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09 Aug


Originally posted by panzercampingwagen

In the rare case someone from the osrs team reads this: I really like how you guys deal with irregularities during competitions you organise. Like how you completely redid the deadman finales with full prize money! And how you created 4 winners for the gauntlet time trial competition because apparently the rules changed while the competition was ongoing? That stuff is ace.

We appreciate that :)


Originally posted by Federation12

G'day boys. How do we sign up to the email newsletter? Love a good newsletter.

Hey Fed - you can do this by checking your email & comms preferences from your account settings. You can get to these via the Old School site.

08 Aug


Originally posted by ArtillerySr

Yea hard to take away such a powerful thing that currently exists. Just figured it would be a way to tie it into the existing Nardah buff that never gets used.

Wolf reckons it doesn't work because people will use Clan Wars instead.


Originally posted by ArtillerySr

Yesterday during the Q&A there was a discussion of buffing the desert diary and nerfing the poh pool. I suggested this to /u/Jagex_Wolf on Twitter but couldn’t that be combined such that the pool normally restores 80-90% of the hp/prayer but with a vial of Nardah’s fountain water given from hard/elite diaries it heals 95% then 105% respectively? I don’t think it would pass if it’s a straight nerf... plus Desert hard diary is pretty difficult already for Ironmen with KQ kill. Might give some incentive for early kill attempts.

I think that's an elegant solution - I don't know if it'd be popular enough to pass, but I'll discuss it with other members of that team.


Originally posted by Hematomas

The task system seems like a great way to introduce new players to the game since it's a very common system in games today. I would definitely include a canoe task to make sure new players are aware of this transport system.

That's a good call - I've overheard talks about doing more with canoes!


Originally posted by Aurarus

players don't really use the Lumbridge Guide

Then why try more systems like it?

This task-based system has been designed to be more helpful than the guide - I don't think it's particularly similar.


Originally posted by Theprospect12

Does it also address the nerf to black d hide?

It does.


Originally posted by ExtravagantTim

Really looking forward to a pvp update, as a main who has become bored with the game, pvp seems like the only thing that would keep me around for an extended period of time...

We're running a second LMS beta soon for you to practice in and a Bounty Hunter design is just around the corner with some other PvP changes included.


Originally posted by dylansucks

Where is this Adventurer Jon tho?

He'll only appear to some (not all) brand new players near the spawn point once you leave Tutorial Island.


Originally posted by Frenchpapi95

Any update on the pvp state? I keep lookin for it anxiously each week

The plan is to launch the BH Design blog early next week - it'll also include the changes we discussed before like the GMaul and Bulwark ones.


Originally posted by [deleted]


An interesting viewpoint. I don't think enough of the non-iron community would agree and I don't think there are enough people who want a semi-iron mode in the way you're describing it for us to make one.


Originally posted by JeromePowellsEarhair

I'll say for me personally I love being plonked into a live game and being told next to nothing. That was one of the best parts back in 2005 when I was like 10. I still love it and I'm sad I didn't get to experience it when starting in OSRS.

That's totally fair - new players will still have that option. I loved that part of the game too when I started out in 07.


Originally posted by JefferyRs

Where do we post suggestion for update changes/Qol for Zalcano? I'd like the public chat to work throughout the whole room in Zalcano. Like CoX

Here will do :) I'll pass that on to the team.


Originally posted by TormasanBTW

[Error] My points goes back to 0 after i leave tithe farm

That's intended - you only get reward points after you've earned 75+ points in the farm.


Originally posted by K4TE

What are these tasks and aren't they supposed to be for new players and under level 20?


The tasks are simple things like reach a Strength level of 5. They are intended for new players under level 20 - although some have appeared like they have for you. This should be fixed now.


Originally posted by ReswobRS

What do you mean by that?

I think most people nowadays learn video games off YouTube guides and such. At least the older crowd that is.

I can tell you when PSO2 MMO comes out for Xbox next year I’ll be going through tons of videos to see what the best methods to level/get ahead are.

So for example, people tend to skip tutorials unless they're mandatory like ours. But, they do want some level of guidance when they're plonked into the live game (which is why the first couple hours of most games are tutorialised but still part of the main game). The main reason players leave right after our tutorial is likely the sudden drop from being told exactly what to do next to being told next to nothing - players don't really use the Lumbridge Guide.


Originally posted by A1KMAN

Huge fan of the ecumenical key changes

Me too!

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