattered relics you have
3658s access to all of those so it was a bit
3660s overwhelming so I'm very cautious about
3662s maybe having too many tasks of too few
3664s we also want to mix it up in terms of
3666s like we really don't want you to
3668s actually load up videos from back then
3669s or do the exact same like 20 30 early
3671s game tasks or something like that have
3673s the same experience I really want every
3675s player regardless of what areas you
3676s picked even if you decided to pick the
3678s same areas as last time to feel like
3679s you've got more of a unique experience
3681s and that's really difficult with the
3682s game's biggest old school RuneScape it's
3684s so hard to really nail that
3686s and I imagine ideally those Tesla split
3688s fairly evenly across the areas as well
3690s as it's just an additional thing just
3692s constantly having to be thought of but
3694s I'm sure you're gonna smash it
3696s um
3696s another one of the big changes that was
3698s mentioned is the move to static points
3701s thresholds why have you chosen to do
3703s that rather than sticking to the dynamic
3705s ones which are based on your finishing
3706s position in the high scores so for
3709s anyone that really took the competitive
3711s aspects especially in the previous
3713s leagues you'll all be somewhat familiar
3715s with the burnout that you received at
3717s the end of The League like constantly
3719s chasing an ever-moving value is really
3721s exhausting you're logging in every day
3722s thinking what are my easiest three or
3724s four tasks just to keep my rank and that
3727s honestly just got really not fun very
3729s quickly so with static Point values we
3732s can actually put this in game as well so
3733s as soon as you log in day one you're
3735s gonna see for example 40 000 points to
3738s get dragon tier and you're gonna know
3739s exactly okay I need to get to 40 000
3741s points what areas do I pick to optimize
3743s this what relics you can really plan it
3745s all ahead of time and instead of maybe
3747s just figuring out like oh maybe I need
3749s 20 000 points maybe thirty thousand
3750s forty thousand this makes it so you can
3753s still be competitive and Chaser ranks on
3754s the high scores but you aren't
3756s constantly chasing this value which
3757s might be quite frustrating for a lot of
3758s players I know personally I got really
3760s frustrated trying to hunt for a I think
3763s it was a lucky implink in pero pero for
3765s my last 250 points to solidify the
3768s dragon rank for Trailblazer and I just
3770s never got it and it was it was just
3771s frustrating right I had Dragon for weeks
3772s and weeks and weeks and then lost
3773s because of that yeah
3780s that's unfortunate
3782s um I guess what in in this version of
3784s Trailblazer what makes it better than
3786s the first one in your opinion based on
3787s your experience so far the design
3789s development beginning
3790s so I know when I first joined the
3792s company this is quite a while ago now
3793s around three years I was always really
3795s inspired by mod Husky and mod flippy
3798s because they worked on Twitter League
3799s together and they really refined it got
3801s all their learnings and stuff into place
3803s and really just refined it to the thing
3804s that trailblers ended up becoming right
3806s and it was so much better and players
3808s really understood that they really felt
3809s those improvements and honestly it's
3811s gonna be more of the same we've had
3812s we've roll-offs here run Trailblazer so
3814s we can learn off that and we've also run
3816s shattered relics now we have so many
3817s more alert so much more learnings and
3819s expertise to actually refine the league
3821s and just be hopefully so much better
3823s honestly the thing I'm looking forward
3825s to is just how people are going to
3827s choose different areas
3828s corendon kevlos it's massive there's a
3831s full raid there with Twisted mode so
3833s much iconic gear there's an only red in
3835s the desert like it's it's going to
3836s change it and so it's going to feel
3838s quite a different experience I think for
3839s pretty much everybody on Trail Blazer
3841s reloaded even the Wilderness this time
3843s around as well with the reworked
3844s Wilderness bosses granted the items that
3847s they drop may not be the most of use in
3848s pvm instances but for general just like
3851s gameplay points tasks that they can go
3853s out and get it's completely changed that
3855s area too as well yeah I'm personally
3857s looking forward to all the debates in
3859s the community there's always like team
3861s Relic this team area this and it's like
3865s the tribal like Warfare that comes out
3868s on social media over it actually I have
3870s to ask this question and I'm sorry you
3871s probably you haven't prepared for this
3872s one so feel free to say no to answering
3874s it but we'll we'll run be required or is
3877s it going to be unlimited into
3878s Trailblazer so yeah we're still going to
3880s have the unlimited ride I don't think
3881s we'll ever revert that decision on
3882s myself a major mechanic requires it I
3884s was about to be called a walker again
3886s and I was not ready for that pain I also
3889s say as well last recall is definitely
3891s making a reoccurrence in this league so
3893s that was one of the best things in in
3896s the last League it was so fun completely
3898s changed the game and we're also going to
3899s be looking into supporting it even more
3900s I know one of the gripes that we had for
3903s a Trailblazer was a lot of instances
3905s didn't save when she teleported out so
3908s we made exceptions for God Wars dungeon
3909s and that completely redefined how you
3911s actually form the god Wars when Jimmy
3912s let's go back and forth constantly we're
3914s going to look at trying to really
3915s support that so then from almost all
3917s bossing that we can reasonably support
3918s you're going to be able to use lost
3920s Vehicles go back and forth pvm you might
3922s finally feel good at PDM I can't wait so
3925s we obviously we've mentioned some of the
3926s areas a lot better than last time
3929s whatever regions do you think people are
3930s actually gonna pick
3932s in the video we kind of mooned on it a
3934s bit about um how Only Fools picked the
3936s desert right
3938s um the desert is looking really stacked
3940s now it's actually kind of crazy when you
3942s think about it with those giants Foundry
3944s Guardians of the rift
3946s um obviously desert treasure two toonzo
3949s masker temporos so like early to mid
3952s game and late game has all been kind of
3954s rejuvenated in the entire area so like
3956s it's coming from being one of the
3957s weakest in Trailblazer to what it looks
3960s right now to be one of the strongest
3961s areas let's not forget about ancient
3963s Magics in the first place right like no
3965s matter what style you actually picked
3966s whether it's like a mage range or a
3967s melee you kind of want a range of magics
3970s it's so useful
3972s um so I don't know I feel like desert is
3974s almost a must pick now
3976s definitely going to be desert gang I
3978s think when it comes to league for me
3979s it's just even so that I can just go and
3980s blast through Tombstone mascot we've
3982s completely broken setups I think it's
3983s going to be insanely fun
3985s so last question for me anyway what is
3987s it like to work on a league and do you
3989s have a favorite moment of that so far
3991s I've not worked on it for too long yet
3995s um but I think in terms of like the
3996s early design that we've been doing
3998s coming up with relics is just really fun
4000s they're coming up with new tasks is
4002s really fun it's something that I've been
4004s working here for like three years or so
4005s now but obviously the poll system
4007s requires a lot of back and forth in
4008s terms of like what what do we think will
4010s actually settle in the game like
4012s properly and be what exactly all the
4013s players want but with the relics we
4015s don't have to care about game game
4016s balance we don't have to carry if it
4018s like breaks a bunch of metas or anything
4019s like that so you can kind of let loose a
4021s bit more be really creative in that
4023s regards so um yeah that's actually just
4025s really refreshing and really exciting to
4026s just come up with completely busted
4028s things that will hopefully be really fun
4029s to use
4030s all right that's that's very much the
4032s philosophy right yeah if this Renegade
4034s breaking the game it's not strong enough
4035s yeah
4036s it honestly is the best thing about
4039s leagues for me especially is that you
4041s know main game everyone would absolutely
4043s lose their minds if so it was completely
4045s game breaking obviously there are
4047s occasions when something like I don't
4048s know their soul Reaper acts once it's
4050s people in PvP that isn't intended but in
4052s leagues we can kind of make things like
4054s that intended and everyone finds it
4055s really cool so it's our one chance to
4057s just do whatever the hell we want and
4059s just see what happens it's honestly the
4061s best time ever and I understandably
4062s while the players are so excited for it
4064s as well I saw so many pogs in the chat
4066s there that's great
4067s um anything else you want to add on
4068s leagues before you leave for Surfers
4072s um please join it and see how it goes
4074s I'm honestly just really excited to see
4075s like how my personally first League I'll
4078s be working on goes um oh no I'll be
4080s playing it and I'll be seeing you all in
4081s game
4082s right and I think you've got one of the
4084s best shirts we've seen so far oh yeah I
4086s know I usually you're looking very
4088s succulent today wow say to myself thank
4090s you
4091s right that wraps up the League's four
4094s for now um we've got another giveaway
4096s and a winner to announce that's all we
4098s do who's won this little boy
4100s um
4106s no specification but um
4109s the winner is Taco Taco for zero
4112s congratulations you're gonna take You're
4114s Gonna Take No Child home you can you can
4117s pickpocket and get the get the Little
4119s Toad it's really cute it's really cute
4122s um obviously we have another and if our
4124s candy can be so kind to hand over
4127s hand over Bob
4130s sorry what did anyone just say or
4133s anything no
4135s it wasn't me I don't I don't want to
4138s miss sell features he does not have he
4140s doesn't have a little like vocalizer I
4142s think that was easy I don't know what
4144s you're talking about a lot of me out
4145s would I ever meow live on stream come on
4147s who do you think I am right well
4149s you've got to do it now okay can you do
4151s a little meow yeah
4154s oh
4161s [Laughter]
4163s all right let's quickly move on new most
4166s popular plushie Bob you know where to go
4168s by now exclamation mark Discord there
4171s will be a post to react to in hashtag
4172s giveaway that channel is the way where
4174s to go
4175s um if you don't win obviously you can
4177s buy one so exclamation mark makeshift to
4179s go to the to the website and sign up for
4181s to be the first to be informed about all
4183s these sort of things going on but how
4185s adorable and I do realize now that
4187s looking at this set of four plushies
4189s like two of them are based on Dead
4191s characters no spoilers but you know it's
4194s just the old school unfortunate but you
4197s can see Bob's got a little name tag
4198s right here Bob on his on his collar you
4201s turn over the name tag
4203s says rip oh forever lost but never
4206s forgotten to a guy how would you have a
4208s name tag like that I don't know
4211s well we do things different in old
4214s school but
4216s right with that said go and win Bob but
4219s we have a really exciting reveal we're
4221s about to show you I mean if this doesn't
4223s blow everyone's Minds then I'm sorry but
4224s I I don't know what is I don't know what
4226s you're
4227s I can't even see honestly and it's also
4230s it doesn't end here there is still one
4232s more section for us to go afterwards but
4234s without further Ado probably the biggest
4236s announcement that we could be making to
4238s date is coming to you right now and then
4240s we'll be joined by the wonderful mod Ed
4242s so stay tuned enjoy the video and we'll
4244s see you in a moment
4248s the world of gilinore stretches far and
4251s wide from a darkness of Mauritania to
4254s the Crystal City of preference and in
4257s your Journey Through This World you've
4259s almost visited every corner of it but
4261s next year the sun will rise over a new
4264s land so pack your bags and prepare to
4268s travel Westward because this
4270s is old school's next big area expansion
4274s this
4275s is volleyball
4278s Generations ago zurich's ages Strife
4281s threatened to bring about the ruin of
4283s great Karen in a final bid to save
4285s themselves a small group of refugees
4287s brave for Journey for over treacherous
4289s custodial pass on the other side they
4293s found themselves in an untouched land of
4295s unimaginable Beauty
4297s it was here they made their new home
4299s thanks to their isolation their home
4302s quickly prospered and they chose to
4304s remain isolated long after zurich's
4306s defeat even today traveling tour from
4308s Valor is highly restricted but that is
4312s all about to change after years of
4314s preparation Queen's ioni arkhan is
4317s finally ready to open the borders to her
4319s kingdom your journey to valimore is
4321s about to begin now when we say big air
4323s expansion we mean it valimore is filled
4326s to the brim of exciting new things to do
4328s we have new bosses new Skilling
4331s activities and of course new quests
4333s there's so much to this new area to the
4335s point where it's going to be far more
4336s than just a single game update you can
4338s expect multiple batches of valimore
4340s starting in the South with a capital
4343s city of civitasilla Fortis and the avian
4346s Savannah in the capital you'll find the
4348s imposing Fortis Coliseum where you can
4351s prove your worth in a brand new fight
4353s cave style combat encounter once you're
4355s done there why not head out into the
4358s Savannah and join up with a renowned
4360s Hunter Guild or maybe you'd prefer to
4363s delve below and to a Dwarven town of Cam
4366s to room here you'll find a new dungeon
4369s that's probably best described as
4370s forthos meets barrows the same dungeon
4373s also being a focal point of our first
4375s tale of the sun these are new Standalone
4378s quests found all across falimar speaking
4381s of quests this first batch will also
4383s bring you two new quests in an all-new
4386s storyline one that will see you
4388s uncovering the mysteries of a dangerous
4390s malamorian cult that's just a small idea
4393s of what to expect in our first batch of
4395s valimore and you can look forward to
4397s plenty more but within that first batch
4399s as well as in further batches throughout
4401s the year so I'll leave you now with your
4403s first exclusive look of a map for
4406s valimore
4407s [Music]
4419s wow oh yeah that is all I want to say
4421s right now is wow and welcome to the
4423s stream mod Ed how are you doing I'm
4425s doing pretty well thank you for having
4426s me good well it's an absolute pleasure
4428s to have you here thank you for what I
4429s think was an absolutely incredible
4431s announcement so volamor huh who saw that
4434s one coming
4436s yeah funny enough it was I mean you know
4438s we've teased and mentioned Baltimore for
4440s ages the players have been asking about
4443s valimore ever since gentle tractor
4445s released a map one time on Reddit so why
4448s now
4449s well why not really um but uh I think um
4455s this is something that we have wanted to
4457s do for a very long time I think
4459s as you say ever since
4461s um
4462s what would it have been when when did
4464s General tractor first make that like
4466s first map with vulnerable that must have
4467s been it wasn't that long after the
4468s original like launch of um what was
4470s there back then instead of Corinne yeah
4472s so that would have been what mid mid
4474s 2016 I'm guessing around about like when
4477s we first saw that maponite
4479s it really um makes me feel old
4483s I think it really it really showed us it
4485s put us in our place a little bit let's
4487s be honest let's be fair put us in a
4488s place a little bit it really showed us
4489s what
4490s what an area expansion could be and ever
4493s since then I think it's just it has been
4496s the dream to finally visit Valar Morin
4499s I think now is just really the right
4501s we've grown the team to a point where we
4502s can really do it justice I think that
4504s was a really important thing here that
4507s obviously we don't we don't want it to
4510s go quite how the current launch did we
4513s want to make sure we're delivering this
4515s huge area with all these amazing things
4517s to do in it that it really should
4519s fingers crossed as well this should
4522s really feel like exploring the game all
4525s over again like we talk a lot about
4528s what what is old school like Nostalgia
4530s is obviously a huge part of it and it
4531s feels very weird to be talking about
4533s Nostalgia with a brand new area
4534s expansion like something that's
4536s completely not old school in the
4537s slightest but is the thing that really
4541s it's the only thing that truly has a
4543s potential to actually recreate that
4545s feeling of playing the game for the
4547s first time because you're experiencing
4548s something brand new and yet it is still
4551s old school and that that's the beauty of
4553s it it's like this Perfect Blend of older
4555s new well I'm extremely excited and I
4558s think we'll there's throughout the
4560s questions we'll delve into a little bit
4562s more about Baltimore means but if you
4564s haven't already check out the pin post
4565s that has been put in by model light to
4567s check out all the info for valimore
4569s because we talk about valimore as an
4571s area expansion but there is a ton of
4572s content that's coming out multiple
4574s different pieces of content within one
4576s update it's absolutely massive and uh
4579s Kieran yeah you're just talking about
4582s that right it sounds pretty Mick
4584s um so Ed how big are we actually talking
4587s here like what kind of scale is this
4589s going to be
4590s um should its players expected to all
4592s come out once so
4594s it's big like we we saw the map for just
4598s a few moments ago I think maybe we'll
4599s take a take another look at it yeah
4600s there you go like it's pretty large it's
4604s big but obviously bigger it's not always
4608s better
4609s um okay yep so you went there
4613s it's fair to say that obviously with the
4616s original Korean launch like we're gonna
4618s make a fair few comparisons to creators
4619s you may have guessed like with virtual
4620s Korean launch it was very much like it
4622s was a huge landmass and not a lot of
4624s things to do with it
4626s so while volmore is big but we know it's
4629s so important that it feels like
4632s everywhere you're going with so much to
4633s do so much to explore that it that
4636s there's content there that justifies the
4637s size and as mentioned in the uh in the
4640s video earlier that it is so big that
4642s it's not actually all coming in one go
4644s and like that's not that's not a
4645s negative by any means like do not take
4647s that as a negative it's only because of
4648s just how much is there but we're going
4650s to be launching it in multiple stages
4652s across the year with the uh first stage
4655s um Coming uh very very early in the year
4657s of all go as well and uh you can see now
4660s the updated map this is the this is the
4661s area that you'll be visiting in that
4664s first release uh early next year and
4666s even you can see that even just the
4669s first bit of it there is so much we've
4671s got the huge capital city of civitas
4673s lafort it's gonna be so exciting to
4675s explore that City but then all the area
4677s around it as well got the avium Savannah
4678s over Hunter Guild we've got Rouses rise
4680s the this is obviously just the surface
4682s as well like with big big criticism of
4684s crendon launch like it was just service
4686s or there's no dungeons like you're
4688s playing a fantasy game like old school
4689s you expect Dungeons and obviously you
4691s can see there's quite a few dungeon
4692s icons on there most notably being the
4694s cantarum uh dungeon this new Dwarven
4697s Town that's the sort of also the
4699s location of one of the key pieces of uh
4701s content that's going to be in Baltimore
4702s as well like there is so much to do and
4705s that is just in the first release and
4706s we've got
4708s so much exciting things planned for the
4710s uh for like the rest of the year as well
4712s we'll be opening up uh like more of
4714s valimore as the year goes on Amazing
4716s well I'm sure that we can touch on that
4718s as the year develops but let's try and
4720s unpick some of the parts that are going
4721s to be potentially coming with valimore
4723s part one early next year should all go
4725s well in the upcoming polls corend kevos
4729s and valer Moore they've all been
4730s opportunities for old school to tell its
4732s own stories so why should players be
4734s excited about upcoming quests
4736s so
4738s I think I think it really is just about
4740s it's the opportunity to tell new stories
4743s like you know don't get me wrong like
4745s old school has so many like fantastic
4747s Legacy storylines and you know we've
4750s we've seen continuation in some of those
4751s fairly recently with desert treasure two
4753s we've got another one coming very soon
4755s as announced earlier with a half of
4756s glovery but the really exciting thing
4759s about valimore is it gives us the
4760s opportunity to tell a story that people
4761s have like never seen before and again
4764s I'm going to go back and make the
4765s comparison again when we look back at
4767s the original Korean launch one of the
4769s things that was really missing there was
4771s that there weren't any quests and when
4773s you think back to
4776s I think back to when old school was just
4777s RuneScape like
4779s when you're exploring new areas it was
4781s all about the quest that you go you go
4782s to our door when our Dawn was released
4784s you know it came with quests there's all
4785s these quests to do and like you've got
4787s these um like you've got these like
4789s notable ones that are part of the
4790s storyline like uh the plague storyline
4792s but also you just got the the weird like
4795s little weird and wonderful quests like
4796s uh you're like Monk's friend and that
4798s sort of thing and
4800s was it took a really long time to like
4802s bring Corinne up to that same standard
4803s arguably it's still not really there
4805s like still moving in the right direction
4806s but um let's see we've now got the cren
4808s storyline we've been doing the Twisted
4810s tales for Standalone Quest like
4812s it's not going to take that long with
4813s valimore day one we have as announced
4817s earlier free quests on day one two of
4820s those part of a brand new storyline and
4823s then one of them a standalone quest uh
4825s very very unoriginally riffing off
4827s Twisted Tails we're calling these
4828s Standalone Quest tales of the Sun and
4830s there'll be a lot more of those
4831s releasing uh in uh later uh releases for
4834s valimore as well like it is so important
4837s that we have these quests like tell
4839s these stories because
4840s that is what makes it feel old school
4842s and on the topic of quests I'm going to
4845s uh I predict that there's something
4847s quite a few people will be interested in
4848s going hang on a second valimore brand
4851s new storyline what's going on here we've
4853s already got tons of story lines one of
4855s them has some connections to farm with
4857s the current storyline and obviously you
4860s know we're not saying anything about
4861s that just yet but um
4864s I think
4865s you might be excited to see what happens
4867s a little bit later every year let's just
4869s say that okay all right another little
4870s piece from the head okay I see I see how
4873s you do it um is this the first time
4874s we're releasing three quests in One
4876s update we haven't really Steven two in
4878s one update so we've released two before
4880s I think
4882s um when we did the kebos launch
4884s um but yeah I think this is the first
4886s time we're doing three in one go there
4888s you go nice that's like that is exciting
4890s right there's a whole ton of stuff in
4892s Baltimore as you've been touching on
4895s um what are you personally most excited
4897s for
4897s well obviously I am very biased like me
4900s it's all about the quests like I am
4902s really excited for the quest I'm really
4904s excited for like the opportunity to tell
4906s these new stories really excited for
4907s what later a release of arm will bring
4909s as well including that little tease I
4911s just mentioned earlier of uh the
4913s storyline I think everyone knows is very
4914s uh near and dear to my heart but
4916s obviously it's not all about quests like
4919s there is so many other awesome things
4921s going on in valmore we've got the the
4923s hunter Guild of course that's something
4924s we've wanted to do for a really long
4926s time so I know people are nursing all
4927s for a really long time like a really
4929s meaningful addition to Hunter and like
4932s when you look back at um
4934s but when kevos launched with a farming
4936s Guild the Farmingdale really showed what
4938s what a guild can actually be and it's
4940s really exciting to be able to do another
4941s another guild especially for a skill
4943s like Hunter that is definitely well in
4945s need of it but um there's just so much
4948s as I keep going obviously we're just
4951s talking about Quest at school what about
4952s all the pvm stuff we've got the Fortis
4954s Coliseum that is super exciting like I
4957s think before this Colosseum is one I
4958s think a lot of people are going to get
4959s really excited about like this this is
4961s something that people have been asking
4963s for for quite a while I mean on that
4965s topic like players loved the idea of
4967s Tessa Carl trials that was pitched
4968s during a previous game Jam like what
4970s kind of inspiration has been taken from
4972s that for the Colosseum well I'm seeing
4974s in chat rip blue Inferno but yes but
4978s actually no is sort of my answer to that
4980s because
4982s it's not Tesla car trials
4984s but it's tactical trials like we knew
4988s that
4990s we all love tactical trials like players
4992s really want it we're really excited for
4994s tactical trials
4995s and when we were doing Viola more like
4997s looking at like the story informatics of
4999s armor we've got this this Kingdom of
5000s people that they absolutely love combat
5002s when we're looking at the bazaar who
5004s absolutely love combat oh we've got this
5006s idea for a mini game all about combat
5008s and you can start to see how all sorts
5009s started to combine together so we looked
5010s at tascal trials like we took all the
5012s like the best ideas from that and we've
5014s brought them into the Colosseum so like
5016s a lot of the things that people are
5017s really excited for for tascal trials the
5019s Colosseum is where you'll be finding
5021s them and you know that's not to say
5022s we'll never do blue Inferno I know quite
5024s a few people also like liked me uh it's
5025s like volcanic uh like if you feel it
5028s feels very um
5031s I guess I guess it is sort of nostalgic
5033s it's not like it feels like fight caves
5035s again but like so you know maybe maybe
5037s at some point we'll go back and uh do
5039s some sort of like different take on
5040s tactical trials but at the same time I'm
5042s really quite excited to see that style
5043s of mini game just a completely different
5045s environment like get it out on a volcano
5046s and like into a Coliseum like that's
5048s just it's just gonna feel really epic
5050s and like it lends some like uh like
5053s different thematics that we've not
5054s really played with too much before yeah
5056s I think from the the way that it's been
5058s described again obviously if you haven't
5059s seen already check out the blog it does
5061s have all the details at least all the
5062s details that we're willing to share with
5063s you at this stage anyway uh it does
5066s include just you know exactly how it
5068s would work but it's essentially a
5069s wave-based Mini-Game that allows you to
5071s progress through and decide to leave at
5073s whichever point you want to but the
5075s longer that you continue to stay on
5076s within this battle the more you'll be
5078s rewarded and we're hoping to bring some
5079s pretty exciting actual useful combat
5082s related rewards from that similar to
5084s what you'd expect from the likes of
5085s other high-end pvm content but it's it's
5088s meant to be content that's accessible
5090s for everyone but has that level of
5092s Higher Play available which kind of
5094s nicely leads me on to the question was
5096s as if it was planned in the
5099s I think we have to address the fact that
5101s I know so many players especially within
5103s the high level Community have been
5104s looking for more aspirational content
5106s and obviously we've talked about
5109s mid-level pvm boss we've brought out
5110s accessibility with teams of Alaska
5112s desert Treasure 2 was pretty hard but
5114s then with the awakened on top of that to
5116s kind of satisfy do you think the Fortis
5117s Colosseum could potentially fill that
5119s void at the higher level Community are
5121s looking for at the moment with
5122s aspirational pvm content like that's
5125s what we're really hoping for like you
5126s know to set expectations very clear like
5129s this isn't another Inferno we're not
5131s doing another Inferno like one thing
5132s we're uh we're really wanting to do
5134s before this Coliseum is create something
5135s that's a bit has a bit more
5136s replayability than uh fight Kevin
5139s Inferno so it's not going to be like the
5141s same as those but that said I think it
5144s you know it's fair to say that there is
5145s a an itch that maybe hasn't been
5148s scratched for a little while for some of
5149s our end game players and like we know
5151s that it is well and truly time for some
5154s new aspirational content and we're
5155s hoping that the forest Coliseum can help
5157s scratch that itch and again let's keep a
5160s focus on what's happening in issue of
5162s Alamo but you can also you know give a
5164s little tease like it's an area we want
5167s to keep exploring as we as we delve
5168s further into Varma with future releases
5170s that that is a group of players that uh
5172s that we want to give them something
5174s juicy with valimore
5176s amazing yeah I think the the shape of
5178s it's going to feel quite different
5179s because it's intended to be replayed
5181s rather than kind of beat it once get
5183s your cape move on to something else so I
5185s imagine it's going to change the
5186s Dynamics of quite how it's designed but
5188s I think certainly we've been talking
5189s about like Inferno level absolutely
5192s absolutely at that top end right towards
5194s the final wave so yeah it's like yeah it
5196s is it is another wave-based mini game
5198s and um the the wave that we'd like to do
5201s it is that uh you can sort of like um it
5204s kind of similar to factor Inferno but
5206s not really like well technically you can
5207s drop out a fight game Inferno and you do
5209s get a small rewards Nobody Does that
5210s because yeah
5212s we do want to make it sort of feel a bit
5214s more way like you can drop out early and
5215s get still get a somewhat reasonable
5217s reward and but doing that also then
5219s allows us to really push it at the
5221s highest waves and like the final boss at
5223s the end is sort of like the last wave
5224s we're hoping is going to be something
5226s that uh we'll offer a nice challenge for
5228s people hopefully it can satisfy Another
5231s Monkey because everyone keeps
5232s referencing in the chat
5234s so we believe
5236s um does this really blow Inferno as a
5237s concept is is dead is this replacing
5239s that so so like kind of like as I
5241s mentioned earlier like it kind of has
5244s for now replaced it but
5246s the the thing is that like when you look
5250s back at sort of like the updates
5251s released over the years it's so many
5254s things it's like shifted and morphed
5255s like I remember there was um when we
5257s were doing theater of blood there was a
5259s there was a boss in the first Blood
5260s called the hesperi and everyone will be
5261s going but the S4 is not in first world
5263s but exactly like it was we ultimately
5265s cut it from fear of blood and then the
5267s idea was reshaped and reformed and came
5269s later on with kevos instead so uh yeah
5272s Never Say Never to Blue Inferno like the
5274s tussa Carl are like very very cool
5276s characters uh unless they're characters
5278s but we do want to do more of in the
5279s future no spoilers um and who knows
5282s maybe maybe in the future there'll be
5283s opportunity to do something different
5284s with uh blue Inferno but uh at least in
5287s the meantime uh hopefully before this
5288s Coliseum we'll uh we'll scratch that
5290s itch as uh as said those people who are
5292s really looking forward to that amazing
5294s thank you I think many people will be
5295s happy to hear that and I know that
5297s there's a huge amount of passion within
5298s the team to explore something like a
5300s blue Inferno so those uh words aren't
5302s just falling on deaf ears believe me I'm
5304s sure that there will be plans in the
5305s future but for now Forest Coliseum at
5308s least looks like the the next big thing
5309s in regards to pvm talking about maybe
5313s the the lower level or mid-level uh more
5316s accessible pvm aspect or side of the
5318s volume or expansion what type of player
5321s do you think will be excited by the
5324s perilous moons and why should we care
5327s about it
5328s so I think it's actually something that
5330s potentially a lot of people can get
5331s excited about because it's uh it's um
5334s Superior moons that is the uh the the
5337s what I mentioned earlier the quest that
5339s we're calling the the tales of the Sun
5341s the Standalone Quest it's one of those
5342s and it's for it's the first one we're
5344s doing and um it's also bringing with it
5346s a brand new dungeon that we keep
5348s referring to was uh so like barrows
5350s meats or forefas and because of that
5352s it's something to a certain extent it
5354s kind of represents what we're trying to
5356s do with Varma as a whole of like a brand
5359s new area of exciting new stories and
5361s exciting new areas to explore it sort of
5362s wraps all that up in a nice little uh
5364s nice neat package basically like people
5366s love Focus dungeon because it was it was
5368s it really like
5370s you know dialed up to 11 so that feeling
5372s of exploration and Discovery and this
5375s should hopefully very much do the same
5376s but hopefully maybe even a little bit
5377s more so by having by having a full-on
5379s quest to go along with it but then also
5381s uh four Foss meets Barris I've got the
5383s Barris side as well where we're going to
5385s have some Demi bosses in there and um
5388s those Demi bosses should hopefully offer
5389s something a little bit different to what
5391s we've got elsewhere environments or if
5392s we've got the policy which I just
5393s mentioned very aspirational and those
5395s Demi lovastages hopefully then offer
5396s like with a change of pace and maybe an
5398s opportunity for people who were sort of
5400s like getting into pvm a little bit more
5402s so like learn a few new skills that sort
5404s of thing whilst exploring this cool new
5405s dungeon
5406s amazing thank you so much honestly I'm
5409s so excited and I can't wait to just
5410s finish this stream and just see what
5412s everyone's had to say about it in the
5413s mega thread that we've got posted and
5415s seeing all the feedback and hopefully it
5417s will be extremely positive because I
5419s think this is literally one of the
5421s biggest if not the biggest things to
5422s come to the game aside from one other
5424s thing that we need to talk about that's
5425s just after this but we'll save that for
5428s just now the thing is with it right you
5430s know everyone's kind of known at some
5432s stage I'm probably going to do
5433s vulnerable but I can't believe how many
5435s people on Reddit we're saying it's not
5436s going to be Baltimore there's no way to
5438s get them all right now ready come on but
5442s I think do you think people would have
5444s literally like guessed what we were
5445s going to be offering with Alamo though
5446s because I haven't really seen much
5448s commentary around what valimore would
5450s entail and especially the things that we
5452s have offered I think hit every aspect of
5454s the game as good as they can so super
5457s excited super excited for that I think
5460s it's probably time that we announced the
5462s winner of the next giveaway here and if
5464s you want to do the honors it is this
5465s little guy right here Bob the winner is
5468s a nice easy name this time the winner is
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5478s think that's the last of the four right
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5507s so on um very exciting and it's it's
5510s amazing to be finally doing some
5511s official plushies to be honest with you
5512s I know we've all really wanted to do it
5514s for a long time so very exciting
5517s um with that said you just alluded to it
5519s yeah let's talk the new skill I think oh
5522s oh oh okay I was gonna say we should say
5524s bye to Ed but we should he's done with
5527s me he's not super exciting now this is
5528s done French sailing to my new best
5532s friend I see all right well let's do it
5535s roll the VT
5538s hey everyone hey everyone hey everyone
5541s today we're going to learn all there is
5543s to know about sailing our proposal for
5546s old School's First new skill
5553s sailing is an open world utility skill
5555s where you'll experience exciting new
5558s content that can only be found at Sea
5560s it's non-instanced traditional MMO
5563s exploration at its finest with an
5565s old-school RuneScape twist sailing
5567s expands the vast world of gilinore with
5570s brand new islands creatures treasures
5572s and Mysteries to uncover acquire a
5575s seaworthy vessel and build upgrades and
5578s Facilities that will let you access ever
5581s more dangerous areas of the ocean you
5584s might have encountered ships in all
5585s school RuneScape before but this is the
5587s first time you'll be able to Captain a
5589s ship of your very own and sail into
5591s Waters Uncharted by even the most daring
5593s NPCs there's a variety of training
5596s methods available whether you're into
5598s quests pvm Skilling or even PVP sailing
5603s is sure to have something for you and
5605s the choice is yours set sail alone or
5607s travel with friends with a vast
5609s selection of exciting Dynamic and
5611s immersive player experiences is out at
5614s Sea no two trips will be the same now's
5617s your chance to expand your horizons and
5619s experience the world of gilinore in a
5621s whole new way so let's dive into Old
5623s School runescape's potential newest
5625s skill
5630s I'm mod light I'm mod husky I'm modalena
5633s and we're the developers working on the
5636s new skill earlier this year we asked the
5638s community whether they wanted a new
5640s skill and the answer was a resounding
5642s yes we initially pitched three different
5645s concepts and after a thrilling race to
5648s the Finish sailing came out on top we've
5651s since entered the refinement phase where
5653s we ironed out four key topics that form
5655s the basis of this skill today we'll
5657s cover everything we talked about so far
5659s so that you can catch up before you cast
5662s your vote
5665s foreign
5667s we want sailing to feel quintessentially
5670s old school which is why it's critical
5672s for players to be in total control of
5674s their character while sailing this
5677s exciting Tech demo showcases how players
5679s can click to move their ship on the Open
5681s Seas or move their character around on
5683s the ship by clicking on the deck but
5685s that's not all you can also board other
5687s ships and even see land lovers hanging
5690s out on Shore anyone care to share their
5691s fishing levels we wanted to highlight
5693s that sailing can go beyond the mechanics
5696s from quests like bon voyage and show
5698s that this is definitely not the sailing
5701s skill that we pitched back in 2015 no
5704s clunky interfaces required we also
5706s learned that ships are split into three
5708s different size categories small vessels
5710s for shallow Bays large vessels for the
5712s Open Sea and colossal vessels for the
5715s deep ocean you'll unlock bigger ships as
5717s you train the skill and you're not
5719s limited to just one of each vessel type
5721s so you can customize your ships for
5723s whatever kind of content you plan to
5725s tackle
5729s the core of any skill is a simple
5732s repeatable action that generates XP like
5736s lighting fires in fire making or
5739s planting vegetables while farming for
5741s sailing interacting with any of the
5744s facilities on your ship will provide
5746s sailing XP facilities include sales to
5750s make your ship go faster cannons to take
5753s down enemies at Sea salvaging hooks to
5756s recover resources from shipwrecks and
5759s much more but a skill is more than just
5762s a repetitive gameplay Loop here's what
5765s else you can get up to on the Open Sea
5767s chop the sea documenting all the
5770s Mysteries found within undertake Courier
5773s protection or investigative Port tasks
5776s to earn gold at Sea test your metal in
5779s high-speed trials with the barracudas a
5782s group of thrill-seeking sailors who run
5784s trials for all skill levels and that is
5788s just the start you can also partake in
5791s activities that utilize your other
5793s skills use Hunter to track down elusive
5796s sea monsters use farming to cultivate
5799s rare and beautiful corals use fishing to
5803s catch exotic fish with the new troller
5805s in that facility use Mining and a
5808s special mineral dredge to recover
5810s Precious Minerals from the seabed in the
5813s future you can also look forward to
5816s Ocean Rays player-owned aquariums
5819s treasure hunts and much much more
5827s we love rewards here at jagex your Woods
5832s are good and luckily for you the sailing
5835s reward space is truly Limitless there is
5839s no end to the new resources treasures
5842s and legendary items that could be found
5845s at Sea sailing will introduce a number
5848s of new resources like Vlogs gems fish
5853s ore and fibers including Rosewood Cobalt
5857s garnets blue tangs and hemp don't worry
5861s we'll upgrade Bank storage space for
5863s everyone so you'll have plenty of room
5865s for your new goodies some of these
5867s resources will be used within sailing to
5870s upgrade your ship but some have wider
5873s applications what effects might new food
5876s provide what kind of enchantments might
5879s jewelry made from the new gems have and
5882s what can you Smith from the new oars all
5885s of this will be discussed and polled
5887s with the community if sailing passes the
5890s lock-in Pole sailing's reward space Also
5893s features a massive web of facility
5896s upgrades where you can gain access to
5899s even more sailing content upgrade your
5902s whole to Traverse dangerous reefs build
5905s an enchanted Lantern to pass through
5908s thick fog or repel dangerous enemies
5912s upgrade your sails to sail through
5914s dangerous storms there are endless ways
5918s for you to deal with the various threats
5920s that you'll encounter at Sea when you
5922s make it through the other side there is
5924s sure to be plenty of rewards waiting for
5927s you
5932s we've already touched on the ways that
5934s sailing integrates with existing skills
5937s but let's dive a little deeper
5939s construction will be used to build
5941s facilities on board ship meaning that
5944s you'll get to show off your building
5946s skills outside the player own house
5948s crafting and smithing will let you
5951s process various resources into
5953s components with which to build these
5955s facilities imagine weaving Nets or
5958s smithing Cannon barrels a high magic
5960s level will also serve you well on high
5962s seas powerful Sorcerers will be able to
5965s teleport to their ship or teleport the
5967s ship itself we also plan to let players
5971s keep their ship in the bottle for
5972s convenient transport these existing
5975s skills aren't requirements to train
5977s sailing but they will enhance the
5980s sailing experience another way sailing
5982s integrates with the rest of the game is
5984s by allowing players to recruit NPCs to
5987s their crew how do you fancy persuading
5990s duradel to take up combat again or going
5992s on a voyage with Elena the most evil of
5995s players might even convince evil Dave to
5998s leave his mother's basement of course
6000s there are plenty of new NPCs to meet too
6003s for example meet flupa of the turtle
6006s tribe she's interned her flipper and
6008s needs your help to return home to the
6010s great conch a mysterious island that
6013s only appears to those who know the way
6015s there you'll meet fluke's friends and
6017s family learn a new Training Method and
6020s get the opportunity to fight the turtle
6021s tribe's greatest enemy The Griffins
6024s [Laughter]
6029s conch is just one of many exciting new
6032s places that you'll get to visit while
6034s sailing the world is your oyster
6040s we've involved the old school RuneScape
6042s community at every step of the process
6045s which means we've had the honor of
6047s working with some insanely talented
6049s content creators gentle tractor has
6051s created some fantastic infographics the
6054s team has done such a good job at
6056s refining the skill pitch that it's
6058s really got me looking forward to
6059s potential sailing scrape monge has
6061s created 10 minute explain no videos on
6063s YouTube I've enjoyed watching this
6065s passion project spring to life and
6067s offering every player something to enjoy
6068s the potential for sailing is incredible
6071s and we're absolutely
6074s leaked by volkaban and huti working with
6077s all of you has been a pleasure and we're
6080s so grateful for your help bringing
6082s sailing to life especially the wonderful
6084s people that we have been chatting with
6086s in our new skilled Discord server now
6089s it's your turn to help us launch our
6092s first ever new skill but first sailing
6095s needs to pass the lock and pole and
6097s whether it passes is all up to you if
6101s all goes well you'll be able to play a
6103s beta soon so it's in your hands are you
6107s ready for old School's First new skill
6109s the lock-in poll is live right now so if
6112s you want to see sailing in game as much
6114s as we do vote Yes vote Yes vote Yes
6118s today
6121s [Music]
6131s oh my God it's finally happened the pole
6135s is now live but not just any pole it's
6137s the Giga pole the poll of all poles it
6140s includes everything that we've talked
6141s about today from Baltimore to Chambers
6143s Chambers Chambers changes Chambers
6145s changes path of Godfrey and of course
6148s sailing oh my God you have the chance to
6151s vote in old school's potential first new
6153s skill and we are joined by two of the
6155s developers who have been graciously
6157s working hard away with the community at
6160s every step of the way to bring this into
6162s life make it a reality guys before we
6164s get into it I just need to reiterate
6165s once more the poll is live head in game
6168s right now vote of the poll Booth open up
6170s your account settings menu vote from
6172s there as well if you can't be bothered
6173s to go to a poll Booth or just click the
6174s notification that you get when you log
6176s in but please do make sure that you vote
6178s make sure that your voice is heard
6179s because ultimately you are the ones that
6181s are going to be deciding whether or not
6182s all of this content comes into the game
6184s so please go and vote go and vote go and
6188s vote the biggest
6193s massive game changing pieces of content
6195s I'm so hyped and I'm so nervous as well
6197s but fingers crossed it goes well right
6199s now that that's over welcome modulator
6202s mod husky to the couch and to the stream
6204s thank you so much how are you both doing
6206s I I'm doing great I'm so hyped for
6209s everything that's been on today like
6211s seeing everything from from like the
6213s bathroom
6214s it's been insane um to end on this uh
6218s getting to put the poll live right now
6220s is super exciting
6222s I feel like it's like Christmas Vibes
6224s for me right I've been thinking like you
6226s know two months it's like okay that's
6227s when we're supposed to have the yes vote
6229s for the poll right and then okay now one
6231s month and then it's been okay A few
6232s weeks two weeks one week woke up today
6234s and I'm like oh God like today is the
6236s day like you know we've obviously put so
6239s much work into this project for so long
6240s poured a ton of passion in worked with
6242s the community and it is just like now's
6244s the moment of truth right now we now we
6246s get to see what the community truly
6247s think um you obviously read tons of
6249s comments you read all sorts and it's
6251s it's sometimes so hard to to get that
6253s gauge and just now we'll know yeah now
6256s we'll know that the proof is going to be
6258s in the pudding as they say that's the
6260s thing right yeah I'm sure I'll always
6261s check it out there
6264s it's just you know a little bit nervous
6266s slightly nervous I'm not gonna lie
6269s all right so refinement it's been an
6271s amazing journey it's been a long journey
6274s as well and I know you've all worked
6275s really hard how are you both feeling now
6277s that we've got to this stage
6279s you want me to kick off I'll start
6282s um I'm I'm relieved honestly because
6284s like huskyo was saying it's been a long
6286s journey
6288s um it's been a good journey we've really
6290s enjoyed the work and and like that the
6294s strange nature of this project like
6295s we've never really involved the
6297s community to this extent before
6300s um so it's been really exciting to do
6302s that but I'm also really relieved that
6305s you know
6306s we're finally getting to maybe do some
6309s coding bits again like I'm really
6310s looking forward to that if you've been
6312s in design design hell for a while yeah
6314s yeah exactly I think it's like it's
6317s definitely I think most projects you go
6319s through that like short design phase
6320s you've got a kind of finished you know
6322s design that you're kind of put out there
6324s open to feedback for the players you put
6326s out in a Big Blog you get a ton of
6327s feedback you guys can see them do a
6328s great job collecting it all and then we
6330s decide you know what changes do we want
6331s to make but this has been like okay
6333s let's do a little bit of the design and
6334s then put it to the players and then do a
6336s little bit more of the design and then
6337s put it to the players and it's just such
6339s a different uh feeling you know compared
6341s to what we've normally been working on
6342s so exciting
6344s um excited for the future of what that
6346s could mean for for the team as well you
6347s know maybe people look at different ways
6349s of Designing content or especially if
6350s they want to get more community
6351s community integration into it and stuff
6353s so for sure I I think one thing that
6356s we've especially learned over in the
6357s community team is that sailing going
6359s forward definitely is going to be acting
6361s as our Flagship example of how to
6363s involve the community in larger projects
6365s um
6365s not in every single project because
6367s they're not the same scale but something
6369s that has that level of impact I feel
6370s like it's gone down really well we've
6372s not really seen any negative feedback
6374s from at least how we've approached it
6375s obviously people have their ideas and
6377s differences in terms of decisions or
6380s choices but none of that's really locked
6382s into the absolute you know T right now
6385s because that's what's going to happen
6386s after the poll passes if it does we get
6390s to work with you even further Beyond now
6392s no it doesn't
6394s uh but yeah it's hard to I mean we've
6397s got Elena we got you husky here as well
6399s but there's so many other people in the
6400s team at the jackix as well who've been
6402s hugely involved especially modern light
6404s obviously who's on the video as well and
6406s big hand in putting the blogs together
6408s all the way through the refinement
6409s process and a lot of organization with
6411s the members of the community as well who
6414s we've been lucky to be able to get to
6415s work with as well
6416s it's an insane how talented how creative
6419s the community is you you both gave
6421s thanks in the video as well
6423s um editorial like I don't want to start
6425s lifting because it'll be we'll be here
6426s forever but it really is a colossal
6428s effort the amount of people involved the
6430s um Talent of everybody on show through
6432s the process so big shout out to concept
6435s though I think they quite often get
6436s forgotten about and you know we talk
6437s about the amazing art team but all of
6439s our blogs and the infographics that were
6441s put together by General tractor are
6442s littered with like these just sort of
6444s outline sketches bringing these ideas to
6447s life because I think that's really
6448s helped a lot in the process to just
6449s visualize what we're talking about it's
6451s one thing to read a massive Essay with
6453s words and to see pictures sort of
6455s describing what we're talking about yeah
6456s and I think that they've also been a
6458s great Creative Source for us to bounce
6460s ideas off of throughout the process so
6461s we are blessed with the talent of our
6464s team like we truly are
6466s um well as we're saying we've been
6467s working with the community so closely
6469s through this whole refinement process
6470s through the entire journey to where we
6472s are now we're finally here the pausing
6474s game right now don't forget to vote how
6477s do you actually feel like what's it like
6480s to actually have had the players so
6483s involved for the process
6485s I think it's been it's been really
6487s enjoyable but it's also been so critical
6489s I believe to this process to just sort
6492s of paint the picture for everyone on
6493s stream who might not follow it across we
6495s obviously had the vote to see okay 80
6497s plus players want this new skill that's
6499s the first step but we obviously look
6501s back at all of our old skill proposals
6503s and sort of said okay well we had like
6505s the surf sparse design documents in the
6507s past for like original sailing and
6509s artisan and and then you look at warding
6511s and you're like okay well this was a
6512s massive design document that was really
6515s hard to get across and then we think
6516s well maybe I was just you know sitting
6520s in the office for for days and weeks and
6522s months coming up with these designs
6523s isn't actually the best way to get a new
6526s skill that the community are going to
6528s fall in love with that the community are
6530s going to want to see in the game getting
6531s a new skill into the game is such a
6533s controversial topic that it truly does
6535s make sense to have the community
6537s involved and to help us create that
6539s vision and that process started off way
6541s back from that initial you know video at
6543s the last Summit where we go cool here
6545s are three ideas for skills the sort of
6548s ones that we've selected internally but
6550s we didn't know what sailing would turn
6552s out into now you know we were just like
6555s sort of saying hey do you want a pizza
6557s steak or chicken right to the level of
6560s like ideas that we could go down and
6562s then we find out what players wanted and
6563s and that whole Community consultation
6565s process we were like cool we know that
6567s the players want sailing now let's just
6570s break it down what are the actual
6572s important things that we need to refine
6573s with the community and it started off
6575s with navigation and core gameplay
6577s finally rewards and then lore
6579s integration these were the sort of
6580s pillars that we identified as core to
6582s flesh out but just doing it all in one
6584s blog wouldn't have worked either you
6585s know how are we going to get feedback on
6587s individual specific bits so you know we
6589s sat down with Community you guys and
6590s strategy and said let's just go through
6592s these sort of two-week bursts and you
6594s know we do these Sprints internally for
6595s our own deaf work and what if we did
6597s like a Sprint review with the community
6599s you know what if we actually got them to
6600s review our designs piecemeal as we're
6602s doing it all that formed the Discord
6604s stages where we we were literally doing
6605s like these uh presentation slideshows
6608s wasn't there yeah and getting this live
6610s reaction and actively like quickly
6613s making design changes based on what
6614s players liked what they didn't like and
6616s then we repeated that four times for
6617s each of the topics and I truly think
6619s that that helped the quality of the
6622s design so much along like from start to
6625s finish I mean I think the biggest
6627s question for me with sailing was always
6630s um how are you gonna get XP and I didn't
6631s know that at the start when we pitched
6633s it last Summit but Community very
6635s strongly said we want to be Sailors and
6638s we don't just want to be fishermen at
6640s Sea yeah so that whole idea of making
6642s sure that you're getting XP from sailing
6644s and then not just in a loop if I'd go
6646s out from a port and come back and get a
6648s chunk of XP but just and that sort of
6650s formed the basis of core gameplay for
6652s sailing really is interacting with
6653s facilities on a ship it's the embodiment
6655s of being a sailor it was the inspiration
6657s for that Tech demo where we see that you
6659s know you're not just turning into a ship
6661s and moving around on the water you're
6662s actually still your player on the ship
6664s clicking on things things getting XP
6666s this wouldn't have been possible without
6667s the community you know inspiring pushing
6670s ideas and really letting us know what
6672s they want out of this skill
6674s um it is so different from that initial
6676s idea of just hey let's go to the Seas
6679s and make us and make a skill out of it
6680s right definitely is very different and a
6683s drastic difference from what people may
6685s remember of sailing being back in the
6687s way back when it was that first
6689s discussed a lot has changed a lot of
6691s hard work has gone into it and you the
6693s community are to thank for that really
6695s quick fire question here for both of you
6697s if sailing passes what are you most
6699s looking forward to
6701s oh
6702s um for me I think it's all the uh
6705s stories that we've kind of begun now in
6708s the refinement process and like getting
6709s to explore them yeah exactly like give
6712s me three different people the Griffins
6714s um the different factions that we've
6715s talked about like we've got the Traders
6717s and um yeah so so many different
6722s exciting new stories to go explore
6724s a new husky I think it is just really
6727s trying to satisfy that vision of being a
6730s sailor you know people talk about
6731s sailing and doing all these other skills
6733s at sea but forgetting that there's a
6735s skill at the center of that which is
6737s sailing you know I really want to help
6739s get to the point where navigation feels
6741s really fluid really intuitive it's not
6743s clunky
6744s um that the that actual activity is fun
6747s and engaging and then having all these
6749s extra bits on the side just sort of like
6751s is that cherry on top of the cake you
6753s know so so I'm really looking forward to
6755s just fulfilling that sailor fantasy all
6758s right you really want to get into the
6759s old on the Seas and making it feel good
6761s vibe sailing pirating you know
6764s merchanting you think about like I have
6766s a ship so I'm gonna find some way to
6768s utilize that ship in some way and that
6770s is you know I think having players have
6773s all these options as well it really is
6774s that's what an MMO is right we're not
6776s just dictating the path that you take
6778s absolutely and with the scale of sailing
6780s the amount of content that can be opened
6782s up from it it literally it is pretty
6785s much Limitless we've never done this
6787s before we've never allowed you to travel
6789s across the seas in the way that we will
6790s the new places you're going to be able
6792s to explore the new continents the new
6794s experiences we mentioned potential new
6796s raids new islands just it's it's like
6799s opening up the entire game but still
6802s very much in an old school way it's
6803s amazing how bright I think the future of
6805s old school would really look exactly
6807s that scope of potential future area to
6810s use and you think is a completely new
6812s way to think about game players when the
6814s players on the ship so it really is
6815s exciting
6817s um just something to be quite
6818s lighthearted you ordered that call in
6821s that video it is the best one oh it
6825s wouldn't I I don't know we did like 20
6827s takes of the cons as well what if we get
6830s 20 takes of the meows yeah
6834s that was on you I mean to be fair chat
6836s who did it better than me hours or the
6837s chorus what do you reckon had to be the
6840s meows okay I mean you can still meow I
6842s mean I didn't meow anyway I wouldn't
6846s it was definitely a strange ending to
6848s the recording session you know you're
6849s finished you're like yeah I nailed all
6850s that I think that went well then they go
6852s right just before you go can you just
6854s like call like eight different ways I'm
6856s like why sure I guess I love that anyway
6860s a bit more serious though
6863s um if sailing does fail the poll what's
6866s next for the team and what would the
6868s future of new skills look like
6870s so I think it depends on a lot of things
6873s obviously the actual percentage outcome
6875s and a lot of the what the community are
6877s saying and telling us feedback
6879s throughout this polling process is going
6880s to inform a lot of the decision if it's
6883s very close with some very obvious
6885s feedback that we could make uh sort of
6887s changes and uh then we could look to
6890s repolling if it's clearly failed
6893s obviously we should respect the poll
6894s none of us want to put content into the
6896s game that you know our players don't
6898s want
6899s um as for the future of new skill I
6901s think it's something that we would like
6902s to put on a pause just for a little bit
6905s um this whole process while it's been
6907s great for getting Community feedback has
6909s been intensive both on us and the
6911s community there's a there could be a bit
6912s of new skill burnout if we suddenly you
6914s know jump into that conversation a few
6917s weeks from now so I think we would leave
6918s it a little bit
6919s um and then just look to re-tackle that
6921s question sort of ask the players again
6923s cool do you want us to sort of come up
6926s with some new ideas do we go back one
6928s stage two stages in the process that
6930s kind of thing we really you just want to
6931s listen to the community and see what
6932s they think our next steps would be
6934s because nothing should change right like
6936s everything I've said about new skills
6938s should be what the community wants and
6939s they should help us get to that sort of
6942s outcome should remain true
6944s absolutely and you know and uh I think
6946s then on the flip side if sailing does
6949s pass the polls when can players expect
6952s to get Hands-On with the skill do we
6954s have an idea of when the first beta
6956s might be for example
6957s so
6959s if sailing does pass our next step is to
6962s just go away and have a big think about
6965s how do we
6966s you know make a skill from scratch
6968s because we've never done that yeah in
6970s the old school team obviously this is
6971s the first new skill potentially
6974s um so we'll go away we'll have a think
6975s about you know our internal like sailing
6978s road map what makes sense to make in in
6981s which order essentially
6983s the first thing we'll look to tackle is
6986s probably like navigation and that kind
6988s of like chords making your ship
6991s sail around
6993s but and making that like really nailing
6996s that aspect of it because that needs to
6998s feel good
7000s um and so that's the first bit that we
7002s would look to to give to players
7004s essentially um in a beta so if
7006s everything goes according to plan
7008s hopefully we can get a beta out this
7010s year fingers crossed wow okay there we
7012s go and I can say that further along from
7015s a beta we are aiming for a 2024 release
7018s of sorts now obviously that's very
7020s dependent on a road map and how things
7022s go over the next week especially with
7024s the poll so just one final reminder if
7027s you haven't already that's not going to
7028s be the final reminder I lied go and vote
7030s make sure that you do vote in the Giga
7032s poll it is live you can go on everything
7034s from valimore to Chambers to path of
7036s glovery to uh the sailing skill and then
7040s if you're wondering what's happening
7041s with leagues that's going to be coming
7042s in a few weeks we're just finalizing the
7044s rewards that you can have on offer and
7045s you'll be able to vote on all of those
7046s rewards they'll be in a separate poll
7049s um
7050s oh there's so much more that we could be
7052s talking about sailing but I think in all
7055s honesty we do have a pretty big video
7057s for people to be watching afterwards so
7059s maybe it's best that we let those who
7061s want to hear more listen to that video
7063s and maybe we'll wrap up with just one
7066s more question here which is
7069s how do we expect sailing to be balanced
7071s against other skills do we have an idea
7073s how long it might take to reach max
7074s level for example versus in versus
7076s existing skills and will it be viable
7080s so those are like three questions you
7082s kind of lied there but you know
7085s it is what it is one more question
7088s yeah
7090s um where would sailing sit in comparison
7092s to other skills so we're not looking to
7096s make sailing be like an outlier in terms
7098s of time to Max when probably look at
7100s existing skills try to match them
7103s somewhat probably wouldn't be you know
7105s the slower skill to train by any means
7107s but also probably wouldn't be like the
7109s very fastest
7111s um
7112s I think the exciting bit here is that we
7115s can actually look to
7117s spice up
7119s um sort of the journey to 99 if that
7122s makes sense I compare it to existing
7123s skills where you might have some really
7126s cool methods that you train for a while
7128s but then it kind of becomes a slog at
7130s certain level ranges and we'd look to
7132s you know really dig deep into that and
7134s make sure that you consistently have
7136s something new to do or some new upgrade
7139s or something new to look forward to so
7141s that whole journey feels exciting and
7144s enjoyable to train it's not just a race
7146s to end game
7148s okay fantastic really good I appreciate
7151s that thank you so much and the Bible
7152s says yeah yeah sorry
7154s um it's not Bible
7156s in short have it straightforward yeah I
7159s mean I can go a bit deeper if you'd like
7161s so essentially viable skills usually you
7164s just buy a product and then you refine
7166s that product and get XP from that I
7168s think if sailing was about building your
7170s ship it would be viable because then you
7172s could just buy the materials build your
7173s ship and that's done
7176s um with our you know sailing uh we want
7180s to give construction XP for building
7182s your ship and sailing ASP is granted by
7185s interacting with the facilities on your
7187s ship so you have to be out at Sea
7189s sailing yourself or with friends
7192s um and and that's how you get the XP so
7194s obviously I think having money might
7196s help with those you know upgrades to the
7198s ship But ultimately it's not buyable all
7201s right the power of hindsight from all
7203s the other skills we know what people do
7204s it like I'll go out there and see what I
7206s live I think sailing will be the best
7207s skill in game I would also agree you
7210s know I was definitely I'm definitely
7212s team sailing seeing all of the
7214s incredible work that you've put into it
7215s sure I'm I'm positive there's a level of
7217s bias there but even I take away that
7219s bias I know deep down from seeing all
7221s the content that the team have put out
7222s recently I have never been so obsessed
7224s with old school in my life as I have
7226s been in the last three to four months
7227s and that is like just just look at
7229s what's been released look at the level
7230s of quality how much we've been so
7233s passionately involved with all of you
7234s players and how much the players are
7236s living the game too there is no chance
7238s that we're going to miss this
7239s opportunity to put out something
7240s absolutely incredible and remember it's
7244s down to you all at home so go and vote
7246s have your say
7248s we have got a q a if you want to have a
7250s look or listen to some more in-depth
7252s questions regarding sailing and you can
7254s do exclamation marks sailing Q and A
7257s that's Q the Ampersand I think that's
7259s what it's called and then the letter a
7261s uh for everything regarding sailing
7263s order check out the old school YouTube
7264s channel we don't want to go through all
7266s of them there's so much that we could
7267s talk about but obviously the most
7269s important thing is that you go and vote
7270s do you want to have a quick look at the
7272s the full roadmap reveal now no more
7274s question marks no more question marks
7278s wow so from dead man all the way through
7282s to an area expansion where the league
7284s died in between and a whole bunch of
7286s changes that you can all look forward to
7287s what an incredible lineup and then
7289s potentially even a beta for sailing
7292s later this year
7301s [Laughter]
7304s there is so much stuff to come there
7306s really is and obviously as we've
7308s mentioned we're targeting at least
7310s targeting see there's a lot of work to
7312s come but targeting 2024 for sailing if
7315s it does if it does
7317s um get a yes vote from the community so
7320s do vote now if you want if that's
7321s something you want to see please do all
7324s right before we wrap up a couple of
7325s things safe uh or happy to say sorry
7327s that the team have let us know that the
7330s website is now working and functional
7332s again so thank you to everyone for
7333s showing your interest in discounted
7334s membership you can do exclamation mark
7337s membership for a link to the store page
7339s but essentially in order to celebrate
7341s the summer Summit and all the Fantastic
7342s content that we have coming up hopefully
7344s that's been enough to entice you for the
7346s next six months and Beyond we are
7347s offering 10 off Premiere membership for
7350s the next 48 hours it's the best value
7353s membership package we offer and we've
7354s made it even better the discounts
7357s automatically applied so all you have to
7359s do is log into your account visit the
7360s membership membership page and select
7362s the 12 month premium membership to comp
7364s to claim not complain and as you can see
7367s here on screen that works out to four
7369s pound fifty a month which is an absolute
7370s steal one more time exclamation mark
7373s makeshift in the chat for all the
7375s information in regards to our new
7378s partnership with makeshift and the old
7380s school RuneScape pushes you can register
7382s your interest to when they go on sale
7384s which is the 23rd of August they're
7386s limited edition and they will no longer
7388s be available after the 20th of September
7391s so make sure you head on over there to
7392s register your interest and if you buy
7394s more than one you get a discount for
7396s doing so
7397s if you want to see everything in regards
7399s to what we've discussed today
7400s exclamation mark Summit summary will
7402s take you to the Giga blog that coincides
7404s with the Giga poll and obviously on the
7406s old school page you'll see all of the
7408s news posts explaining all the details
7410s around everything that we've discussed
7411s with you
7412s and I think that just about wraps it up
7415s for us we are going to be throwing out a
7417s host to a wonderful Community member in
7420s a moment just before I let the rest of
7422s the couch say their goodbyes Mr Mammal
7424s is doing a charity stream for Saint Jude
7426s so it'd be great if you could all stick
7427s around whilst we prepare that raid Show
7430s Your Love show your support and
7431s appreciation do it the old school way I
7433s know you all come through strong as
7434s always I want to say a massive thank you
7436s to everyone from the production team
7438s everyone from the CM team the designers
7440s from our CRM team marketing for all
7443s putting on an incredible show helping us
7445s make this possible and obviously to you
7447s the community for being so wonderful and
7449s awesome as you always are
7451s any more words from anyone on the couch
7453s can I just quickly say thank you to
7455s everyone who stuck around for the like
7457s the sailing refinement process as well
7459s obviously it's been you know over half a
7462s year now and yeah yeah it's we couldn't
7465s have done it without you so thank you
7467s and thanks for sticking with us tonight
7469s as well it's been awesome it really has
7471s what she said I like it plus one
7475s I will add like thank you for your
7478s support all year I mean the games I
7480s think in an incredibly healthy place I
7482s think our team's in the most healthy
7483s place it has been like we're going we're
7486s going very strong and it's amazing to be
7489s able to come here and be part of
7491s announcing the next six months where
7493s else goes over to be even stronger
7495s um it's been an amazing journey
7497s um with old school over the last is it
7499s 10 and a half years now of Life yeah
7501s don't remind me thank you
7503s amazing I'm stronger now than ever
7506s before so thank you for being part of
7508s that Journey with us thank you for
7509s listening tonight and watching
7511s um go vote yeah go vote much love
7514s everyone enjoy the rest of your evening
7516s have a fantastic weekend and we'll see
7518s you sometime next week
7531s thank you
7536s foreign

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