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Idk many other skills that have more varied viable training methods than mining:

MLM is low-intensity and decent xp/hr, plus it’s pretty profitable.

Amethyst is afk and profitable, and while the xp/hr is low, it’s not negligible (like the mining xp from bloods for instance).

Stars are very afk and better xp than amethyst, assuming you can find your own stars.

There’s like 3 methods for tick manipulation for medium to high intensity training with great xp/hr. Sandstone is a bit lower intensity and xp, and granite is more difficult but even higher xp. Gem mine is even profitable! Plus the challenge of the method is very rewarding.

VM is probably the best xp/hr for the effort you put in, it’s definitely the most engaging method.

Blast mine is something that exists.

Regular gem mine is like 2x the experience of MLM and is more profitable.

Hell even powermining iron is like 60k xp/hr, making it a very viable method.

Pretty much every level of intensity is covered, profitable and unprofitable methods, and plenty of solid options for high/medium/low xp/hr. Mining doesn’t suck, you just hate MLM, go try another method!

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VM is GOATed, far more AFK than people realise, just needs 2 friends and then like 60s of brain activity every 10 mins.

Blast Mine is also hella slept on as a pretty quick method that can pump out some profit at higher mining levels. Wiki patterns are pretty good, Sae Bae's video on Blast Mine is also super solid if you're looking for something to do with all that dynamite taking up space post-CoX!

Think I hated Mining up until pretty recently, but between 3t4g, 4t gems, BM, VM - there's a whole bunch of diversity there to suit your moods!